Gamer Died Suddenly on Live Steam (2022) another victim of the kill shot

Leeshotfury – November 27th, 2022

Gamer Died Suddenly on Live Steam (2022) This Asian teen looks around following someone or something only he can see just like all the other sudden death people that revieved the experimental mRNA covid-19 SARS-COV-2 inoculation.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Telling (Non) Reactions to the Film ‘Died Suddenly’

Telling (Non) Reactions to the Film ‘Died Suddenly’

ER Editor: We’ve reported on embalmers’ findings in their cadavers. Kudos to Stew Peters for putting such important information into film format, information that the average person has no idea about.

A reminder that since the beginning, autopsies were being actively avoided for people who died because of ‘Covid’. The same avoidance has been happening over vaccine damage and death. The public needs to know the harms that have (likely) been done to people because of the mRNA injections. Thoughtless condemnation is easy. Check out Malone below.

The autopsy work of Dr. Arne Burkhardt stands out in this regard:

Germany: Out of 10 Autopsies, 7 Deaths are ‘Probably’ Linked to the Vaccines

Here’s a curious reaction to the film. Like a lot of people, we’re mightily suspicious of Dr. Robert Malone (Karen Kingston has shown us the patents involving spike protein insertions for two types of snake venom, by the way):


Here it is:


I just talked to embalmer Richard Hirschman about the reaction from Died Suddenly

No interest from the fact checkers or mainstream media on what was presented. What a surprise 🙂

I just got off the phone with embalmer Richard Hirschman who is featured in the film, Died Suddenly:

If you haven’t seen the whole film, please take just 14 minutes and watch between minutes 6 and 20.

Richard told me that:

  1. Nobody from the mainstream media is interested in covering the story. No calls. He’s lonelier than the Maytag repairman.
  2. No fact checker has contacted him about the movie.
  3. He’s been attacked. The doctors, who have no evidence whatsoever, have determined that these are just regular blood clots and the hundreds of embalmers that say they’ve never seen anything like these clots before are all lying.
  4. There is no motivation for the embalmers to lie. The vaccine is good for their business. By speaking out, they will reduce their business and run the risk of having their licenses revoked. So why are they lying?
  5. Richard related the story of people in a hospital talking about the movie. One of the doctors said, “This is just a conspiracy theory.” Another doctor said, “No it isn’t. I know one of the embalmers and I’ve seen this first hand. It’s legit.” The response was, “We aren’t allowed to talk about that” and then they changed the topic.

I’m going to shift my ad campaign to focusing on the clots.

Hundreds of embalmers are seeing these clots in over half the patients who die. If the clots are not due to the vaccine, then what is causing them?

That will be the question we’ll ask in our ads in local newspapers, TV, radio, and billboards.

Maybe someone will enlighten us.




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Majority of Coronavirus Deaths Are Coming From The Vaccinated

TheSaltyCracker Published November 24, 2022





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These are the opinions and ramblings of a foul-mouthed lunatic. They are for entertainment purposes only and are probably wrong. You listen at your own risk.

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“Until Proven Otherwise”

EarthNewspaper – November 6th, 2022

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation



Jim Crenshaw – November 3rd, 2022

No child should die like this. Don’t look away. Be brave and spread the word. Only a coward or a criminal would not speak out at this point. No rug is big enough to hide this under. They are killing children now because to many would not look, listen or speak out. If you know and don’t act you are guilty of murder. Think about it.

Happened in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭 (2022).
Source: Covid Vax Injuries

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

“I Now Truly 100% Believe It was Because of the [Vaccine]”

Grieving Mother Vows to Bring Justice Following the Sudden Death of Her “Healthy and Athletic” 18-Year-Old Daughter

Gateway Pundit | By Jim Hoft Published October 25, 2022 at 12:50pm

A grieving mother from Texas is searching for answers and justice following the sudden death of her 18-year-old daughter who died in her sleep.

On September 8, 18-year-old Kayla Rose Lumpkins went to sleep and never woke up. Her mother, Renee Greer, went to wake her up the next day and discovered she had already passed away.

“She just started college. She was so happy. She went to bed on September 8th. I found her passed away in her bed the next morning. She had been sleeping in the same position she always did,” Renee wrote in a Facebook group.

“I am in complete shock. She was not sick. She acted like her normal self. We are devastated. As most of you know, I lost my Mother December of 2021. I’m still trying to heal from that, but an 18-year-old?!! I feel like my life is over,” Renee wrote in September.

According to Renee, her daughter was physically healthy until she received her booster shot.

“She had two [vaccines]. Then she had a third one for good measure 7 months before [September 8th]. I’m telling you all, she was healthy. With her crazy schedule; choir, theater, drill team, morning practices, rehearsals, football game halftime performances, plays, concerts, excelling in her honor dual credit classes, and everything else she did there was no way she was sick. If she was, she wouldn’t have been able to do that. Still waiting to find out something,” she said.

“There was an autopsy done. We are waiting to find out something. It takes up to 90 days. We’re halfway there,” Renee added.

In a now-deleted post, Renee said that she believed her daughter died due to the experimental mRNA vaccine and vowed to make it her purpose in life to share awareness with everyone.

Below is the excerpt:

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Australia Is Now Offering to Pay for Your Funeral if the Forced COVID Jab Kills You

Australia Is Now Offering to Pay for Your Funeral if the Forced COVID Jab Kills You

Gateway Pundit | By Jim Hoft Published October 18, 2022 at 9:47am

COVID vaccine shots were mandatory in Australia. If you didn’t get the shot, you didn’t work.

The Australian government is now paying for your funeral if the COVID vaccine kills you.
How nice is that?

Via Tommy Robinson on Telegram.

The Services Australia website now has instructions and forms for family members to fill out if the forced experimental COVID Vaccines kill someone in your family.

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From Services Australia:

What proof you need
Before you can claim, you need to get your doctor to complete a COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme medical report. You need this as proof when you submit the claim. We need your doctor’s responses to help us assess your claim.

You need to provide the following documents with your claim:

the deceased’s death certificate or medical cause of death certificate
proof that you’re acting on behalf of the deceased
proof of any funeral costs and who paid, like receipts
proof of any amounts you got or will get from third parties, like funeral insurance
proof of the deceased’s partner and children dependent on the earnings of the deceased at the time of death, if applicable.

How to calculate payments and funeral costs
You need to show your actual costs for the funeral. Remember to deduct any amounts you got or will get from third parties.

Mondaq has more on the Australian vaccine death payment plan.

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Watch: Moderna CEO Admits COVID Is Like Seasonal Flu, Only Vulnerable Need Jabs

Watch: Moderna CEO Admits COVID Is Like Seasonal Flu, Only Vulnerable Need Jabs

ZeroHedge | by Tyler Durden Thursday, Oct 20, 2022 – 05:06 AM

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

In a rare moment, Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel admitted that COVID is akin to a seasonal flu and that only older people and those who have compromised immune systems need to get vaccinated.

Speaking at a finance conference Monday, Bancel noted “I think it’s going to be like the flu. If you’re a 25-year-old, do you need an annual booster every year if you’re healthy?”

“You might want to… but I think it’s going to be similar to flu where it’s going to be people at high-risk, people above 50 years of age, people with comorbidities, people with cancer and other conditions, people with transplants,” the Moderna head added.

Bancel urged that it is “very important to think about” whether or not to get Covid boosters, adding that there are “1.5billion people” on the planet who have vulnerabilities to such diseases, but emphasising that younger people “are going to have to decide for themselves what they want to do”.


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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation


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