Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration from Lifting Title 42 Immigration Control, DOJ Will Appeal

Federal Judge Blocks Biden Administration from Lifting Title 42 Immigration Control, DOJ Will Appeal

A federal district court judge in Louisiana has blocked the Biden administration from lifting the CDC Title-42 restriction at the southern U.S. border.

The Title-42 rule blocks illegal aliens based on the COVID pandemic threat.  The CDC wants to lift that order allowing an additional surge of illegal aliens to cross the border.

WASHINGTON – […] The pandemic-related health order, which was implemented in March 2020 to control the spread of Covid, was set to expire on Monday. The measure gave the U.S. the authority to immediately expel asylum seekers without a legal process, and Friday’s ruling means an even longer waiting time for migrants seeking refuge in the United States.

Louisiana U.S. District Judge Robert R. Summerhays, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, ruled that the restrictions must stay in place until a lawsuit by 24 states, led by Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri, is resolved in the courts. In the April 3 lawsuit, filed after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced plans to lift the public health order, the states argued the policy needed to remain to avoid “wave of illegal migration and drug trafficking.” (read more)

The White House announced the DOJ will immediately appeal Summerhays’ decision. However, it’s unlikely the restrictions will be lifted by Monday as previously planned by the CDC.

Here’s the White House statement:

White House – “The Administration disagrees with the court’s ruling, and the Department of Justice has announced that it will appeal this decision. The authority to set public health policy nationally should rest with the Centers for Disease Control, not with a single district court. However, in compliance with the court’s injunction, the Biden Administration will continue to enforce the CDC’s 2020 Title 42 public health authority pending the appeal. This means that migrants who attempt to enter the United States unlawfully will be subject to expulsion under Title 42, as well as immigration consequences such as removal under Title 8.

As the appeal proceeds, the Department of Homeland Security will continue planning for the eventual lifting of Title 42 in light of CDC’s public health judgment, at which point anyone who attempts to enter the country unlawfully will be subject to Title 8 Expedited Removal proceedings, if they do not have grounds to remain in the United States.” (link)


Right on cue comes the monkey-pox amazingly arriving in Melbourne

Letter to the Editor

Yet again, further evidence of meticulous planning and what *they* have had in store for us for some time.

$119 million spent on another ‘vaccine’, expressly Jynneos, which incidentally, Monkeypox was mysteriously added to the smallpox ‘vaccine’ – and approved in 2019 by another Big Pharma giant Bavarian-Nordic.

Bavarian-Nordic have been involved all along with the Convid ‘vaccine’. Flying under the radar.
They are also a member of the Alliance for Biosecurity.

Another ’vaccine’ which they have approved for manufacture transfer was in place for 2020 – 2025.
Yes, through to 2025.
This ‘vaccine’ is for none other than TBE (Tick-borne Encephalitis). BOOM!

As with Lumpy-Skin-disease-Littleproud’s Japanese Encephalitis, this is a disturbingly recurring word.

from D Johnson


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen’s nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no ‘government’ of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.


Fauci Tells Congress he Never Smeared Top Scientists as ‘Fringe’

Fauci Tells Congress he Never Smeared Top Scientists as ‘Fringe’

Dr. Anthony Fauci (Official White House photo)Fauci parses words under oath when confronted by lawmaker (official WH photo)

In a House hearing, Thursday with Rep. Ben Cline, R-Va., Dr. Anthony Fauci denied that he ever characterized the Oxford, Harvard and Stanford epidemiologists who authored the Great Barrington Declaration as “fringe” scientists.

“On what basis did you identify these scientists as fringe?” Cline asked, referring to Dr. Martin Kulldorf of Harvard, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford and Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford.

“I never characterized them as fringe scientists, if you look at the record. That is incorrect,” replied Fauci.

“I never called them fringe scientists,” he said.

However, the available evidence indicates Fauci agreed with Collins’ characterization, regardless of whether he used the term.

In an Oct. 8, 2020, email to Fauci, Collins said the Great Barrington Declaration came from “three fringe epidemiologists” and told the NIAID director there needs to be a  “quick and devastating published takedown.”

Five days later, Collins made his viewpoint public when he was quoted in a Washington Post story saying the Great Barrington Declaration is a “fringe component of epidemiology.”

Collins emailed to Fauci a link to the Post story and wrote, “My quotes are accurate, but will not be appreciated in the [Trump White House].”

Fauci replied: “They are too busy with things to worry about. What you said was entirely correct.”

Collins wrote in his Oct. 8, 2020, email that the Great Barrington Declaration was a  “proposal from three fringe epidemiologists” who met with then Health and Human Services Secretary

He noted it even had a  co-signature from Nobel Prize winner Mike Leavitt at Stanford.

“There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of its premises,” the NIH chief continued. “I don’t see anything like that on line yet – is it underway?”

The Great Barrington Declaration criticized universal lockdowns, calling for focused protection of the vulnerable older population based on data showing they are more than a thousand times more likely to die from COVID infection than the young.

“As immunity builds in the population, the risk of infection to all – including the vulnerable – falls,” the epidemiologists wrote. “We know that all populations will eventually reach herd immunity – i.e. the point at which the rate of new infections is stable – and that this can be assisted by (but is not dependent upon) a vaccine. Our goal should therefore be to minimize mortality and social harm until we reach herd immunity.”

Fauci, shortly after the declaration came out, condemned the idea of relying on herd immunity to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus as “nonsense and very dangerous.”

The declaration has been signed by 15,316 medical and public health scientists, and 45,154 medical practitioners.

Levitt, mentioned in the email as a signatory,  is a professor and biophysicist of structural biology at Stanford University . In 2013, he received a Nobel Prize in chemistry.



Bluetooth signals from beyond the grave. Covid19 shot Bluetooth signals in the graveyard!

Bluetooth signals from beyond the grave. Covid19 shot Bluetooth signals in the graveyard!

https://www.bitchute.com/video/nmhx46RxBgGP/ | Dead men may indeed tell tales. They can broadcast a Bluetooth signal. That is pretty creepy. I can hear it now, police will be using this to find the bodies of murdered people. Holy crap.
Source: In4mation

How is the nano-tech still viable and able to maintain its power supply long after the person’s death? Is somehow metabolizing the dead flesh in order to maintain the wireless signal via the transmission arrays that had assembled themselves within the person’s flesh prior to their death?

You’d think the Bluetooth signal would have died along with the individual, but nope. Could it be that these Bluetooth-emitting corpses are destined to be resurrected into the Apocalyptic Zombie army that we’ve been warned about? It’s food for thought. I’m many ways I think that this Zombie Apocalypse has already commenced in the form of all the NPC Covidiots that our society has become saturated with.

I’m still convinced that the vaccination agenda has a far more nefarious purpose than the mere trimming down of our supposedly overpopulated earth(its not overpopulated). It’s not our lives that they want to take, it’s the essence of our immortal soul that they are after. There are things much much worse than death. Hit ’em with Revelation 9:6,

Keep getting jabs if you want to you damn dummy. You were warned.




Still doesn’t get is right… still promoting the vaccine for “high risk” individuals who “[sic]want to do their societal duty“? WTF is she talking about? She’s doing her societal duty by warning us about the dangers of vaccine and the injuries it can possibly leave you with, but at the time still taking the opportunity to peddle the shit!!! What can you say to something like that? I’ll never understand any of this.


She says if you are high risk “get it”. NO. That is what makes you high risk. If you want to “visit” someone “get it” NO NO NO. She is being killed by the system she is in and can’t see it. She says she is “super healthy”. NO YOU ARE NOT. You will never be “healthy” again.

Now she wants the system that was designed to do exactly what happened to her to help her. Why? That would be counter productive to the Genocide that she is and has been a part of since this crap started. If all of your sacred agencies (the CDC for example) won’t help or talk to you? DUH. Still clueless. And she can shove the “societal responsibility” crap and the poison shots.

So many still don’t get it even as people drop around them and they also drop they still don’t get it. If we don’t get up off our knees very soon, we won’t be able to get off our knees or our backs. The only way she won’t be a continuing part of the problem is when the shot finally kills her.

Source: bootcamp..

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Bluetooth signals from beyond the grave. Covid19 shot Bluetooth signals in the graveyard!

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Ass crack KARMA. Some are compelled to act out – some are compelled to action!

This 2021 news report is disappearing from the internet. Listen carefully to what is being said.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul…what if they don’t have a soul?

NIGHTMARE in Shanghai China QUARANTINES, People fighting lockdown officials, MULTIPLE stories in ONE https://www.bitchute.com/video/sQ9eJWFlbxpt/

Explanation of the MAC address phenomenon. Are vaccinated people hacked and controlled? Skynet?

Starving high rise residents in Shanghai break out of lockdown.

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Throw rocks at cars and cars may get thrown at you.

NYC Cop taking a smoke break. But what is she smoking? That is not a cigarette.

Leftist Masktards disrupt restaurant patrons meals, block traffic and get run over. They are shocked

Human DNA, A finger, a tooth, they are feeding us Human flesh every chance they get!

2017 Deagle Website Estimating Depopulation by 2025.

Vax causes his butt hole to explode – Must be working! Safe and effective!

The secret covenant of the Illuminati, NASA, Politicians, Hollywood, Education and many more lies

Fibrous clot coughed up by jabbed 32 year old ER patient.

Clif High – World Economic Forum a Failing Criminal Organization and Much More!

Very few people that are aware of who the GOD of this world really is. David Pawson

Vaxed & Boosted or just mental? Where you ask? Walmart. They used to just dress weird there.

Plane crashes into Food Plant – Twelve U.S. Food Plants Destroyed or Damaged In One Month!!


MET GALA: Occult Ritual Gathering NYC 2018/ILLUMINATI

How many realize there is a demonic covert alien invasion that is happening right now?

Grotesque Art, Perverse Pastimes, Sick Habits, Weird Ways of the Elite

Let their be no doubt the NYC “Subway Shooting” was fake


Sick? Repeat After Me: “Imagine How Bad I’d Be Without the Jab!”

Those who trumpeted the necessity of receiving the coronavirus vaccine to avoid falling sick and help the state maintain Covid-zero, now rationalise that the jab moderates the effects of the virus. Do they think we wouldn’t notice the change in messaging?

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has Covid.

Professor Brett Sutton tweeted:

I’m down with COVID. Feeling pretty rubbish, tbh. Razor blade throat and painful cough. Clearly not the same for everyone. Can’t imagine how it might have been — for me — without three doses of vax. Good on science.

Only three doses? What is he, a conspiracy theorist?

I jest. Three doses were meant to be plenty enough.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews told people this year:

“It’s only when you have three doses that you’ve got maximum protection not only against severe illness but against getting this virus.”

US President Joe Biden put it like this …

“You’re okay. You’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.”

Apparently, thrice-jabbed Professor Sutton never got the message.

Or maybe he just didn’t stay away from children’s playgrounds.

The lack of self-awareness is astonishing. Professor Sutton who, with Daniel Andrews, terrorised Victorians in the name of Covid zero now has Covid.

So, um, what were the last two years of hell all about?

Professor Sutton, sticking to the script, advises that he has contracted the virus he was supposed to be immunised against, but that he is so glad he received the immunisation that didn’t work because imagine how bad it would be if he had not.


I love how Professor Sutton has a parallel universe with which to compare things. His symptoms could have been less severe without all the jibby-jabs for all he knows.

Thanking the vaccine that didn’t stop you from getting sick under the belief you’d have been worse had you not had the injection — once, twice, three times — is delusional.

Oh, and we are expected to believe that if you were unvaccinated and got Covid, then it was because you were unvaccinated. And an idiot, according to NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

This pantomime is just so bizarre.

Got my first jab to protect me from Covid

Got my second jab to protect me from Covid

Got my third jab to protect me from Covid

Got Covid

Got to be glad I got all those jabs to protect me from Covid

Wait. What?!

But anyway, “good on science”!

Yep. Nothing says “trust the science” like Pfizer’s determination to keep Covid vaccine trial data secret for 75 years!

Anyway, I just got my 18th booster and I’ve only had Covid seven times and been hospitalised twice. Thank goodness for science and the power of vaccines!

The most recent data from the UK, explained by Mark Steyn on GBN, indicates you are more likely to get Covid if you have been triple-jabbed.

For the record, I got Covid over Christmas. And I recovered without any dramas.

I can’t imagine how it might have been — for me — had I given in to government bullying and had three doses of the mRNA vaccine. Good on common sense.

PS: I do sincerely hope Professor Sutton is feeling better soon.


Originally published at The James Macpherson Report.
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Photo by cottonbro.

Thank the Source

ULTIMATE Covid Flip Flop Compilation – Fakeotube | Shameless DemonRat Double Standards Has Created a Generation With Permanent Mental Illness

ULTIMATE Covid Flip Flop Compilation – Fakeotube | Shameless DemonRat Double Standards Has Created a Generation With Permanent Mental Illness

What’d they do? Tell em Danielle…. “FLIP FLOP “. Lol. Let the flip-flopping and implementation of shameless double standards commence!

The DemonRat establishment has the most audacious double standards of any public organization in the history of the world. They cry for their body autonomy when they want to crush the skulls of their unborn children but then immediately cancel-out this right to bodily autonomy when it comes to allowing the government to forcibly inject its citizens with a mystery substance. It’s crackhead levels of craziness that we are dealing with here. You can’t reason with a leftist, you can only hope to subdue and embarrass them in front of other moderates with the truth. The Leftists themself is a lost cause and should be written off as a complete loss at this point. Their mental gymnastics skills are far too powerful, as they’ve been methodically indoctrinated by the post-modern establishment to ignore actual truth in favor of one’s own “personal truth”. This protocol has created the batshit-crazy generation of Social Justice Warriors that we see today. They terrorize our society with their transanity, endless annoying moral superiority posturing and their uncanny knack to become the victim at any given point in time, on demand. These are individuals with a extreme mental illness. They are capable of some of the most vile rhetoric imaginable. Let em go take Trumps vaccine and just die already.

Did you really expect that they would admit they were wrong? C’mon now. This is CLOWN WORLD. 🤡 They’ll be doubling down. They are part of a hivemind.



Oliver and Steyn Discuss the Continued Censorship of COVID Opinion

Oliver and Steyn Discuss the Continued Censorship of COVID Opinion

As more data leading to increased scrutiny surfaces, Neil Oliver (U.K.) and Mark Steyn (Canada) discuss the continued suppression and censorship of any COVID discussion that is antithetical to the official position of western government.

The suppression/censorship of reasonable discussion is a unique element of the COVID framework that has been maintained for well over two years.  As the danger and fear have subsided, one must reasonably ask why the continued need for this level of control?

What is it they fear, and who are ‘they‘?



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