North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Forms Task Force To Root Out Left-Wing Indoctrination In Government Schools

North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, who is black, launched a task force last month to root out left-wing indoctrination in schools as the racist doctrine of critical race theory cements its grip on the upcoming generation in K-12 education.

The “F.A.C.T.S. Task Force: Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students” features a tip line where parents, students, and educators may submit examples of discrimination and unequal treatment related to an individual’s faith, ethnicity, worldview, or political beliefs.

“This is not an indictment on education,” Robinson emphasized at a March press conference. He said the new task force was inspired by complaints received from people who lamented that the schools had been taken over by left-wing activists who had effectively criminalized dissent. “We found ourselves besieged by folks who are complaining about things that their students and their children were having to learn in public school, that were contrary to their own beliefs.”

The task force seeks to empower those people with an avenue to air their grievances free of blowback.

“The primary goal of this task force is to allow the voices of concerned citizens to be heard regarding public K-12 education in North Carolina,” the website reads, emphasis included, “to provide a safe and secure setting where education professionals can transmit concerns regarding their school without fear of retaliation.”

As the left’s creed of critical race theory takes hold of schools nationwide as a secular religion, parents, students, and teachers disillusioned with the ideas are increasingly intimidated from speaking out in opposition for valid fear of termination or expulsion. Those who do go on record risk being tarred by colleagues or classmates as racists for daring to question the racist tenets of the left-wing activism shrouded in the moral superiority of social justice.

“There are parents and teachers who are literally afraid to speak up against school boards, against principals, against administrators, and that has got to stop,” Robinson said. “School is supposed to be a safe place where people can go for the purpose of instruction.”

North Carolina residents are encouraged to share examples of progressive indoctrination, hostile classroom environments, and inappropriate content with the task force.

Parents who have been able to speak out against the progressive developments in their schools have begun to organize in other parts of the country. A new national nonpartisan group launched in March, Parents Defending Education, aims to connect parents and teachers in a grassroots effort while taking aggressive legal measures to resist indoctrination infecting the next generation.

“Through network and coalition building, investigative reporting, litigation, and engagement on local, state, and national policies, we are fighting indoctrination in the classroom — and for the restoration of a healthy, non-political education for our kids,” the group’s website reads.


University Of Oregon Paid ‘1619 Project’ Writer Nikole Hannah-Jones $25K To Lecture On ‘Systemic Racism’

The University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication paid New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, the writer behind the anti-historical “1619 Project,” for a Zoom lecture in February on “1619 and the Legacy that Built a Nation,” as first reported by Campus Reform.

Hannah-Jones raked in $25,000, evident by a Freedom of Information Request filed by Campus Reform. The Feb. 19 event was co-sponsored by the university’s Office of the President, Office of the Provost, and Division of Equity and Inclusion, among other groups.

The organization that was paid by The University of Oregon was the Lavin Agency, as shown by the FOIA. The agency defines itself as “the world’s largest intellectual talent agency, representing leading thinkers for speaking engagements, personal appearances, consulting, and endorsements.” The group also offers the likes of Margaret Atwood, leftist activist Angela Davis, Khan Academy Chief Executive Officer Salman Khan, climate writer Naomi Klein, and other big names.

The “1619 Project” writer discussed why Americans need to “remain vigilant” while fighting for “racial inequality.” A promotional flyer for the event claimed there is a “lasting legacy of Black enslavement on the nation.”

“As the lead writer for New York Times Magazine’s the “1619 Project,’ a major viral multimedia initiative observing the 400th anniversary of the first African slaves arriving in America, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones explores the lasting legacy of Black enslavement on the nation—specifically, how Black Americans pushed for the democracy we have today,” the flyer read.

Last week, Hulu announced it will stream the “1619 Project,” which Lionsgate studios and Oprah Winfrey partnered to fund this summer. Hulu praised the project by Hannah-Jones in a press release as “a landmark undertaking … of the brutal racism that endures in so many aspects of American life today.” Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer Prize for her project — which has been debunked by several historians for its pushing of the false premise that America was both founded in 1619 and that the Revolutionary War was fought to sustain slavery.

“[I]t would not surprise me in the slightest if the university is actively attempting to hide its embrace of radicalism,” Oregon Federation of College Republicans Chairman Ben Ehrlich said to Campus Reform.

John Large, a spokesman for the Lane County Republicans where the university is located, told The Federalist that “The University of Oregon is so damned two-faced that if a conservative went to the campus, they would go ahead and throw them guys out.”

According to a document put out by the university, the event was not permitted to be recorded or redistributed.


Leftists Use Soros-Style Fundraising In Small Wisconsin Superintendent Race To Indoctrinate Kids

George Soros has successfully pushed the left’s radical agenda by investing in small-time elections, and now the Soros strategy is being used by other leftist groups to infiltrate the public education system. Right now, leftist organizations are crushing the pro-voucher American Federation for Children in the spending arena for a “nonpartisan” state school superintendent race between Pecatonica Area School Superintendent Jill Underly and Deborah Kerr, a retired Brown Deer schools superintendent.

Three groups that back Democratic candidates in partisan elections — A Better Wisconsin Together, Wisconsin Education Association Council, and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin have raised $766,425 for Underly.

The pro-voucher American Federation for Children, founded by former United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, tends to back Republican candidates and has spent only $56,500 for Kerr. This means Underly has a 13-to-1 monetary advantage over Kerr.

Billionaire and Democrat mega-donor Soros has perfected the art of creating radical international and domestic change to advance the left’s agenda by targeting the community level. Since 2015, he has been investing in local elections to push soft-on-crime district attorneys across the finish line. The resulting social instability from increased crime rates and fear play into the left’s desires for bigger government. Soros has been quite successful, given that candidates in these races typically spend in the low-five figures.

The left-wing activist has pumped tens of millions of dollars into local races in Texas, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Arizona. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2018 that Soros spent $2,700,000 on California DA races alone and another $16 million on 17 DA races in other states.

Jim Bender, president of School Choice Wisconsin, told The Federalist that Wisconsin superintendents are good leftist investments because they are “not really accountable to anybody.” He explained that unlike other states, Wisconsin superintendents are elected, not appointed, and do not report to a statewide education board. While education policy is set by the state legislature, the superintendent has a large amount of power to interpret the laws passed by the legislatures and outsize influence in classroom instruction.

This is the reason leftist organizations like Planned Parenthood have an interest in small, low-turnout superintendent elections. “Public schools are one mechanism leftists use to establish a government-controlled system that is centered on political power, campaign dollars, and an ideology that is unquestioned,” said Bender. He believes leftists want K-12 education to be just like college education, “where there is no such thing as diversity of thought.” Underly, Bender added, has proven to be left-wing, anti-school choice, and union-centered — a perfect candidate for her wealthy left-wing donors.

This should serve as a warning to conservatives. Leftist activists are using the Soros method to infiltrate our school system, investing millions in small education elections. Indoctrination doesn’t begin in college; it starts in preschool. Big-time, left-wing donors are sinking their claws into the classroom, using public education to feed the impressionable next generation with critical race theory, not the classics, and American shame, not exceptionalism. 


National Parents Coalition: Revisionist History in Public Schools Has Led to Socialist Uprising in U.S.

A national parents’ coalition that rose out of the uprising against the Common Core standards asserts the decades-long indoctrination of U.S. students in revisionist history has led to the current battle over the presidential election.

“The battle over who will be president continues,” US Parents Involved in Education (USPIE) said in comments to Breitbart News. “One of the reasons this battle is happening is because one party is working hard to re-write history to convince Americans that our country is bad and does not deserve the peace and prosperity we enjoy. The 1619 Project is a current and significant example.”

[embedded content]

The New York Times’ revisionist 1619 Project reframes the nation’s history with the claim America was founded on slavery and racism when the first slaves arrived in Virginia.

USPIE noted as well a report at New American Magazine that cited the Times’ portrayal of Fidel Castro in the late 1950’s as a communist “freedom fighter” was essential to the dictator’s ability to enslave the nation of Cuba.

“And now, it seems, the far-left newspaper and the forces behind it hope that lies about America in the “1619 Project” will destroy the freest and most prosperous nation in human history,” the parents’ organization stated. “Fortunately, the lies were caught early, and they are now sparking outrage and scrutiny nationwide.”

USPIE elaborated that, with the 1619 Project claim that racism, slavery, systemic oppression, and other evils are embedded in America’s founding, “there can be no change in policy and no possible transformation that would make the nation redeemable.”

“In short, under the view put forth by the Times and its project, the only possible conclusion is that America must die so that something new can replace it,” USPIE said. “That is the objective. And now, The 1619 Project is being taught in our public schools!”

The parents observed that critical race theory is now “the new lens through which every subject must be viewed.”

“A new school policy in Virginia is even mandating that the history of slavery be taught in kindergarten,” USPIE noted. “Are you outraged? We are and that is why we are producing a new documentary titled Truth and Lies in American Education.

The documentary will address as well the sexualization of children through comprehensive sex education curricula often spearheaded by leftwing organizations such as Planned Parenthood and LGBTQ-activist groups:

[embedded content]

The parents’ organization said it is very pleased to see President Donald Trump pushing back against the 1619 project, as well as “government schools falsehoods and omission of truths about our country’s founding and its struggles as a new nation.”

USPIE noted about its film:

Two of the experts interviewed in the film wrote books about how history has been shamefully high-jacked by the left in an effort to cause children to disdain their own country.  If United States citizens don’t begin their own push-back and insist on truth in the classroom, we will lose our Constitutional Republic. Make no mistake – this is the intended goal. For decades, government schools have been undermining families, Christianity, our freedoms, and every sense of patriotism for our country. We have said time and time again, it is no wonder millennials voted overwhelmingly for self-proclaimed Socialist Bernie Sanders. Children have been taught that our Founders and our form of government are oppressive and bad. More recently, they have been taught through the Common Core Standards to be activists for social change, beginning in kindergarten.

The parents’ coalition hopes the film will “inform Americans of the trillions of dollars wasted on federal education in the last 40 years with nothing to show for it but stagnant test scores and declining student academic achievement.”

“Serious conversations are happening throughout the country about the legitimate and effective role of the federal government in education,” the group observed. “It is the goal of USPIE to return America’s education to its proper local roots and restore parental authority over their children’s education.”