Who Has Blanketed the World with Badness and Sadness?

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

This week in the US we have heard of a plethora of shootings, stabbings, and fires. That’s combined with incessant talk of a build-up toward war with Russia or China, and news that the dollar will collapse. And since we have just had an election season, there have been fights over who won, and all the related chicanery. Don’t forget the new SADS — “sudden adult death syndrome” — where you simply drop dead on the floor.

To the average citizen, this may seem like an accumulation of separate difficulties. The pile-up of them is now becoming almost too much to bear. Or to put it another way, even for folks who don’t specifically concentrate on any of the aforementioned problems, the quality of life “all around” has been lowered.

Ask: Where is the joy of community if television gives us a steady stream of murder stories or housefires? Where is the joy of thinking of our kids’ future when we hear that 42% of them now have “mental health issues”? Where are artistry and intellectual life if there is no venue for such things?

In this article, I argue that the pile-up of sad events is not accidental; it’s deliberately planned. Indeed it isn’t really a pile-up, it’s a full design, as in a tapestry. Even if such an argument sounds ridiculous, I ask you to try picturing someone, somewhere holding a veritable agenda — to lower the quality of human life and to make many of us see our lot as unbearable.

Such an agenda needs a name. I hesitate to employ the word “tapestry,” as a tapestry is a beautiful thing. I’ll call it a “blanketry,” for now. For different folks, the blanketry may have different strokes, but in general, it means that the whole community suffers a decline in joy. The dark blanket that has fallen on us makes us think things will never get better and everyone is doomed.

Who would create such a blanket? Is it even conceivable that someone would try to bring down the tone of a whole society? First, try answering that in the negative. “No — such persons don’t exist” — the various sufferings (e.g., corrupt elections, or an outbreak of arson) have ordinary explanations, same as in the past. The fact that they’re coming all at once might merely reflect a developing culture of lawlessness.

I agree that a culture of lawlessness can instigate criminal activity, since the bad guys would no longer fear arrest. They could let themselves go free, doing shootouts if they are young men, or accepting bribes if they are bored old bureaucrats. But what is making law enforcers agree to the lawlessness? Their personnel — particularly in the courts — have always prided themselves on bringing justice. Why would they suddenly change their tune?

Again, there could be an ordinary explanation. Individual cops, prosecutors, and judges may start to think it’s no longer cool to act as in days of old. They may notice that recent grads of law school have not even been taught the ideals of law, aiming instead for winning the legal game against competitors.

Granted, people of high principle tend to be less conformist than their neighbors, but if they now find themselves unable to share the high principles, they may just give up trying. Morality is a shared thing. (Some religious people believe they can do the morally right thing as a loner, by having companionship with God, but their understanding of God came about socially.)

Examining the Blanket’s Designer, via Mind Control

That said, I think the new lawlessness and the new unhappiness is “of a piece” and was designed at a drawing board. I am calling it a blanket to enable the examining of it.

For the last 17 years, I’ve been engaged in contemplating the MK-Ultra program of the CIA. That has made me swallow the unpleasant (and counterintuitive) truth that some humans will do anything to hurt their fellow man. (Note: although I say it is CIA based, it is more likely based in the UK’s psychology organization known as Tavistock.)

I’ll give a short list of what may happen to an MK-Ultra girl. This is a miscellaneous collection of tortures; each person does not receive all of them. There may be many other tortures that I omit:

  1. Before birth, her pregnant mother may be given an electric shock to the womb.
    2. Shortly after birth, the baby may find a phallus in her mouth (excuse me for being graphic).
    3. As a child, she may constantly hear her mother say “I don’t love you. You are ugly.”
    4. She is made to watch other children being killed.
    5. She is taken on trips, e.g., to have sex with politicians, and then given a drug (or a tasering) to make her forget.
    6. She is trained to stab people to death and may in fact do so.
    7. Her handler dislocates her shoulder, exactly at the moment of orgasm, so she will confuse pain and pleasure.
    8. When she is too old to be useful (perhaps age 35) she is given a suicide date, and is hypnotized to believe it will be a glorious experience (e.g., flying out the window).
    9. She is made to feel anger and then is taught to suppress it (or face horrible punishment).
    10. She is forced to kill her beloved dog or amputate the feet of her beloved cat.

As I said, that is a miscellaneous list. The experts have learned how the mind works and how they can control individuals, even making them act against their own interests. A far as I know, many mind-control techniques existed in the past, in many cultures. These ones were developed in a formal way.

I neglected to mention control by drugging (remember the psychiatric wards to which political dissidents in the USSR were sent?). I did not mention the forming of cults, but these are a way to teach a whole group to be obedient. I did hint at the breaking of the mother-child bond, which was a specific project developed by psychiatrists at Harvard in the early 1900s.

Just the name Harvard reminds us that many prestigious universities and highly regarded doctors were in on this stuff. I don’t rule out that they themselves had undergone some form of mind control in order to be willing to behave so sadistically.

As with many outrageous public figures today — Fauci and Gates come to mind — it is easy to argue that their behaviors may have been elicited by greed; both of them profit monetarily from their wicked acts. But at least some of the players are motivated by means other than money. Many probably do it “for the power trip.” Some may do it because they have accepted “the teachings of Satan.” Some may have been born into it as the family norm.

Examining the Blanket’s Designer via Experience in War

This article is about what I see as a blanketing of the US domestic population with some sort of bad feeling, be it worry or hate, or hopelessness. I listed, above, some ways in which a formal CIA program actually honed our government’s skills in that area. But today the full blanketing involves, additionally, the physical disasters I referred to at the beginning: shootings, stabbings, fires, war-preparation, election cheating, and SADS.

Remember, it’s my claim that the whole thing was worked out on a drawing board. I have no proof of that. I can only show that it is possible for human beings to do such a thing. So now, having said that it is definitely done on a small scale, to MK-Ultra victims, I will provide a list of awful things that we do “wholesale” to entire countries. Again, my list will be miscellaneous:

  1. We pretend that we are aiming at military targets while we knowingly aim at civilians.
    (Note: the “we” I am using could mean any nation, not just the US.)
    2. We use bioweapons to spread epidemics.
    3. We meddle with a country’s economy, by sanctions, debt-creation, or sabotage.
    4. We invariably manipulate elections, through misinformation, bribery or propaganda.
    5. We create weather disasters and the consequent crop failures.
    6. We commit atrocities and blame someone else — that is, we do false-flag operations.
    7. We insert our personnel as spies and agents provocateurs.
    8. We poison the environment with chemicals or radiation or vermin.
    9. We assassinate an official or kill off a beloved social leader, to create humiliation or despair.
    10. We encourage divisiveness by stirring up any opposing groups such as Christians versus Muslims.

There is no need for me to persuade the reader that a human being can do such things, as we do it admittedly and gloriously. “Congratulations to our brilliant military for producing floods in Vietnam which helped thwart the movement of the Viet Cong.” I note that several of the ten items are written up as crimes in international law — but that goes to show you what a fake deal international law is. (See my 1990 book, “Morality among Nations.”)

Fact is, all humans are equipped with a dual moral system. As Reinhold Niebuhr wrote in 1932, we are moral within our society, and simultaneously we are, as a nation (or lesser group), immoral to our opponent. In war, you don’t hold back — whatever does the job of defeating an enemy is OK. Yet most folks think of themselves as having only one consistent moral practice!

All that it would take, therefore, is for the blanketers to fiddle with their mind a little bit, to see us — the general population — as the enemy. In fact they do so, and have said so.

To add to their ease of hurting us, there is also the excitement of competition and conquest. Once you’ve seen a way to achieve something — as when our overlords see how easily they can bamboozle us through the press — you’d feel silly holding back. Discovery has its own dynamic.

So, Who Are the Blanketers?

Assuming the reader agrees that America is being hit with bad stuff, and is willing to venture a guess that it is a coordinated, deliberate blanketing, who is the coordinator? And what is the real motive?

I’m going to go for Occam’s razor here. William of Ockham, circa 1300, said the explanation with the fewest parts may be the right one. I honestly think the motive behind the jaw-dropping selfishness and meanness of the men at the top, is their ordinary selfishness (desire to survive), complicated by the hierarchical structure of human society whereby they have become alphas and need to kill all challengers.

To date I have never been able to persuade any of my friends of this. Because the whole thing looks so esoteric, folks can’t see it for what it is. I owe my insight (if it’s correct) to my years of studying sociobiology. As to the reason why we are seeing it now, and not before in history, I think it is because the top dogs have better means of pulling it off. Their weapons are tremendous.

Also, thanks to mind-control technique, they have perhaps converted millions of people to be their guards. At the moment, in US society, one can’t get anywhere by seeking help from the old familiar helpers: bishops, journalists, doctors, academics, judges, cops. Someone has somehow managed to shut down the moral instincts, and the truth-seeking instincts of most of those professionals. They are acting like zombies.

Getting Out of This Mess

I am trying to share the perspective that the blanketing is coordinated and that its truly ridiculous energizer is the selfishness of a tiny group at the top.

I hope this will cause some people to be less afraid of the bosses. I also hope (go on, tell me I’m a fool for this) that the big picture should prompt us to see that a national society — or possibly the whole species — is a unity. We can’t just fix things piecemeal.

I also hope (go on, tell me I’m a mental case) that the jerks at the top will figure out that they, too, got trapped.

And they really should come forward and ask for mercy. Especially on Thanksgiving.

Before God’s bountiful earth deteriorates to such an extent that there is nothing left to give thanks for.


I’m Impressed – Biden DOJ Assigns Special Counsel to Investigate Republicans in Congress and President Trump for Insurrection, Additionally Investigate Trump for DOJ Defined Classified Documents and Obstruction

I’m Impressed – Biden DOJ Assigns Special Counsel to Investigate Republicans in Congress and President Trump for Insurrection, Additionally Investigate Trump for DOJ Defined Classified Documents and Obstruction

Okay, first things first.  CTH will not play the pretending game or structure the discussion of the special counsel appointment through the prism of MSM references.  Instead, we will stick to the facts as they are presented, explain the events as they are factually reflected within the actual documents, and avoid the pretending constructs.

DATA Links:  (1) Merrick Garland DOJ Statement on Appointment of Special Counsel ~ (2) pdf of Legal Appointment ~ (3) Statement of Jack Smith upon Appointment ~ (4) Transcript of AG Merrick Garland Public Announcement.

The overarching Lawfare framework has been transparently created by President Obama’s former White House Legal Counsel and current U.S. Asst Attorney General Lisa Monaco.  To wit, earlier this afternoon Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland, announced the appointment of DOJ Attorney Jack Smith as special counsel to investigate two specific areas:

♦ First, to investigate current republican members of congress (House and Senate), former President and current candidate Donald J Trump, former Trump administration officials, former White House staff, and other individuals, groups and organizations for their role in supporting an insurrection on January 6, 2021, against the incoming administration of President-Elect Joe Biden.  In essence, the J6 investigation – with an emphasis on congress – transfers to Special Counsel Jack Smith:

The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct the ongoing investigation into whether any person or entity violated the law in connection with efforts to interfere with the lawful transfer of power following the 2020 presidential election or the certification of the Electoral College vote held on or about January 6, 2021, as well as any matters that arose or might arise directly from this investigation or that are within the scope of [Special Counsel Regulations 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)]. (pdf)

This is an extension of the January 6th Committee special investigation that transfers the committee’s investigative findings, ie phone records, text messages, transcripts, emails, prior testimony and all evidentiary records, into the newly appointed Special Counsel.

However, all prior and current DOJ prosecutions against citizen individuals will remain within the control and direction of Main Justice.  This structure frees up Jack Smith to target the new republican controlled congressional members, their staff, families and/or communication network.   Main Justice keeps focus on the citizen insurrectionists, Jack Smith now appointed to go after the public officials.

J6 Committee staff, committee investigators, FBI agents and DOJ lawyers will now transfer from the committee to the special counsel office. Watch. (More on why later)

♦ Second – and this is ancillary to the first priority – DAG Lisa Monaco has written, and AG Garland has appointed, Jack Smith to target Donald Trump with the same special counsel process previously used by Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann.

The Special Counsel is further authorized to conduct the ongoing investigation referenced and described in the United States’ Response to Motion for Judicial Oversight and Additional Relief, Donald J Trump v. United States, No. 9:22-CV-81294-AMC (S.D. Fla. Aug. 30, 2022) (ECF No. 48 at 5- 13), as well as any matters that arose or may arise directly from this investigation or that are within the scope of [Special Counsel Regulation 28 C.F.R. § 600.4(a)].

The Trump Mar-a-Lago document investigation (the proverbial nothingburger – just like Trump/Russia) transfers to the Special Counsel office, along with an intended angle to look for an obstruction of justice charge (just like Mueller).   This is Robert Mueller 2.0 using Special Counsel Jack Smith.

The Trump-centric part of the special counsel appointment, the part that everyone is focusing on, is ancillary to the real purpose of the appointment.  However, that said, all investigative resources from Main Justice and the FBI will transfer to Jack Smith as they did when Crossfire Hurricane transferred to Robert Mueller.  The investigative people will transfer along with the investigative evidence.

Duplicating history, all of the DC elements of the UniParty, both Democrats and Republicans, will sing the praises of Jack Smith as an honorable man, beyond reproach, blah, blah, blah.   If you want to stop playing the pretending game, just pay attention to the people praising him, and THOSE voices are the bad guys.

As you can see from the simple (non-pretending) explanation of what is being done, the Lawfare process become clear.   Everything congress now begins to question falls under the protective blanket of an “ongoing investigation,” exactly as we predicted.  Plus, you get the additional Lawfare elements of congressional leadership under investigation which provides an entirely new ‘conflict of interest dynamic’ to the political equation.

Then you have the congressional representatives under investigation and search warrants on their phones, text messages, emails, etc…. AND the added benefit of using DOJ-NSD defined terms of “national security threat” (that’s why they emphasized insurrection) to gain FISA warrants on an entire incoming congressional delegation.  How slick is that? 

They didn’t just think this up overnight.

This is why the January 6 committee never ended.  They are using J6 as a weapon against their losing the House to republicans.  The Democrats are now structurally targeting Republicans with the appointment of Jack Smith.  It’s actually a brilliant move.  The executive is now investigating the legislative branch; the legal structure of this eliminates the separation of powers issue.

The DOJ is not investigating republicans, they are investigating defined criminals; insurrectionists that are national security threats, that happen to be republicans.  See how that works?

This also explains why Nancy Pelosi did not resign from congress, but only stepped down from her leadership role.  The timing of mid-November (today) gives Smith time to get all his midterm counter-offensive ducks in a row before his republican targets take office in January.

All of the congressional J6 and DOJ main justice teams will now assemble in new DC offices to set up the 2023 targeting operation.  The announcement was made today, but the planning of the construct has been in place for months, contingent upon the number of actual House seats that could flip.  The Lawfare design is transparent when you stop looking at the obfuscation reporting from mainstream media.

Primary goal, create enough of a legal mess as to obstruct any republican legislative effort against the Biden White House.  Additionally, if Smith’s DC team can pick-off a few republican House members under charges of “supporting an insurrection“, the political power will revert back to the Democrats in office.

Jack Smith’s curriculum vitae as a lawyer experienced in international government law, think about tribunals for overthrowing government, then becomes a clarifying skillset.

Think of it like the legal ideology of the United Nations (democracy as defined by progressives) prosecuting members of the United States government for acts of rebellion under the framework of a constitutional republican form of government they abhor.  That’s Jack Smith.

In addition, the same ideological Lawfare elements will be targeting the threat represented by U.S. nationalist politician Donald J Trump.   It’s like The Great Reset crew inserting an operative inside a corrupt and friendly United States Dept of Justice, with the intent to remove the threat Donald J Trump represents to their interests.

On the multinational corporate side, while all this is special counsel stuff is taking place, the Wall Street billionaires and multinationals will be providing the illusion of choice for the American electorate.

Things making sense now?

It’s all right there, if we just stop pretending.

Accept things as they are, not as they are presented to be.

If you want to fight this stuff, help me….



An Alignment of Common Corporate Interests is NOT a Conspiracy, It’s a Simple Political Reality

An ideological alignment of individual people, institutions and organizations working in concert toward a common goal is not a conspiracy.

Organized coordination between individuals, groups and institutions is generally considered a conspiracy.  That dismissive labeling also allows the downstream beneficiaries of the outcome to dispatch, avoid, or more commonly pretend to ignore the collective goal.  However, organized coordination is not needed in order to pursue a common goal; the only thing needed is an understanding of the objective.

Once the objective of the common interest is identified, all benefactory components operate individually.  What becomes visible is the similarity of the actions.

This is where we see patterns and common actions taken toward a common goal. This reality is the context to understand how the political dynamic is constructed in opposition to Donald Trump, and more specifically how the America First policy platform of Presidential candidate Donald Trump is viewed as a common risk.

Individuals, institutions, government ‘stakeholders’, and generally all status-quo interests stand in opposition, as reflected in the historic Niccolò Machiavelli quote:

“It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones.”

When the new system is constructed to the benefit of the many yet disrupts the status of those few -the proverbial elite- who benefit from retention of the old, those in the at-risk minority must pretend not to know things.  Additionally, through passive aggressive undermining that same elite group frame their opposition as to provide themselves plausible deniability.

It is in this political mix of eclectic interests where a person needs an intellectual filtration system, tuned to the granular nuances, in order to make sense of the landscape and see the big picture.

Do not disregard the difficulty of this process, for it takes a keen -almost exhaustive- state of awareness to maintain vigilance against the conniving schemes that flow as an outcome of the process.   However, once you see the patterns you are essentially tuning in to see the strings on the marionettes.  Once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can never return to that moment in the performance when you did not see them.

In the 1980’s and 90’s, there was a fad of optical illusion images known as autostereograms.  For many people when you stare at the autostereogram image, a hidden 3D scene emerges.  It often takes a few seconds or even minutes to see the 3D aspect to the image; however, once your eyes adapt to the image it becomes easier to spot.  This is also a metaphor for modern politics.  Often it is difficult to spot the 3D aspect to what we see, but over time the picture gains clarity.

Consider…. Much has been written about Mitch McConnell spending $10 million on the Alaska republican senate race when the race was between two republicans.  Yet Mitch McConnell refused to support Republican Senate Candidate Blake Masters in Arizona?  However, less has been written critically about the Republican Governors Association, likely because its more challenging to accept the corporate Machievellian approaches extend far beyond DC, into our own backyards.

The Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) gave $21 million to the Super PAC “Friends of Ron DeSantis” in 2022 {Source}; however, in every single poll DeSantis was leading by double digits and even the most die-hard leftists admitted months before the election that Florida was a lost cause; DeSantis was going to win.

So why did the RGA transmit $21 million to coffers of DeSantis, while Arizona Republican candidate for governor, Kari Lake, struggled with major donor funding?  Arizona’s current republican Governor Doug Ducey is head of the RGA.

Accepting these passive aggressive political realities only leads the intellectually honest observer in one researched direction.  The McConnell Senate Leadership Fund and the Republican Governors Association (RGA) all receive funds from the same Wall Street and multinational corporate mechanisms.

It is easy to see the agenda of McConnell because he’s been using the same ‘Citizens United’ playbook for over a decade, and the media draws attention to it.  McConnell is the enmity and preservation group that Machiavelli described.  However, it much more difficult to see the RGA as the ‘lukewarm defender’ group in our backyard.  That reality is also more difficult to accept; but that is, as my grandpa would say, “the reality of the thing.”

I am going to begin explaining the 2023 and 2024 political club landscape soon…. on a granular and difficult to accept level, because we really need to see the strings on these marionettes if we are going to avoid the “illusion of choice” that each component element is constructing for us.

Normally, I would avoid such a “tripwire” outline before the 2023 RNC Winter Meeting this upcoming Jan/Feb.  However, I have also vowed to deconstruct the pretending with brutal -and yes, difficult to accept- honesty, so firstly the timing is not of my choosing.  Secondly, CTH will once again be assembling the humint resources to extract the political conversations that GOPe leadership inside those meetings do not wish to see exposed.

(SOURCE PIC) In the interim…

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK, Nov 16 (Reuters) – Blackstone Inc (BX.N) Chief Executive Stephen Schwarzman [pictured left], who has been one of Wall Street’s biggest donors to Donald Trump’s election campaigns, said on Wednesday he will not back the former president in 2024.

Trump announced he would run in the 2024 U.S. presidential election on Tuesday, launching an early bid to become the Republican nominee in an effort to pre-empt potential rivals.

Schwarzman said it was time for new party leadership and that he would back a different Republican in the presidential contest. “It is time for the Republican Party to turn to a new generation of leaders and I intend to support one of them in the presidential primaries,” he said in a statement, which was first reported by Axios.

Schwarzman, 75, is a prominent Republican donor. He spent $35.5 million to support Republicans ahead of last week’s midterm election. Republicans are still one seat short of capturing control of the U.S. House of Representatives and have failed to take over the U.S. Senate. (more)

NEW YORK – Rupert Murdoch has reportedly warned Donald Trump his media empire will not back any attempt to return to the White House, as former supporters turn to the youthful Florida governor Ron DeSantis.

After the Republican party’s disappointing performance in the US midterm elections, in particular the poor showing by candidates backed by Trump, Murdoch’s rightwing media empire appears to be seeking a clean break from the former president’s damaged reputation and perceived waning political power.

[…] “We have been clear with Donald. There have been conversations between them during which Rupert made it clear to Donald that we cannot back another run for the White House.”

[…] Lachlan Murdoch, the heir apparent and eldest son, who co-chairs News Corp and runs the parent company of Fox News, has reportedly told DeSantis that the group would back him if he ran in the next election. “Lachlan has been keen on Ron for some time,” said the i’s source. “He’s viewed within the organization as a sanitized version of Donald.” (read more)

Once you see the strings on the corporate marionettes, it’s impossible to return to that moment in the political performance when you did not see them.

Wall Street -vs- Main Street.

Giddy up…


NATO Backtracks, Now Admits It Was Not Russia Who Fired Missile into Poland – It Was Ukraine, But Still Putin’s Fault

NATO Backtracks, Now Admits It Was Not Russia Who Fired Missile into Poland – It Was Ukraine, But Still Putin’s Fault

This is a great example of two dangerous dynamics. First, the intellectual dishonesty that is needed to believe that Russia would attack Poland. Second, the insufferable immediate response from U.S. and international media stenographers lusting for war, and the danger they represent.

After the media initially proclaimed a “pentagon spokesperson” reported that Russia fired two missiles into Poland, and then ran with that narrative with such ferocity that Polish President Duda requested an article-4 convention in preparation for a NATO war,… 24 hours later the NATO alliance says ‘whoops‘ it wasn’t a Russian missile, it was a Ukraine missile that landed in Poland.

(Politico) NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg chaired an emergency meeting of alliance ambassadors on Wednesday in Brussels to discuss the incident.

After the session, he said information so far suggests the missile that landed in Poland came from Ukrainian air defenses fighting off a massive Russian attack on Tuesday that saw the country pummelled by dozens of missiles that caused blackouts across Ukraine.

“We have no indication that this was the result of a deliberate attack,” he said. “And we have no indication that Russia is preparing offensive military actions against NATO. Our preliminary analysis suggests that the incident was likely caused by a Ukrainian air defense missile fired to defend Ukrainian territory against Russian cruise missile attacks.”

Duda said the explosion that killed two people in the village of Przewodów, about six kilometers from the Ukrainian border, was likely caused by the missile’s propellant, saying it was probably an S-300 anti-aircraft rocket produced in Soviet times.

“There is also no evidence that it was fired by the Russian side,” he said, calling it “an unfortunate incident.”

Earlier, U.S. President Joe Biden said it was “unlikely in the lines of the trajectory that it was fired from Russia, but we’ll see.” (read more)

Now let’s get beyond the nonsense and talk about the reality of the situation.

We all know the U.S. State Department, not Ukraine or Zelenskyy, is in control of ground military operations in Ukraine.  As a result of that reality, the intellectually honest observer admits to themselves the CIA is therefore the tip of the spear in the country.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy today stomping his little feet and saying no, no way it was Ukraine, only highlights the reality of World War Reddit, where Zelenskyy is nothing more than a casual front man -in Hollywood garb- for the CIA/DoS mission.  Puppet Zelenskyy has no idea who, what, where and why strategic U.S. military forces and contractors are operating in his country.  Zelenskyy’s Ukraine function is to be the Bob Geldorf face in the Ukraine funding and money laundering operation. Nothing more.

So, we have a Ukraine missile fired now supposedly fired “errantly” in a westward direction into Poland, while trying to intercept a Russian missile fired from the east.  Um, well, yeah, that sounds like, :::cough::: bullshit :::cough::: but so be it. As the kids say, “whatevs.”

CIA Director Bill Burns also just happened to be in Ukraine at the time of the “errant” missile firing.  What timing…. And all of this comes on the heels of increased public awareness that the FTX cryptocurrency exchange was coordinating the movement of laundering of U.S. taxpayer funds from Ukraine into DC pockets via campaign contributions.  Wow, more coincidences.

The Occam’s Razor of the situation would indicate that our U.S. proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is entering that dark and energy dependent time of the year, ie winter, and Russia is not being defeated in their securing of the pro-Russia eastern Ukraine region.  So, some knuckleheads in the DoS office of plausible deniability, in coordination with some knuckleheads in the CIA office of plausible deniability, decided to try and pull in some more NATO elements with operation “errant missile into Ukraine that we will blame on Putin.”

Brilliant plan guys… except for the whole potential for NATO nuclear war part.

Luckily for the normies in Ukraine, they avoided the downstream consequence, likely operation vaporization, after reasonable people -few though they may be- said, it might not be a good idea for the whole let’s go to war with Russia in winter thing.

Yep, unfortunately that’s the reality of our current state dept geopolitical outlook, in combination with the ideological thirty-somethings that are running out of Hollywood actors to show up and fundraise.


He’s Back, President Donald J Trump Officially Declares His Candidacy to Run for President in 2024

I have written and deleted a thousand words, repeatedly, in an effort to encapsulate what this moment means to me, and perhaps to others.  However, when you boil the essence of the thing down to its important part, you are left with a question: Which American politician loves this country more than Donald John Trump?

The honest answer is ‘no one’.

There’s not a force of man or nature as strong in its devotion to a mission, as Donald Trump is to this nation.  That’s the core, the heart, the genuine essence of the thing, that separates President Trump from all others.  Within that love of country, is a strength of determination that is almost uncanny to witness; and from that love of country an authenticity emanates that is impossible to duplicate.

Donald J Trump is, quite simply, unapologetically American – and tens of millions just love him for it.

Tonight, with his family by his side, President Donald Trump announced his intention to seek the GOP nomination in 2024 and run for President of the United States.


Yes, I don’t give a flying flip what any detractor of this nation might try to say, Donald Trump is exactly what we need.

Many people are exhausted from the battle to save this republic.  Many people are frustrated and despondent from the scale of the effort it takes to push back against the metastatic corruption that has infected our entire body politic.  Even more people are tired of having to constantly look behind the duplicitous motives and conniving schemes of the professional political class, and for those people Trump kneels and says, ‘get on my back and rest for a moment’.

You see, back in 2015 when Donald Trump first announced his intention to run for the presidency the following year, the assembly on these pages had spent years fighting against the corrupt republican political establishment while most just strolled by oblivious to it.  We assembled as The Last Refuge, and we immediately spotted the possibility Donald J Trump represented.

One of the first 2015 responses about Trump I shared to a friend who didn’t follow politics closely but was essentially and ally in outlook, was that Donald Trump could show up to the first GOP debate in 5″ heels and a Carmen Miranda hat and start dancing on Jeb Bush’s podium, and Trump would earn my vote.

I felt that way because I could see the cancerous rot that was destroying the working class and simultaneously infecting the Republican party.  Severe measures would be needed to counteract this Machiavellian political construct in DC that was only getting worse.  We needed a major disruption and Donald Trump was ideal for that role.

As I look at the 2024 landscape what I see different is what I see better.  Just about everyone now sees the level of corruption that exists in the apparatus of government, thanks to President Trump’s first term in office.

Additionally, President Trump purged the conniving DeceptiCons, the duplicitous Republicans who existed to maintain the UniParty, by forcing the GOPe liars to expose themselves in his opposition.   No longer is a conversation needed to convince people that most politicians are part of one DC UniParty apparatus.  Two wings of the same corrupt vulture feeding on the carcass of our republic.  Everyone can see that now, thanks to Donald Trump.

Despite their refusal to accept reality, the Bush, Cheney, McConnell, McCain, Romney Republican Party is gone.  Donald Trump destroyed it.  The Republican Party will never again be the Bush-Romney Republican Party.  Donald Trump opened the door, and the working-class has moved in to take control.  The Republican party is not going back to the Bush/Romney outlook, regardless of how much Mitch McConnell tries to scheme its return.

We need a Big Ugly wrecking ball to unseat the corrupt power structures that Trump alone made visible. There is no other person in this era of our nation’s history with the capacity to do that.  Only Donald J Trump has the energy and fortitude to carry out this fight.

President Trump is the people’s response to The Great Reset by saying, “like hell you will.”

I would not miss this opportunity for anything.

I’m all in.


Media Declaring Democrat Victory in Nevada Senate Race, Amid Significant Disparity Between Governor Race Outcome in Same State

The media is declaring Democrats have won the Nevada senate race with Catherine Cortez Masto defeating Republican Adam Laxalt.  This gives the Senate to the Democrats with 50 seats, Republicans with 49 and the Georgia runoff still outstanding.  [Media Report]

Something is very weird about this Nevada outcome, when you compare the Governor race on the same ballot.

With Laxalt previously ahead, and with his previous vote percentage in alignment with Republican Governor Candidate Joe Lombardo, it appeared Laxalt was positioned for victory.  However, apparently the Democrats gained post-election ballots where the Democrat on the Senate race was supported, but the Democrat in the Governor race was not.

Democrat Cortez Masto (Sen) surged late in the ballot counting and carried 15,000 more affirming ballots than Democrat Sisolak (Gov).  This seems odd and suspicious; however apparently, we are not allowed to notice these things, lest we be considered conspiracy theorists.

It is very rare for a split ballots to surface in a high-profile race where a Republican governor would win, and the Democrat Senator would win.  However, the outcome in Arizona and Georgia is of a similar construct amid the ballot trend.  Split races in the Governor and Senate outcomes.  All very weird.

It wasn’t “democracy on the ballot,” it was something else entirely.

Democracy per se’, was in the voting, not the ballot collecting.


Kari Lake Discusses Status of Arizona Governor Race as Maricopa Ballot Counting Issues Continue

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake appears on Fox News with Tucker Carlson to discuss the insufferable and chaotic state of the Arizona election counting fiasco. {Direct Rumble Link}

Maricopa County remains the epicenter of the ridiculous exploits from election officials, including the intentional dragging out of the vote tabulation in an effort to support the Sunday Talk show narrative.  However, that said, when the final ballots are counted, it’s almost certain that Kari Lake will stand victorious despite the shenanigans of the election officials; the remaining question is by what margin. WATCH:


Additionally in Nevada, Republican candidate Joe Lombardo has been declared the winner [data].  Republican Senate Candidate Adam Laxalt remains in the lead by 2,000 ballots/votes with 93% of the stuffing counted.   Meanwhile in Colorado, as expected, Lauren Bobert has widened her lead with 95% of ballots (and votes), counted.


Sunday Talks, CBS Cybersecurity Expert States Global Crisis More Likely if U.S. Blue Checks are Changed on Twitter

Sunday Talks, CBS Cybersecurity Expert States Global Crisis More Likely if U.S. Blue Checks are Changed on Twitter

The media pearl-clutching over changes to the Twitter social media platform has become detached from reality.  During a Face the Nation discussion today, a very serious Margaret Brennan and Kris Krebs, former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) outline the national security risks created by Elon Musk’s change to the “verified Twitter user” system.  The “blue checks.”

Mr Krebs outlined how bad actors from Russia, Iran and China could potentially write mean words on Twitter and create social collapse in the United States as a result of election interference, defined as misinformation and disinformation.  Additionally, the unified western military order is at risk from the national security threat posed by allowing random unmonitored discussion on a social media platform.  With the midterm election this week, people could die if Elon Musk removes the control filters on the global conversation.  WATCH:

[Transcript] – […] BRENNAN: We return to our conversation now about election security with CBS News, cybersecurity expert and analyst Chris Krebs. Chris, I want to talk about something that’s happening right now. Social media has already changed the way we communicate and, certainly, our political world. President Biden said a few days ago that he has concerns about billionaire Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter- said, “the platform spews lies all across the world. There’s no editors anymore in America, there are no editors, how do we expect kids to be able to understand what is at stake?” It’s not just kids, right? What concerns do you have about this happening just days before the election, these changes to Twitter?

KREBS: Well, I think I think the government for one has a mechanism by which they can review the acquisition, the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States can take a look at particularly the second and third ownership positions in Twitter, including Saudi Arabia. That is something that I’m assuming that the Treasury Department is taking a look at right now to see if they can put in place a national security agreement or even potentially unwind the purchase. But I think more specifically to what’s happening right now with Twitter, I think there are kind of- there are two “Elons” that we are seeing. There’s the public Elon, that’s, you know, trolling and saying $8, please, on all the complaints about some of the shifts in the moderation and other activities. Then there’s what’s happening behind the scenes, the conversations with the civil rights groups, with advertisers, with the teens, which perhaps maybe a little bit more stable. And I think if you look at the platform itself right now, not a whole lot has changed. That may not be a popular opinion, but I think the reality is that most, you haven’t seen too much of a change in the moderation. Now, the concern, though, is what happens tomorrow, where you can buy the blue tick for $8 a month, Twitter Blue–

MARGARET BRENNAN: For our viewers who don’t use Twitter, a blue check is a sign of credibility. 

KREBS: It has historically been a marker of trust, and that Twitter has said, we’ve confirmed and authenticated the identity of this person, which tends to be a politician, or a news media personality or a journalist, an academic or someone that may be a popular voice in certain civil rights, civil liberties issue. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: Now you can buy it for eight bucks a month.

KREBS: Along with a number of other features of editing and longer-form video posting. But again, to have such a dramatic shift in that marker of trust, now you can buy it, in advance of as we’ve been talking about a very contentious and important election. It opens the information space to a broader community of influencers, clout chasers, election denialists–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Foreign actors?

KREBS: Absolutely, I mean, we’ve seen reports lately of Russia, China and Iran, back at their old tricks, and it is going to create a very chaotic environment.

MARGARET BRENNAN: To that point in- in 2018, during the midterms, [U.S] Cyber Command took offensive operations to take out Russian trolls who are spreading misinformation. The New York Times has a story today saying Russia is back at it. What does that say to you about U.S. defenses?

KREBS: Well, I think so Recorded Future and Graphika, two research firms have released information that Russian bots, trolls, associated with the Internet Research Agency, which is a group that targeted since the 2016 and the 2018 election, are back at it and are undermining this time Democratic candidates for Senate in some of the- the more contentious races. I think what it says is that the- there’s a broader community of actors, they recognize that political discourse is very divisive here in the US, and they have more opportunities, probably than ever before, to continue to undermine confidence to create chaos, which is really, their primary objective here. It’s not necessarily that a winner wins, but that we’ve all lost- lost confidence and they degrade the American democracy experiment.

MARGARET BRENNAN: There are also a number of sitting Senators, and of note, Ambassador Richard Grinnell former President Trump’s Acting Director of National Intelligence has been posting some misleading information, that’s him on the screen, about the election. He said, “any state which doesn’t count all the votes and announce the winner Tuesday night is incompetent.”–

KREBS: So all 50 states then, by that formulation,

MARGARET BRENNAN: Because what you’re saying is just the fact that votes are never finalized on election night. But why do you think someone who knows better is posting something like that?

KREBS: Well, whether he knows better, I can’t assume that, but the point here is that it’s for clout chasing, it’s for influence. There’s a reward system and structure set up right now within the far-right of the GOP that provides additional engagement. So, you tweet something like that, and you can see your likes, your retweets, your amplification really take off. And if you’re just talking about some other, you know, more mundane domestic issue, nobody cares. But there’s a reward system and incentive structure that’s set up where exactly this sort of messaging is- is rewarded. It’s encouraged, and, and this is again, going back to Governor Sununu’s comments, we need leaders to lead. We need the presumptive leaders of the Republican Party to stand up and say this is unacceptable, this is not how it works. We need to be good faith actors in this process and unfortunately, leaders aren’t leading right now.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Chris Krebs, thank you as always for your analysis and we will see you on election night as part of CBS coverage at our democracy desk here at CBS News.  (LINK)



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