President Trump on Mike Pence Classified Docs Says, “Leave Him Alone”

President Trump on Mike Pence Classified Docs Says, “Leave Him Alone”

People are asking if President Trump is being sincere or trumpy sarcastic.

The answer would appear to be, yes.


Live your best life, ignore dark imaginings, laugh often – regardless of circumstance, and beware of inbound Brittany Spears memes…


President Trump Announces Plan to Protect Free Speech and Digital Bill of Rights

This afternoon President Donald Trump released a video outlining a campaign platform position around free speech. {Direct Rumble Link}

Referencing the latest revelations about various political groups, campaigns and government agencies instructing social media platforms on the removal of content, President Trump notes his position would be to dismantle the government systems that facilitate the censorship.   President Trump notes he would sign an executive order banning any federal agency from censoring of limiting the free speech of American citizens.

Additionally, President Trump noted he would ban federal money from being used to label domestic speech as misinformation or disinformation, along with firing any bureaucrat who has previously engaged in the domestic censorship, directly or indirectly, including within all agencies of the DHS, FBI or DOJ who have targeted the free speech rights of Americans.  WATCH:


Among other initiatives, President Trump called for the federal government to break ties with any nonprofits and academic programs that are aimed at tacking mis- and disinformation.

“If any U.S. university is discovered to have engaged in censorship activities or election interferences in the past, such as flagging social media content for removal of blacklisting, those universities should lose federal research dollars and federal student loan support for a period of five years, and maybe more,” he said.


Between Trump and DeSantis, the true Republican’s choice Is Clear

Between Trump and DeSantis, the true Republican’s choice Is Clear

Florida has a great governor – should we try our luck by betting on him as president?

Op-ed by Memoree Joelle

Now that Donald J. Trump has announced his much-anticipated 2024 presidential run, all eyes are on the Republican primary – and Trump’s presumed showdown with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. While DeSantis has not stated that he intends to run yet, it’s reasonable to speculate that he would very likely throw his hat in the ring considering his popularity and wildly successful re-election in Florida this month.

Governor DeSantis will, in all likelihood, make an excellent presidential candidate one day, and he may even be a great vice president for Trump. But if the choice is between the two men for 2024, Trump is the clear winner. To start with, he has the experience – and I don’t mean run-of-the mill political experience.

Donald Trump was a political outsider and, before he became our 45th president, he was (and still is) a successful businessman and a billionaire. When he came down the escalator on that fateful day back in 2017, he went into battle with establishment politicians who made it clear to the world that they wanted him gone. These cronies – from both parties, although the Democrats and the left did their worst – have worked together with the media to smear and attack the man relentlessly ever since. And they will never let up, because Trump pulled back the curtain to reveal corruption that cannot be unseen. He showed the American people that our elected politicians, who are supposed to be working for us, are doing the exact opposite. He shook DC to its core, even if he didn’t “drain the swamp” – yet.

You don’t have to be the smartest guy in the world to figure out that if an elite and powerful group of people in DC, corporate America, and the media hate someone this much, he must be upsetting the status quo. That’s exactly what drew millions of voters to rally around Trump in the first place.

I acknowledge and respect Ron DeSantis’ military background, and he is an American hero for his service – but in this world, there are different kinds of battles, and I do not think anyone can go up against the career politicians the way Trump can. I don’t even believe anyone else would be willing to. DeSantis, who is still young and fairly new to politics himself, has already garnered support from several establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). He would be like a sheep thrown to the wolves in DC. That is precisely where the kind of experience that Trump has is needed, now more than ever.

Then there is the critical issue of geopolitics and foreign affairs. Trump’s foreign policy and America First plan were like no other, and it’s doubtful to be replicated under anyone else. There were no new wars during his term. He achieved peace in the Middle East and was able to communicate and cool tensions with Kim Jong-Un. He negotiated to free Christians in North Korea and prioritized not only American religious freedom, but religious freedom worldwide. Perhaps most importantly, Trump stood up to China – a country that continues to be our biggest threat.

Finally, the American economy was strong under Trump. After the soaring inflation under Biden, his war on American pipeline jobs and the unconditional aid to Ukraine (which is already supported by only half of Americans, a number that is likely to shrink as it wears on the US economy), we desperately need someone like Trump to turn our economy back around – and I don’t think anyone but him would be able to achieve that.

As governor of Florida, DeSantis has done an extraordinary job securing his state’s rights and security, and we need men and women like him to govern states across America. Good, freedom-loving governors keep states safe from federal overreach, and we need many more of them at this perilous time. That became apparent following Covid and the slew of excessive executive orders that the Biden administration keeps cranking out (along with a never-ending state of “emergency”). DeSantis surely understands protecting states from big government and its significance at this juncture. Is he willing to just as soon abandon Florida for the Oval Office?

For 2024, Republicans don’t want to take a gamble with a great governor who may make a great president. We have suffered under the Biden regime. So no, I do not agree with some of the loud media establishment GOP calling for “fresh blood” to replace Trump. I want a sure thing. With Trump, there may not be a guarantee that he will not say outrageous things. He most likely will continue to ruffle feathers of every kind. And I understand the sentiment some conservatives have about his verbal attacks on DeSantis and others. But these are shallow concerns. Unkind words do not tear a nation down – weak or compromised leaders do that. Trump has proven himself to be far from weak and has shrugged off attempts to compromise him. It helps that he doesn’t need GOP establishment funding.

Regardless of partisan politics, America needs and deserves a president in 2024 who will make the US energy-independent again, secure our southern border, negotiate with world leaders, and keep America out of war. We deserve a tried and tested leader who can push back against the UN and WHO, and other entities that seek to encroach upon our nation’s sovereignty…

We need someone who made America great once before, and can rescue what is currently a sinking ship. I don’t have confidence anyone but Donald Trump can do this. And if we’re extra lucky, we could – just maybe – get Trump/DeSantis 2024.


(TLB) published this article from RT-USA NEWS

About the author: Memoree Joelle is a writer and constitutional conservative living in Los Angeles.

Header featured image (edited) credit: Trump/DeSantis/Brynn Anderson/AP Images

Emphasis added by (TLB) editors



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President Donald Trump Releases 30-Second Ad via Truth Social

President Trump posted this 30 second ad spot on his Truth Social account.  [SOURCE]

“Make an entrance. Make a run. And then make history.

Make a difference. Make good on your word. Make it big league.

But most of all, make it great again.


{Direct Rumble Link}


President Trump Will Respond to DOJ Special Counsel Appointment from Mar-a-Lago at 8:30pm

President Trump Will Respond to DOJ Special Counsel Appointment from Mar-a-Lago at 8:30pm

I’m looking around for livestreams, so far, no luck. However, with significant MSM interest, the response from President Trump to the special counsel appointment should likely be broadcast by media.  Not sure.

President Trump has posted on Truth Social he intends to respond at 8:30pm EDT tonight:



He’s Back, President Donald J Trump Officially Declares His Candidacy to Run for President in 2024

I have written and deleted a thousand words, repeatedly, in an effort to encapsulate what this moment means to me, and perhaps to others.  However, when you boil the essence of the thing down to its important part, you are left with a question: Which American politician loves this country more than Donald John Trump?

The honest answer is ‘no one’.

There’s not a force of man or nature as strong in its devotion to a mission, as Donald Trump is to this nation.  That’s the core, the heart, the genuine essence of the thing, that separates President Trump from all others.  Within that love of country, is a strength of determination that is almost uncanny to witness; and from that love of country an authenticity emanates that is impossible to duplicate.

Donald J Trump is, quite simply, unapologetically American – and tens of millions just love him for it.

Tonight, with his family by his side, President Donald Trump announced his intention to seek the GOP nomination in 2024 and run for President of the United States.


Yes, I don’t give a flying flip what any detractor of this nation might try to say, Donald Trump is exactly what we need.

Many people are exhausted from the battle to save this republic.  Many people are frustrated and despondent from the scale of the effort it takes to push back against the metastatic corruption that has infected our entire body politic.  Even more people are tired of having to constantly look behind the duplicitous motives and conniving schemes of the professional political class, and for those people Trump kneels and says, ‘get on my back and rest for a moment’.

You see, back in 2015 when Donald Trump first announced his intention to run for the presidency the following year, the assembly on these pages had spent years fighting against the corrupt republican political establishment while most just strolled by oblivious to it.  We assembled as The Last Refuge, and we immediately spotted the possibility Donald J Trump represented.

One of the first 2015 responses about Trump I shared to a friend who didn’t follow politics closely but was essentially and ally in outlook, was that Donald Trump could show up to the first GOP debate in 5″ heels and a Carmen Miranda hat and start dancing on Jeb Bush’s podium, and Trump would earn my vote.

I felt that way because I could see the cancerous rot that was destroying the working class and simultaneously infecting the Republican party.  Severe measures would be needed to counteract this Machiavellian political construct in DC that was only getting worse.  We needed a major disruption and Donald Trump was ideal for that role.

As I look at the 2024 landscape what I see different is what I see better.  Just about everyone now sees the level of corruption that exists in the apparatus of government, thanks to President Trump’s first term in office.

Additionally, President Trump purged the conniving DeceptiCons, the duplicitous Republicans who existed to maintain the UniParty, by forcing the GOPe liars to expose themselves in his opposition.   No longer is a conversation needed to convince people that most politicians are part of one DC UniParty apparatus.  Two wings of the same corrupt vulture feeding on the carcass of our republic.  Everyone can see that now, thanks to Donald Trump.

Despite their refusal to accept reality, the Bush, Cheney, McConnell, McCain, Romney Republican Party is gone.  Donald Trump destroyed it.  The Republican Party will never again be the Bush-Romney Republican Party.  Donald Trump opened the door, and the working-class has moved in to take control.  The Republican party is not going back to the Bush/Romney outlook, regardless of how much Mitch McConnell tries to scheme its return.

We need a Big Ugly wrecking ball to unseat the corrupt power structures that Trump alone made visible. There is no other person in this era of our nation’s history with the capacity to do that.  Only Donald J Trump has the energy and fortitude to carry out this fight.

President Trump is the people’s response to The Great Reset by saying, “like hell you will.”

I would not miss this opportunity for anything.

I’m all in.


Lauren Boebert Wins Colorado CD-03, Also Arizona and Nevada Solid GOP Wins – Delays Are Media Anti-Trump Narrative Engineering Efforts

Folks, relax.  We’ve seen enough, and we’ve seen this exact playbook before.

The delayed “official results” from Colorado, Arizona and Nevada are all part of the organized narrative engineering from SoS offices, party officials (local and state) and corporate media.  It’s transparent now.

There were key “target races”, not defined for political outcomes per se’ but rather …. they were identified for official media targeting; for script writing and narrative engineering; under the guise of being identified as “key races” to sense, gauge and create a storyline for election distribution by corporate media.

In the big picture, the goal was to undermine and deflate the MAGA base represented by President Donald Trump.  2022 midterm MAGA wins downplayed and or delayed. 2022 MAGA losses overemphasized, highlighted and promoted as part of the script.  That’s what we are seeing now.  That’s all we are seeing now.

Lauren Boebert has won Colorado CD-03, exactly as I said she would at 00:32 on election night [DATA]:

The Boebert lead will continue widening until they “officially” call the race.  The delay is strictly because Lauren Boebert was an identified media/maga target, similar in construct to Marjorie Taylor Green, who won by too wide a margin to be useful for this intention.

The delays in Arizona are for the exact same reason.   All GOP wins.  Kari Lake easily won the Governor contest and Abraham Hamadeh has easily won the Arizona AG position. Slightly lesser probability, but still likely, both Blake Masters (AZ Senate) and Mark Finchem (AZ Secretary of State) will stand victorious at the end of this narrative engineering delay.

The same applies for Nevada where Republican Adam Laxalt has easily won the Senate Race and Joe Lombardo is the new Republican governor.

The U.S. majority in the Senate is currently sitting at 50 Republicans with Laxalt being #50, that’s a done deal.

Additionally, it’s highly likely Blake Masters will eventually be called as #51.  However, that reality diminishes the import of the media’s use of Georgia where Raphael Warnock (D) and Herschel Walker (R) will have a runoff.

The GA narrative engineering, media spin and effort to promote horrible orange man, is the purpose for dragging this out.

♦ Accepting this baseline, there are two states (almost three) where things went to shit.  Michigan and Pennsylvania (almost Wisconsin), and the reality of what happened in those states with ballot collection explains: (a) the results, and (b) why media don’t want to dig too much into those results.  You will note the media is all high level on those races with spin toward MAGA Trump couldn’t help the PA and Mich candidates win.

The reality is nobody could have helped the Michigan and Pennsylvania republican candidates win.  The ballots to assure Democrat victories were gathered before election day in both those states.

There is a big difference between “votes” and “ballots.”  The Republicans focused on winning votes; the Democrats focused on gathering ballots.   The ballots won.

Wisconsin tried essentially the same thing as PA and MI, except there was already residual election roll cleanup (hurts the ballot team) and strong election day turnout (helps vote team).  Wisconsin was a close contest, and they better fortify against the ballot team quickly before 2024.

Pennsylvania and Michigan are lost to the importance of voting now. Their house and senate constructs changed because the ballot team organized support to flip them blue.

PA and MI will now work to legislatively embed the ballot gathering operation as part of their legal election process for 2024.

A GOP presidential contest in PA is futile without a Keystone State Republican ballot collection effort in place.  The same thing is needed in Michigan now.

In states where ballot collection operations are allowed within the election law, the entire Republican apparatus in those states – and all the candidates – need to immediately change their entire outlook on electioneering (CA, WA, WI, MN, IL, NY, PA, VA, CO).

In those states like PA, Mich and Wisc, Republicans need to switch from electioneering to win votes, to electioneering to gather ballots.  Everything needs to change QUICKLY, and the RNC needs a fully organized, technologically assisted, geospatial digital outreach collection and assembly organization team in place by Easter 2023.

Organized voter ballot distribution, voter ballot delivery and ballot pickup systems need to be in place by the spring 2023.

There should be no other priority for any Republican Party or politician in any state where ballot collection, mail-in ballots, ballot drop boxes, or ballot harvesting is permitted by law.

Stop campaigning for votes and immediately switch the entire political operation to electioneering for ballots.

Votes require people, ballots require systems.  Republican officials, Republican politicians and the Republican voters need to switch the emphasis from people (votes and poll watchers) to systems (ballot collection and poll watchers) in these states.  Voters will understand if it is explained and clearly articulated.

The narrative engineering on the current vote/ballot outcome delays in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado (and more) are all related to the organized anti-Trump corporate media agenda.  It’s not coincidental the entire apparatus of the media and professional political establishment are trying to frame a ‘failed Trump’ narrative.

Accept that because of ballot collection, Michigan and Pennsylvania were lost before the election even started.   With that as the baseline, where exactly did Trump lose?

Last point.  RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is from Michigan, she literally lives in Michigan…  She didn’t see the ballot gathering operation in her own state and recognize that campaigning for votes was futile?  Either she is too inept to retain the position, or she’s part of the turn a blind eye GOPe team; neither explanation is good.

Get rid of Ronna McDaniel.  Besides, the RNC needs a professional in ballot collection now, not donor outreach.


Florida Judge Indicates Intent to Appoint Special Master to Review Material Seized by DOJ in Trump Raid

Florida Judge Indicates Intent to Appoint Special Master to Review Material Seized by DOJ in Trump Raid

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon has issued a two-page order [SEE HERE] indicating her willingness to appoint a special master to review the documents seized by the DOJ in the Mar-a-Lago raid.

Judge Cannon has asked the Justice Department to produce by Tuesday “a more detailed” list of items seized from Trump’s residence on Aug. 8 as well as the status of the government’s ongoing review of those materials, which includes the use of a “filter team” to screen for attorney-client privileged records.

[Source pdf Here]



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