How ‘One Health’ Could Become A Global One Health Disaster

How ‘One Health’ Could Become A Global One Health Disaster

ER Editor: Dr. Byram Bridle usefully walks us through standard vaccines vs. mRNA injections in the first half of his piece. Our concern here is with the second half of the article: the immediate plan to use mRNA vaccines on animals, both for the welfare of the animals themselves and for humans through our food sources. This is already starting in Australia.


How ‘One Health’ Could Become A Global One Health Disaster

A Call for a Moratorium on mRNA Vaccines for Veterinary Use

This article discloses a major new concern that I have with mRNA vaccine technology in its current form. As such, I have taken care to build the rationale for this. Please take the time to read to the end because this is an issue that could potentially affect us all and should be opened to discussion and scientific investigations.

The Elegant Concept of Vaccines

The purpose of a vaccine is to simulate infection with a pathogen so a person can mount a protective immune response without having to be exposed to the risks associated with the disease caused by the pathogen. Naturally acquired immunity represents the gold standard that vaccinologists try to achieve with their immunization technologies. Natural immunity is usually broadly reactive to minimize risk of immunoevasion, confers long-lasting protection against acquisition of the disease and prevents transmission of the causative pathogen to others. In principle, the concept is sound. In practice, we still have much to learn about natural immune responses and some vaccines come closer than others to achieving this gold standard of immunity.

Lipid Nanoparticles and mRNA Vaccine Technology

Messenger RNA is a genetic blueprint that cells use to manufacture proteins. This can only happen if the mRNA can get into cells. To facilitate this, mRNAs get packaged into tiny bubbles made of fat, called lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). When LNPs come into contact with the fat layer that surrounds cells, which is called the cell membrane, they fuse and release the mRNAs into the cell.

LNPs were originally designed with the goal of delivering drugs throughout the body, including into the brain to treat things like Alzheimer’s diseasebrain cancers, and Parkinson’s disease. They were also being tested for wide-spread delivery of genetic blueprints to try to correct genes associated with diseases; known as gene therapy. However, one of the major roadblocks to using LNPs for these purposes was that multiple administrations resulted in excessive toxicities, in part due to activation of inflammatory mechanisms of the immune system. As a consequence, companies strategically decided to try using LNP-encapsulated mRNAs as vaccines. The rationale was two-fold:

  1. The immune system needs to detect something as being dangerous before it responds to it. LNPs containing mRNAs are highly ‘reactogenic’ and, therefore, perceived as being dangerous to the body. By virtue of being reactogenic, this technology induces inflammation, which is the foundation for any immune response.
  2. According to Health Canada, “An ideal vaccine is… effective in providing lifelong protection against disease after a single dose that can be administered at birth”. For multiple reasons, including having immature immune systems, newborn babies cannot respond properly to vaccines, so my opinion is that a couple of doses would normally be required for an ideal vaccine in infants and they would have to be administered well after birth. However, for those with fully mature immune systems, it is reasonable and, therefore, correct for Health Canada to expect that a good vaccine would only require a single dose to provide “lifelong protection against disease”. They appropriately left out the last-ditch effort of ‘reducing severity of disease’ in their delineation of an ideal vaccine. As such, companies working with LNPs that are toxic when administered multiple times latched onto the concept of using LNP-encapsulated mRNAs as vaccines in adults, where they would theoretically only have to be delivered once.

Therefore, companies like Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna made LNPs containing the mRNAs that encode the spike protein from severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), which is the causative agent of the novel coronavirus disease that was first identified (ER: or lab-created?) in 2019 (COVID-19). These products were tested to assess their potential to be used as vaccines.

mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Failed to Meet Expectations

Unfortunately, the mRNA products against COVID-19 failed miserably to live up to Health Canada’s definition of an ideal vaccine. First, they fail to protect against infection and acquisition of disease. And, on the basis of fifth doses (and beyond) now being recommended in Canada, they don’t come close to being effective with a single dose. Alarmingly, this means the entire premise of using them as vaccines to avoid multi-dose-associated toxicities has been lost. As such, Health Canada would likely be compelled to define the mRNA COVID-19 products as being as far from ideal as one can possibly get while still trying to cling to the otherwise elegant concept of a vaccine. Remarkably, in the United States, they had to change the definition of a vaccine to be able to apply this term to this technology once the aforementioned flaws were unveiled by the public rollout. At the end of the day, the public are expected to make their own informed decisions about vaccines, and their general perception matches the classical textbook definition of a vaccine, which is something that induces an immune response that protects a person from getting the disease and prevents them from transmitting the causative agent to others. As such, the public needs to be aware of how far from a benchmark vaccine the mRNA products are.

The COVID-19 ‘Vaccine’ Rollout Has Revealed Troubling Features of The Technology

Global experimentation on the public has revealed key problems with mRNA ‘vaccines’ that public health officials decided were not best studied prior their rollout. These include:

  1. Induction of immune responses that are far from protective. They cannot prevent infection, nor transmission. This means that they apply a sub-lethal immunological selection pressure against pathogens that are prone to mutation. This is a classical recipe for driving the emergence of variants that can evade the immune system. In short, it is not only probable but even likely that the mRNA products have accelerated the emergence of the new variants of SARS-CoV-2 that we keep hearing about.
  2. Identification of safety signals. Members of the public, outside of the context of the official and ongoing clinical experiments, have been used to identify an array of side-effects that were missed in the rush to get the mRNA products to market. These adverse events have the potential to be lethal. Publicly admitted ones include blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, and anaphylactic shock. The very mechanism of action of the mRNA products is cause for concern. Getting a person’s own cells to express the spike protein from SARS-CoV-2 means, by definition, that those cells will be killed by the ensuing immune response. The degree of this self-destruction and whether it can spill over into long-term autoimmune diseases remains understudied and actively debated within communities that still allow reasonable discussions to occur uncensored. By virtue of sole reliance during the rollout on passive monitoring systems, which substantially underestimate side-effects, additional dangers are also the subject of ongoing heated debates. Regardless, mRNA vaccines are admittedly unsafe and even lethal for at least some recipients.
  3. mRNA vaccines are injected into muscles, get distributed throughout the body seeding a wide array of organs and tissues, and these vaccines can be shed from the body. For example, it was recently demonstrated that mRNA COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ could be detected in the breastmilk of nursing mothers.

One Health: Vaccinating Animals to Protect the Health of People

The concept of ‘one health’ is that the health of people, animals, and the environment are interlinked and interdependent. The health of one can potentially impact the health of the other two. For example, the most potentially dangerous forms of the ‘flu’ occur when human influenza viruses exchange chunks of genetic material with influenza viruses that infect pigs and birds. This can result in outbreaks in the human population of swine and avian flus. There are also zoonotic pathogens that can be transmitted, unchanged, from animals to people. As such, there are growing efforts to to promote global human health by mass vaccinating animals. (ER: Surely this is a pretext for nefarious agendas!) The concept is elegant. If the animals can’t get a disease and transmit the causative agent to people, this could avoid outbreaks in the human population. (ER: Which sounds incredibly naive to us.)

One Health: Fast-Tracking of Veterinary mRNA Vaccines

Some people may be unaware that a large number of mRNA vaccines are being developed with the goal of administering these to species of veterinary interest. The first clinical testing of a mRNA vaccine was actually in cattle, preceding the rollout into people. Australia has a good example of new mRNA vaccines against Foot and Mouth Disease and Lumpy Skin Disease being fast-tracked as a way to address the economic impact of these diseases on their livestock industry. Yes, warp speed-like development of mRNA vaccines has been adopted by the veterinary industry. I encourage you to conduct a literature search, which will show that mRNA-based vaccines are being developed for a wide array of other pathogens, including influenza viruses in poultry and swine.

Why Should People Care About mRNA Vaccines for Veterinary Applications?

There are at least three reasons…

  1. If veterinary mRNA vaccines targeting pathogens that can infect people are as far from meeting Health Canada’s definition of an ideal vaccine as the COVID-19 products, then massive numbers of animals will be conferred with fare from sterilizing immunity. This, in turn, could produce massive reservoirs of animals around the world that can promote the emergence of unique and potentially immuno-evasive variants of zoonotic pathogens that could then infect people. Global regulators must insist, without compromise, veterinary mRNA immunization products for zoonotic pathogens confer sterilizing or near-sterilizing immunity, unlike the mRNA ‘vaccines’ for people. This means that animals receiving these products should not be susceptible to the target disease, nor should they be able to transmit the causative agent to others, especially humans. Unlike COVID-19 ‘vaccines’, veterinary mRNA vaccines should be required to undergo formal transmission testing as part of their approval process.
  2. COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines’ are injected into muscles, they distribute throughout the body and can leave the body such as via breastmilk. What if the vaccines can get into edible tissues of food animals? It would not be safe for people to consume veterinary mRNA vaccines in milk, eggs, and meat. Careful testing needs to be done to determine how long mRNAs from vaccines last in veterinary species. This would determine, in part, the ‘wash-out’ period, which is how long one needs to wait before obtaining food from agricultural species to ensure humans are not exposed to the medical product. Worse, wherever mRNA can be found, we can likely expect there to also be the protein that it encodes. This represents one of my biggest concerns about veterinary mRNA vaccines. Proteins are more durable and, therefore, longer lasting than mRNAs, and the synthetic mRNAs in vaccines last much longer than their natural counterparts. The potential problem here is the phenomenon of oral tolerance. Our immune systems are designed to interpret things that we eat as being non-dangerous. This is to avoid harmful chronic inflammation in our gastro-intestinal tract, as well as food allergies. When we eat something, even in tiny quantities, our immune system gets programmed to ignore it. Now, consider the possibility of eating or drinking key target proteins from pathogens that are dangerous to people. If our immune systems were to be trained to ignore these critical parts of pathogens, we would become more susceptible to the diseases they cause. By virtue of trying to protect ourselves by vaccinating animals, we could, theoretically and counterintuitively, render ourselves more susceptible to diseases. This could be disastrous for public health. Talk about a potential downside of ‘GMO foods’ (GMO = genetically modified organism).
  3. Concern for the well-being of the animals, especially if multiple different mRNA vaccines that require repeated dosing are used. mRNA vaccines are not entirely safe in people, especially if more than one dose is administered, and this may apply to animals as well. Care must be taken to ensure that animal welfare is preserved, along with their ability to reproduce efficiently. Research in animals represents an ideal scenario to conduct extensive and careful studies into the safety of mRNA vaccine technologies, including addressing the numerous legitimate, well-rationalized safety questions that have been raised but largely ignored during the rollout into humans.

The Precautionary Principle

In this article, have I proven risks of veterinary mRNA vaccines? No, that was not the purpose. It is possible that these concerns will one day be allayed by the careful conduct of scientific investigations; and let’s hope that is the case. However, as a medical scientist, I lean on two key principles when it comes to public health and safety…

  1. Hypotheses that are formulated with a strong scientific rationale are the legitimate starting point for discussions and investigations.
  2. The precautionary principle is that novel medical products should never be implemented into practice until very high standards of safety and efficacy have been proven. And when it comes to safety, this would include addressing all well-rationalized scientific concerns, including those that were deemed inappropriate to raise during the rollout into humans. Hopefully, a return to our scientific roots and principles will be allowed prior to veterinary mRNA vaccines being licensed for routine use.

What to Do

  1. Scholarly debate. No scientific topic should be off-limits for respectful discussions. The issues raised in this article should be critically assessed to either affirm or allay these concerns. After all, robust, uncensored scholarly debate represents the best way to ensure both the safety of the public when it comes to novel medical technologies, including making sure they are fully informed when making their own decisions.
  2. Research. Governments need to recognize the potential for mRNA vaccine technologies to not only have positive global impacts on health, but also the possibility of substantial negative outcomes. mRNA vaccines and funds for research need to be made readily available to third-party investigators to run critical experiments to address questions like, but not limited to:
  • Do veterinary mRNA vaccines induce immune responses that protect against infection?
  • Do they protect against transmission of the causative agent of the disease?
  • Do veterinary mRNA vaccines or any of their components, including the proteins they encode, get into milk, meat, eggs, and/or other food products (e.g., livers, etc.)?
  • If so, how long are they present?
  • Can consumption of proteins from zoonotic pathogens potentiate oral induction of immunological tolerance that would render a person more susceptible to the disease being targeted?

Until the concerns raised in this article are definitively addressed, it is my expert opinion that no mRNA vaccine intended for veterinary use (nor any for human use, for that matter) should be licensed by any regulatory body. This is for the sake of both human and animal health.

Overly rapid deployment of this technology anywhere in the world has the potential to cause public health problems elsewhere on the globe. After all, pathogens do not respect boundaries. Those developing mRNA vaccine technologies need to give consideration to their fellow human beings. What you do could impact the health of those around you, and not necessarily for the better.




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Is C60 And EDTA Safe? Clinical Review

Is C60 And EDTA Safe? Clinical Review

by Dr. Ariyana Love (ND)

There are some drugs being promoted by independent media and fringe Medical Doctors that are quite dangerous. The two drugs in question are C60 and EDTA. We are going to look at the clinical research that has been done to determine if these drugs are truly safe and effective treatments for COVID poisoning and if there’s a better solution.

Given what Pharma is doing to humanity now, I cannot comprehend why anybody would continuing trusting pharmaceutical drugs. Adding toxicity to poisoning is totally the wrong treatment! When poisoned, you must detox a person and then support their immune system with antioxidants and super nutrients so their body can recover and biological damage can be reversed. Pharma drugs leave a person totally exhausted and the immune system drained. Without supporting the immune system, you are not giving an effective treatment protocol.

Dr. Zev Zelenko was a perfect example of medical ingenuity using the allopathic system. He knew to prescribe drugs for his patients that effectively kill parasites, like Ivermectin but he didn’t stop there. Dr. Zelenko also provided immune support and detox supplementation, like his Z-Stack and Z-Detox. This is what Pharma educated MD’s largely fail to do. You can order from Dr. Zelenko’s website, here.

C60 is being promoted by lawyer Todd Calender as a treatment for jab injured persons and by Independent Journalist Sarah Westall, who is promoting C60 and frequency treatment for vaxx detox. These are completely wrong treatments. I have many testimonials from jab injured clients who became severely worse weeks after any kind of frequency treatment. This is because frequency activates the self-replication of the magnetic nanotechnology, as explained in the toxicology report entitled, “Toxicology of chemically modified graphene-based materials for medical application”.


EDTA and C60 are cytotoxic and neurotoxic poisons. C60 is being used now as a CHEMO drug and as a Pharma treatment for HIV. It contains metallic nanoparticles that can cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). Metallic nanoparticles are toxic to living cells. Studies show that C60 also induces cancer growth. Isn’t it diabolical how Pharma always uses drugs that induce cancer when “treating” cancer?

Fullerene C60 is being marketed as a nutritional supplement when in fact C60 is an industrial lubricant. This study shows that C60 induces chronic nephrotoxicity. Mice who were injected with C60 had macroscopic lesions of the kidney(s) and this study showed that C60 failed to prolong the life span of mice. So why the hell are people using it?

C60 damages your DNA as another study shows.

“A large-scale association study for nanoparticle C60 uncovers mechanisms of nanotoxicity disrupting the native conformations of DNA/RNA C60 enables to disrupt the structure of G-quadruplex DNA, and thereby provides a possibility to activate the telomerase by facilitating its access to telomeres and in this way promotes the proliferation of tumor cells.”

Another study reveals that fullerene C60 accumulates in the body following repeated exposure and therefore increases the concern for a potential to induce detrimental health effects in the long-term. If the body cannot process the metallic nanoparticles and eliminate them then you are essentially poisoning yourself.

What’s most disturbing is that C60 has a resonant mode shape in the Terra Hz band. This would make it an ideal body control medium through phase array that can be focused on an individual or group for targeted activation. Terahertz antennas can excite the C60 nano molecules at their resonant frequency and cause the cell they are near or in to burst.


EDTA is another dangerous pharmacopeia drug that Ana Maria Mihalcea (MD) is promoting as a heavy metal chelator.

EDTA has been found to be both cytotoxic and genotoxic in laboratory animals.

“The binding of divalent and trivalent cations by EDTA can cause mineral deficiencies, which seem to be responsible for all of the known pharmacological and toxicological effects. Sensitivity to the toxic effects of EDTA is, at least in part, related to the deficiency of zinc.”

EDTA was also determined to be an environmental hazard. It’s toxic and inhibits cellular division and chlorophyll synthesis.

Lastly I wish to point out how animals were severely harmed in the testing of EDTA and C60.


There are plenty of natural medicines that will effectively detox your body of heavy metals. Nature is always more superior to synthetic, chemical drugs because they work with our body and empower our bodies to heal and restore to balance. Sea salt is the greatest chelator of all and it’s all natural without any toxic side effects.

For example, redox molecules are isolated from sea salt and redox molecules repair damaged DNA. They chelate or remove toxic metals, increasing natural endogenous production of antioxidants, enhancing protection from free radicals and promote apoptosis (death of cancerous or mutated cells). There’s plenty of research demonstrating how redox molecules effectively chelate metals so there’s never a need to use dangerous, toxic drugs such as EDTA. Redox molecules also increase endogenous glutathione by 800%.

You can read more about redox molecules here and you can order redox molecules here.

Ph Miracle Products Prime Ph supplement is a natural sodium chlorite solution that’s also derived from sea salt. It is a powerful oxidant that’s activated by our stomach acids. It chelates the body of toxic metals and binds to the bad acids through our stomach, easily expelling them from the body. Order Prime Ph here.

Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake, Orgeon, is another natural heavy metal chelator. Blue Green Algae is the most nutrient dense food known to man, far superior to Spirulina. Blue Green Algae increases adult stem cell production and does targeted cellular repair. Read more and order here.

Borax is another effective heavy metal chelator. This natural salt derivative is a powerful treatment for autoimmune disease, reduces inflammation and treats chronic pain. Make sure you use a natural source.

Young Living’s Pine needle oil is far superior than Ivermectin at destroying parasites, especially when you combine it ideally with lemon peel oil and clove, sage, oregano or geranium. Order Young Living Essential Oils here.


Snake Venom Key Ingredient In “Covid-19 Vaccine” Patents

Snake Venom Key Ingredient In “Covid-19 Vaccine” Patents

By Dr. Ariyana Love, ND

The world premier documentary Watch The Water aired on Red Voice Media this week. Dr. Bryan Ardis dropped a bombshell during his interview with Stew Peters about one of the greatest conspiracy truths of all time. The intentional poisoning of the world’s population through our municipal water supply using snake venom.

Please see: VenomTech company announces massive library of SNAKE VENOM peptides for pharmaceutical development; “nanocarriers” stabilize snake venom in WATER (PubMed)


Most snake venoms contain proteolytic enzymes. I found Snake venom in ten Covid-19 vaccine patents listed as “venom” and “proteolytic” (enzyme).

Snake venom is being recently touted as an “anti-HIV” drug, since January 2022. There’s six PLA2s from Snake Venoms patents “against HIV”. These synthetically derived snake venoms are marketed under the guise of being “antiviral” and as a preventive treatment for HIV infection.

The study claims snake venom works to “protect against Lentiviruses” through the “destruction of the viral membrane.” However, this is a lie because we know the Lentiviruses are a lab generated, chimeric mRNA bioweapon containing SARS, MERS, HIV 1-3 and SRV-1 (AIDS), as I documented in my article entitled, Transgenic Hydras & Parasites A Biological Weapons System For Rapid Human Cloning.

In actuality, snake venom is being used to destroy the human cell membrane not the “viral membrane”, so that nanoparticles can enter the cell and code your genome. This PubMed study proves that HIV is being encoded into people’s cells to produce a new cell line persistently. So snake venom assists mRNA to clone your cells. The J&J patent also mentions “RNA Replicons” which are forever replicating proteins.

Our Satanic “elites” have programmed the AI to create bioweapons far more complex than humans could ever come up with and the AI came up with 40,000 of the most deadly bioweapons to date.


The ACE2 protein acts as an anti-inflammatory, keeping immune cells from inflicting damage on the body’s own cells. The ACE2 receptor helps muscles contract and acts as a messenger between nerves, muscles and cells. It’s crucial in your cell signaling processes.

The ACE2 molecule acts as a gateway, preventing toxins from entering your cells. The mainstream narrative says that SARS-CoV-2 or the “spike protein”, attaches to human cells and blocks the ACE2 receptors. Snake venoms are postsynaptic neurotoxins, meaning they block the Ace2 receptors. So, I think we’ve identified the “spike protein”.

Snake venom latches onto ACE2 proteins and they get knocked out of commission. This destroys the body’s cell signaling function and enables the nanotech weapons system to enter the cells and reach the nucleus, where the mRNA is reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome.

Snake venom causes paralysis, the loss of muscle function and respiratory failure. It also causes inflammation, cytokine storms and induces auto-immune illness. Studies say snake venom triggers irreversible intracellular alterations, organ failure and continued cell death.

Heart and lung cells are covered with these ACE2 surface proteins which could explain why there’s so many reports of acute Myocardial injury following “Covid-19 vaccination”. I am receiving a lot of reports from my clients of prolonged stomach pain from these lethal jabs, another causation of snake venom which affects your digestion. 

Speaking of digestion, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the US approved the use of snake venom in food last year (2021). According to the FAO/WHO the PLA2 enzyme (snake venom) complies with the General Specifications and Considerations for Enzyme Preparations Used in Food Processing. They’re using a combination of snake venom and a genetically modified Streptomyces violaceoruber bacteria (strain pChi). In other words, it will alter your genome.

Notice the conflict of interest in this safety study that declares the pChi strain is not harmful for consumption. The study does admit that this bacterial strain modifies your genome. I don’t believe that any level of genetic modification of humans is at all safe.


60% of snake venom consists of a neurotoxic substance called Crotoxin. It was the first proteinic toxin to be crystallized into protein crystallization. Once crystallized it can be used in structural biology. You can even buy Crotoxin online


Organoids are being grown a lab to mass produce snake venom. Organoids of snake glands can produce snake venom artificially, without the entire snake. 


Monoclonal antibodies were funded and developed by DARPA and Bill Gates. All monoclonal antibody patents reveal this is a mRNA “vaccine” that codes your cells with HIV-1. Just like the “Covid-19 vaccines”, monoclonal antibodies never underwent clinical safety trials. They’ve never been approved for use on humans and were passed under the Emergency Use Authorization.

In his interview with Mike Adams, Dr. Bryan Ardis mentioned a study funded by Fauci and the NIH that proved monoclonal antibodies are in fact, unsafe. They specifically target and destroy your T-cells (killer cells) through cytotoxicity. Thermo Fisher’s monoclonal antibodies actually contain snake venom (PLA2)!

Please read: Monoclonal Antibodies Is Experimental Gene Therapy – Patent Review

All monoclonal antibodies contain Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine in “some embodiments”. This explains why some people report feeling better after using monoclonal antibodies at first and that’s enough to fool doctors but later they become extremely fatigued. The long-term effects are still unknown but they cannot be good. When your immune system is destroyed, your body cannot fight off disease.


The Oxford patent mentions “Nanobodies” and says that “antibodies have been replaced with Nanobodies”. The whole purpose of the “Covid-19 vaccines” was to invoke an “antibody response”. Now that lie too is exposed. The nanotechnology is being programmed to kill.


There are breakthrough medicines and supplements that work antidotally against all poisons, including snake venom. In the Dr. Bryan Ardis interview with Dr. Braun, he mentioned the power of redox molecules against snake poison.

A peer-reviewed study from 2018, shows that Melatonin will also protect you against snake venom: 

“Besides antibodies, molecules like melatonin are reported to underlie the antivenom effect. The study of such was established in Egyptian cobra (Naja haje) venom using a rat model; the vital organs, like kidney, liver and heart, of the rat were protected from the venomous effect.”

Contact me on Telegram for information on where you can obtain the redox molecule supplement that enables your body to remove all poisons and restores all of your body system functions.

Also, follow my Telegram channel here.

Watch my latest interview with Stew Peters at Red Voice Media, here.


Another Doctor Tries to Warn Us. Will You Hear Her?

Another Doctor Tries to Warn Us. Will You Hear Her?


“I am a natural doctor. I have about 1,600 patients, many are vaccinated, just to give you a little backstory about my credibility.

“What I’ve seen so far is all information from physicians, medical physicians, natural physicians and also immunization and virology doctors, things like that and then, also nurses.

“So, what I’m about to share with you is the first vaxxine, the second vaxxine and then the boosters and what it does to you.

“The first vaxxine, as it goes into your body has a small amount of saline and a bunch of ingredients that are very catastrophic to your cellular system.

“What that does to your immune system, which is your deep bone marrow, your thymus gland, your spleen and all other systems associated with your immune system, it decreases your ability to produce white blood cells by 50% from your first vaxxine.

“Then, 8 weeks later, which is white blood cell reproductive system, so your ability to make another generation of white blood cells is 8 weeks, that’s why they set it up 8 weeks later, to hit it again. So, you hit the white blood cell ability while it’s down.

“So now what they do is they decrease the saline in the second one and they increase the harmful ingredients, so now you have a shift in the ingredients…

“And then, what they do is there is a second dose attacks your ability to make white blood cells by an additional 25%.

“So now, you only have the ability to make white blood cells functioning at 25%. So you just wiped out 75% of your military and the ability to make that military.

“Then what they do is they set in the booster. The booster has 81 strands of foreign bacteria that your cells have never come across. You don’t have the antibodies to fight it. You only have 25% of your white blood cell production to be able to fight it, so it’s a losing battle.

“So then what starts to happen is you start to get chronic inflammation that goes to the areas that you had predisposition. So if you are someone with gut health issues, that’s your area that this is going to focus on and you’re going to have inflammation in the gut health.

“If you have tumors or a cancer or if you have, say endometriosis or you have a skin condition, whatever that is, it’s going to inflame that area, because now the body has hit the parasympathetic nervous system, which is the fight or flight and your body is in a chronic inflammatory state with a low immunity and a low immune response.

“Then, you get your second booster. What the second booster has is it has 8 strands of HIV and now, what that does is it completely shuts off your ability to make white blood cells and if you Google what disease it is, it is HIV.

“So now, we have people walking around with no immune system, no ability to make an immune system, 81 strands of foreign bacteria and then, 8 strands of foreign HIV, along with all the other harmful ingredients, and then they remove all the saline from the first and second booster.

“Now, to make matters worse, during this process, 20-30% of the population is going to die, every single series of this process. There’s four series.

“They have 3 more boosters that are coming out and the reason why is because once they’ve made you so that your immune system can’t make white blood cells anymore, you become dependent on the boosters to survive, just like how someone’s life becomes dependent on insulin.

“Big Pharma is looking for people that either die off…for population control and then, those that don’t die off, they will have recurring customers for life, with the boosters so that they have to maintain income and collect the money back from all the funding that they put in to make these vaxxines in the first place.

“So, I hope that was helpful, I hope that you listened to this properly and I hope that you take the time to do your own critical thinking and just give it two to three years.

“Every single animal that participated in this study for any of these vaxxines had a 100% death rate and I encourage you all to just take a moment and look around you and just wait it out.

“And let’s just see, let Nature take it course and let’s just see what happens. Thank you.”

Source: Forbidden Knowledge

Former Pfizer employee Karen Kingston blew the whistle on Stew Peters Show last month, revealing that the Covid vaxxines are intentionally inducing AIDS and Anthony Facui is profiting from this Democide.


Eight Wise Doctors and Hopeful Common Sense on Covid

Eight Wise Doctors and Hopeful Common Sense on Covid

ER Editor: Here we have a discussion panel with familiar, trusted figures like Pierre Kory, Robert Malone, Richard Urso, Ryan Cole, Brian Tyson, Mark McDonald, etc.

Dr. Neville Hodgkinson, author of this piece, provides us with a helpful summary below. We still recommend watching the 45-minute in its entirety. We’re publishing this in the spirit of ‘so where are we 20 months on?‘ We had published a lot on what ‘Covid’ was, so here is an update.

(We realize Covid-19 has not been isolated, and that some sinister forces out there had two young researchers killed back in early 2020 who had wanted to do just that – identify it in widely accessible bio-computing programs. See A New Pandemic? Two Trailblazing COVID-19 Researchers Dead Within a Month)

Some items remain clear in the combined judgement of this panel:

  1. The gene-based ‘vaccines,’ narrowly focusing just on the spike protein, are causing variants, as well as damage to recipients. It is the spike protein that causes the damage in those sick with the ‘virus’. Choosing the spike protein molecule for the vaccine was a flat-out error.
  2. The nature of ‘Covid’ is not a pulmonary problem per se, but an inflammatory and thrombotic problem, repeated by the action of the vaccine. (As some other doctors have astutely observed, they get us going in with ‘Covid’, which turned out to be ‘mild’, and if that fails, they surely get more of us with the ‘vaccine’.) Urso says that people who die of Covid do so because of inflammation / thrombosis, not the ‘virus’. These two features were already separately treatable.
  3. The vaccine has caused more damage in 8 months than any other medical product left on the market for a comparable amount of time.
  4. The vaccinated are getting sick.
  5. Early treatment works, period.

The shocking, new finding for us concerns new-born babies:

  • Children born after January 1, 2020 show an IQ drop of 20 points because of social deprivation; their brains haven’t developed.


Eight wise doctors and a glimmer of hope on Covid


A MONTH ago, after a year reporting on Covid as a former science and medical correspondent, I stepped back; it was partly because of other responsibilities, but also because politics, money and fear seemed to be obstructing reasoned decision-making and debate.  Now I’m back on TCW’s pages to offer a glimmer of hope, having witnessed a round-table discussion in which eight experienced doctors and scientists reach an extraordinary level of agreement on where we stand with the pandemic. You can see it here.

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In a nutshell, they say:

1.    We cannot vaccinate ourselves out of the Covid problem. Mass vaccination is forcing the virus to produce variants, which escape any protection provided by the jab (see here for a report covering 68 countries). Instead, the vaccine should be offered only to those most vulnerable, such as the very elderly.

2.    It is especially wrong to give it to children. They are at almost zero risk from Covid but subject to a real risk of damage from this particular vaccine, unrecognised during its development.

3.    Cheap and effective treatment is available which keeps the vast majority of patients out of hospital. Health officials and regulators should support doctors who want to use these treatments, and to educate patients in how to strengthen their responses to the virus.*

4.    Lockdowns and official fear-inducing propaganda have blighted the lives of millions, especially children, and must never be repeated.

The discussion is a must-view for concerned individuals. It offers a completely different perspective from that of the NHS chiefs now calling for booster jabs and the return of Covid restrictions.

These edited contributions give a flavour of the discussion:

Dr Robert Malone, key architect of the mRNA technology that made possible the most commonly used Covid vaccines: ‘The virus is evolving very rapidly. This is akin to what happens if you overuse antibiotics. With universal vaccination, we’re driving towards an endpoint of vaccine-resistant mutants. The vaccines need to be used intelligently.

‘This set of vaccines that we have right now are gene therapy-based, and they have a common problem: they only have one antigen. It’s the spike antigen. When they were developing them, they didn’t realise the spike was biologically active. No fault of theirs. Everybody was in a rush.

‘But now it’s time to take a breath and say, “Hey, does this really make sense?” We don’t have to be just Left or Right, pro- or anti-vaccine. There’s a middle ground. We, as a community, need to protect people at high risk, not just here in our community, in our states; in my opinion, we need to protect the elders throughout the world. We don’t need to hoard all the vaccine for people that don’t really need it.

‘I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m a guy who’s spent the majority of my adult life developing vaccines. This is a technology platform that has enormous promise. And right now it’s in its infancy. The safety of the underlying technology is not yet fully demonstrated.

‘People did what they did in good faith and focused on a protein that they thought was fully safe – spike. But now, over a year later, we know that in the virus, this protein is responsible for much of the disease – the pathology in your vascular endothelial cells [blood vessel linings], the coagulation. And it’s unfortunate that this particular protein, in what appears to be a biologically active form, was used in these vaccines.’

Dr Richard Urso, ophthalmologist, Texas: ‘When people say, “They died of Covid”, they died of an inflammatory, thrombotic disease.  They didn’t die from the virus running through their body. There’s a bunch of drugs that can be used for the purpose of inflammation in this disease. There’s a bunch of drugs for thrombosis. Hopefully at some point we’ll have a really good, early treatment that’s directed to the virus itself. Right now we have other, very effective treatments.

‘About 330 children have died of Covid in a year and a half [under-19s in the US]. Typically, about 50,000 children a year die – many from drownings, from car accidents. You need to look at that as you look at the risk to children. And do they spread? – No, at least seven different studies show that children spreading to adults is close to zero.’

Dr Brian Tyson, family doctor, Californiawho has successfully treated more than 6,000 Covid patients and now finds children are getting sick from typical winter illnesses, rather than Covid: ‘With treatment started from day 1 to 7, I have had zero deaths.  From treatment started from day 7 to 14, I have four – two died the same day they showed up at the clinic, and two died in hospital.

‘Under that data Dr Urso was talking about, not one healthy child died from Covid-19. It was children who had four or five risk factors – morbid obesity being number one, diabetes number two, weakened immune system number three; kids on chemotherapy and things like that. So yes, they’re going to have opportunistic infections, but that’s no different than would normally take out these kids anyway, unfortunately.’

Dr Heather Gessling, family doctor, Missouri: ‘My numbers exactly match up with Brian’s. I’ve treated about 1,500 and I’ve had one death, because there was some delay in treatment.’

Dr Mark McDonald, child psychiatrist, Los Angeles: ‘Fear has been the driving force of this pandemic from the very beginning.  What’s driving the fear now is propaganda. I see kids all day long. The developmental stage that children need to go through – babies, toddlers, young adults – is being foreclosed on them.

‘Brown University department of paediatrics published a study that found babies born after January 1, 2020, have an IQ drop of 20 points. Why? They don’t see faces. They don’t play. They don’t have exposure to friends. They don’t go to school. They’re basically locked in their homes, looking at their parents for a year and a half. And their brains have not developed.

‘My concern is that we are building a generation of young people who are so traumatised that they will never fully recover. They’re always going to be scarred emotionally.

‘I don’t mean to be depressing. I mean to be alarming, so everyone can finally say, “Stop!”  We’ve got to stop the damage, and then figure out what to do about it.’

Dr Gessling: ‘I think “Stop the damage!” means to acknowledge what we have done wrong. We should reverse all the measures that have been implemented. Patients, families, parents, should take it upon themselves to feel empowered. We need to get back to the basics, because we’ve done this wrong for so long.

‘One of the books we all had in medical school was Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. This is what we have forgotten: “Many specific host factors influence the likelihood of acquiring an infectious disease: age, immunisation history, prior illnesses, level of nutrition, pregnancy status, coexisting illnesses and perhaps emotional state – all have some impact on the risk of infection after exposure to a potential pathogen.”  All we have done is focus on one of those: immunisation history.

‘The ability to provide early, effective treatment should make us feel empowered.  We should not feel afraid any more.’

Dr Pierre Kory, pulmonary and critical care specialist; founding member and president, the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance; co-author of two Covid prevention and treatment protocols: ‘My hopes are that more and more attention is going to be paid to early treatment strategies, especially now the vaccinated are getting sick. Many people were led to believe that if you get your vaccine, we’re going to end this thing, you don’t have to worry about it, you can carry on with your lives.

‘But guess what? My colleagues are talking about even scarier variants that are coming. And so we need more tools to fight this.  The positive message is, we have them, and they can handle any variant that comes at us. We just need to get that message out. I don’t believe anybody has died who’s had effective early treatment.’

Dr John Littell, family doctor, Florida: ‘What we’re seeing now is that patients are getting early treatment with ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and a host of other medications, because of this free exchange of ideas in this group of physicians and others around the world.

‘Dr Tyson, Dr Gessling and myself are family physicians, OK? So we’re the folks who have been in those front lines getting the phone calls in the middle of the night from concerned parents.  And what you’ve just heard from Dr Kory and from us is that is that if you take the right preventive treatment, you’re approaching zero per cent mortality.

Dr Kory: ‘If we have effective treatments, why aren’t they being recognised and disseminated across the world?  I think we’re up against two forces.

‘The first is that in general, our health agencies are suffering what’s called regulatory capture. They’re largely driven by financial interests that are making sure that the solution to the pandemic is one that is profitable. Vaccines are profitable.

‘The other, somewhat overlapping challenge is that in academia, in the last ten years, there’s been this increasing belief that the only proof of efficacy of a drug has to come out of a large, double-blind, randomised controlled trial. You have to make the diagnosis – everyone has to have a positive test; they have to have symptoms; they have to be enrolled, consented, randomised, and then the drug is delivered. Each one of those steps takes time. So it’s often very delayed, and under-dosed – they’re using doses that I was using six months ago.’

Dr Ryan Cole, medical director, Cole Diagnostics, Idaho, who has done more than 100,000 Covid tests in the past year: ‘Covid is a clotting disease. When we give a spike protein [through the vaccine], that is an active biologic molecule. We chose the wrong molecule, which causes disease.

‘So what do I see under the microscope? We see clotting under the skin, in the lungs, in the blood vessels, in the brain – not from the virus, but from the spike from the vaccine itself.

‘Now consider the numerator and the denominator.  Are most people going to be fine? Yes. And I want to emphasise that.

‘[But] in our data from around the world, from the United States, from the UK, from EudraVigilance in Europe, we have seen more death and damage from this one medical product than all other vaccines combined in the last several decades, in just a short, eight-month window of time. It has done more damage than any other medical product, therapy, shot, modality, of anything we’ve ever allowed to stay on the market to this point.

‘Do I mean to sound alarmist? No, I’m being factual. And when I look at it under the microscope and I see the parts of people – or people that are no longer with us – the damage and the disease is caused by that spike protein. It is present.

‘A virus is a humanitarian issue. When we divide ourselves in thought and don’t listen to science any more, we’re going down the wrong paths.

‘We are forgetting what our amazing immune system does. How many of you had chickenpox when you were a kid? And how many of you have ever had it again? Did you need a shot? No. Grandma had measles – has grandma ever had it again? No, because her immune system works.

‘Half of kids in the US have already had Covid. We’re not antibody testing – we’re treating everybody with this terrible oppression of, “You’ve got to wear a mask . . . you’ve got to stay home if somebody in your classroom tests positive.” It denies basic science.

‘Under age 50 with no co-morbidities, your chances of dying from this disease are about nil, and if you get early treatment they are even closer to nil. So if you are a Covid recoverer, you don’t need a shot.

‘The shot can damage the hearts of children. There are more children who’ve had myocarditis – and there’s never such a thing as mild myocarditis. That’s inflammation of the heart. Once you get inflammation, you get scarring. Those kids’ hearts are damaged for life. Kids have died of heart attacks after the shot, and there are more kids that have had myocarditis than have died from Covid. Kids aged zero to 18 survive this virus at a statistical 100 per cent – 99.997 per cent. So why are we punishing kids for a virus they survive?’

*For up-to-date guides to home treatment of Covid, see here and here.




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