The Continuing Proliferation of CCP’s Expropriation of the 1 Percent

The Continuing Proliferation of CCP’s Expropriation of the 1 Percent

Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team – Accelerator

On Nov 3rd local time, several CCP media released a report on a pony breeding company owned by comedian, Yu Qian, who is accused of fraud, thereby included in the list of enterprises with abnormal operations.

It is understood that the full name of Yu Qian’s pony breeding company is Beijing Tianjing Dihua breeding Co., Ltd, which was established in Sep, 2010 with its business scope including poultry and livestock breeding as well as film and television planning. The company’s main business also extends to Shetland pony pet park and pertinent children’s equestrian playground.

According to a relevant analyst, Yu Qian previously resigned from the mainstream crosstalk troupe and later joined the civil society of crosstalk performers. CCP’s expropriation of the 1 percent will spread to all corners of Communist China given the intricate relationship between show business and CCP’s various factions, the volatile economic status quo as well as the escalating infighting within CCP.


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