Six Republicans to Explore ‘Immigration Reform’ with Amnesty Advocates

Six Senate and House Republicans are expected this week to engage with elected Democrats and amnesty advocates, from corporate donors to the open borders lobby, on “building bipartisanship on immigration reform.”

On Thursday, Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL), Thom Tillis (R-NC), Susan Collins (R-ME), and John Cornyn (R-TX) and Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Will Hurd (R-TX) are to participate in a discussion with Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), and Chris Coons (D-DE) about striking a deal on amnesty for illegal aliens in some form.

The event is being hosted by the pro-amnesty, pro-mass immigration American Business Immigration Coalition which is made up of a series of business donors such as the United States Chamber of Commerce and the open borders lobby like the George Soros-funded United We Dream organization.

A full list of special interests participating in the event include:

Jon Baselice, US Chamber of Commerce Immigration Director, Al Cardenas, Shareholder – Squire Patton Boggs, Steve Choi, NYIC Senior Advisor, Alan Cramb, Illinois Institute of Technology President, Lester Crown, Henry Crown & Company Co-Chairman, Bob Dickinson, Carnival Cruise CEO Retired, Craig Duchossois, The Duchossois Group Chairman, Martin Eakes, Self Help Federal Credit Union CEO, Mike Fernandez, MBF Healthcare Partners Chairman, Don Graham, Chairman, Luis Gutierrez, former U.S. Representative, Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser, Colorado Mountain College President and CEO, Marielena Hincapie, NILC Executive Director, Mellody Hobson, Ariel Investments President and Co-CEO, Josh Hoyt, Democracy Partners, Woody Hunt, Hunt Companies Senior Chairman, Mike Kaplan, Aspen Snowmass CEO, Giev Kashkooli, United Farm Workers Political Director, Bill Kunkler, CC Industries Executive VP, Bill Lucia, HMS CEO, Stan Marek, MAREK Brothers & Systems CEO, Greisa Martinez, United We Dream, Executive Director, Eva Millona, MIRA CEO, Marc Morial, The National Urban League President, Anna Morzy, Greenberg Traurig Shareholder, Ana Navarro, American Political Strategist, Penny Pritzker, former United States Secretary of Commerce, Raul Raymundo, TRP CEO, Maria Rodriguez, Florida Immigrant Coalition Executive Director, John Rowe, Exelon Chairman Emeritus, Zaher Sahloul, MedGlobal CEO, Angelica Salas, CHIRLA Executive Director, Sam Scott, Ingredion Incorporated CEO Retired, Carole Segal, Crate and Barrel Co-Founder, Gustavo Torres, CASA Executive Director, Chris Wallace, North Texan Commission President and CEO, Bob Worsley, SkyMall Founder and Arizona Republican State Senator Retired, Justin Yancey, Texas Business Leadership Council President.

A number of the Republican participants won reelection by close margins just a month ago. Specifically, Tillis won reelection in North Carolina by fewer than 96,000 votes. Likewise, Collins won reelection in Maine by fewer than 70,300 votes.

Currently, House Democrats are drafting an amnesty plan that will provide at least one subgroup of illegal aliens the ability to permanently remain in the U.S. and eventually apply for American citizenship. Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has vowed to send an amnesty plan to the Senate in his first 100 days in office.

A handful of Republican lawmakers, including Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Cornyn, have suggested working with a Biden administration on an amnesty deal.

There are an estimated 11 to 22 million illegal aliens currently living in the U.S. This illegal population is in addition to the more than 1.2 million foreign nationals who are given green cards annually and the 1.4 million foreign nationals who are given temporary visas every year. Today, the foreign-born population of the U.S. has boomed to at least 44.5 million. By 2060, the Census Bureau projects the foreign-born population will tick up to an unprecedented 69 million should current legal immigration levels continue.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


Democrats Double Down on Dirty Georgia Tricks Designed to Split Trump Supporters from GOP Senate Candidates

ATLANTA — Democrats seeking to create divides among supporters of President Donald Trump and the Georgia Republican Senate candidates doubled down on their messaging on Tuesday.

Really American, a left-wing super PAC that spent close to half a million dollars campaigning against Trump and in support of Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, reiterated Tuesday that as Trump and his legal team pursue voter fraud allegations in a handful of states, including Georgia — where certified results showed Trump trailed Biden by a narrow 0.26 percent margin — Republican incumbent Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have somehow failed the president.

Really American is in the process of crowdfunding for and installing billboards across Georgia to deliver this message ahead of the Senate runoff election taking place January 5.

The organization said in a statement Tuesday that “in a rare twist of fate” Trump supporters and supporters of Loeffler’s and Perdue’s Democrat opponents, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, “have a shared interest in seeing the two Republicans who failed to deliver a victory for Trump (Loeffler & Perdue), lose.”

As Breitbart News reported, both Loeffler and Perdue have continuously backed the president as he seeks a second recount in Georgia and continues his legal pursuit over election integrity concerns.

However, Really American is persisting with unsubstantiated claims that Loeffler and Perdue stand against Trump.

“If Trump supporters deliver Perdue and Loeffler a victory, they should be acutely aware that they will be delivering Trump and MAGA a serious political defeat,” the organization stated. “The only people trying to conceal this are Loeffler, Perdue, and Mitch McConnell, who want to destroy President Trump but keep his supporters.”

The Georgia GOP responded to the new claims in a statement to Breitbart News on Tuesday, describing Really American’s tactics as disappointing and deceitful.

“It’s disappointing to see an extreme left-wing super PAC come into Georgia with the sole intention of deceiving voters,” Georgia GOP spokeswoman Abigail Sigler said, “but no amount of billboards will divide Georgia Republicans who know that Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue continue to stand with President Donald Trump.”

Sigler pointed to Trump’s plans to campaign for the two candidates in Georgia on Saturday and also noted that Vice President Mike Pence, who has already held two rallies in the Peach State, has scheduled a rally in Savannah for Friday while Donald Trump Jr. just dropped a six-figure radio ad on the race in support of the Republican senators.

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Michigan Poll Workers Testify On Election Violations, Calling Detroit Ballot Counting A ‘Madhouse’

Michigan’s Senate Oversight Committee heard testimonies on Tuesday from witnesses concerned that there were counting irregularities and potential election violations in Detroit.

While Michigan already certified its election results showing Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden as the winner of the state, voting irregularities in absentee ballot counting at the TCF Center in Detroit were a cause for concern for many.

Republican, Independent, and unaffiliated poll workers, watchers, election challengers, and others who filled out written statements and sworn affidavits were given three minutes to give their testimony to the committee as, in which many attested that the “hostile environment” the TCF Center not only hindered them from completing their duties, but also gave ample room for abnormal and suspicious activity.

“If I would have thought that it was gonna be that much of a madhouse against the GOP people, and it was so biased, I would have been there every day,” one unaffiliated poll challenger stated.I was not there with an agenda. I was there to just do my job and they didn’t like that simply because I had a GOP lanyard on, even though I’m an unaffiliated voter.”

Inside the TCF Center, many challengers noted, was unorganized and understaffed chaos.

Dozens of witnesses claimed that they observed deliveries of ballots in the middle of the night after ballot arrivals were supposed to end, people bubbling blank ballots in for Democrats, duplicate ballots being misplaced or wrongfully placed under boxes, all while poll challengers were forced to stand so far away from tables that they could not see the tabulation screens.

One witness testified that the computers used to help tabulate votes at the facility displayed error codes signaling that updates were overdue. The computers also allegedly displayed different and inconsistent times on the screen.

Some challengers said they were harassed and sometimes kicked out over alleged violations of COVID-19 guidelines such as social distancing and mask-wearing, which were often met with affirmative cheering and applause from election workers in the facility.

These coronavirus health and safety protocols, many of the witnesses said, were selectively applied to Republican poll challengers while other election workers were allowed to sit and stand closer than six feet.

“They used it as an excuse from the minute we walked in,” one poll challenger said. “It was an excuse to throw people out.”

Some witnesses complained that certain election workers were illegally wearing political statements such as “Black Lives Matter” masks and pro-Biden paraphernalia on their shirts, masks, and other clothing items, despite being warned not to.

When some of the poll challengers tried to file complaints about these observed irregularities, they were left on hold and received no response from any election officials or complaint hotlines.

These irregularities and problems, many of the poll challengers and watchers said, are not only concerning, but should push state senators to require a forensic audit of the ballots in Wayne County.

Michigan House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall, R-Emmett Township, told The Detroit Free Press that Trump Campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani will be testifying in front of his committee on Wednesday evening.


District Judge Hands Citizens a MASSIVE Win Against Dumbass Democrat Policies

Democrat Minneapolis Defund the police democrats

Radical Democrat politicians have been seeking to defund the police all year. In some cities, citizens are getting fed up with the nonsense. A Minneapolis judge just ruled that citizens can sue the police department for being understaffed.

Democrat policies encourage crime

Minneapolis district judge Jamie Anderson just ruled that residents can sue the city over an alleged police staffing violation. Judge Anderson ruled that city officials “have no authority to divert funds from the Minneapolis Police Department if they have not met their public duty to fund a police force of at least 0.0017 employees per resident.” The lawsuit argues that the number of licensed police officers has dropped from 825 at the start of the year down to 634.

The lawsuit also claimed city officials reduced police funding by more than $1 million dollars this year following the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

In June, the Minneapolis City Council passed a resolution to replace the police department with a “community-led public safety system.” Great.

So next time a murderer is kicking your door down maybe a community therapist will show up to ask him why he’s having such a bad day.

George Floyd was a career criminal who overdosed on methamphetamine and fentanyl and died while in police custody. Footage of the arrest went viral, which appeared to show Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the back of Floyd’s neck.

Footage that was later released showed that Floyd was having some sort of panic attack during the arrest and he claimed he couldn’t breath long before he was put on the ground. The autopsy report also concluded that Floyd overdosed and did not die from strangulation.

Less police means more crime

Regardless of the facts surrounding Floyd’s death, Democrat lawmakers watched as Minneapolis was burned to the ground.

The city looked like a war zone by the time BLM and other Marxist groups finished their campaign of terror. Law abiding citizens were left with a depleted police department and a huge mess to clean up.

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley commented on her Twitter, “This turn of events is tragic. The defund-the-police movement may not have won many policy victories, but it has still succeeded at dismantling many police forces.

The American public will pay the price.” Many on the radical Left are still calling to defund the police. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks America will “look like a suburb” once we get rid of the police.

Even though the murder rate spiked 76% in New York City this year. These are the same people who want to ban gun ownership and open the borders to third world migrants from some of the most violent countries on earth. What could possibly go wrong? It’s time to vote these lunatics out of office.


‘Deceitful Campaign Tactics to Manipulate Voters’: Democrats Aim to Create, Exploit Divisions Among GOP in Georgia Runoffs

Democrats from outside Georgia are actively engaged in an effort to create divisions among Republicans in the state.

The Democrats then intend to exploit those divisions to try to drive down turnout among President Donald Trump’s supporters in the runoff for the two U.S. Senate seats that will decide which party controls the upper chamber of Congress next year. Republicans, meanwhile, are pushing back on these efforts, calling them “deceitful campaign tactics” designed to “manipulate voters” in Georgia.

Really American PAC, a leftwing Super PAC that ran scores of attack ads against President Trump in the general election in 2020, is now crowdfunding on social media to fund billboards in Trump-supporter-heavy areas of Georgia to split Trump supporters from Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA). Both GOP senators are headed to Jan. 5 runoffs in the state that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate next year. As of now, next year Republicans will have 50 seats in the U.S. Senate and Democrats will have 48. These two seats will determine which party controls the Senate, and if the Democrats take both of them—and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is successful in challenges from President Donald Trump to election results that currently have Biden leading Trump—then the Democrats would gain control of the chamber as the would-be Vice President Kamala Harris, now a Democrat senator from California, would be the tie-breaking vote.

As Trump is challenging the election results in Georgia and other states around the country, the Democrats are now trying to imply that Loeffler and Perdue have been insufficiently loyal to the president.

The billboards Really American PAC is seeking to post around Georgia explicitly state this in text that appears alongside images of Loeffler and Perdue: “Georgia Republicans Didn’t Fight For Trump. We Won’t Fight For Them.”

This revelation that key figures in the Democrat Party—who stand to benefit politically from a Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate if their candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock defeat Perdue and Loeffler respectively—are behind these attempts to create such divisions comes as no surprise to Trump supporters, who are acutely aware that the president’s supporters are firmly behind the GOP candidates for U.S. Senate in Georgia in the runoffs.

In particular, as Breitbart News reported earlier on Monday, Donald Trump Jr.—President Trump’s eldest son—put to bed any suggestion that Trump supporters should be thinking about sitting out the runoff elections in Georgia.

In response to the Breitbart News article, some of those on the right who had been hyping these concerns about Republicans sitting out the election—like activist Ali Alexander, who’s been behind many of the #StopTheSteal rallies around the country—assured followers there is no division and Trump supporters will rally behind Loeffler and Perdue.

Nationally syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh also suggested on his program on Monday that Trump himself should head to Georgia to rally with the GOP Senators, as Vice President Mike Pence already has since the election. and others in Trump’s orbit have or intend to do soon.

The idea that Loeffler and Perdue have not stood with Trump all the way through this fight is on its face untrue. They both have issued statements in support of the president’s recount push and backed him at every turn—and again, the Trump administration knows this, which is why Pence held two rallies last week with the two senators.

When asked about these billboards from Democrats seeking to divide Republicans, the Georgia Republican Party dismissed them as “deceitful campaign tactics” designed to “manipulate voters.”

“Democrats are desperate to elect Radical Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff so they can implement Schumer and Pelosi’s radical socialist agenda, and unfortunately for Georgians, that includes deceitful campaign tactics to manipulate voters,” Georgia GOP spokeswoman Abigail Sigler told Breitbart News. “But their attempts to divide Republicans are pointless. Georgians know that Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue continue to stand with our President.”

Really American PAC had tweeted the images of the planned billboards and a plea that linked to a fundraising page on ActBlue, the formal Democrat Party fundraising platform. When Breitbart News asked the organization for comment, the group declined—and then the original tweet disappeared.

“We’re crowdfunding billboards in counties that went for Trump in Georgia to let Trump supporters know that the GA Republicans didn’t fight for them, they shouldn’t fight for Loeffler & Perdue,” the tweet read. It encouraged followers to retweet it, and “chip in” to “help get this done.”

As of publication of this article, though, the fundraising plea on ActBlue’s website is still active.

The ActBlue fundraising plea for the Really American PAC billboards goes even further than the tweet does in attempting to create and foment intra-GOP divisions to help the Democrats take the Senate.

The Democrats’ fundraising website reads:

Trump supporters in Georgia are saying that because David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler couldn’t deliver a victory in Georgia for Trump, MAGA supporters should not deliver a victory for them in the run-off election. We agree. That’s why we’re crowdfunding these billboards in the counties in Georgia that voted for Trump in the highest numbers: Georgia Republicans Didn’t Fight For Trump. We Won’t Fight For Them.

The battle in Georgia could determine a lot about the future of the country. If Biden does end up overcoming the election challenges from Trump and remains in the lead, then the GOP having a majority in the Senate would be a check on a Biden administration. If the Democrats did take control of the Senate, they would, even though they would have a very slim majority, control the floor and committees in such a scenario that the people of Georgia could stop if they reelect Sens. Perdue and Loeffler.

It remains to be seen what will happen, but Democrats are already aggressively pursuing these seats, as evidenced by this billboard campaign and by efforts that failed former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is leading to stuff as many absentee ballots into the public sphere as she can ahead of the election. Abrams bragged earlier on Monday about how, according to her claims, more than three quarters of a million such ballot requests had gone out already after the state began sending them out a few days ago.


Cooper’s Office Now Claims He Meant To Say All Republicans Are Racist, Not Mentally Disabled

Democrat Rep. Jim Cooper is backtracking on his comments likening South Carolina Republican voters to people with Down syndrome and saying he has done it “for years.”

“I’ve said for years that they have extra chromosomes, South Carolina voters,” he said in a recent interview published in The Nashville Scene.“Anybody who could re-elect Lindsey Graham after his two-faced performance on federal judges, they have a tolerance that I can’t imagine.”

In an attempt to walk back the comments on Monday, Cooper’s spokesperson said that he meant to call those South Carolina Republicans who voted to re-elect Sen. Lindsey Graham racists, despite the fact that those same Republicans elected Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who is one of the few black senators serving in the upper chamber of Congress.

“To be clear, he was referring to the legacy of bigots and racists, and a clearly high tolerance for hypocrisy in South Carolina,” press secretary Katie Feldhaus Jackson told The Tennessean. “It was a poor analogy and he regrets it.”

Cooper’s spokesperson released the statement after multiple people criticized the congressman on Twitter for his comments.

Notably missing from the list of criticisms were Cooper’s colleagues in the House, who, despite their publicly stated devotion to justice for minorities, have not condemned his comments about the Down syndrome community or stereotyping a whole state.

Just this week, a federal appeals court ruled Cooper’s home state Tennessee can enforce laws banning abortions based on a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

The ban was first signed by Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Lee in July, but U.S. District Judge William Campbell issued a temporary restraining order against it, claiming that “sections of the anti-abortion law were illegal.”

“This Court leaves debate about Roe, Casey, and their progeny to the learned jurists on the Supreme Court, legal scholars, legislators, and the public — a debate that remains lively and important,” Campbell wrote.


Poll: Majority of Voters Want Republicans to Control Senate in 2021

A majority of voters want Republicans to stay in control of the Senate in 2021 following the Georgia runoff races, according to a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll.

“Fifty-six percent of voters said they want a divided government with Republicans in control of the upper chamber,” while 44 percent said they want Democrats to control the Senate, data released to the Hill found.

“The poll comes weeks after both Georgia Senate races headed to runoffs after all four candidates failed to reach the 50 percent threshold in the state needed to win an election,” the article continued:

Incumbent Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) garnered 86,000 more votes than his Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff, while the other Democratic candidate, the Rev. Raphael Warnock, benefited from the fact that two Republicans — Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Rep. Doug Collins — were on the ballot in his race, dividing the GOP vote.

Hollywood celebrities are donating major funds to the Democrat candidates, according to Breitbart News.

A-list stars including George Clooney, Will Smith, Joaquin Phoenix, and Leonardo DiCaprio are pouring cash into Georgia’s runoff elections, hoping to push Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock across the finish line, thereby flipping the Senate blue,” the report said.

However, Perdue’s campaign released an ad on Friday calling him the “last line of defense” against defunding the police, voting rights for illegal immigrants, and packing the United States Supreme Court:

[embedded content]

“That’s their goal, total radical control to bring horrific change to America. Only Georgians can stop them,” the video’s narrator says.

In a tweet on Monday, Donald Trump Jr. urged residents to vote for Perdue and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA).

“I’m seeing a lot of talk from people that are supposed to be on our side telling GOP voters not to go out & vote for @KLoeffler and @PerdueSenate. That is NONSENSE. IGNORE those people,” he wrote:

“We need ALL of our people coming out to vote for Kelly & David,” Trump Jr. concluded.


2020 Was The Year Nancy Pelosi Totally Lost Her Touch

It is looking increasingly like the House of Representatives will be a 222-Democrat-213-Republican split. This is an absolutely incredible outcome that none of the polling experts predicted. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) can only afford to lose four votes on anything, making it impossible to govern. And guess what? It’s her own damn fault. Here’s why.

When Nancy Pelosi returned to power as Speaker of the House in 2019, she was greeted as a liberator by the Washington press corp. There she was, smiling on the cover of every magazine, a welcome conquering heroine replacing evil, Republican nerd Paul Ryan. But while Pelosi’s tenure a decade earlier was lauded for her firm control of a difficult caucus, Pelosi version 2.0 turned out to be a political albatross.

Her instincts have atrophied. Her political gambits have failed. She’s been a source of one very public screw up after another. Along with her fellow octagenarian Democrat leaders, she stands in the way of generations of would-be progressive leaders. And now that they went through a terrible election to end up with the smallest majority Pelosi has ever had, House Democrats are open about how she hurt them in November.

[embedded content]

Following the flurry of legislation and stimulus funding in the spring, Pelosi made the choice to essentially demand everything and the kitchen sink for any deal to be reached with the White House. The Trump administration was happy to give her just about anything she wanted, but even with that latitude, there was never really any possibility this would get done.

Pelosi had no intention of giving Republicans any kind of legislative success prior to November that would ease the pain for small businesses or individuals. By negotiating in bad faith, never intending to pass a pre-election stimulus, Pelosi likely doomed President Trump.

But in the process, she also abandoned her moderates, putting them in an untenable position of running ads promising help even as she blocked any aid—leading to an unexpected red wave that has left her with the tiniest majority she’s ever had for what is likely her last two years as Speaker.

If the media weren’t filled with Pelosi sycophants, it would be one of the biggest stories in the country. Let’s run through a few of her greatest hits from just the past year.

A year ago, the big thing the press loved about Pelosi was that she would keep Democrats from going down the politically fraught road of impeachment. She dismissed the idea. Instead, she’d do oversight, investigations, and other less politically risky things.

But Pelosi lost control. Led by the Squad, the left coalition led Democrats on a multi-month impeachment escapade that ended with Donald Trump not just escaping any ramifications, but having a higher popularity than when they began.

Pelosi dismissed the Squad’s relevance —they’re just like four votes—she said, I’m in charge here. And the Squad said to her: Do you feel in charge?

Again and again, Pelosi has bowed to the wishes of the far left, whether it’s the Green New Deal or short-circuiting a vote on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn.) antisemitism, it’s clear those magazine covers were a favor by the new generation to the octogenarian Speaker, not the other way around.

Remember when she refused to send the impeachment articles to the Senate in December and it was an act of political genius for about five minutes? Yeah, that’s what she does now.

Pelosi injected herself into Senate negotiations to insist on a larded up coronavirus aid measure. After she blew the process up, she responded to suggestions she asked for too much by accusing CNN and Judy Woodruff of using GOP talking points.

She weighed into the Massachusetts Senate Primary against AOC’s endorsement and a popular incumbent, and her favored candidate lost by more than 10 points despite being a Kennedy.

She promised that Trump’s RNC acceptance speech at the White House wouldn’t happen. It happened.

While Joe Biden was running on normalcy, Pelosi called Republicans “domestic enemies” of the country; when there were questions about Biden’s ability to debate, Pelosi said he should stay in his basement and not debate Trump.

And of course, she just had to get her hair blowout. After weeks of excoriating Americans, and with a presidential candidate who wants a national mask mandate, she even tried to claim that an appointment she made, where she chose not to wear a mask, was a setup by the single mother, small business owner. That’s how confident she is that the press sycophants will always protect their precious Pelosi.

And they did. Politico’s Playbook morning newsletter, which might as well add Pelosi as a co-author given how much water they carry for her, tried to spin this out of relevance. They say she still has “firm control” of her caucus—a caucus that increasingly views her as a detriment, a has-been, not a leader.

A turning point for the media may have been her shouting at Wolf Blitzer on CNN right before the election about that stimulus package, where once again she claimed that Blitzer, of all people, was just reading GOP talking points. It was just so ridiculous and over the top that Blitzer had to chide her in the interview. When you can’t even take an obvious question from Wolf Blitzer without shouting bias, you really have gotten used to being surrounded by trained seals.

In the end, 2020 showed Nancy Pelosi was a perfect foil for Republican House candidates. There’s one set of rules for her, and another for all the normies, and in the end, she left her moderates with little to run on other than a neutered meme of her tearing up a speech.

Heckuva job, Nancy.


Outside Groups Flooding Georgia with Ad Buys Before Senate Runoffs

Outside groups are gearing up to buy ad reservations in Georgia before the Senate runoffs, according to data from the ad tracking firm AdImpact.

“The flood of outside money comes as Democrats and Republicans battle for the two GOP-held seats, which with the Senate currently at a 50-48 majority for the next Congress will determine which party controls the upper chamber,” the Hill reported.

Since the primaries began in 2019, the two races combined have seen $206 million of political media spending, the outlet said, adding that the number is expected to climb in the remaining weeks leading up to the runoff elections in early January:

Data from the tracking firm for the race between Sen. David Perdue (R), who is running for a second term, and Democrat Jon Ossoff, shows a massive spike in money already reserved for advertisements in the final month-and-a-half sprint.

The Ossoff campaign and outside groups have reserved more than $38 million in ads through the beginning of January, while Perdue and GOP groups supporting him have reserved more than $28 million in ad time. AdImpact says it has already tracked a combined $71.5 million in the two weeks after the race was officially extended.

Perdue released a campaign advertisement on November 13 revealing the Democrats’ call to take “total Democratic control” through the U.S. Senate majority, according to Breitbart News.

“Now we take Georgia, then we change America,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) says in the video:

[embedded content]

In a statement on Friday, Perdue campaign manager Ben Fry said that Ossoff would be “a rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Chuck Schumer in their bid to horrifically change America.”

“David Perdue is our last line of defense against efforts to give voting rights to illegal immigrants, defund the police, pack the Supreme Court, and take away private health insurance coverage. We must reject this radical takeover on January 5th — and save America,” he concluded.


We Were WARNED…Whistleblower Testified Democrats Would Steal 15mil Votes

democrats voter fraud cruz hearing

Democrats have known about voter fraud for years. In 2019, one Democrat testified that big tech manipulated 2.6 million votes in favor of Hillary Clinton. Many voters think this election was a Trump landslide if it wasn’t for voter fraud.

Democrats knew all along

The mainstream media along with big tech are working overtime trying to dismiss President Trump’s allegations of voter fraud. Every time you turn on the big networks you will hear the talking heads bashing Trump’s “baseless claims” and “conspiracy theories.” Even some treasonous Republicans are joining in, saying Trump is a threat to Democracy for trying to push this crazy narrative. But is it really that crazy?

Democrats have been aware of these problems for years. In 2019, four Democrat Senators sent a formal complaint to Dominion Voting Systems expressing their concern about faulty equipment susceptible to vote switching. “In 2018 alone, voters in South Carolina were reporting machines that switched their votes after they’d inputted them, scanners were rejecting paper ballots in Missouri, and busted machines were causing long lines in Indiana,” the letter reads. “In addition, researchers recently uncovered previously undisclosed vulnerabilities in nearly three dozen backend election systems in 10 states.”

democrats big tech voter fraud dominion

More witnesses come forward

In 2019, a Democrat came forward to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee where he claimed that Google shifted 2.6 million votes to Hillary Clinton. The witness, Dr. Robert Epstein, predicted “In 2020, if all these companies support the same candidate, there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people’s knowledge and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace.”

That’s a shocking prediction that seemed to come true. As of right now, Fox News has Joe Biden at 80 million votes to Trump’s 74 million.

We all witnessed how Twitter was placing content warnings on Trump’s tweets, limiting his reach and trying to delegitimize him leading up to the election. These same tech companies warned Americans that the election results “could take weeks.” But now they’re all eager to see President Trump concede.

Dr. Epstein also said that Facebook did an experiment in 2010 when they sent a reminder to 60 million Democrats to go out and vote and it had a massive effect on voter turn out.

Then he went on to say, “In 2020 you can bet these companies are going to go all out. The methods they are using are invisible and more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen.” A handful of Left-wing Silicon Valley billionaires can easily shift elections with a few clicks of a button.

That’s why many are saying these social media companies have gotten too big and need to be regulated by the Government.