Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo Unseats Nevada Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak

Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo Unseats Nevada Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak

Nevada voters have chosen Republican Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo to replace Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak rather than experience a second term under his leadership, the Nevada Independent projected on Friday night.

The Nevada Independent projected Lombardo’s victory several days after the midterm election, following vote counting delays in several counties. The New York Times shows Trump-endorsed Lombardo a little more than two points ahead of Sisolak, 49.2 percent to 47.0 percent with 93 percent of the vote counted. Lombardo is unseating the first Democrat to win the office since 1994.

Lombardo and Sisolak ran a close race throughout the entirety of their campaigns, with Lombardo pulling ahead by several points in the polls over the past few months. RealClearPolitics gave Lombardo a 2.8-point average lead over Sisolak by Election Day. 

Sisolak conceded soon after Lombardo’s projected victory, stating that while it is “not the outcome I want, I believe in our election system, in democracy and honoring the will of Nevada voters.”

Throughout his campaign, the state’s two-term top law enforcement officer honed in on crime and on Sisolak’s draconian leadership during the pandemic, which resulted in business closures, school closures, and learning losses, as well as inflation and border security. Sisolak, like many Democrats around the country, hoped to hedge his bets on the issue of abortion after the Supreme Court issued its Dobbs decision in June.

According to KTNV, Sisolak reported spending $13.6 million this year, and Lombardo reported spending $4.8 million in the final campaign contribution and expense reports. 

“Both reported more than $1 million to spend in the final weeks, and political committees have poured millions more into the race,” the report states. 

In the historically purple state, former President Donald Trump was not favored in the state in 2016 or 2020. President Joe Biden won the state by 2.4 percentage points in 2020. However, unaffiliated voters, which make up a large swath of Nevada voters, have been nationally leaning toward the GOP and are expected to have played a huge role in the outcome of the race. 


Poll: Joe Lombardo, Adam Laxalt Outpace Democrat Opponents, Lead with Independents by Double-Digits

Poll: Joe Lombardo, Adam Laxalt Outpace Democrat Opponents, Lead with Independents by Double-Digits

Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt and gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo are narrowly leading their incumbent Democrat opponents with the help of independent voters, a new Insider Advantage poll found.

Roughly two weeks out from election day, Clark County Sheriff Lombardo (48.5 percent) is leading Silver State Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) by 6 points (42.8 percent), outside of the survey’s ±4.2 percent margin of error. Former state Attorney General Laxalt is also leading Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV) 48.2 percent to 46.3 percent, within the survey’s margin of error. Insider Advantage conducted the poll on October 20 with 550 likely voters.

Both Lombardo and Laxalt have successfully appealed to middle-of-the-road voters in the historically purple state, both receiving double-digit support from independent voters over the incumbents, the survey results show. A little more than 54 percent of independents say they would vote for Lombardo compared to 30.2 percent for Sisolak. Fifty-two percent of independents say they plan to cast a ballot for Laxalt compared to 36.7 percent for Cortez Masto.

While both Cortez Masto (56.3 percent to 37.8 percent) and Sisolak (52.8 percent to 39 percent) are more popular with women voters than their GOP opponents, strong support from independent voters could potentially reflect the folly of Democrats’ decision to fixate on abortion — which the state codified in 1990 for up to 24 weeks of pregnancy — rather than adequately address voters’ biggest concerns, like the economy and inflation.

The Insider Advantage poll is latest in a string of surveys showing Lombardo and Laxalt pulling ahead of their opponents. On Friday, Rasmussen Reports showed Sisolak trailing Lombardo by five points, 42 to 47 percent. They survey also showed Cortez Masto down five points to Laxalt, 43 to 48 percent. RealClearPolitics gives Lombardo a 2.3-point advantage when averaging out recent poll results, and gives Laxalt a 0.8-point boost over Cortez Masto.


WATCH LIVE: Former President Donald Trump Holding ‘Save America’ Rally in Minden, Nevada

WATCH LIVE: Former President Donald Trump Holding ‘Save America’ Rally in Minden, Nevada

Former President Donald Trump will hold a “Save America” rally in Minden, Nevada, on Saturday, October 8.

Trump will be speaking in support of Adam Laxalt, the former attorney general of Nevada and the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, and Joe Lombardo, former Clark County Sheriff and the Republican nominee for governor of Nevada.

Trump endorsed Laxalt in June, calling him “one of the toughest AGs in all of America.”

Trump endorsed Lombardo in April, writing, “As the elected Sheriff of Clark County, Joe has fought some of the worst criminals and defended neighborhoods and communities from horrific violence enabled by the Radical Left across our great country.”

A CNN poll from earlier this week found that both Trump-backed candidates enjoyed narrow leads in their races.

Tonight’s rally is notable because of its location; Minden has a population of just 3,500, which — as CNN’s Dan Merica argues — “highlights the importance of rural voters” in the Silver State. Despite the town’s small size, organizers anticipate that the rally will draw upwards of 10,000 attendees, according to the Record Courier, which also noted that Trump’s 2020 rallies in the area sometimes drew crowds of more than 30,000 people.

Disclosure: Breitbart News is represented by Cooper & Kirk, PLLC. Adam Laxalt is a partner at Cooper & Kirk. He is not actively engaged or working on any matters for Breitbart News.

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A Democrat Politician Is Accused Of Killing A Journalist. Reporter Blames Trump

A Democrat Politician Is Accused Of Killing A Journalist. Reporter Blames Trump

A Democrat politician in Nevada is accused of fatally stabbing an investigative journalist last week over a series of stories on official misconduct that likely sank the incumbent-turned-defendant’s summer bid for re-election. The local press, however, found a way to pin the blame on former President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, police arrested 45-year-old Clark County Administrator Robert Telles over the murder of veteran investigative reporter at the Las Vegas Review-Journal Jeff German, who was stabbed at his home last Friday.

A reporter present at a local press briefing with Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo Thursday sought to indict Trump for the crime.

“Sheriff, you said the murder of a journalist is especially troubling. Now is probably not the time to talk politics,” the unnamed female reporter began.

“So why are we talking politics?” Lombardo interrupted.

The reporter continued with her political question.

“Do you condemn former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?” she asked.

“No, I think this [is] probably inappropriate to speculate on that or opine on that,” Lombardo said. “It needs to be stated and noted that it is troublesome because it is a journalist… When people take it upon themselves to create harm associated with that profession, I think it’s very important that we put all eyes on and address the case appropriately.”

On Thursday, prosecutors revealed a treasure trove of DNA evidence that linked Telles to the stabbing. The county administrator’s arrest came after prosecutors matched shoes and a unique straw hat from neighborhood footage of the crime scene to the local politician. Matching DNA was also apparently found under the victim’s fingernails.

“The DNA is alleged to have been recovered from the hand of the victim, presumably during the time in which he was fighting for his life,” Justice of the Peace Elana Lee Graham said, according to CNN.

German, 69, had joined the Vegas Review-Journal in 2010 after more than two decades at the Las Vegas Sun covering crime, corruption, and government. The longtime journalist was stabbed months after reporting on a hostile work environment in the county administrator’s office and an “inappropriate relationship” between Telles and a staffer. Telles denied the allegations but lost in the June Democrat primary for another term. In a lengthy online post after the election, Telles blamed German.

Tristan Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. His work has also been featured in Real Clear Politics and Fox News. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at

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Exclusive: NV GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Joe Lombardo: Gov. Steve Sisolak Is ‘The Original Defunder of Police’

Exclusive: NV GOP Gubernatorial Nominee Joe Lombardo: Gov. Steve Sisolak Is ‘The Original Defunder of Police’

Clark County Sheriff and Republican nominee for Governor in Nevada Joe Lombardo appeared on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday and detailed how his general election opponent, Gov. Steve Sisolak (D-NV), was “the original defunder of the police.”

May 2020 saw the death of George Floyd and the violent riots that followed throughout the summer as the radical left waged war against law enforcement, calling for local and state governments to “defund the police.” While speaking with Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle, Lombardo noted that Sisolak had been leading the charge on handcuffing law enforcement well before the Summer of 2020, when he was the chairman of the Clark County Commission.

“Several years prior to that we did a tax initiative in southern Nevada, actually it started at the… legislative level,” that was “brought forward by Sheriff Bill Young that we would fund police through the general fund through sales tax moneys, revenue generated. And they only approved a portion of that and they said, ‘Come back over time as whatever is needed for further approval.’ So they did approve that at the legislative level and then it goes back to home rule where the local county commission – where Steve Sisolak was the county chairman – they decide whether it’s going to be implemented in the respective jurisdiction…So that vote goes before the county commission to enact the sales tax and Steve Sisolak being the chairman orchestrated a no vote on that on two separate occasions. And by that fact, we were unable to hire folks or police officers themselves to include or increase the staffing levels at the local Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and making it more difficult to do our job. And so you can see by proxy or by de facto, that he was the original defunder of the police, showing lack of support, even though it was a voter-approved initiative. It was voted on by the citizens of the state of Nevada, but yet it was stopped by the chairman of the county commission, which was in fact Steve Sisolak.”

Lombardo pointed out that as Sisolak ascended the political ranks to the governorship, his war on law enforcement continued as he signed several bills that resulted in “an environment of chaos,” that yielded “double-digit” crime increases.

“So, the Democratic-controlled legislature brought forward several laws that prevented us from doing our job as police officers and creating an environment of chaos in the state of Nevada… to where it was willy-nilly free will for criminals to commit the acts that they intended to commit,” Lombardo told Boyle. “And what I mean by that they prevented our ability to effect arrests under misdemeanor arrests, there was a lot of threshold changes from felonies to misdemeanors, there were a lot of sentencing guidelines adjusted to lessening of responsibility when crimes were committed. So all the way across the board, he made it very difficult for us to do our job and provide that blanket of safety for the communities. And you say, ‘How did he make it more difficult for us?’ Well, he’s the governor, and there was no conversation prior to with the legislature to prevent this law and legislation from going forward and discussion with legislators. And eventually, when these laws did pass via the floor and presented to the governor to implement into law, his veto pen was lost, and nobody could find his veto pen. He failed to push back on these ill-conceived laws, and as a result – similar to what we’re seeing across the nation, because it’s the Democratic rhetoric or the Democratic playbook – we’re all suffering.”


Breitbart · Sheriff Joe Lombardo – July 9, 2022

Lombardo later detailed what has materialized as a result of the abhorrent leftist policies that have allowed criminals to run wild.

“It’s frustrating to see when [law enforcement officers] effect an arrest – it’s the proverbial circular door or the tail wagging the dog. The crook is back out the street before the cop is able to get back in his car. The habitual criminal statute that was affected as a result of these bad policies, and what I would tell you is the proverbial three strikes you’re out that people are used to hearing about in years past, that has changed to five strikes you’re out and seven strikes you’re out. And it’s still at the discretion of a judge if they want to implement that enhancement. It’s frustrating when a police officer gets out there, and you see a crime of violence has occurred, and we get the suspect in custody, and then you look at his rap sheet, and he’s a 14-time ex-felon and you see that he got arrested probably days before the current incident, and he’s walking the streets.”

The Clark County sheriff highlighted the relationship between narcotics and crime, pointing out that drugs are at the root of the vast majority of crimes, and leftist policies are exacerbating issues with drug-associated offenses. 

“In my opinion and through my experience as a career law enforcement official, 90 percent of all crime has a basis of narcotics. Either they’re trying to sell narcotics to line their pocketbook, or they’re trying to steal goods to feed their habit or to purchase narcotics to sell to line their pocketbook. There’s some nexus in that fact outside crimes of emotion that have a direct lineage to narcotics, so what does the legislator do? ‘Oh well, let’s soften the crimes associated with trafficking narcotics.’ That’s the frustrating piece of what we do in this business… We’re treading water; we’re barely keeping our head above water to try to effect or provide a quality of life for the local communities and our citizens and our families.”

Lombardo was part of a panel along with Republican nominee for Senate U.S. former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt at an event former President Donald Trump hosted at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The panel focused on law and order, and one thing all on the panel agreed upon was Democrats attempting to cozy up to law enforcement for political gain ahead of the midterm elections.

“Everybody on the panel opined on the same issue: the fact the Democrats are grabbing on to law enforcement for support in this election cycle as they pushed back on it the previous two years, now they’re looking for their support because they see the error of their ways. It’s very frustrating,” Lombardo said towards the start of the interview. 

As America First candidates are taking home nominations around the country, Lombardo emphasized that the political “paradigm is changing because people are frustrated and they’re pissed.” 

“I’m hoping that myself and Adam Laxalt are the two candidates that are going to effect change here in the state of Nevada,” he went on to add. “And it isn’t because of a party thing, it’s because it’s the way to business. We have to change that groupthink, that paradigm, that tunnel vision, the inability to see the other side of the coin and have that discussion that the government of America was based on. We have to change that paradigm, or, if we do not, the state of Nevada is going to continue to go down the wrong direction and all of this ability to diversify the economy for success in the future is not going to occur because people are going to say, ‘Hey it’s not safe in the state of Nevada. Their policies and regulations are ill-conceived. It’s not a good environment for business. No matter what it may be, we’re going to fly over the state of Nevada and put our roots somewhere else more beneficial to our family, our company, and our lifestyle.’ And we have to change that for us to be successful here and I anticipate that’s going to happen in this cycle.”


Exclusive — Donald Trump on Elon Musk Pulling Out of Twitter Deal: ‘I Called It Early’

Exclusive — Donald Trump on Elon Musk Pulling Out of Twitter Deal: ‘I Called It Early’

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively that he knew Elon Musk would not actually acquire Twitter, despite the hype.

“I knew that Twitter had a lot of the fake accounts because I read, like everyone else does,” Trump told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview Friday night. “I knew they had a lot of the fake accounts like the bots and everything else that they had. I thought that the price was exorbitant; the price he was paying for it was exorbitant.”

Trump pointed out correctly, too, that he “called it early” that Musk would not end up buying Twitter. Trump’s interview came just hours after Musk, through a formal filing, moved to void his bid to buy Twitter, citing concerns with the volume of fake bot accounts on the platform. Twitter’s chairman, however, fired back, saying the company intends to attempt to enforce the agreement with Musk to buy the company, something Trump said he expects “a lot of litigation” over.

“I called it early and said, ‘That deal is never going to happen,’” Trump said. “We’re going to have to see what happens because they’re going to be saying, ‘You owe us $44 billion’ because I hear they have a very tight contract. It’s supposed to be ‘iron-clad,’ but I don’t know how you define ‘iron-clad.’ But it’s an ‘iron-clad’ contract, and he put up a billion-dollar deposit, so I see that ending up in a lot of litigation.”

All of this bodes well, Trump said, for his social media platform, Truth Social. Trump’s platform, which he noted this reporter joined recently, is something he said is “very successful” so far and is on the verge of eclipsing the five million user mark.

A phone screen displays the Truth Social app in Washington, DC, on February 21, 2022. (Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

A phone screen displays the Truth Social app in Washington, DC, on February 21, 2022 (Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images).

“Personally, I have something called Truth that you’re on,” Trump said. “It’s very successful. We have better interactions. It’s doing phenomenal, and it’ll be over five million people very soon, and we’ll be at ten million people in the not-too-distant future.”

Trump has been quite active on his Truth Social platform, regularly making comments there about the news of the day or political matters, such as endorsements and weighing in on races around the country. He launched it after Twitter and Facebook banned him following the events of January 6, 2021, in his last days in the White House. The Big Tech giants censoring a sitting President of the United States has further ignited national debate about the power such companies have over free speech in the country, and alternatives like Trump’s have raced to capitalize on the moment.

Trump’s interview came backstage here after an event focused on law and order with Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo and former Attorney General Adam Laxalt—the Republican nominees, respectively, for governor and U.S. Senate here in Nevada—at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Both candidates recently won the nomination with Trump’s endorsement in the primary and hope to defeat incumbent Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak and Sen. Cathy Cortez Masto (D-NV), respectively, in November.


Exclusive — Donald Trump Says He Is Considering Attending Shinzo Abe’s Funeral in Japan

Exclusive — Donald Trump Says He Is Considering Attending Shinzo Abe’s Funeral in Japan

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively here that he is considering attending the funeral of the assassinated former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and that he is communicating with Abe’s family about the matter.

“We’re going to see how it goes,” Trump said when asked if he would attend Abe’s funeral. “We’re talking to their family. We love the family. His wife is a phenomenal woman. He is so loved in Japan I can imagine that is going to be an incredible celebration of life. He was just very special. Every aspect of that man was just very special. You know he was the first person I saw? Do you remember he came early? He came right after the election—he was the first person I saw. But we had a special relationship. We’re going to see about that, we’re talking about that right now.”

Trump’s comments came during an exclusive interview backstage after an event he hosted with the GOP nominees for U.S. Senate and for governor here in Nevada, former Attorney General Adam Laxalt and Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo. Trump spoke for close to an hour to a packed ballroom at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip Friday night after Laxalt, Lombardo, and several local and national law enforcement personnel hosted a law-and-order-focused panel.

Trump and Abe were the closest of friends during Trump’s time in the White House and Abe’s time as Prime Minister. Perhaps there was no other world leader with whom Trump was as close, as the two shared dozens of phone calls, several visits to each other’s countries, and even played golf several times together. Abe was, as Trump said, one of the first foreign leaders to recognize his win after he shocked the world in 2016 and defeated former Secretary of State Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton—an important step for Trump when he took the White House in early 2017.

“He was a great man,” Trump told Breitbart News of Abe. “He was a great leader. He loved his country and he loved our country. We did incredible deals together. We made a new deal with Japan. Japan had a one-sided deal and he brought back some fairness because we had just a terrible group of trade deals with Japan. We renegotiated it. But he was a real friend of mine. He really was a distinguished, incredible person. What a disaster that is for this world. He was a true world leader and everybody respected him. We’d go to the G7 and everybody respected Shinzo. That this can happen is just horrible.”

The loss of Abe definitely leaves a hole in the Indo-Pacific, an important geopolitical theater in which the United States is competing with China as an increasingly powerful Chinese Communist Party continues to gain regional control. A key part of the U.S. strategy under Trump to countering a rising China was a strong Japan—and a strong U.S.-Japan relationship—and Trump told Breitbart News he is not worried that Japan will become weak because he said its current leaders came to power with Abe’s support.

“We have some very good leaders now in Japan who really were put in place to a certain extent by Shinzo,” Trump said. “You know, Shinzo gave the blessing to your leaders right now. But to lose him is very hard to ever make up. He was really unique.”

During his remarks at the top of his speech, Trump also called for a “steep price” to be paid by the gunman who killed Abe.

“Before we begin, I’d like to profess my profound condolences to the family of a great, great man—Shinzo Abe,” Trump said. “He was an amazing leader. I knew him well—tough negotiator…. This was a man of tremendous moral courage and was a fantastic person. Prime Minister Abe was a friend of mine, an ally, and an incredible patriot. He was a tireless champion for peace and for freedom and for the priceless bond between the United States and Japan, and his assassination is not only a grievous atrocity, it is a devastating loss for the entire world. We will miss him greatly. And this being a speech about law and order, I hope the man who committed this crime will pay a steep price for the greatness he has taken from our planet.”

More from Trump’s latest exclusive interview with Breitbart News here in Las Vegas is forthcoming.


Trump-Backed Sheriff Joe Lombardo Projected Winner of Nevada Republican Governor Primary

Trump-Backed Sheriff Joe Lombardo Projected Winner of Nevada Republican Governor Primary

Sheriff Joe Lombardo scored a relatively easy victory in the Nevada governor’s race Republican primary Tuesday night.

With 37 percent reporting, Lombardo’s victory can only be classified as a blowout, earning 48 percent of the vote while his closest opponent, Joey Gilbert, earned just 19 percent. Former Sen. Dean Heller, who was ousted from his seat by Democrat Jacky Rosen in 2018, currently stands in fourth place with just four percent of the vote.

Former President Donald Trump endorsed Lombardo this April, hailing him for his past military service and his devotion to populist issues.

“Sheriff Joe Lombardo is running for Governor of the Great State of Nevada. A U.S. Army and Nevada National Guard veteran, Joe joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 1988 and has bravely served and protected the people of Nevada for the past 34 years,” Trump wrote.

“As Governor, Joe will fiercely Protect our under-siege Second Amendment, Oppose Sanctuary Cities, Support our Law Enforcement, Veto any Liberal Tax Increase, Protect Life, and Secure our Elections. Joe Lombardo is the leader Nevada needs, and he has my Complete and Total Endorsement for Governor!” he added.

Trump chose Lombardo over former Dean Heller, blaming his 2018 loss on Heller’s initial opposition to Trump’s candidacy in 2016.

“What happened with Dean Heller is, I tried for him, but my base did not believe him,” Trump said. “They wouldn’t go for him because Dean Heller was really hostile in my race.”



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