WATCH: Creepy Bill Gates Just Posted Another Bizarre Video

WATCH: Creepy Bill Gates Just Posted Another Bizarre Video

This Time He’s Promoting Genetically Modified Corn To Save Us From A Famine During The Planned ‘Climate Crisis’

Gateway Pundit | By Alicia Powe Published September 22, 2022 at 5:25pm

Bill Gates published a new video promoting genetically modified corn.

Gates is featured in the video lip-singing song lyrics sung by a child as he stands in a kitchen wearing t-shirt emblazoned with, “Ask me about corn.”

“It’s corn!” Gates exclaims, as he takes a large bite out of a corn ear. “It has the juice!”

The 27-second video also features a  photo of Gates as a child holding a corncob in a corn field.

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Corn “accounts for 30% of the food consumed in Africa. But it is at risk. African crop researchers are creating a new, more resilient type of corn,” the caption on the video states.


he video is another attempt by Gates, the fourth richest person in the world and the top financier of the World Health Organization, to condition the public to accept the Great Reset agenda that he and his predator-class allies would like to impose on the world.

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

The Phoney Nitrogen Crisis: The Netherlands Is Ground Zero for Global Famine Agenda. Precipitating “30,000 Farmers Out of Business”

The Phoney Nitrogen Crisis: The Netherlands Is Ground Zero for Global Famine Agenda. Precipitating “30,000 Farmers Out of Business”

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Important article: First published on August 8 2022


Before we dive into this, it’s important to understand nitrogen and its role on Earth. The air human beings breathe is 78% nitrogen, 22% oxygen and 1% other stuff. Humans have been breathing nitrogen throughout their existence on Earth. Most nitrogen in Earth atmosphere is N2 molecules, which are mostly inert (chemically non-reactive). Nitrogen oxides, such as ammonia (NH3) and nitric oxide (NO) are the “bad” nitrogens that climate change people say will kill us all. But not having food will kill us all much quicker.

Nitrogen oxides are facts of life on Earth. Nitrous oxide (N2O), aka “laughing gas” and “whippets,” is the third-most abundant nitrogen oxide in the air, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Natural sources of N2O, including the oceans and ground soil under natural vegetation, account for 62% of all N2O. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO) are the two most prevalent nitrogen oxides. Most NO2 comes from tobacco smoke, stoves and heaters. The primary sources of NO are fossil fuel combustion and adding fertilizers to soil.

It’s true that the largest human contribution of nitrogen oxides is agriculture. But a 2017 study by the University of Virginia and The Organic Center found that organic farming (i.e. using manure and compost for fertilizer and no chemical pesticides) reduces new reactive nitrogen emissions by 64% versus “conventional” farming.

Yet less than 1% of U.S. farmland and only 4% of Dutch farmland is certified organic. Meanwhile giant corporations – Monsanto/BASF, DuPont/Dow, and Syngenta/ChemChina – make all those poisonous pesticides and own all seeds planted for foods via patents. These three companies control the entire global farming industry.

If nitrogen oxide emissions were genuinely a global concern, the powers-that-be (TPTB) could simply shut down the foregoing companies and invest in organic farming. But we all know genuine concern for humanity is not, never has been, and never will be a priority for these people.

Dutch farmers fighting against extinction

The World Economic Forum is promoting yet another “bug chef.” Joseph Yoon is the founder of Brooklyn Bugs in New York. He travels the country, cooks bugs, caterpillars, etc., and eats them in front of people. Yoon has been in business since 2017. But Klaus and company recently endorsed him as part of The Great Reset agenda of “you’ll eat bugs and like it.”

In order for the bug agenda to work, people must be desperately hungry and still have a will to live. TPTB not only must condition people into believing bugs are food, but also engineer global famine that will force people to comply for sheer survival.

Bill Gates is one of the chief engineers. He currently owns 242,000 acres of farmland in the United States.

He purchased another 2,100 acres in North Dakota in June. The goal is to buy the land and leave it fallow as part of this planned global famine that we predicted would kill one billion people between now and the end of 2024. People will choose between eating bugs or starving to death. The Netherlands, a small country with only 18 million people, is vital to this genocidal agenda.

Christianne van der Wal is the “Dutch Minister for Nitrogen and Nature Policy” (yes, that’s a real position in government). She and Prime Minister (and World Economic Forum member) Mark Rutte conjured a fake crisis that calls for “cutting nitrogen emissions” by up to 70% by 2030. Granted the European Union reportedly had some sort of nitrogen emission mitigation plans in place since the 1970s. But nothing has really been done to address it since that time.

The current Dutch plan includes killing off 30% of the country’s livestock, which would put 30,000 farmers out of business and dramatically reduce meat supplies in Europe and beyond. The remaining farmers would be forced to cut nitrogen emissions by upwards of 95%, which would put them out of business too.

The Netherlands is the second-largest agricultural exporter in the world after the United States. It is the largest meat exporter in the European Union. Dutch farmers have been protesting almost non-stop since June. But mainstream media are barely covering it. Farmers have blocked highways with their tractors and by spreading cow manure and bales of hay across the roadways. Incredible photos like the following have been circulating online all summer.

The protests are reminiscent of the truckers convoy in Canada earlier this year.

But TPTB are not going to allow protesters to interfere with their goals. Like the Aussies prior to 2020, the Dutch are not accustomed to violent police thugs attacking them, as is modus operandi in the United States. It started during COVID lockdown protests in late 2021 and early 2022…

Click here to watch the video.

…and is getting worse during the farmers protests.

Click here to watch the video.

Cops rarely fire guns in the Netherlands. But they opened fire on a 16-year-old kid who was peacefully sitting in a tractor in early July.

Click here to watch the video.

The goal is to scare the farmers and their supporters into compliance and obedience.

The Bill Gates factor

Christianne van der Wal is married to Piet van der Wal, the son of Okke van der Wal, who passed away in 2019. Okke was one of the richest 500 people in the Netherlands, with most of said wealth coming from Boni supermarkets. The company has 44 stores across the Netherlands and a distribution center in Nijkerk. Bouke van der Wal, Piet’s brother, is technically listed as the owner of Boni now. But it’s the family business.

Picnic is a Dutch online supermarket with 70 delivery hubs and 10 distribution centers in the Netherlands, Germany and France. The company was founded in 2015 by five rich families, including the van der Wal’s. Picnic solely fulfills online orders and delivery.

Customers cannot walk into a store and buy anything. The controversy started in September 2021 when the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation essentially purchased the entire company for  €600 million, which was about $707 million at the time. Further, Picnic buys all of its groceries from Boni supermarkets.

These egregious conflicts of interest apparently matter not. “Nitrogen minister” Christianne created a policy to destroy the agricultural sector in the Netherlands, which exported over €104 billion in goods last year. Once said sector is gone, millions of Europeans will be forced to buy all of their groceries from Picnic/Boni, which substantially benefits the van der Wal family. And with Bill Gates in charge, that means a lot of insect-based and lab-created foods on the menu.

The Dutch know and understand what’s happening. Two Picnic distribution centers have been burned to the ground since December.

Stages of accepting genocide

It’s been a couple days since we’ve published new content because of work on The COVID Blog™ book. Part of the process is going back and reading all of the posts again, and feeling the general mood at the respective times.

In June 2021, most stories on the blog were about individuals dying of various #ABV excuses. TPTB were also still using the term “breakthrough cases,” meaning so-called COVID-19 cases despite being injected. Fourteen months later, we rarely write stories about just one victim because it no longer does justice in articulating the genocide. And the breakthrough narrative has long been eliminated since nearly all so-called COVID-19 cases now are vaxxed people.

A June 21, 2021 story about 12 nursing home patients dying in Belgium was the first and only time this blogger mentioned that Deagel website that’s become somewhat of a cliché. “It is going to be very interesting comparing the world population from 2020 to 2021 to 2022,” the story says. The Deagel archive is then linked. It of course “predicted” in 2013 that the United States would lose 70% of its population by 2025.

The website is never mentioned again on The COVID Blog™ because nobody knows who owns Deagel. There’s literally no information available about who or what the site is. It also removed those predictions from the site sometime in late 2020 or early 2021. It’s only available in archives now. Further, Deagel was mentioned in an email published by Wikileaks in 2012 from a Texas company called Stratfor. It does “global intelligence” for the aforementioned Dow, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and other government military contractors.

Deductive reasoning leads to the conclusion that is controlled revelations by TPTB.

That all said, you don’t need anonymous websites to know genocide is happening, particularly when you’ve been covering it from the very beginning. This blogger knew a lot of people were going to die from the vaccine genocide. But it wasn’t until January 2022 when the magnitude of this genocide became crystal clear. Attacks on the global food supply are near-daily occurrences, as is “you’ll eat bugs and like it” propaganda.

The Netherlands is one of the world’s largest producers of food.

This time next year, that will no longer be the case. And whether via post-injection deaths or famine, billions will die by then as well. Now is the time to switch totally to eating nothing but whole foods (grains, vegetables, meat, etc.) for mitigation purposes. All processed foods are now suspect. We have no idea what they are putting in that stuff. And it’s absolutely nauseating not knowing if you may have just swallowed ground up crickets, maggots or grasshoppers.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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Famine is the Name of the Game

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In the Horn of Africa every 48 seconds a child dies from the consequences of famine, Oxfam reports. The worst famine in decades, allegedly caused by drought-ravaged Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, further stressed by the war in Ukraine… See this.

When a child dies from hunger it is particularly sad. Children are the most vulnerable category of humanity. Famine is not the result of a worldwide food shortage. But famine has to do with food hoarding for speculation, with a lack of well- and equalitarian food distribution system. There is no lack of food per se in the world. According to FAO, with current technologies we are able to produce sufficient food for 12 billion people.

The “post-covid” (really?) Ukraine-Russia war period, is generating a wanton food crisis – leading to a cruel, but well planned, hunger catastrophe. The first victims are usually the poverty-stricken populations, but this time its planned not to stop at the borders of “developed” countries in the Global North.

The cause is not just drought, it’s the consequence of poverty and mass unemployment triggered by the Covid-19 lockdown measures initiated Worldwide in March 2020, not to mention the string of bankruptcies affecting agriculture, food production and  distribution.

Is it part of the unspoken “depopulation agenda” under the auspices of the Great Reset, of UN Agenda 2030, of Klaus Schwab’s 4th Industrial Revolution, all inter-changeable programs with the same objectives?

Even a drought of such severity is suspicious.

Weather Modification Technologies

Remember the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) developed in the 1990s, which was initiated in Alaska, as an ionospheric research program, jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Pentagon and US Secret Services.

HAARP, Gakona Alaska, 1990s

Earlier weather modification technologies were applied in the 1960s, during the US-war against Vietnam, when extreme Monsoons were “created” (through cloud seeding), so as to impede the transit of the communist Vietcong soldiers and mercenaries from North-Vietnams to the South, through the jungles of Vietnam.

Owning the Weather 

Since the 1990s, HAARP has become highly sophisticated and is suspected (without firm evidence) of being responsible for several world-wide occurring extreme weather phenomena:

Weather-modification, according to the US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, ‘offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary’, capabilities, it says, extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes:

‘Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally… It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog and storms on earth or to modify space weather… and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of [military] technologies.’

Creating famine in any way possible, through modified weather patterns, or wantonly deficient food distribution systems, or food retention by other politically influenced means, is a crime against humanity, a crime of biblical proportion, for which apparently, so far, nobody has been held accountable.

Western populations – predominantly Europe and the US – are being warned, repeatedly, that they will be hit by devastating food shortages, as well as a huge, unheard-of in the west, accompanying inflation. See this.

What we are witnessing is one of the most inhumane, cruel ways of killing people, by famine.

The rich will survive, they will also get their food. The poor and middle segments of society may suffer the most. Many will die.

WEF advisor, Yuval Noah Hariri, calls them “useless eaters”. Lack of food will create riots, for sure, and the riots itself – all planned, foreseen, counted with and funded by “philanthropic” oligarchs – create more havoc and death, interrupting the remaining food chains.

That’s not all. Food shortages will also affect the Middle East and North African countries that are already in conflict, some in war-like situations. They may cut off or reduce Middle-Eastern hydrocarbon production, with all the consequences of spiraling oil-related shortages. Refugees from these lands will migrate to Europe, where they hope to find a better life, food, and shelter. The refugee influx in Europe will exacerbate the food and everything-shortages by a multiple.

Groomed Proxy Politicians, Acting on Behalf of Powerful Financial Interests

But all of that is known and planned that way, by the very “leaders” (sic) of Europe and the west in general – many of them scholars of Klaus Schwab’s Academy for “Young Global Leaders” (YGL).

For a full list of such proxy politicians, who were taught to apply tyrannical measures on the very people who allegedly elected them, who pay for them, who still live under the illusion that their leaders serve them, want the best for their people, in whom they trust – see thisIn the words of Klaus Schwab:

I have to say then I mention names like Mrs Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on they all have been Young Global Leaders of The World Economic Forum. But what we are really proud of now with the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, President of Argentina and so on, is that we penetrate the cabinets… It is true in Argentina and it is true in France now… (Klaus Schwab)

Click here or image to access Video 

Famine is the Name of Game

Famine will be the name of the game, accompanied by a collapsed western economy, joblessness, freezing cold winters, due to lack of heating oil / energy, homelessness. As the debt burden increases, so does dispossession of shelter.

The banks and oligarchs get richer – exactly the script of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the useless eaters are driven into mass poverty.

The construct, the plan, the UN Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, are inter-changeable. They become increasingly visible – and people, who are not (yet) reacting, may be doomed.

Death by famine, follows death by vaccine, and embraces death by despair.

People have no clue of what’s going on behind the scenes – what really causes famine and why – it’s a wanton population reduction scheme, à la Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, Kissinger… and more.

These are just the most blatant perpetrators. Killing people, mostly children, the weakest link of society, is just about the worst crime that humanity can commit.

Mainstream media does not inform us. They are paid to keep silent, or worse, to trick us into believing it’s our fault either because we do not decry loud enough the Russian aggression on Ukraine, the timing of which is no coincidence.

The war in Ukraine also decimates harvests, and oil and gas production, which, in turn, reduces fertilizer production, and by extension, what is produced cannot be shipped, because of delivery disruptions, due to covid, bankruptcies, labor fallouts, because we didn’t vaxx enough, to keep the “social and industrial machinery oiled to function”, and so on. A perpetual spiral to misery.

The Pandemic Treaty, the QR Code. Towards Digital Tyranny 

Hence, we are supposed to be inclined voluntarily to submit to the soon-to-come vaxx mandates; and that, before its possibly military enforced through the “coming” WHO-designed and managed worldwide “Pandemic Treaty”, whose flagship is the multi-purpose international vaxx certificate, via QR-coded electronic data collection and full and absolute surveillance, leading many scared and desperate victims of the 24/7 propaganda to the 4th, 5th, 6th and so on boosters, until death does us part from this wonderful world of the Great Reset.

Famine is already ongoing in Africa, India and parts of Latin America. Will the famine disaster hit the Western “Developed Countries”, later in the fall, as predicted by some analysts?

All has to do with the western insane, suicidal act of sanctioning Russia for her aggression on Ukraine. So, say many pundits, analysts and free-thinkers. Do they truly believe that the west, especially Europe, doesn’t know what they are doing by sanctioning Russia?

They know exactly that Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan together account for about 30 to 40 of the world’s food supply, mostly grains.

They know that much of the grain may not be produced, as a result of the war.

What is produced and supposed to be shipped to the world’s market places, may be stranded, due to lack of labor, transport, fuel, it’s a self-perpetuating spiral of disruptions and shortages, that will impact vital food supplies – and cause famine.

For self-protection and to guarantee least damage to her food supply, India, also an important wheat and grain producer, has just banned all wheat exports, mostly to keep local prices down and to secure as much food as possible for her local population – some 1.4 billion people. See this India prohibited all exports of wheat on Friday in an attempt to reduce local prices.

Also, no coincidence – fires destroy food manufacturing plants, storage and transport facilities throughout the western and mid-western Unites States. See the video below. A further planned contribution to food shortages.

The Bird Flu H5N1 Outbreak

A new kind of Bird Flu H5N1 – lab-made, indeed, is already making sure that for our, human protection tens of millions of poultry are already being euthanized.

Perhaps hundreds of millions more around the globe may follow the same fate. For your health protection, of course. Unfortunately, this health protection move will eliminate vital sources of protein, especially for the common people. But, so what, as Yuval Noah Harari would say – it may help neutralizing some of the “useless eaters”.

All this results in food shortages, leading to famine and misery. But no worries, Bill Gates and his artificial meat production scheme will soon come to rescue. We then may have an abundance of Monsanto produced GMO plant food and Bill Gates sponsored artificial meat production. Bon appetit!

Nothing is “bad-management” or unwise decision-making. Nothing is coincidence. No, it’s all been planned that way for years, decades. The ongoing phase, total destruction of the western economy, is only a stepping stone to the larger objectives, total control of the world economy shifted from the bottom and the middle to the top – massive population reduction, and the ringing in of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIR).

But they will not win.

Mind you FIR has little to do with “industrial”, and even less with “revolution”, but it has all to do with transforming the remaining world population into a herd of gnomes, computer and robot- manipulated slaves, or transhumans, as per Yuval Noah Hariri, Darwinist, author of “Sapiens” and “Homo Deus”.

Hariri is also the closest personal advisor of Klaus Schwab – WEF creator, eternal WEF CEO (acting on behalf powerful financial interests), and continued Mastermind of eradicating nation states’ sovereignties and creating an artificial world, a One World Order (OWO), under a One World Government (OWG), the most anti-nature and anti-social proposal imaginable.

This will never happen. The collective human mind is strong and in solidarity capable of over-coming all evil attempts to control us. We must abandon the illusion to have national governments serving the people. We must escape form this Cognitive Dissonance.

We must wake up and come to senses and to grips with reality. If we do, we are safe. We will be able to resist this soul- and heartless cult of dark and sick people, and we shall resist their criminal machinations.

People, compatriots of Mother Earth, wake up!

Open your eyes to what this  Elite Financial Cabal has in store for us.

They are at the beginning of their agenda – UN Agenda 2030 – The Great Reset – the 4th Industrial Revolution – different names for the same killing game.

We must take over the next eight years, acting in solidarity, converting this sinister economic and social agenda into broad grassroots process for humanity.

In the next eight years, we must put a term of what is tantamount to genocide, namely an all-controlling, totalitarian world governance – the digital tyranny – the transformation of humans to transhumans and mind-manipulation through an sophisticated brain control scheme that will give us a robotized smile since we own nothing but are happy.

We must stop it.

And we will.

We have the Human Power.

We are the Spirit of Light.

They are the darkness.

We aspire for Community, Peace and Love.

We shall overcome!!!


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Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020).

Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also is a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing.

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New Food System Stops at Nothing for Control

New Food System Stops at Nothing for Control

Story at-a-glance

  • The globalist takeover is coming at us from every possible angle. Whether we’re talking about biosecurity, finance, housing, health care, energy, transportation or food, all the changes we’re now seeing have one goal, and that is to force compliance with a totalitarian slave system

  • The global food system, and protein sources in particular, are currently under coordinated and intentional attacks to manufacture food shortages and famine

  • The globalist elite intend to eliminate traditional farming and livestock and replace it with indoor-grown produce and lab-created protein alternatives that they own and control

  • While the presence of hundreds of food brands gives the appearance of market competition, the reality is that the food industry is monopolized by fewer than a dozen companies, and all of them, in turn, are largely owned by BlackRock and Vanguard

  • Eventually, your ability to buy food will be tied to your digital identity and social credit score



New Food System Will Stop at Nothing to Control You

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The globalist takeover agenda is nothing if not comprehensive. They’re coming at us from every possible angle, and whether we’re talking about biosecurity, finance, housing,1 health care, energy, transportation or food, all the changes we’re now seeing have one goal, and that is to force compliance with a totalitarian slave system.

In an April 27, 2022, blog post,2 investigative journalist Corey Lynn takes a deep dive into the new food system being put into place, and how it is geared to control you.

“‘Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.’ This famous quote by Henry Kissinger is ringing more and more true by the week,” Lynn writes.3

“The globalists already control the majority of the money, are moving ever so swiftly to convert the energy system over into systems they are all invested in, and have been taking drastic measures to control the food industry while running much of it under the radar. If they control the seeds they control the food, and if they control the food they can use the digital ID to control consumer access to the food.

While a rash of fires suddenly destroy food processing, meat, and fertilizer plants, during a time where farmers are hurting and supply chain issues are kicking in, an entire traceable food infrastructure system has already been built in multiple cities and is making its way across the globe …

The USDA and FDA have already approved lab grown meat, genetically modified cattle, and are funding the globalists to research and develop cellular agriculture as well as indoor growers and genetics companies …

Union Pacific is mandating railroad shipping reductions by 20% impacting CF Industries Holdings, the world’s largest fertilizer company. Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street happen to be the top shareholders of Union Pacific, and BlackRock and Vanguard are in the top three shareholders of CF Industries Holdings.

By mapping some of the largest vertical farms, it reveals the crops, grocery stores involved, locations and billions pouring in by globalist investors and shareholders. It quickly becomes evident that this is the global plan to control all produce — ingredients that go into all food products.”

The Secret Monopoly

As noted by Lynn, this monopoly has been locked into place over the course of many years. Slowly but surely, the monopoly has grown, under the radar of public consciousness, which in turn has resulted in food getting simultaneously more expensive and less accessible.4

Now, as the final pieces are being put into place, many are waking up to the realization that we’ve been massively fooled and are now at the mercy of a figurative “handful” of unelected people whose megalomania is unsurpassed in human history.

While the presence of hundreds of food brands gives the appearance of market competition, the reality is that the food industry is monopolized by fewer than a dozen companies,5 and all of them, in turn, are largely owned by BlackRock and Vanguard. The growing fake meat market is similarly dominated by a very small number of large food giants6 which, again, are owned by BlackRock and Vanguard.

food giants

BlackRock alone holds $10 trillion in assets,7 up from $6 trillion in 2017.8 Combined, the three largest investment firms in the world, BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, have ownership in nearly 90% of all S&P 500 firms.9

Through their investment holdings they secretly wield monopoly control over ALL industries, so the idea that there is competition anywhere in the marketplace is really just an illusion. You never learned about their ever-expanding monopoly because they also own the centralized media.

It’s hard to tell which of the two is more influential. Vanguard owns a large share of Blackrock. Owners and stockholders of Vanguard include Rothschild Investment Corp,10 Edmond De Rothschild Holding,11 the Italian Orsini family, the American Bush family, the British Royal family, the du Pont family, and the Morgan, Vanderbilt and Rockefeller families.12,13

Blackrock, meanwhile, has been called the “fourth branch of government,” as they are the only private firm that has financial agreements to lend money to the central banking system.14

Food Security Is Undermined by Patentable Food

In 2014, the U.S. Congress established the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Act (FFAR) through the Farm Bill. After siphoning off $200 million in taxpayer funds to get the foundation started, FFAR became a nongovernmental not-for-profit organization. Bill Gates is one of its funders, and its first board of directors included deputy director Dr. Robert Horsch of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.15

The mission of FFAR is to “connect funders, researchers and farmers through public-private partnerships to support audacious research addressing the biggest food and agriculture challenges.”16 In reality, it’s been used to undermine food security by increasing reliance on gene-edited and patentable foods.

In April 2019, FFAR launched the Precision Indoor Plants (PIP) Consortium, a public-private partnership of indoor growers, breeders and genetics companies with the shared goal of advancing speed-breeding and altering plant chemicals responsible for flavor, nutrition and medicinal value. Five key crops being worked on are lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, cilantro and blueberries.

In August 2020, Monsanto/Bayer helped found a startup called Unfold, which develops new vegetable seed varieties specifically geared for vertical farms. According to Lynn, “GMOs already account for 75 to 80% of food Americans consume,”17 and once fresh produce is under patent, that percentage will inch closer to 100%.

The University of California is also working on plant-based mRNA vaccines. The idea there is to disseminate vaccines through the conventional food supply,18 which puts a whole new spin on the old adage to “Let thy food be thy medicine.”

“Bill Gates insists that droughts and climate change is destroying our ability to farm and that the future will consist of populations moving into metropolitan cities where indoor vertical farming is necessary to feed people.

If this is the case, why has he acquired 242,000 acres of farmland over the past decade while simultaneously investing in indoor vertical farming? Who gets to sit at the table with healthy produce served up by Gates while the rest of the population eats gene-edited produce from locked-down facilities, delivered to their local grocery store, and accessed only through a digital ID?” Lynn asks.19

“Meanwhile, the Consultative Group of International Agriculture Research (CGIAR) holds the world’s largest private seed banks consisting of 10% of the worldwide germplasm across the globe, which is controlled by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller and Ford Foundations, and World Bank, managing 768,576 accessions of hijacked farmers seeds …

[W]hat’s going to happen to the farmers when these astronomically enormous indoor vertical farm facilities have taken over every major city, locked in contracts with all major grocery store chains, and are funded by some of the same billionaire globalists who are seeking to control human beings through every industry for their fourth industrial revolution?

It’s a legitimate concern. Add ‘gene-editing,’ ‘smart,’ ‘traceable,’ and ‘net zero’ to the production of these facilities, and the fact that they are still moving full speed ahead on digital IDs and currency, and it becomes even more concerning …

Whereas this provides a lot of explanation on the absolute intentional demolition to all of our farmers on the seed, vegetable, and produce front, people should also be aware of what’s been taking place with cattle ranchers and the globalists’ plan to take over the meat industry as well.”

Controlled Demolition of the Protein Supply Is Underway

As I explained in yesterday’s weaponized bird flu article, alleged outbreaks of bird flu and COVID-19 in food animals, along with drought and fertilizer shortages, have led to the mass culling of flocks20 and cattle herds21 around the world. So much so, we’re now told to expect egg,22 poultry and meat shortages.23

Add to that a global fertilizer shortage that is limiting the amount of animal feed that can be produced this year, and the curious decision to limit U.S. fertilizer shipments on trains, which restricts distribution and raises the cost of what little remains. Experts predict it may take up to three years to replenish global grain stocks,24 and in the meantime, farmers won’t have a readily available supply to feed their livestock.

Canada-based Nutrien Ltd., the world’s largest fertilizer company, recently warned the shortage is likely to extend into 2023. The price of fertilizer has also “skyrocketed to absurd heights that have never been seen before,” The Economic Collapse Blog reports.25

The U.S. and U.K. are also paying farmers to not farm all their available land, California is paying farmers to grow less, ostensibly to save water, and the U.K. is encouraging farmers to retire by offering them a lump sum of £100,000 — all while publicly predicting looming food shortages.26 On top of that, the two largest water reservoirs in California have also fallen to “critically low levels” and wildfires are devastating agricultural land across the western half of the U.S.27

Food production is being blatantly attacked and irrationally restricted on so many fronts, it’s clearly an intentional demolition of primary protein sources28 — meat, egg and dairy.

“February 1, 2016 the Good Food Institute was launched … with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Open Philanthropy Project, and Y Combinator, with the goal to ‘reimagine meat production,’” Lynn writes.29

“In October 2021, the Good Food Institute celebrated the USDA’s $10 million grant for the creation of the first-ever National Institute for Cellular Agriculture at Tufts University so they can back researchers in manufactured meat.

To be certain all of these goals are locked into place and the UN 2030 agenda is achieved, disrupting the fertilizer industry, food supply chain, and a rash of coincidental fires to food processing plants sure would help to seal the deal, wouldn’t it?”

The Emperor Has No Clothes

In a blatantly self-serving gesture, Gates has publicly called for the West to quit eating beef and transition to lab-grown meats, ostensibly to address climate change. He’s also railed against legislative attempts to make sure fake meats are properly labeled, since labeling would slow down public acceptance.30

Not surprisingly, Gates is financially invested in several faux meat companies.31,32,33 As luck or godlike foresight would have it, he’s also invested in genetically engineered fertilizer alternatives.34 Lynn writes:35

“Bill Gates explained his love for fertilizer in 2018 while in Tanzania.36 Coincidentally, Gates-led and Rockefeller-funded Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) has been an epic fail, with a first ever evaluation report37 that came out on February 28, 2022 after a 15-year effort with bold claims to rescue Africa’s small farmers.

Their false promise to ‘double yields and incomes for 30 million farming households by 2020’ was removed from their website in June 2020 after an assessment by Tufts University revealed little evidence of progress, and in fact showed a 31% increase in hunger.

Evaluators stated there were many deficiencies and AGRA’s reporting and monitoring data was weak. Even the German government is considering pulling funding from AGRA over their pesticide use, which is ironic because Gates claims we need to remove pesticides in the U.S. and move to indoor vertical farming …

One of AGRA’s biggest achievements was their participation in 72 agricultural policy reforms in 11 African countries, pertaining to seed, fertilizer and market access. Laws were created to protect intellectual property rights for ‘certified’ seeds, as penalties were created for open-source seed sharing.

Imagine being a farmer, homesteader or gardener and having to share and trade seeds on the black market so you don’t get penalized. Anyone who believes they won’t try this in the U.S. is kidding themselves, especially since the globalists hold the largest private seeds banks, and invest in the largest commercial seed companies …

On March 17, 2022, a notice was published38 to the U.S. Federal Register seeking comments by May 16, 2022 on Competition and Intellectual Property System: Seeds and Other Agricultural Inputs. Remember to read through the proper lens when reviewing this notice that derived from an executive order signed by Biden in July, 2021 on promoting competition in the American economy.

Their ultimate goal — every human being, every piece of food, resource, and product on this planet will be tracked and traced via blockchain. This isn’t a theory — it is their goal. In July, 2021, the FDA released their ‘New Era of Smarter Food Safety’ which consists of using tech-enabled traceability for a digital, traceable food system, from farm to plate using blockchain.

A digital identity to grant access to establishments, control financial spending, and trace everyone’s moves has been rolling out on multiple fronts, including the vaccine ID passport. Eventually they will try to move toward a chip, as it will be easier with biometrics being installed everywhere …

There is no way to sugarcoat this system they are implementing. Whereas vertical farming is brilliant in many ways, and could be beneficial on a smaller scale in communities, the fact that this is the global agenda to remove farms and control all produce by the globalists themselves, makes is incredibly concerning …

We must work together to find a way forward and continue to say no to the digital ID they are creating to control our access and spending, while building self sufficiency and security together.”

For solutions to this rapidly approaching dystopian future, review my previous article, “Why Food Prices Are Expected to Skyrocket,” and Lynn’s article “Finding Sources of Fresh Food.”39

Part of the answer is to grow your own food, to the best of your ability. Another part is to support local growers by buying their produce, or else they’ll get pushed out. Starting local co-ops and community gardens can also go a long way toward creating food security in the long term.

At the same time, we also have to reject globalist solutions like fake meat, gene-edited beef, GMO foods and all the rest of it. It’s time to recognize that none of their solutions are for our benefit. They’re for our detriment. The World Economic Forum has declared that by 2030, you will own nothing. They mean it. They will take everything from us, including the right to grow our own food, if we let them.


Sources and References:


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The American Famine of 2022

The American Famine of 2022

Greg Reese – Apr 23, 2022

How history repeats itself when it’s far too late

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Plane crashes into Food Plant – Twelve U.S. Food Plants Destroyed or Damaged In One Month!!

Plane crashes into Food Plant – Twelve U.S. Food Plants Destroyed or Damaged In One Month!!

Jim Crenshaw – April 23rd, 2022

Did they say “plane crashed”…gee whiz…I wonder what could be causing that? Vaccinations? Na. And yes they are planning to starve us to death along with the poison shots and radio activity as well as God knows what else.

You cannot “vote” out this problem. It will take more drastic measures. Those days will probably come to pass. Especially when they kill about a million children with these shots and the parents who will want to blame ANYONE but themselves figure out what has been going on. They will be dragging these bastards out by the their balls and hanging them or worse.
Source: Still Report

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

UN Food Price Index Hits Highest-Ever Levels Amid Ukraine War, Sanctions Clash

UN Food Price Index Hits Highest-Ever Levels Amid Ukraine War, Sanctions Clash

ROME (AP) – The United Nations says prices for world food commodities like grains and vegetable oils reached their highest levels ever last month due to fallout from the war in Ukraine.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization said Friday its Food Price Index, which tracks monthly changes in international prices for a basket of commodities, recorded a double-digit percentage-point increase in March from the record level already set the previous month.

FAO said the index came in at 159.3 points last month, up 12.6 per cent from February’s all-time high since the index was created in 1990.

The Rome-based agency says the war in Ukraine was largely responsible for the 17.1 per cent rise in prices for cereals, including wheat and all coarse grains. Russia and Ukraine together account for around 30 per cent and 20 per cent respectively of global wheat and maize exports.

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Biden Admin Prioritizes Climate Fantasies While Famine Threatens The World

Biden Admin Prioritizes Climate Fantasies While Famine Threatens The World

President Joe Biden says he is “working out” how to mitigate global food shortages. But action speaks louder than words — and so does inaction.

Global food supply chain chaos has increased due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Countries across the globe are scrambling to increase food production. However, America is not one of them, because President Joe Biden would seemingly rather virtue signal about climate change than act on the near-term implications of a global famine.

Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe, with soil similar to that of the American Midwest. It is one of the largest exporters of wheat and corn in the world. Those exports were a lifeline for millions of people, including many who live in “global crisis zones” and have no reliable agriculture of their own — until now.

The World Food Program warned Ukraine’s supply chain is “falling apart.” Those problems will worsen if Ukrainians cannot plant crops this spring.

On top of this, Putin threatened to restrict food sales from Russia — also one of the world’s largest exporters — to only “friendly” countries. Understanding the impending crisis, the European Commission has opened up conserved agricultural land for cultivation and distributed $550 million to European farmers to increase production.

Last week, I asked the Biden administration to take similar steps by opening “approximately four million acres of high quality farmland” for production that are currently held under the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

President Biden refused. As an explanation, his Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the National Grain and Feed Association that re-opening the farm land would have “a significant and detrimental impact on producers’ efforts to mitigate climate change.”

This is not the first time President Biden placed his environmentalist image above common sense and human life. U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry’s obsession with cutting a Green New Deal with Communist China caused him to overlook slave labor in Xinjiang. Moreover, President Biden refuses to expand domestic energy production because, in the words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, additional domestic production would be “upending our initiatives to save the planet from the climate crisis.”

At every turn, the Biden administration embraces climate fanaticism as a means to enrich its favorite corporate donors and appeal to a small fringe of the Democratic Party’s base, while empowering monsters like Xi Jinping, Ayatollah Khamenei, and Nicolas Maduro — who have little regard for human life, labor standards, or the environment. Administration insiders may think their “out of sight, out of mind” approach is politically savvy, but their self-delusion has real-world consequences. 

Opening up four million acres of CRP lands to cultivation will not destroy the climate, but it may save lives. Now is not the time to “monitor the crisis” in Ukraine — now is the time to harness America’s vast resources to fend off a global famine. Biden needs to rethink his priorities, and fast. There is no time to lose.

Marco Rubio is a U.S. senator from Florida.



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