The Truth about UFO’s and ET’s (1982)

The Truth about UFO’s and ET’s (1982)

CARET – May 14, 2022

This film features accounts of other worldly phenomena collected by Brad Steiger during his more than twenty-five years of exploration into the strange and the unknown.
Narrated by Steiger, the film will explore UFOs, E.T.s, impossible fossils, the extraordinary link between UFOs and poltergeists, and the remarkable world-wide phenomenon of the Star People, men and women who appear to bear within their genetic makeup the “seed” of extraterrestrial visitors. Joining Steiger to explain Star People research will be his wife Francie, an internationally known mystic and metaphysical teacher, co-author of the best-selling STAR PEOPLE series.

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Aliens Secretly Caught On Tape

Aliens Secretly Caught On Tape

CARET – May 7, 2022

In April of 2011 the first of four video clips were posted to YouTube by ivan0135 of alleged alien beings. It is also alleged, according to document 072/E, that at the meeting held in 1961, officers at the military base had secretly filmed the arrival of the aliens without their consent which was a violation of a pre-existing agreement.
They referred to the alien as ‘Skinny Bob’
The video clips are truly fascinating, and for some will be confirmation of the existence of extra-terrestrial beings and for others it will simply be viewed as an elaborate hoax.
Either way, these clips are definitely worth watching as the debate continues as to their authenticity.
What do you think? Do you believe?

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Dr. Jonathan Reed – Alien Encounter

Dr. Jonathan Reed – Alien Encounter

benthejrporter – October 7th, 2020

A HPANWO TV recording of a live lecture by Dr Jonathan Reed and Robert Raith at Felixtowe, Suffolk on the 20th of September 2014. This was a private event held just before the main Rendlesham Forest Incident Conference 2014.

Have you heard Dr. Jonathan Reed’s story of how he found a live extraterrestrial?

Dr. Reed was employed in a major university as a developmental psychologist working with children. He had a great job which he loved, he was well-respected by his peers, he had a great personal life, he had a large bank account – he was living the American dream. He didn’t believe in UFOs or extraterrestrials – he had never seen any, and he had the standard skepticism towards these matters shared by most educated Americans. Then one day, while walking his dog in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, he had a life-changing experience.

While with his dog, his dog bolted through the brush. She started barking viciously and he ran after her. He came over a ridge only to observe his dog being killed by an extraterrestrial. He struck the ET with a branch, which apparently killed it. Although having become severely ill, Dr. Reed videoed and photographed the ET, which he then wrapped up and took back to his home.

While he was trying to find out what to do, his situation was discovered by people which we can only describe as “black ops.” They approached him, and told him to turn over everything he had to them. When he refused, they told him that the next group who contacted him would not be so kind.

As predicted, black ops came to his home and removed everything he had – including all his school, professional, and most of his personal records. They thoroughly trashed his home.

They then expunged all of his employment records, all of his educational records, his bank account was eliminated (with all of the money in his account – approximately $83,000), even his Social Security number was erased. The objectives: destroy Dr. Reed’s credibility; destroy his economic ability; destroy his will to live.

Here we have two testimonies: the first from his former bank manager, who describes how, at a meeting, she was told by the bank president that Dr. Reed did not exist, that he was never a bank client, and that if she did not cooperate with this story, she would lose her job and she would never work in banking again. The second interview is with a nurse who worked with Dr. Reed for 5 years. She also tells how a meeting was called by the head of the Psychology Department where all staff were told that Dr. Reed no longer existed, and that anyone who valued their job and career would cooperate in maintaining this story.

What power these “black ops” have, what influence they are able to exercise, what nefarious effects their actions have on individuals – this is for you to judge.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

NASA Plans Return To Venus For First Time In Three Decades To Probe Microbial Life

In September 2020, then-NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine declared, “It’s time to prioritize Venus,” after scientists discovered compelling evidence for life on the hellish planet, which can melt lead at its 900 degree Fahrenheit surface.

Nine months later, the federal space agency unveiled not one, but two missions to the long-neglected planet for the first time in three decades after United States and Soviet exploration ceased in the 1990s.

The discovery of the molecule phosphine on Venus’s clouds, however, has renewed interest in the planet most similar to Earth than any other in the solar system with its size and composition. The only plausible explanation for the chemical compound in the planet’s clouds is the existence of life producing it as waste, leading NASA to launch two probes to investigate, slated for launch at the end of the decade.

The DAVINCI+ and the VERITAS missions will conclusively confirm whether phosphine does indeed exist in the atmosphere and probe for microbial life on the planet closest to Earth in orbit.

The VERITAS probe, which stands for Venus Emissivity, Radio Science, InSAR, Topography & Spectroscopy, will launch first, mapping out the planet’s surface with a three-dimensional map in 21st-century detail, an upgrade from the maps the Magellan mission produced when it spent four years doing the same in 1990.

DAVINCI+ will follow, examining the existence of phosphine with a launch scheduled for 2029 and slated for two flybys in 2030 before it drops a probe of instruments into the planet’s clouds in 2031.

Few probes have explored Venus in comparison to Mars, Earth’s next neighbor further from the sun. NASA landed the Perseverance rover on the red surface in February as the most sophisticated piece of machinery to explore the planet to date. Mars’ cooler surface, where average temperatures hover below 80 degrees Fahrenheit, combined with less severe weather, make it far more suitable for on-the-ground exploration than Venus’s dense atmosphere, where the pressure on the surface is so intense it can crush submarines while plagued with poison rain and 900 degree temperatures.

No rover to land on the planet’s surface to date has lasted longer than a few hours before Venus’s harsh conditions compromised the machinery.

The warmer temperatures in Venus’s clouds, however, lead astronomers to believe they may be hospitable for microbial life, raising the possibility of extraterrestrial life on Earth’s closest neighbor.


What Happened When I Looked For Ancient Aliens In Roswell

ROSWELL, N.M. — A peculiar ranch incident near Roswell, New Mexico nearly 75 years ago still intrigues UFO enthusiasts about the possible presence of extra-terrestrial life on Earth.

Amid a violent summer thunderstorm in July 1947, a large flying object fell out of favor with the gods and crashed on a ranch about 75 miles northwest of the military town. The events to follow gave rise to Roswell as a tourist attraction for UFO conspiracies comparable to the likes of Nevada’s Area 51.

Local rancher Mack Brazel was the first to stumble upon the field of debris that stretched wider than a football field. Reports of flying saucers were rampant at the time, and while Brazel hadn’t heard of them at first, sightings began to captivate the public nationwide.

Several days later, Brazel reported the crash site to local authorities and described the scene as “a large area of bright wreckage” where he found “rubber strips, tinfoil, [and] a rather tough paper and sticks” to the Roswell Daily Record in a story published on July 8, stoking rumors of a flying saucer.

The story, headlined, “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region,” was primarily provoked by Roswell Army Air Field public information officer Walter Hunt’s now-infamous press release quoted below, emphasis added:

The many rumors regarding the flying disc became a reality yesterday when the intelligence officer of the 509th Bomb Group of the Eighth Air Force, Roswell Army Air Field, was fortunate enough to gain possession of a disk through the cooperation of one of the local ranchers and the sheriff’s office of Chaves County.

The story was later retracted after the government released a follow-up explanation that the downed aircraft was a weather balloon. For years, that was that. The government’s position has remained the same ever since.

Eyewitnesses to the early events began to challenge the government’s official position 30 years later. Nuclear physicist and UFO researcher Stanton Friedman interviewed an intelligence officer involved with the case, Major Jesse Marcel, in 1979. He claimed the downed aircraft was of another world and that the government kept him quiet.

Countless other researchers and “ufologists” have called into question the government’s narrative for decades, highlighting inconsistencies in its subsequent reports. The International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell has become their campus.

While a bit corny to attract tourists, the people who run the museum are serious, with an entire library dedicated to the academic study of alien UFOs, to which the U.S. military has dedicated an entire program within the Pentagon.

Public access to the library is currently closed off under the Democrat governor’s order. The gift shop across the hall, on the other hand, was wide open.

Beth Wiegand has worked at the museum since 2010 and doesn’t buy the government’s story of a downed weather balloon.

“A weather balloon does a lot of remarkable things, but it doesn’t come careening out of the sky in a great big ball and go splat in the desert,” Wiegand told me, highlighting testimony from other eyewitnesses who reported what she described. “If what they saw was a weather balloon, it was the most remarkable weather balloon in history. They just don’t do that.”

If a weather balloon were hit by lightning, Wiegand maintained, it would merely shrivel into a ball and burn, not crash in a pile of debris out of Star Trek film and wider than a football field.

I left the museum convinced something bizarre happened at the nearby ranch more than 70 years ago. As a natural skeptic of government claims based on classified intelligence, I don’t buy its claim that what fell was a weather balloon either. That being said, my own imagination of the universe prohibits the idea that intelligent life as we understand it exists beyond our solar system at the same moment in time.

I drove 20 miles outside Roswell the night before my museum visit to catch a glimpse of the cosmos under the darkness of a new moon at its peak. As I gazed upon the long arm of the Milky Way stretched across the New Mexican desert sky, I pondered our improbable existence, evolved on a planet born more than 4.5 billion years ago after five mass extinctions reset life within the last 450 million.

Considering the vast expanse of the universe, I wonder if life is actually common in the cosmos, except it takes the shape of microorganisms in the beginning stages of evolution of creatures more similar to the dinosaurs that once ruled the Earth. But our conventional conception of time is also limiting. How often do other planets with the qualities to possess life experience mass extinctions?

By the time we made it to other star systems, would life have already run its course, as may have happened on our planetary neighbor Mars? Will life exist on planets we detect today millions, even billions of years from now?

So when I stepped into the Roswell UFO Museum, suffice to say I was skeptical of the idea aliens had touched down nearby. But in another sense, we are the ancient aliens of the universe, landing machines and equipment on other worlds in preparation for deep space travel to answer the questions I’ve just outlined.

Some astronomers theorize the universe will eventually die out 100 trillion years from now in the “Big Freeze” when star formation comes to a close. As far as we know, our universe is only 13.8 billion years old. With that timeline, we remain very much in an ancient era.

I don’t know what exactly happened in Roswell, but no one knows exactly what’s happening in the cosmos.



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