Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker Activates National Guard Over 0.01% of Biden’s Border Crisis Arriving in Illinois

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) is activating the National Guard over 0.01 percent of President Joe Biden’s record-breaking illegal immigration crisis arriving in the sanctuary state via migrant buses sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

For more than two weeks, Abbott has sent about 500 border crossers and illegal aliens to Chicago, Illinois, which prides itself on being a sanctuary jurisdiction for illegal aliens.

The 500 arrivals account for just 0.01 percent of the estimated five million border crossers and illegal aliens who have crossed the southern border since Biden took office.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) has called the migrant buses from Texas “immoral” and “unpatriotic” as well as “racist and xenophobic.” Those statements come as Lightfoot has relocated many of the arriving border crossers and illegal aliens to the suburbs of Chicago.

Chicago Mayor’s Office / Facebook

Now, Pritzker has called up 75 members of the Illinois National Guard to aid arriving border crossers and illegal aliens. The sanctuary state is expecting 1,000 border crossers and illegal aliens on buses from Texas every week for the next 15 weeks.

“I’m not going to mince words here, the governor of Texas is forcing on New York and [Washington] D.C. and Chicago and potentially other places, a needlessly last minute and complex process, that is a heartless display of politics over people,” Pritzker said in a press conference this week.

Lightfoot, last week, called on Biden to “step up” with “federal support” to aid the sanctuary jurisdiction with the migrant buses.

The migrant buses sent to Chicago are a fraction of what American border communities are forced to sustain with about 6,000 illegal aliens crossings every day.

Recently, in the Del Rio Sector of the Texas-Mexico border, Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 13,000 border crossers and illegal aliens — averaging almost 1,900 apprehensions a day in the area — which is about a third of Del Rio’s total population.

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Exclusive — Keith Pekau: Joe Biden’s Student Loan Transfer ‘Fundamentally Unfair’ to Working-Class Americans

Exclusive — Keith Pekau: Joe Biden’s Student Loan Transfer ‘Fundamentally Unfair’ to Working-Class Americans

Orland Park, Illinois, Mayor Keith Pekau, who is running for Congress against Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL), said President Joe Biden’s unprecedented student loan transfer is “fundamentally unfair” to working-class Americans during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.


Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle began the interview by discussing the vast difference in crime rates between Pekau’s Orland Park and neighboring Chicago. Boyle asked Pekau to talk about how he brought crime down as Orland Park’s mayor and what the Democrat city officials are doing wrong in Chicago.

Pekau explained his “proactive” approach to crime and policing in Orland Park.

Pekau said, “We realized we had to have a different approach, and so we became much more proactive, using technology to identify license plates that don’t match their cars, license plates for stolen cars, those types of things. And also, for every traffic violation, it’s amazing how many people carry drugs lying in their car, right? And then when that happens, we can search the car. So we’ve been much more proactive about getting people off the street.”

Pekau also highlighted the difference in how his city handles evidence compared to George Soros-funded Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx.

“And one of the key things that we do is we process all of our evidence in house, or we use a private lab, so we get it back in 24 hours, as opposed to the state, which is six months or a year,” Pekau said.

The conversation switched gears to Pekau’s congressional race, and Boyle noted that Pekau’s opponent, Rep. Casten, has co-sponsored anti-law enforcement bills and voted for “every single one of the major Democrat agenda items over the course of the last two years.”

“So yes, as you pointed out with Sean Casten, and he voted against extending the ban on fentanyl federally, he voted against extending the Violence Against Women Act. And as you pointed out the George Floyd act, that voted for taking away qualified immunity from police officers,” Pekau said.

Pekau continued,  He’s gone after police officers, he supports criminals, not the average citizen, and here in Orland Park, and let’s face it, we’re not 90 percent Republican, we’re probably 55 percent Republican here, and we have 90 percent support for our police officers and for the actions that we take because you know what Democrats, democrat citizens, not democratic elected officials, but Democrat citizens, they support the police. And that’s probably the most important thing we do in Orland Park is we support our police.”

Pekau said that Casten “is further left” than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and “the Squad,” because he votes against bills that they support.

Pekau also criticized Casten for claiming inflation is “zero” and that the country is not in a recession.

“If you think we’re not in a recession and inflation is zero, if you cannot acknowledge that a problem exists. How can you possibly solve the problem?” Pekau said.

Boyle and Pekau talked about how President Joe Biden’s unprecedented student debt transfer negatively impacts working-class Americans.

“This is appalling, as someone, and I’ll just speak personally, as someone who was the first in my family to graduate from college that worked full time and then paid my student loans,” Pekau said.

He also noted that he paid for his wife’s and their children’s student loans.

“And now the government’s gonna come in and say, ‘Oh, don’t bother paying that back.’ When they took out that, they knew what they were doing,” Pekau said. “And all of the people that took this debt out, they’re adults, and they made those decisions and you’re asking other people to pay for the decisions that that they’ve made,” he said

Pekau added, “It’s unfair to folks like us, it’s unfair to union workers, and people put themselves through trade schools or an automotive tech school, and they’re having to pay for it, or for people who are like my parents and didn’t go to college but worked really hard so that their kids, not so they could pay for their kids’ college, but so their kids had the values to go to college and use their intelligence because it was something that was God given to them that they really had a skill for and use that. And they taught them to do that. And they went out and did that, or they saved up the money to help those kids. Why should they have to pay for other children to go to college?”

Pekau also faulted Biden for unilaterally taking action on student debt instead of acting through Congress.

Pekau talked about how working-class residents of his district are traditionally Democrats but agree with him “on almost every issue.”

“There’s a lot of trade workers, a lot of union workers that have been traditionally Democrats,” Pekau said. “But I can tell you that if I sit down with any of them, they agree with me on almost every issue and don’t agree with Sean Casten on anything, and it’s a function that unites.”

Pekau called on Republican candidates across the country to speak face to face with these types of voters and explain the benefits of Republican policies.

“The Republican Party needs to get in front of these people and explain to them and get them to start voting on the issues and not just looking at someone who’s Republican and say, ‘oh, we can’t vote for them because we voted Democrat our whole life.’ We have to start looking at the issues,” Pekau said. “And I think that’s happening more and more and more. And I think that’s critical, because these policies do not help the working class, they screw the working class.”

“They’re giving the people making $50,000 to $60,000 a year, a working couple each making $50,000 a year struggling. You’re struggling to save for their kids college, they’re paying for someone else’s college, but not only that, they’re paying for rich people to buy electric Mercedes and electric Tesla’s why? Why should they be funding their toys?” Pekau said.

“I don’t care if you’re 18-years-old, you’re young, you still need to make better decisions and you need to honor your debt,” Pekau concluded. “No one’s saying that you shouldn’t pay your mortgage. No one’s saying that you shouldn’t pay your auto loans. I’m sure that the Democrats start saying that too. But I think you take off the debt. You’ve made the decision. You need to pay it back.”

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Denying Religious Exemptions To Covid Jab Is Costing One Hospital $10M In Legal Settlement

A group of Illinois health care workers agreed to settle their lawsuit against NorthShore University HealthSystem. Represented by Liberty Counsel, the plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court last fall on behalf of themselves and other NorthShore employees who were denied religious exemptions to the company’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.

If the court approves the proposed settlement, NorthShore has agreed to change how it processes religious accommodation requests to comply with the law and make employees who were terminated for refusing the shot after being denied religious exemptions eligible for rehire. NorthShore would also pay over $10 million to compensate workers who were denied religious exemptions or forced to get the jab to retain their jobs and to cover legal costs.

“The policy change and substantial monetary relief required by the settlement will bring a strong measure of justice to NorthShore’s employees who were callously forced to choose between their conscience and their jobs,” said Horatio Mihet, Liberty Counsel’s vice president of legal affairs, chief litigation counsel, and the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, in a press release.

The lawsuit alleged that NorthShore violated Title VII by failing to provide accommodations for workers’ sincerely held religious beliefs. According to the lawsuit, workers with religious objections were not offered regular Covid-19 testing or other measures as an alternative to the shot, even though the plaintiffs would have been willing to comply with such measures.

The lawsuit also said the vaccine mandate violated federal law about vaccines approved for emergency use. “As a condition of receiving authorization for Emergency Use, all individuals to whom the product may be administered are given the right to accept or refuse administration of the product,” the lawsuit said.

Since it is a class-action lawsuit, workers besides the 13 named plaintiffs who were also denied religious exemptions will be eligible for compensation from the settlement fund. NorthShore estimates 523 current and former employees would qualify.

“Let this case be a warning to employers that violated Title VII,” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, in the press release. “It is especially significant and gratifying that this first classwide COVID settlement protects health care workers. Health care workers are heroes who daily give their lives to protect and treat their patients. They are needed now more than ever.” 

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Transgender Militia Leader Sentenced to 14 Years for Domestic Terrorism

Transgender Militia Leader Sentenced to 14 Years for Domestic Terrorism

A transgender, male-to-female, militia leader was sentenced to 14 years in prison on four charges related to domestic terrorism in a federal court in Illinois on Monday.

“Emily Claire” Hari, previously known as Michael B. Hari, 51, of Clarence, Illinois, was already convicted and serving a 53-year sentence for firebombing a mosque in Minnesota in August 2017.

Hari pleaded guilty in February to four charges relating to conspiracy to interfere with commerce by threats and violence, attempted arson, unlawful possession of a machinegun, and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

In 2017, Hari founded and led a domestic terrorism group known as the “Patriot Freedom Fighters,” also nicknamed the “White Rabbits.” Fellow members — who are also now convicted conspirators — include Michael McWhorter, Joe Morris, Ellis J. Mack, and Wesley Johnson.

The Associated Press

                    Michael Hari in a July 2017 booking photo. (Ford County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

The group’s home “office” was in Hari’s hometown of Clarence.

A building that housed Michael Hari's business is seen Wednesday, March 14, 2018, in Clarence, Ill. Hari, a former sheriff's deputy accused of being the ringleader in the bombing of a Minnesota mosque emerges in court documents as a sometimes-threatening figure with anti-government views who also wrote books and attracted others into his shadowy group. Hari, allegedly intended for the attack to scare Muslims into leaving the U.S. He and two associates were charged Tuesday, March 13, 2018m with traveling some 500 miles from rural Clarence, Illinois, about 120 south of Chicago, to carry out the Aug. 5, 2017 pipe-bomb assault on the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

A building that housed Michael Hari’s business is seen Wednesday, March 14, 2018, in Clarence, Illinois. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

Hari, McWhorter, Morris, and Johnson attempted to blow up the Women’s Health Practice with a pipe bomb in Champaign, Illinois, in November 2017, but the incendiary device did not detonate. The group intended to set the clinic on fire in the morning, but a receptionist found the pipe bomb on the floor upon arriving and called the authorities.

In December 2017, with Hari’s approval, the conspirators traveled to a Hispanic individual’s house — who they believed to be a drug trafficker — in Ambia, Indiana, and pretended to be law enforcement officials executing a search warrant while wearing their “White Rabbit” uniforms. The armed group broke in and zip-tied the individual and searched his house before leaving.


Michael McWhorter and Joe Morris

The conspirators, in December 2017, with the approval of Hari, also committed armed robberies at two separate Walmarts in Illinois, confronting the cashiers for money.

The group also attempted to bomb railroad tracks owned by the Canadian National Railway in January 2018. After their botched attempt, the group sent an extortion email to the company, threatening to blow up more railroad tracks if the company did not pay them $190,000 in cryptocurrency.

The Associated Press

In this August 15, 2017, file photo, law enforcement officials investigate the site of an explosion at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. (David Joles/Star Tribune via AP)

In February 2018, the group attempted to set incendiary-device-making materials at an individual’s house in Clarence in an attempt to have authorities investigate the individual. This was before Hari was set to go on trial for alleged assault charges committed on the same individual.

After the FBI investigated the tip, following receiving a tip from Hari, the conspirators became concerned that authorities might seize their weapons, including machine guns. They tried moving the weapons to a fellow militia member’s home, but they were seized by the FBI.

The Associated Press

Law enforcement officials investigate an explosion at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, on Saturday, August 5, 2017 (David Joles/Star Tribune via AP)

The conspirators, minus Johnson, left Clarence and hid in the woods and abandoned barns while making videos in their militia gear, requesting assistance from other militia groups.

Hari posted a video on March 10, 2018, saying that the authorities were terrorizing Clarence but was arrested just days after, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Prior to Hari’s sentencing, fellow conspirators were also sentenced for their actions in the militia group.

Per the Department of Justice (DOJ):

On April 15, 2022, Johnson was sentenced to 66 months of imprisonment for his role in the conspiracy by U.S. District Judge Donovan W. Frank in the District of Minnesota. On April 12, 2022, McWhorter was sentenced to 190 months (15 years and 10 months) of imprisonment by Judge Frank on both the Illinois and Minnesota charges. On that same date, Judge Frank sentenced Joe Morris to 170 months (14 years and 2 months) of imprisonment. On March 8, 2022, Judge Mihm sentenced Ellis Mack to 42 months of imprisonment (time served).

Authorities with the DOJ and FBI also commented on Hari’s sentencing.

“Although the militia group started by Hari called itself the ‘Patriot Freedom Fighters,’ the members of the group convicted of federal crimes were not patriots but violent criminals,” said United States Attorney Gregory K. Harris. “Attacking innocent citizens and lawful facilities using threats and violence are not the acts of ‘patriots,’ and this conduct will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Once again, this case exemplifies the extraordinary investigative efforts of the FBI to bring individuals to justice who commit violent crimes.”

“Emily Claire Hari represents the very real threat posed by domestic violent extremists in the United States,” said FBI Springfield Field Office Special Agent in Charge David Nanz. “The FBI’s counterterrorism team is designed to combat this type of violence and is committed to prioritize and gather intelligence to continually assess the threat picture. The FBI’s focus has been and will remain keeping the American people safe from threats or acts of violence.”

Following the firebombing of the Minnesota Mosque in 2017 — which “Emily” Hari was convicted for — the media criticized then-President Donald Trump for his “silence” on the attack.

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Illinois Has All The Gun Laws Republican Senators Caved To Push States Into, And That Didn’t Stop The Highland Park Killer

Illinois Has All The Gun Laws Republican Senators Caved To Push States Into, And That Didn’t Stop The Highland Park Killer

In a bizarre move, Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart told the public and the press on Wednesday that he believes red flag laws in Illinois are “strong” even though the state with some of the strictest gun laws in the country failed to stop a 21-year-old shooter from murdering seven people at a July 4 parade and injuring at least 30 more.

While announcing seven counts of first-degree murder charges against Robert Crimo III for attacking paradegoers in Highland Park, Illinois, over the long weekend, Rinehart praised his state’s gun laws and called for a national ban on certain types of firearms.

“Illinois has a strong red flag law that keeps the community safe and respects everyone’s rights. We must vastly increase awareness and education about this red flag law called the Illinois Firearm Restraining Order,” Rinehart said.

According to Rinehart, the red flag law was designed to “ensure the safety of the individual and those around them” by confiscating guns and preventing certain people from buying guns.

“It allows individuals to stabilize their treatments — excuse me, stabilize their behavior — seek treatment, and access other resources that our community must invest in to give those who need help,” Rinehart continued. “Separate from these red flag laws, which are very powerful in Illinois, we should also ban assault weapons in Illinois and beyond.”

The first and most pressing question of all: If Illinois gun laws are so good, why wasn’t Crimo, who was labeled a “clear and present danger” to the community long before he shot up the parade and fled wearing women’s clothing, stopped by the state? If red flag laws are the answer to preventing deadly shootings, which we know they aren’t because they lack due process and are susceptible to politically motivated exploitation, why didn’t they stop Crimo (or any other shooters in states with red flag laws)?

All the stereotypical warning signs designed to trigger some sort of intervention were there. Crimo had a troubled history of posting violent content online that “reflected a plan and a desire to commit carnage for a long time in advance.” He had mental health issues that culminated in an attempted suicide in April 2019. He also had multiple run-ins with local law enforcement, who, at one point, communicated their concerns about him to state police. Yet he still freely carried out a horrific act.

Rinehart’s anti-gun tirade doesn’t make sense unless you come to terms with the fact that his plea for national gun-grabbing is a solely political talking point, not one that is designed to effect change that would actually stop bloodthirsty villain wannabes in their tracks.

Even if “assault weapons” were magically wiped off the face of the earth, as Rinehart seemed to suggest, who is to say that a clearly disturbed individual such as Crimo wouldn’t have come at the July 4 crowd with a knife, dagger, sword or even a vehicle, like the Christmas parade massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin?

After all, Crimo was in possession of 16 knives, a dagger, and a sword in September 2019 when he threatened to “kill everyone” in his home. Law enforcement confiscated those weapons before returning the knives to the then-teenager’s father who “claimed the knives were his and they were being stored in the individual’s closet for safekeeping.”

Crimo’s father went on to sponsor his son’s December 2019 application for a firearm owner identification card, which is required for gun possession by the state of Illinois, and the state police (yes, the same department that knew Crimo was deemed a “clear and present danger”) approved it.

But even if Crimo’s dad hadn’t sponsored the application or the state police had rejected it, there was nothing stopping him from purchasing more blades or seeking out guns from the gangs who sustain the massive weapons black market in the crime-ridden Chicago just 20 miles south of his residence in Highland Park.

The warning signs about Crimo were there but the truth of the matter is that no amount of “awareness” about red flag laws or bans on “assault weapons” will stop criminals with detailed plans to hurt, kill, and destroy.

Recall that 14 Republicans in the Senate and 14 Republicans in the House recently voted to push gun restrictions like those found in Illinois in other states. They claimed that these laws would make communities safer and prevent future tragedies like previous shootings Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. But they were clearly wrong.

There’s nothing praiseworthy about red flag laws or gun control when one of the strictest firearm regulatory states repeatedly failed to stop Crimo from carrying out a tragic and fatal attack. Begging for the federal government to remove Americans’ option to protect themselves against freaks doesn’t stop shootings, it disarms law-abiding Americans and leaves too much room for bureaucratic error.

Jordan Boyd is a staff writer at The Federalist and co-producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. Her work has also been featured in The Daily Wire and Fox News. Jordan graduated from Baylor University where she majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @jordanboydtx.


Dem Sen. Murphy: Illinois’ Red Flag Law Could Have Stopped Shooting, But It’s ‘Ineffective’ and Doesn’t Work as Well as Florida’s

On Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated that the red flag law in Illinois is “ineffective” and “it certainly does appear that there was enough information” about the Highland Park shooter “to cause a court to cause law enforcement to go in and take his guns away.” Murphy also stated that the gun law recently passed by the Senate would give incentives for states to adopt laws “that are right now working in states like Florida, working less well, it seems, in states like Illinois.”

Murphy said, “I think what we know is that Illinois has on the books a red flag law. But it’s a law that is not utilized very often. In fact, from what I understand, there’s one county that accounts for about 60-70% of all of the red flag laws ordered in the state. That means that it’s an ineffective program. The bill we just passed through Congress a week-and-a-half ago appropriates almost a billion dollars to help states like Illinois teach law enforcement, first responders how to use a red flag law well. And you have to wonder, if everybody knew how to use Illinois’ red flag law, would they have used it in this case? Because it certainly does appear that there was enough information about this young man to cause a court to cause law enforcement to go in and take his guns away. There are other provisions of the bill that might have been impactful here. But certainly, a well-run red flag law might have done the trick here.”

He added, “[C]learly this was an individual who had previously made threats of a mass shooting. I don’t know all the details. But it appears that, in this case, Illinois’ red flag law could have been used to temporarily take those guns away. And the problem is there [are] only about 20 states that have these laws on the books. So, our legislation gives money to states like Illinois to disseminate information about how to operationalize these laws and it gives money to other states as incentives for them to adopt the laws that are right now working in states like Florida, working less well, it seems, in states like Illinois.”

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Law Enforcement Seized Knives, Sword from Highland Park Shooting Suspect Three Years Before Rampage  

Law Enforcement Seized Knives, Sword from Highland Park Shooting Suspect Three Years Before Rampage  

The Highland Park Police Department seized “16 Knives, a dagger, and a sword” from the suspect accused of shooting at a July 4 Parade in Highland Park, Illinois, three years before his rampage.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Sergent Christopher Covelli of the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force said that Highland Park law enforcement officials had two prior contacts with the suspected shooter.

The Highland Park police department was called to the suspect’s home in April 2019 after learning that he had tried to commit suicide. Covelli noted that the report was delayed, so law enforcement responded to the suicide attempt “a week later.”

Covelli added that because mental health professionals were handling the matter at that time, “there was no law enforcement action to be taken.”

Highland Park police officers also visited the suspect’s home a second time in September 2019 after the suspect threatened to “kill everyone” in his home.

“The second occurred in September of 2019. A family member reported that Crimo said he was going to kill everyone and Crimo had a collection of knives,” Covelli said. “The police responded to his residence. The police removed 16 Knives, a dagger, and a sword from Crimo home.”

Covelli said that law enforcement did not arrest the suspect because the victims did not sign any complaints and because “at that time there was no probable cause to arrest.”

The Highland Park Police Department did notify the Illinois State Police of the second visit to the suspect’s home, according to Covelli.

One of the suspect’s former Highland Park High School classmates told NBC that the suspect’s past was littered with “a lot of red flags.”

Another classmate claimed that “everybody knew” the suspect “was off,” but added that he “never actually gave signs that he was capable of that degree of violence.”

With law enforcement’s multiple visits to his home and his former classmates’ accounts of the suspect, many social media skiers wondered how the suspect was able to purchase the firearms he used to carry out the shooting in light of Illinois’ Firearms Ownership Identification requirements.

“These are the eligibility requirements for a Firearms Ownership Identification (FOID) card in Illinois, which are issued by the Illinois State Police,” Bloomberg’s Madison Muller tweeted. “Officials said that Crimo purchased his firearms after two mental health-related incidents with HP police (no charges filed).”

Some of the eligibility requirements are as follows: “I have not been a patient in a mental institution or any part of a medical facility for the treatment of mental illness within the past 5 years,” and “I have not been adjudicated by a court as a mental defective or ordered by a court, board or authorized entity to in-patient or out-patient mental health treatment.”

As Covelli explained during Tuesday’s press conference, the suspect’s September 2019 interaction with law enforcement did not rise to the level where it was necessary to commit him to the hospital involuntarily.

Covelli said:

So the question is the response to this September incident. The police responded. The police can’t make an arrest unless there is probable cause to make an arrest or somebody is willing to sign complaints regarding their arrest. Absent those things, the police don’t have the power to detain somebody. Now, if there is an issue where there is the necessity to involuntarily commit somebody to the hospital, that’s an option, but that wasn’t an option. At that time, it didn’t fall in that category. But nonetheless, Highland Park Police did notify the Illinois State Police of that.

When asked about whether red flag laws would have prevented the suspect from being able to purchase the firearms used in the attack, Covelli encouraged individuals to “notify the social media network” about questionable content posted by someone and then to “notify local law enforcement.”

Covelli added that at the time law enforcement seized the knives from the suspect’s home, “There was no information that he possessed any firearms.”

“So at that time, there was no information that he possessed any firearms, any rifles. Would that be enough If he’s making threats? It’s it’s it’s a case by case basis. I don’t want to speak broadly to the issue,” Covelli said. “It depends on the circumstances. There are circumstances where law enforcement does have that authority to obtain a seizure order. But it is situationally dependent every single time.”


Police: Highland Park Suspect Was Dressed like a Woman when He Opened Fire on Parade Goers

Police: Highland Park Suspect Was Dressed like a Woman when He Opened Fire on Parade Goers

Police have indicated the Highland Park shooting suspect was dressed like a woman when he opened fire on July 4th parade goers from a rooftop.

NBC News reports that Lake County Major Crimes Taskforce’s Chris Covelli said the suspect “pre-planned this attack for several weeks.”

Covelli also noted that the suspect carried out the attack while “dressed in women’s clothing and investigators…believe he did this to conceal his facial tattoos and his identity and help him during the escape.”

He said once the suspect stopped shooting he “exited the roof, dropped his rifle and he blended in with the crowd and he escaped.”

Breitbart News reported that six people were killed and at least 24 people were injured in the July 4 attack.

Shortly after the attack police were able to announce a description of a person of interest.

NBC Chicago noted law enforcement was looking for “a white man between 18 and 20 years old with a small build and longer black hair.”

Police quickly enhanced their description, noting they were seeking a 22-year-old white male driving a silver Honda vehicle. They also released a license plate number tied to the person of interest’s vehicle.

USA Today reported that the person of interest was arrested just before 7 p.m. Monday.

Following the arrest, Chris Covelli said, “This individual is believed to have been responsible for what happened.”

AWR Hawkins is an award-winning Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and the writer/curator of Down Range with AWR Hawkinsa weekly newsletter focused on all things Second Amendment, also for Breitbart News. He is the political analyst for Armed American Radio and a Turning Point USA Ambassador. Follow him on Instagram: @awr_hawkins. Reach him at You can sign up to get Down Range at



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