TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

TGBMS Class Action & Midazolam Murders PCP Move Forward

That’s right, you read that title correctly. Next week, after a calculated delay between the start of COVID-1984 and the present day, the TGBMS Class Action to end institutionalised mortgage fraud and signature forgery in the UK will suddenly lurch forward once again.

Along with the Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers, from the men and women in white and blue coats, all the way up to Hancock et al, in the murderous supply chain for the deadly drug that has been and continues to be used to euthanize people by government policy.

At this early juncture of the article, you’ll have to forgive me for smiling at the inevitable chorus of ‘I Told You So’ from long term supporters of my work, upon reading the foregoing paragraph.

What, you thought I’d spent the last fifteen years spinning an elaborate rouse to relaunch my stand-up comedy career?

If you did, you either have no clue whose words you are reading, or you’re simply not paying enough attention to the copious details of the actual nature of my character, which are well documented on these pages.

However, in a brief summary of that which is long since proven by my actions, if I talk the talk you can bet your arse that sooner or later I will inevitably walk the walk, unlike all of my detractors, who never possess anything other than state-sponsored gobshite to throw in my direction.

Class Action

Nonetheless, after a two and a half year suspension of proceedings, whilst the evidence was gathered in the Midazolam Murders case, for most of which there was a moratorium on the enforcement of mortgage possession proceedings – i.e. no evictions – the Chief Land Registrar will next week receive the following re-issue of the demand made in 2019, for and on behalf of Britain’s eleven million registered void mortgage holders:

That every registered UK mortgage which does not fully comply with the strict provisions of sections 1 [deeds] and 2 [contracts] of the Law of Property [Miscellaneous Provisions] Act 1989 is cancelled as a mistake in the register, caused by the fraudulent registration of mortgage documents.

That every UK mortgage which has been registered using false signatures is removed as a mistake in the register, caused by the forgeries of the mortgagees on the mortgage documents.

That every void mortgagor is appropriately compensated by the Chief Land Registrar for the losses caused by the fraudulent registration of their illegal mortgages.

Evidence In Abundance

For the purposes of which, former CID fraud detective, Dave Laity, and I can now reveal that we have been quietly working together behind the scenes for the best part of the last three years, along with a merry band of heavy duty lay litigants, activists and advocates, to build a case that is so bullet-proof that even the totally rigged judiciary could not find any way to dismiss it, whichever way they look at the case.

Together we have amassed several lever arch files full of more than 1,800 documented cases of institutionalised mortgage fraud, in the form of the common practice of the banks ignoring every one of their statutory obligations; as well a plethora of examples of signature forgery by every one of the banks involved, most notably the Lloyds Group.

However, what has catalyzed our decision to lurch forward now in this pincer movement is perhaps the most effective type of peaceful resistance open to victims of white collar financial crimes that I have ever witnessed.

Namely, my great friend Dave’s effortlessly blistering appearance at the AGM of the Lloyds shareholders, in front of the chairman and the rest of the board, all of whom he and the truly indomitable activist and aggrieved Lloyds victim, Trevor Mealham, have long since accused of serious financial impropriety on a literally industrial scale, in addition to the allegations made in relation to Dave’s own case against the bank.

True Working Class Hero

As you can see for yourself in the video at this link, which was published along with a well balanced article by Insider on 13 May 2022, sections of which can be read below, Dave Laity publicly asked the entire Lloyds board, in front of every one of their shareholders, if they were willing to to liaise with us to end the crimes which we have so comprehensively documented.

The board of Lloyds Banking Group have been handed a letter calling them to act on evidence alleging fraud and to set aside around £3bn as remediation.

The document was provided by David Laity, a minority shareholder and former CID detective, at the bank’s annual general meeting (AGM).

Following complaints by other shareholders in the questions section of the meeting, Laity said there was a “disconnect” between some bad apples at the bank and the board, offering to act as a liaison for the victims of historic fraud.

He stated: “I’m here today on behalf of at least 100 customer and shareholders at Lloyd’s Bank who have a grievance in one form or another.

“I am a professional investigator, I can tell you some of the claims you are discussing around Bristol are being resurrected by the police because they were not properly investigated first time around – and I can assure you I have a plethora of criminal matters that are covered in a lot of these cases.”

Laity went on to suggest that the cases could relate to around £3bn in damages, based on the information he has studied and that there is a “very small minority in senior management that are bad apples”.

He continued “I’ve identified some, I need your help to stop it in its tracks now”, before asking whether the existing board would issue the same commitment Lord Blackwell gave at a previous AGM to work with the police force and “stamp out fraud”.

Current Lloyds chair Robin Budenberg responded that he would work with the group and accepted the documentation.”

In simplistic terms, what this fiercely intelligent, doggedly determined and not to be fucked with Cornishman did resulted in the public agreement of the entire board to work with him and his group [meaning the Operation Meadow and TGBMS Class Action litigants] to stamp out fraud within their entire banking group and all of their shareholders witnessed it ‘live’.

However, from a purely objective point of view, having had the pleasure and privilege of working closely with him on perhaps the two biggest cases in British legal history, Dave Laity’s actions are those of a true working class hero, who fearlessly takes on those who would steal everything from us if we let them, for all those who are are still blind to the imminent threat that is one bad run of fortunes away from their front door.

Next Steps & Familiar Ground

In February 2019, the former Lloyds chairman, who still stands accused of financial impropriety, commissioned the cancellation of the last remaining void mortgage over my family’s property, following a request from former chairman, James Crosby, many years after he retired from the Lloyds board.

This followed a nine year legal dispute with Bank of Scotland, which is documented on this site and in The Great British Mortgage Swindle, which you can watch here, whether you’ve already you’ve seen it or not. The mortgages in dispute were illegally registered under conditions Crosby was then responsible for as CEO of the bank, before he became chairman of Lloyds.

Nevertheless, it was the Autumn 2018 UK release of TGBMS, which quickly became the best reviewed British documentary feature film on Amazon Prime and placed immense pressure on the Lloyds board to take such an unprecedented course of action, as to cancel the void mortgage over my sister’s house the following February.

This was closely followed by the perfection of a Commercial Lien valued at £207 M, which I originally served on now disgraced James Crosby, at the very start of the legal dispute with my family’s property trust in the summer of 2010.

Crosby could have settled it then for a little over £2 M – the value of the beneficial interest due to me that was stolen by BOS – at a time during which he was legally responsible for the polices which enabled such theft.

Initially, as recently transpired when Dave Laity took his criminal complaints to boardroom level, the senior group complaints manager was appointed to deal with the lien, which he did by offering to settle on Crosby’s behalf.

Provided a non-disclosure agreement was executed, giving them an undertaking that we terminate all legal proceedings against any bank within the Lloyds Group, including ‘live’ criminal proceedings against Crosby et al for section 2 fraud.

Naturally, there was no chance that was ever going to happen and my lien was exchanged for it’s value in UCT’s credit based cryptocurrency, which you can read all about here. Whilst the Private Criminal Prosecution against Crosby is still to go before a jury, which edges ever closer.

History Repeats Itself

So imagine our complete lack of surprise when Lloyds offered Dave a blank cheque in compensation for the substantial losses they have caused him and and his family, provided he agrees to terminate the criminal proceedings he has been threatening the board with for several years.

When he inevitably refused their offer in much the same way I did, save that he communicated with them and I simply ignored their letters and phone calls, it appeared that might be their final offer of settlement.

But that was before Dave appeared at the Lloyds AGM and forced the board to agree to open serious discussions with us about ending the myriad of financial crimes we can prove the banking group has committed over decades.

The outcome of which is that they will now be presented with a list of perfectly reasonable demands for immediate action, about which I will elaborate in due course.

Midazolam Murders Case

Concurrent with the relaunch of the Class Action, all being well, we will lay a new set of charges against 49 [and still counting] defendants during the next week or so, in a different Magistrates Court to the one which has now railroaded three attempts to have the Midazolam Murders case listed for trial by jury.

This week, we will incorporate into our Statement of Case the recently received additional testimony of eye witnesses to the murder of their loved ones, each of whom has documentary evidence which proves every aspect of the equally harrowing crimes alleged.

Which are sufficiently similar in nature to the evidence already submitted in the previous applications before the courts to amply illuminate the disgraceful nature of the obstructions placed in the way of the natural course of justice.

Grand Jury To Reconvene

We will therefore initially present the evidence before a Grand Jury, seeking an indictment against all the accused, which we will then present to a Justice of the Peace for execution.

Provided our barrister signs off on the new evidence and summaries we are about to present him, the Grand Jury will be reconvened and the case will be presented at the earliest opportunity.

In the likely event the indictment is issued and executed by a Justice of the peace, the police and the courts will have no choice but to carry out it’s explicit instructions, or be held liable for obstruction of justice.

During the process of which we will bypass the rigged courts system by beginning proceedings in a domain beyond the reach of judge, monarch or government, where the Grand Jury will always reside.

Which is what happens when a system becomes sufficiently corrupt that justice is so unobtainable it cannot even be bought, when the success of a claim or criminal complaint threatens or impedes the private vested interests of the cartel of banksters that has controlled the entire shit parade in this country since they deliberately crashed the London stock market in 1815 for their own private gain.

Lest we forget that the puppet master behind institutionalised banking fraud and signature forgery are the same genocidal banksters who commissioned the Midazolam Murders to be carried out under the cover of COVID-1984.

PS | The Three Faced Terrorist

Whilst the release of part one of The Three Faced Terrorist brought more heat on me than anything else I have ever produced, I am reliably informed by my good friends in New Zealand that they and many thousands of their fellow Kiwis are eagerly anticipating the release of part two, as are many of my subscribers.

On the basis that the forthcoming ninety four point analytical demolition of the official narrative of the Christchurch Mosque Shootings is enough on its own to potentially force the New Zealand Prime Minister to resign in disgrace, it has taken several months to thoroughly research the subject matter and analyse all the available evidence.

Nevertheless, I am now editing the final material together in the second episode of the documentary feature, which should finally be ready for release by the end of the month at the latest.

So if you don’t hear from me for a little while, just assume that I am locked in my editing suite, with all possible distractions turned off, until it’s time for part two to turn the heat up to 11.

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Four More Allegations of Midazolam Murder Added to PCP After Judge Commits Obstruction

Four More Allegations of Midazolam Murder Added to PCP After Judge Commits Obstruction

Four More Allegations of Midazolam Murder Added to PCP

Four More Allegations of Midazolam Murder Added to PCP After Judge Commits Obstruction

In relation to the allegations against the Midazolam Murderers, as I initially disclosed to the wonderful audience who packed the opening night at Speakeasy Comedy Club last Saturday, where I performed stand-up for the first time since 2007, then on Twitter a couple of days ago, after sitting on the evidence bundle in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution for the better part of four months, the presiding judge sent us the following ‘decision’ last week:

“I have considered the application and I have now decided not to consider it…”

Now if that’s not a contradiction in terms, I’ve never seen one, but it actually gets even worse because her bone-shakingly unwise reason given for deciding not to consider the application was that three of the eight defendants listed on the first page of the application cannot be named – but that is because their NHS employers have thus far failed to comply with the demands of the witnesses in our case to disclose them.

Moreover, even if that were a ground for not considering the application, which it most certainly isn’t because there are five defendants who are named, there are binding precedents which demonstrate that she was bound to issue summonses against the named defendants and to order that the police ascertain those who are as yet unidentified by their NHS employers.

In other words, it is yet another miscarriage of justice, in a tyrannous system that is broken beyond repair.

Fuck The System & All Who Perpetuate It

Nevertheless, in spite of the attempt to railroad the PCP into a brick wall, amended papers are currently being drawn up by myself and the rest of the PUB team, which will not contain any of the allegations previously made against the three as yet unidentified defendants [until such time that they are identified], thereby exposing the judge’s single reason given as the nonsensical nullity it is and giving her no alternative but to allow the case to proceed or face obstruction of justice charges.

Furthermore, the amended application will be significantly bolstered by an additional four witness statements making exactly the same allegations as the other harrowing testimonies the presiding judge has unforgivably overlooked, thereby delaying justice for the victims’ families, as well as willfully obstructing it, at least according to the legal advice we have received from the former Senior Crown Prosecutor who will sign off on those charges if required.

However, the judge will be given one final chance to reconsider her decision not to consider the application to summons the Midazolam murderers who stand accused, in which she will be required to summons them to answer to the charges before a jury; and in the event she doesn’t administer them accordingly by issuing the summonses and listing the matter for trial, our barrister will file obstruction charges on behalf of the People’s Union of Britain in another Magistrates Court.

If the establishment delays, perverts or obstructs justice one more time in the event we are forced to do so, we will convene a real Common Law Grand Jury – not the legally toothless one that people have misplaced their faith in – and our barrister will seek on our behalf the just outcome that has been denied us for the last eighteen months, which will be enforced by the order of a Justice of the Peace.

So fuck the system and all who perpetuate it because if they think we were not prepared for this eventuality long ago, they really haven’t been paying attention because we never let the actions of criminals dressed in ermine deter us from seeking that which we are entitled to by birthright.

Moreover, justice will be seen to be done and there will be much gnashing of teeth, as well as soiling of expensive undercrackers, before that transpires. But it will be done, one way or another. Of that you may rest assured. Necessarily including the arrest of Hancock et al, come the day of reckoning, which edges ever closer.

Speakeasy Revolution

Now we come to a subject which I know some of you are a little confused about. To wit:

Why the fuck is Michael O’Bernicia doing stand-up comedy all of a sudden?

The answer to that question may be obvious to some of you, especially those who attended the launch of Speakeasy on Saturday, but I will endeavour to elucidate for those who are still scratching their chins about it.

In simple terms, releasing the first part of The Three Faced Terrorist in February brought more heat on me that anything I’ve done before, which pretty much resulted in my ability to promote my own work on almost every platform being either suspended, curtailed or terminated.

However, this coincided with the coming together of the triumvirate behind the new 22 venue Speakeasy Comedy Circuit – the uproariously funny, blacklisted Canadian comic, Craig Campbell, his best mate and manager John Robson and myself.

Within just the past three weeks, we put together a team of UCT trustees and some of their family members, who put together a purpose-built comedy club for our launch night, which will now be our flagship venue under UCT’s government free jurisdiction, after the first truly barnstorming night of uncensored stand-up comedy in the Speakeasy Revolution, which is coming to a village, town or city near you in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled for further details of the gigs currently being booked and scheduled as I write this.

Opening Night 5 Star Reviews

After just a few hours had passed the day after the opening night, we started receiving 5 star reviews from dozens of people who packed the audience for two and a half hours of unbridled hilarity, such as this particularly memorable one:

“The night was one of the most enjoyable since this damn plandemic started.

Excellent hosts of the venue. A real personal touch and down to earth – not a snowflake in sight. So welcoming and ‘normal’.

The acts were great and lovely to be able to laugh about the whole experience, but also a more mature and intelligent understanding of the psychology of what they’ve been doing to people who allow and promote it – I appreciated that.

Just the best event I’ve been to for 4+ years. So thank you so showing us there is a spark of greatness in comedy that is going to come back stronger than ever before with some great intelligence behind it and some great humour to help heal the horror that’s built over the last 20 years!”

These words have been echoed by almost everybody we have talked to who was at the gig, so many of whom said they haven’t laughed so much in many years, whilst Craig, Tania Edwards and Steve Hughes had the best gigs they can remember having in a comedy club for too long and they chatted all the way back home, in spite of their physical exhaustion, with the comic’s camaraderie of the old days, when being dangerously funny was a badge of honour, not an allegation on a police charge sheet.

In short, the launch of the Speakeasy Revolution could not have been more explosive, just as we intended. Because if the jester does not dare to savagely attack the king who lords over him with menace, malice and malevolence, freedom can never prevail over tyranny.

Hence, the return of the Speakeasy, in the form of a comedy club near you, featuring only the very best of cancelled comedians, as well as up to the minute latest from me, which you won’t get anywhere else – even on this blog – is heralding the end of the godless gobshite of all that is woke and ushering in a cultural revolution founded on laughter, not politics.

On the basis that nobody fears that which they can belly laugh at voluntarily after hearing a joke, whereas politics is nothing but the dark art of teaching people to fear the consequences of not voting for them, largely for the material gain of those who hold the purse strings – the same white collar criminals who get to say who gets cancelled and who has manufactured, fake success handed to them on a plate, provided they agree to sell their souls and keep their mouths zipped about anything that adversely affects their private vested interests.

In other words, at all Speakeasy clubs, we will be committed to laughing our arses off at the privileged parasites who lord over us with tyrannical diktats none of us will obey, before telling them to go fuck themselves while they can because pretty soon the suicides which their profoundly evil actions have caused over the last two years alone will look like the best option they have left, when the sword of righteousness mercilessly slays the beast of tyrannical central government.

Final Notice

Talking of criminals, it has been reported to me multiple times that Simon Goldberg and Ian Stamp have been commercially exploiting my work and criminally charging people for it, which I have expressly forbidden by public notice many years since, including on this blog and in relation to the lien and NOCA processes documented upon these pages and on other websites and forums.

This shall therefore be considered notice to them, given they almost certainly stole and misappropriated my intellectual property for fraudulent purposes, that unless I am provided with prima facie evidence they are not guilty of what they stand accused of by people who would angrily testify against them, having allegedly already been fleeced by the same, the evidence we have will be used in non-judicial damages claims against their personal estates, using the very processes they stole from me, pretending they had the right to sell them for their own material gain.

Let that also be a warning to the others who are doing the same in the name of UCT because we’ve already got evidence files with documents, audio and video which show you are all standing on the same legal quicksand, so you had better pack it in now or you will sink into severe financial consequences, as your assets will be liened up by the inventor of the process to lien up the assets of fraudsters just like you.

Massive Thanks To Subscribers

Finishing on a much less adversarial note, a massive thank you goes out to all my subscribers who have supported me in any way over the past few months, when the turbulence in the public facing side of my life and work has been attacked more fiercely than ever before, during which my adversaries have aggressively attempted to shut down every aspect of my content production and distribution operations, which suddenly became prohibitively expensive when I was cancelled on social media by Vimeo, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Were it nor for those of you who threw tips of any value in the Tips Jar, I would not have been able to continue my output without putting everything behind a paywall for subscribers only beyond the end of March, given that my overheads are now twice as much as they were at the start of the year.

Nevertheless, your generosity has guaranteed that my content will remain paywall free, at least for the foreseeable future. For which I and all the people who benefit from my work without having to pay for it, owe you a debt of gratitude.

I will therefore be giving away twenty two tickets to Speakeasy gigs to see myself, Craig, Tania, Steve and the best comics left standing, at one of twenty two venues nationwide over the next few months, in my next subscriber-only newsletter, to twenty two of those who threw a tip in the jar.

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Three Experiments That Explain Conformity and Group Think

Three Experiments That Explain Conformity and Group Think

Computing Forever – April 11th, 2022

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

PCP Update, Blind Man’s Bluff In Ukraine & The End of COVID-1984

PCP Update, Blind Man’s Bluff In Ukraine & The End of COVID-1984

PCP Update, Blind Man's Bluff In Ukraine & The End of COVID-1984

PCP Update, Blind Man’s Bluff In Ukraine & The End of COVID-1984

As the long winter of COVID-1984 finally came to an official end in Britain yesterday, when all the restrictions imposed since the spring of 2020 expired, the wheels of the Private Criminal Prosecution [PCP] of the Midazolam Murderers continued to roll towards the decision of a district judge, as to whether the warrants we have applied for will be issued.

All being well, we should receive her assessment of the evidence adduced within the next 14 days.

Whilst there have been unforeseen delays in getting our barrister’s legal opinion signed off and delivered to the court, due to the sheer volume of evidence we have asked him to review, we now expect it will be completed and duly dispatched directly to the presiding judge within the next few days.

Additional Testimony

Furthermore, since the papers were initially laid at the Magistrates Court on 21/12/2021, four additional witness statements from the relatives of yet more Midazolam murder victims have been submitted to us.

This additional testimony is currently being incorporated into a revised Statement of Case, which will be delivered to the court with the written legal opinion of our barrister, who has practiced as a Senior Crown Prosecutor in three countries.

Those documents would also have been submitted to the London Met, for the purposes of their investigation into the criminal complaint made by Mark Sexton and his team on 20/12/2021, were it not for the announcement this week that it has been terminated before we had the chance to deliver our evidence bundle.

Met Whitewash

Nevertheless, when a team of CID detectives were assigned to investigate within days of the complaint being made, it initially appeared that the Met Police were committed to investigating the criminal allegations made in relation to the UK Government’s COVID-19 response.

Shortly after the complaint was filed, I emailed the senior detectives leading the case, explaining that, without prejudice to the PCP, we were going to present both our barrister’s legal opinion and the evidence he has assessed in reaching his conclusions, as soon as they were ready to review.

Within 12 hours, one of the detectives replied, asking me to clarify how the Midazolam Murders evidence is relevant to their investigation into the government’s response to COVID-19.

So I responded by explaining that we have official documents in evidence which prove beyond doubt that, before the restrictions expired, it was government policy to prescribe Midazolam to those diagnosed as having the ‘virus’, as well as those considered likely to contract it and die in the future.

Reasonable Suspicion

However, as I alluded to above, the time it has taken our barrister to assess the ever-mounting evidence thoroughly has prevented us from being able to provide it and his written opinion to the Met investigation before it was terminated a few days ago, by suspected Common Purpose operative, acting as the lead Superintendent.

Given we were previously informed by Met insiders that the investigative team at Hammersmith have been so inundated with evidence from members of the public supporting the complaint that it will take years to conclude their investigations, this gives rise to reasonable suspicion that the course of justice has been deliberately obstructed.

We nevertheless remain committed to working with Mark and his hard-working team, who are all just as determined to make sure that justice is seen to be done.

BoJo Declares End of COVID-1984

Coincidentally, the news of the Met whitewash came in the same week that Boris Johnson declared the end of COVID-1984.

He did so almost two years after he achieved the ignominious accolade of becoming the first British Prime Minister to lead a government which unforgivably purported to suspend the unalienable birthrights of the People, which are guaranteed by Constitutional Law in all sets of circumstances.

This has been effected by the partial suspension of the Coronavirus Act 2020, which the bill’s sponsors, the now disgraced former health secretary, Matt Hancock, and Lord Bethell, insisted was absolutely necessary to deal with the government sponsored lurgy, on the alleged ground that the statutory basis for the emergency regulations did not exist.

Moreover, in Hancock’s own infamous words, the government needed the Coronavirus Act to protect the NHS, save lives and flatten the curve of the ‘virus’ [which is yet to be isolated or purified], on the spurious ground that the legislative basis for the regulations they planned to implement didn’t exist.

Statutory Paradox

Somewhat paradoxically, one of the tiny minority of MP’s who raised any objection to the draconian regulations, Steve Baker, in a blog post on 23/02/2022, wrote that the 2020 Act was never used to introduce the regulations imposed:

“The Prime Minister has stated that he will allow all remaining temporary provisions of the Coronavirus Act to expire on 25 March 2022 as is written into the Coronavirus Act. I welcome this announcement.

There has been a great deal of confusion about the Coronavirus Act and how the Government has used it. The Coronavirus Act did give the Government sweeping powers to introduce measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic such as closing businesses, schools, and restricting gatherings. However, these powers in the Coronavirus Act were not used by Government to implement lockdowns and restrictions. Furthermore, the powers to do these things under the Coronavirus Act were removed by Government last year.

Overwhelmingly, significant restrictions introduced in response to Covid-19, including lockdowns, restrictions on social gatherings, the closing of businesses and mandatory mask wearing, have been implemented under the Public Health Act 1984.

However, if it really is true that the government introduced the regulations by way of the Public Health Act 1984, Lord Sumption would not have been so outspoken on that very subject in 2020 and 2021, when he eloquently argued in the mainstream media that there was nothing Johnson’s government could not have done under the 1984 Act.

Except, of course, extend the regulations for six months at a time because section 45R of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 requires a new Parliamentary vote on emergency regulations made under it every 28 days.

Therefore, if Baker is correct, the government stands in multiple breaches of the very Act upon which it purported to rely for the purposes of bringing in the CONVID restrictions.

Whereas, if he is mistaken and the government did bring in the restrictions via the 2020 Act, then the statute was used to avert having a new Parliamentary vote every 30 days on whether the restrictions should be retained.

A totalitarian power grab by another name, which has at least now been partially renounced.

Millions of Damages Claims Incoming

Nevertheless, Baker’s blog clearly marks a demonstrable shift in the UK Government’s legal position, which appears to be in preparation for the onslaught of damages claims relating to the huge number of adverse events suffered by the British People during the CONVID vaxxine roll-outs.

Now I know that the common perception is that the Coronavirus Act granted indemnity to the vaxxine manufacturers and distributors but in reality it only indemnified NHS staff from being sued by those who suffer adverse events within a reasonable time after being injected.

Big Pharma were, however, already theoretically indemnified by way of Article 5(3) of EU Directive 2001/83, which requires that Member States lay down provisions so that marketing authorisation holders, manufacturers and health professionals are not subject to civil or administrative liability for any consequences resulting from the use of an unauthorised medicinal product, or from the use of a product otherwise than in accordance with its authorisation, when such use is by the licensing authority in response to (among other things) the spread of pathogens.

This requirement was implemented into UK Law by EU Regulation 345 and Brexit did nothing to change that.

EU Regulation 345

What Regulation 345 very conveniently purported to do was to transpose into UK law that key actors in the medicines supply chain cannot generally be sued in the civil courts for the consequences resulting from the use of an unlicensed product, or a new use of a licensed product, that a national licensing authority is recommending in order to deal with certain specific health threats.

However, whilst the principle of providing immunity from civil liability derives from the directive, some of the critical detail is left to individual EU States and countries outside the EU that are implementing this provision.

Therefore, as per section 2 of the Consumer Protection Act 1997, such indemnification is forfeited in the event that anybody suffers an adverse event as a direct result of being jabbed with catastrophically defective and harmful unlicensed products:

2 Liability for defective products.

(1)Subject to the following provisions of this Part, where any damage is caused wholly or partly by a defect in a product, every person to whom subsection (2) below applies shall be liable for the damage.

(2)This subsection applies to—

(a)the producer of the product;

(b)any person who, by putting his name on the product or using a trade mark or other distinguishing mark in relation to the product, has held himself out to be the producer of the product;

(c)any person who has imported the product into [F1 the United Kingdom] in order, in the course of any business of his, to supply it to another.

Drums For A War That Can’t Be Won

No wonder Big Pharma’s stakeholders are attempting to mitigate their potentially bankrupting losses in settling millions of COVID ‘vaccine’ adverse events damages claims, by ordering all their puppet governments to take the world to the brink of a war they have deliberately manufactured in Europe, which they know very well can’t be won.

It’s not just the demonstrable fact that the Ukraine Government is a proxy National Socialist regime of NATO, which Vladimir Putin has formally made allegations of genocide against, with considerable prima facie evidence in support.

Or the fact that NATO has been steadily deploying its forces in the Black Sea and on the Ukraine-Russia border since Obama was US President, in a series of deliberate acts of provocation, years before Putin deployed Russian forces and in breach of multiple well established and hard won international treaties.

Or the fact that, whilst NATO forces could potentially outnumber Russia’s, the Russian air force is second to none and is capable of obliterating all of her adversaries, as well as protecting Russian airspace from NATO attacks.

Putin Is No WEF Puppet

More than any other reason, such a war could not be won by NATO because Putin’s government is fully committed to protecting the nations borders from the real perpetrators of the Crimes Against Humanity he stands falsely accused of, by the same puppet governments and controlled mainstream media who brought us COVID-1984.

However, in reality, NATO has no intention of being obliterated by Russian air strikes and superior military tactics, as they were in Syria, when Putin stepped in to prevent them from doing to that country what they did in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, without showing the slightest inclination towards imperialism.

Nonetheless, the rogue governments which make up NATO’s membership and the media whores who would sell their soul for a viral broadcast needed an enemy to replace CONVID because fear porn generates short term profits for those unscrupulous enough to seek material gain from it.

Putin knows this very well, so he took the opportunity to talk ‘live’ on RT for an hour without a script about the reasons why Russia is prepared for all eventualities and that the West’s allegations against him are nothing short of fallacious.

Watch the speech below and decide for yourself whether Putin is the aggressor in this totally avoidable conflict.

[embedded content]

Blind Man’s Bluff

Needless to say, as long as there is a world worth fighting to preserve for all our children, we will be undeterred in our quest for justice for the victims of the Vaxxtermination Programme and the Midazolam Murders, whatever happens in the Ukraine.

However, my gut tells me that were it not for this ostentatiously deadly game of Blind Man’s Bluff, the people of this and every other country where the government has lifted restrictions would be partying like it’s the end of COVID-1984.

Because it’s all over bar the civil litigation and criminal prosecution of the perpetrators.

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PCP Update | Judge Assigned To Midazolam Murders Case

PCP Update | Judge Assigned To Midazolam Murders Case

PCP Update | Judge Assigned To Midazolam Murders Case

PCP Update | Judge Assigned To Midazolam Murders Case

When the Peoples Union of Britain [PUB] laid the papers in the Midazolam Murders case on 21/12/2021, we knew that, despite the provincial location of the Magistrates Court concerned, on the basis that we are alleging murder in multiple locations nationwide, the PCP would inevitably be sent back to a judge at the Westminster court, which is responsible for dealing with such PCP’s.

Given the miscarriage of justice we were dealt by the Deputy Chief Magistrate at Westminster in the our previous applications to indict Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson for a myriad of COVID frauds, it goes without saying that we are simply not prepared to let that transpire again and will remain extra vigilant to make sure the case cannot be sabotaged by proxies acting for our adversaries.

Nevertheless, we are concurrently encouraged by the news we received from one of the legal department at Westminster Magistrates informing us that a judge has finally been assigned to administer our urgent applications, as well as being somewhat dismayed that she has also indicated that she won’t get around to administering them until the first week of March.

We will therefore respectfully require of her that she deals with the case as her top priority, on the ground that we are applying for the seizure of the entire UK Midazolam supply, to prevent the ongoing euthanasia of targeted demographics in care homes, hospital wards and in their own beds.

Senior Crown Prosecutor

As I have already alluded to in previous posts, the lead barrister running the advocacy in the case is the most senior crown prosecutor in the entire Commonwealth, who has practiced at the highest level in three countries, specializing in prosecuting corrupt senior police officers for the CPS.

His heavyweight written legal assessment of the abundance of prima facie evidence we have amassed is currently being finalized and once he has signed off on it we will forward it to both the judge dealing with the PCP and the team of Met detectives investigating the allegations made by Mark Sexton and his team that the government’s response to COVID-19 was murderously criminal [necessarily including the policy of prescribing Midazolam to alleged sufferers of the ‘virus’].

Within the advice which our vastly experienced advocate has already delivered verbally is the pledge that, in the event the case is not administered as a matter of great urgency, obstruction of justice charges will be laid against those responsible without further notice.

Met Investigation

Shortly after the Met investigation began, I emailed the detectives concerned to explain that we have amassed incontrovertible prima facie evidence showing that the government policies regarding the over-prescribing of Midazolam to over 65’s, those with chronic illnesses, the mentally ill and anybody diagnosed as having or likely to get the ‘virus’ and die in the future, are tantamount to pre-meditated mass murder.

Within just a few hours, I received an email from one of the detectives, who asked me to clarify how the allegations we are making are material to the investigation, so I explained that the two cases are inextricably linked because it was and remains government policy to prescribe Midazolam as one of their pharmaceutical responses to the pandemic [which never actually happened].

The investigation, which has since been escalated into a nationwide inquiry, is currently awaiting the legal opinion of our senior crown prosecutor, which we hope to deliver to them by the end of this week at the latest. Following which we intend to deliver a bundle to truly damning evidence to support what has already been submitted.

Mysterious Disappearances

It is certainly more than worthy of note, especially in the light of the foregoing, that the presences of Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Ferguson on the COVID stage have been conspicuous by their absence.

Moreover, the erstwhile seemingly incessant banging of the drum for the flu and COVID vaxxtermination programme by Whitty appears to have been replaced by his somewhat somber recent promotion of antivirals.

By which many understandably assume that he means Ivermectin, the antiviral drug he has previously refused to endorse, after a UK safety study he oversaw in February 2020 concluded that the drug was not safe, following fatal adverse events.

However, what leaves Whitty up shit creek without a paddle is that he was allegedly responsible for those deaths, having insisted that the test doses exceeded those known to be safe, in order to skew the results for the purposes of maximising ‘vaccination’ uptake.

Nevertheless, the soon to be former Chief Medical Officer and his accomplices will taste the vile bitterness of their own medicine, when they are finally forced to accept that there is nowhere to run and hide from the consequences of the murderous crimes.

Which also applies to everybody else in the ‘vaccine’ and Midazolam supply chain, irrespective of any purported immunity from prosecution they mistakenly believe will protect them from justice.

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Obstruction of Justice by Google & YouTube Directors

Obstruction of Justice by Google & YouTube Directors

Obstruction of Justice by Google & YouTube Directors

On the 16th of March 2020, whilst on my way to my daughter’s Mixed Martial Arts competition, I made the video below, in which I called out the entire COVID-1984 pantomime as a cover story for 5G Genocide.

The main thrust of my instinctive diatribe, in the aftermath of being censored on both Facebook and Twitter, was that the Coronavirus pandemic is a hoax and that the switching on of 5G worldwide in late 2019 was responsible for the mass outbreaks of  heavy ‘symptoms’ during the subsequent months, which were largely being caused by an epidemic of non-ionizing radiation poisoning.

Whilst the video was originally released on YouTube, at a time when virtually nobody else was speaking out about the tyranny that was unfolding, Google’s ‘censorious problem child’ didn’t actually get round to deleting the podcast until yesterday morning, the 31st of January 2022, from which an obvious question arises:

Why now?

Chronology of YouTube Censorship

That question cannot be adequately addressed without taking into consideration the chronology of YouTube’s censorship of my channel, which now has more than 30,000 subscribers, despite several years of shadow-banning my content from their recommended videos algorithm.



Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the non-existent efficacy of wearing masks to stop a ‘virus’ which has never been isolated or purified.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the myriad of murderous COVID-1984 frauds perpetrated by almost every government worldwide.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the ‘vaccines’ peddled by Bill Gates and Big Pharma.



Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged breach of Community Guidelines.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the flu and COVID ‘vaccines’ peddled by Bill Gates, the Wellcome Trust and the UK Government.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the flu and COVID ‘vaccines’ peddled by Big Pharma.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the myriad of COVID-1984 frauds perpetrated by almost every government worldwide.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube, resulting in 1st 90 day Channel Strike.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the lethal nature of the COVID ‘vaccines’ and the Midazolam Murders.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube, resulting in 2nd 90 day Channel Strike.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the myriad of COVID-1984 frauds perpetrated by the UK mainstream media to fit up an innocent man.



Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the adverse events caused by the ‘vaccines’ peddled by Big Pharma.


Act of Censorship | Deleted by YouTube.

Reason Given | Alleged ‘medical misinformation’.

Actual Reason | The video expressed the irrefutable facts about the undeniable correlations between the worldwide 5G roll-out and the alleged outbreaks of Coronavirus, as well as calling the whole scamdemic out as the genocidal hoax that it was and remains – a week before the first lockdown was unlawfully decreed.

Inescapable Conclusion

Whilst the fact that YouTube has not [at least at the time of writing] deleted any of my Midazolam Murder case videos is somewhat implicitly conspicuous, it is nonetheless abundantly clear that there are two common denominators in the deleted videos:

  1. Exposure of the COVID-1984 frauds [including the failure to disclose that non-ionizing microwave radiation causes the same symptoms a common cold or flu].
  2. Exposure of the lethal nature of the flu and COVID ‘vaccines’.

Given that it is uncommon knowledge that YouTube’s parent company, Google, is one of the largest Big Pharma and 5G Tech stakeholders, it is emphatically obvious that massive investments in those unscrupulous industries led its officers to adopt a policy of censoring any and all YouTube content which threatened their huge projected profits.

Furthermore, UK Government documents have come to light which show that former health secretary, the now disgraced Matt Hancock, met with representatives of Google in 2019, during which it appears very likely they agreed that such a policy would benefit both parties, given that BoJo’s rogue government is also heavily invested in the COVID ‘vaccines’ and 5G.

Were this not the case, surely YouTube would have deleted the dozens of other equally controversial videos on my channel, rather than only the content which threatens the private vested interests of its parent company, which now stands accused [along with Facebook and Twitter] of conspiring in a joint enterprise to obstruct the course of justice by suppressing evidence that is material to a ‘live’ criminal investigation.

PCP & Met Investigation Update Coming Soon

Having been delayed publishing the latest update on the Midazolam Murders PCP and the Met investigation into the government COVID-19 response, due to dramatic developments over the past month, all being well it will be published within the next day or so.

Meanwhile, rest assured that the tide has most definitely turned in our favour, after the British People rose up on the Winter Solstice to usher in the beginning of the end of COVID-1984, just as prophesied in one of the videos censored by YouTube [Remember Remember The 21st of December], which has now started a domino effect right across the world.

However, despite the subsequent lifting of restrictions here, there and [pretty soon] everywhere, this is no time to rest on our laurels, as there is much to be done to put right the indefensible wrongdoings of government over the past two years, the most urgent of which is stopping the continued administering of the killer jabs once and for all.

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London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders

London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders

London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders

London Met Police Set To Investigate The Midazolam Murders

Family, friends and followers, I am delighted to announce that the People’s Union of Britain [PUB] will from henceforth be collaborating with the indomitable former Police Constable, Mark Sexton, who has assisted Philip Hyland, PJH law and Dr Sam White, along with lawyer Lois Bayliss from Broad Yorkshire Law,  in filing a criminal complaint alleging misconduct in public office and gross negligent manslaughter [against various defendants] with the London Metropolitan Police on 20/12/21.

We will also be doing whatever we can to help oil the wheels of another criminal complaint made by Mark, Hannah Rose, Philip Hyland, Lois Baylis and Dr Sam White, this time to the International Criminal Court [ICC], arguing that the UK Government and others are engaged in various crimes against humanity.

Mark has also been invited to work with the international task force that PUB is already working with, for the express purpose of bringing the perpetrators of such crimes to justice, irrespective of political, social or financial status.

Mutual Objectives

After having several very productive conversations with Mark this week, during which we established the basis for PUB to submit fraud and Midazolam Murders evidence into the Met Police investigations, we have agreed to take the following course of action, to expedite the progress towards our mutual objectives.

Without prejudice to PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers, which we laid in a Magistrates Court on 21/12/21, today I will email four of the most senior Met Police officers, informing them of the heavyweight legal advice we have received from the senior barrister working on our case.

Moreover, they will in due course be sent our powerful advocate’s written opinion that, based on all the available evidence we have amassed, there is without doubt a prima facie case to answer, which naturally means there is also more than enough evidence for the Met to launch a nationwide criminal investigation.

However, our barrister is also of the view that both the judge tasked with administering the PCP and the senior Met police involved would be guilty of obstructing justice if they refused to act accordingly, when presented with such a substantial prima facie case to answer.

Police Investigations Commenced

Nevertheless, given that there are already four officers, including a detective superintendent, working on the case, I intend to inform them that PUB agrees in principle to submit evidence that is materially relevant to their investigation, provided that is now treated as a nationwide murder inquiry.

We will be proposing this on the basis that one of the witnesses to the Midazolam Murders has already submitted her witness statement to the Met’s investigation, which means they must now treat it as a murder inquiry, whilst the additional evidence we have more than amply demonstrates that there have been many thousands of Midazolam murders nationwide.

When the matters go to trial, the prosecution will therefore be asking for any and all offences less serious than murder – including fraud and misconduct – to be taken into consideration by the jury, but we would only have to prove the most serious charges of mass murder by government policy.

However, in the event that the Met block the investigation on fallacious grounds and the Magistrates Court dismisses the PCP, spuriously alleging that it lacks the abundance of prima facie evidence we have adduced, those responsible will be held accountable for obstructing justice without further notice.

United We Stand

Either way, there can be no doubt that the winds of change have been upon us since the winter solstice last month, when the darkness began giving way to the light and the dramatic shift in the energies pervading on these ancient shores became more palpable than ever before.

Be under no illusions, this mortal battle we are engaged in is not about black, brown, red, white or blue. It’s not about left or right, rich or poor, Atheist, Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh or Muslim and it’s not about sex, gender, race or class.

This war of attrition we are waging with nothing more than the sword of righteousness to protect us is being waged with the divine power of knowing in our hearts that we will inevitably overcome our truly malevolent array of adversaries, when good, as always, prevails over evil.

For the specific purposes of which, now that Mark and his team and PUB have committed to joining forces, knowing that our alliance will foster exponential growth in the rapidly expanding support for our respective endeavours, it is time to show the world how, united we will stand, the People of Britain will put an end to the tyranny which has abounded for two years, once and for all, in the names of those they have murdered with Midazolam and ‘vaccines’.

Please share this post far and wide, making sure you ignore any and all unlawful rogue government diktats that might be issued not long after it is published.

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Warning of Criminal Prosecution | Midazolam Murders

Warning of Criminal Prosecution | Midazolam Murders

Warning of Criminal Prosecution | Midazolam Murders

Following numerous desperate requests for assistance from relatives of potential victims of the Midazolam Murders, here lies PUB’s Warning of Criminal Prosecution notice.

This should be used in the event you strongly suspect your loved one has been unlawfully placed on the End-of-Life Pathway and is about to be prescribed a potentially fatal overdose of Midazolam in a UK hospital, care home or their own private residence.








We, the undersigned, are the family members of [NAME OF PATIENT], currently residing at [NAME OF HOSPITAL/CARE HOME/RESIDENCE] under the care of Doctor _____________.

This WARNING OF CRIMINAL PROSECUTION is hereby served upon any and all medical professionals who are involved in [NAME’S] treatment, in any respect whatsoever. FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT: neither [NAME OF PATIENT] nor the family of [NAME] consent to Midazolam being prescribed and given to [HIM/HER], on the basis that there is abundant evidence that the drug is being used to euthanize people in hospitals and care homes, as per UK Government Policy.

As you are well aware, any doctor consultant or medical professional must seek the full and informed consent of the patient and/or family, before administering any kind of palliative care drug. They also have a duty under their Hippocratic Oath to explain any and all medical procedures, including the benefits and risks, along with any possible alternatives.

Moreover, there can be no informed consent when the individual is not provided with full disclosure as to the contents and potential side-effects of a prescribed medicine/medical intervention – necessarily including the potential risk of death.

On 21st December, 2021, a Private Criminal Prosecution (PCP) was filed in a Magistrates’ Court by the People’s Union of Britain (PUB), against 8 defendants who stand accused of deliberately using Midazolam in order to unlawfully euthanize elderly patients in several locations around the country. By the conclusion of these proceedings, we expect thousands of doctors, nurses and white collar professionals will be indicted on the same charge.

Invariably, these most serious of crimes have been marked by callous disregard of the patients’ and family wishes, in the face of a common practice of prematurely ending the lives of certain targeted demographics – such as the over 65’s – that is endemic nationwide and tantamount to mass murder by government policy, as well as crimes against humanity.

For the purposes of assisting PUB in running the urgent prosecution of the defendants in a criminal court, a committed team of vastly experienced investigators and legal practitioners has been formed to make sure that anyone who has participated in the conspiracy to use Midazolam (and combinations of Midazolam, Morphine and any other ‘Palliative Care’ drugs) to murder an estimated 160,000 people a year in the UK alone, will be held accountable for their indefensible crimes.

Furthermore, this international task-force has the means to file conspiracy to commit mass murder charges wherever the accused are located and irrespective of political office. This will be implemented under the protection of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, which represents the only international treaty ratified for the express purposes of eradicating murder by government in all its forms.

Wherefore, you are hereby served notice that you MUST immediately confirm in signed writing that you will not comply with the criminal government policy to euthanize anybody [including NAME OF PATIENT] placed on the End-of-Life Pathway with lethal overdoses of Midazolam, as prescribed by the NICE guidelines.

In the event that this notice is not acted upon and [NAME] dies or suffers injury of any kind, each and every individual who is involved in [HIS/HER] treatment will be held liable for what we will regard as a murder by government policy and we will initiate criminal proceedings against them without further notice.

Please be advised that we are also monitoring [HIS/HER] care, along with [HIS/HER] water and food intake; and we want to be made aware of every medication [HE/SHE] is given, along with dose size(s) and frequency, as is our legal right as close family members.

Nevertheless, you are doubtless aware that an individual who has knowledge a crime is being committed, has a moral and civic responsibility to do what they can to prevent it. It is therefore our publicly expressed intention that we will act in whatever capacity proves necessary, in order to prevent or abate this most heinous of crimes.

Finally, given the clear and present danger to [NAME], please comprehend that this serious legal missive is to be taken lightly at the utmost peril to your continued liberty and must be acted upon without equivocation.

In sincerity & honour, without vexation, malice or mischief,


Acting Trustee(s) of the People’s Union of Britain

Errors & Omissions Excepted

Service Instructions

Simply download this missive at the link below, then fill out the blanks [deleting when appropriate], sign, print and serve, either by hand or recorded mail, upon the intended recipients.


Whenever possible, it would also be advisable to assist your loved ones in discharging themselves, in the event they are being held on a hospital ward or in a care home where you have reason to suspect that this murderous government policy is being implemented and enforced.

Nevertheless, if you have evidence that your loved one has already been murdered by lethal injection of this unlicensed drug, whether on a hospital ward, in a care home or in their own home, those responsible can be added to the growing list of defendants in PUB’s Private Criminal Prosecution of the Midazolam Murderers.

One way or another, justice will be done and there will be no place for the guilty to hide when that eventuality inevitably transpires.

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