Far-Left Congressional Black Caucus Uses Liz Cheney To Fundraise

Far-Left Congressional Black Caucus Uses Liz Cheney To Fundraise

After landing an endorsement from Occupy Democrats, vulnerable GOP Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney appears to have pulled another high-profile endorsement among left-wing ideologues: the Congressional Black Caucus.

In a “WARNING from Liz Cheney” sent out on Wednesday, the Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee solicited donations with an email highlighting Cheney’s persistent antagonism of former President Donald Trump and his supporters.

“LISTEN to Liz Cheney XXXXXX,” read the subject line, leading subscribers to a petition page that requests money at the bottom.

“100,000 signatures needed: Agree with Liz Cheney and permanently ban Trump from holding office,” it reads.

It’s unclear whether Cheney is behind the ad or whether she even approved of her name being used to raise cash for left-wing Democrats.

Cheney’s campaign did not respond to The Federalists’ inquiries.

Not a single member of the caucus is a Republican. GOP Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, a conservative, black freshman in the House, was last year denied membership to the group, the senior members of which frequently flirt with antisemitism.

Cheney’s continual antagonism of Trump and the Republican base has made the Wyoming lawmaker a heroine among the left. Her own campaign coffers are well stuffed with blue-dollar donor money from the same financiers of the Lincoln Project. With more than $10 million raised, Cheney is well funded to compete against a competitive primary challenge from Trump-backed Wyoming attorney Harriet Hageman.

According to a Federalist analysis of Cheney’s campaign finances, the at-large representative has raked in more money from her “constituents” in northern Virginia, where she spends much of her time, as opposed to those who first sent her to Congress in 2016.

The Wyoming congresswoman’s time as vice-chair of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 select committee to prosecute political dissidents has become a hallmark of Cheney’s tenure in the lower chamber. Now Cheney seeks statewide re-election where Trump won by a larger margin than any other state in the nation just a year and a half ago.

Tristan Justice is the western correspondent for The Federalist. He has also written for The Washington Examiner and The Daily Signal. His work has also been featured in Real Clear Politics and Fox News. Tristan graduated from George Washington University where he majored in political science and minored in journalism. Follow him on Twitter at @JusticeTristan or contact him at Tristan@thefederalist.com.


Democrats Want To Push Backdoor Immigration Overhaul And Call It ‘The Budget’

Supported by the Biden White House, top Democrats plan to hide immigration measures in their massive $3.5 trillion spending bill. While the plan is still in drafting, it would provide citizenship to various illegal immigrants, such as those brought across the border as minors and farmworkers already residing in the United States. The Hispanic Caucus and many other Democrats also want to tuck a section into the bill that would provide green cards to “essential workers,” including COVID health workers.

“The tactic which just months ago seemed like a long shot even to liberals is now widely seen as President Joe Biden’s best shot at confronting one of Washington’s policy leviathans and delivering on a decades-long party promise,” Politico reported. 

Clearly, this isn’t just the backdoor scheming of a couple of amateurs. “A powerful coalition of House Democrats has recently backed the gambit of tackling immigration through the budget, including leaders of the Progressive Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus and the Black Caucus,” Politico noted. “In the Senate, Majority Whip Dick Durbin, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are among the strongest proponents.”

Durbin confirmed to Politico that Democrats want to include citizenship for some immigrants in the budget bill, but added the “decision has not been made” how many illegal immigrants the provisions would include.

For all the plan’s Democrat momentum, the Senate possesses “obscure budget rules” that may not allow the Democrats’ massive bill to pass “without GOP support.” Without the approval of the Senate parliamentarian, the Democrats’ plan won’t work.  Her job is to decide “whether provisions of a bill passed using the legislative power known as budget reconciliation can evade a GOP filibuster and pass with a simple majority.”

Immigration provisions have passed parliamentary scrutiny in the past, but they’ve enjoyed substantial bipartisan support. This time, that clearly wouldn’t be the case. 

Earlier this year, the current parliamentarian already “stripped out Democrats’ minimum wage hike in a coronavirus aid bill,” meaning this isn’t the first time Democrats have hidden controversial policy measures in spending bills. And the parliamentarian knows it. 

The potential for failure nonetheless didn’t stop U.S. Representative for California and leader of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Raul Ruiz, from advocating for the Democrats’ plan as early as January. “We have had an every-which-way approach to immigration reform,” Ruiz complained. “This is currently our best effort.” 

Some of Ruiz’s Democrat colleagues were even more transparent, telling Politico “they believe the current strategy is their only chance to enact meaningful immigration changes this Congress.” 

This doesn’t mean Democrats will be successful. Multiple lawmakers admitted to Politico that the plan is still a bit messy.

Earlier this year, Sen. Alex Padilla and Rep. Joaquin Castro introduced a bill that would make “more than 5 million frontline workers across nearly 20 sectors, including janitors, nurses and farmworkers” legal permanent residents. But all Democrats might not be on board with such radicalism, and it’s still doubtful whether they can force immigration provisions through budget reconciliation. So, they’re embracing trial-and-error. 

“Taking that backdoor approach to immigration, which wouldn’t require a single GOP vote, could cast a chill over any future attempts at bipartisan reform,” Politico emphasized. 


Democrat Joyce Beatty Arrested by Capitol Police After Leading Protest in Hart Senate Building

Rep. Joyce Beatty (D-OH), along with others, was arrested in the Hart Senate Office Building by Capitol Police on Thursday after she led a protest into the building.

Politico reporter Nicholas Wu shared a photo to social media of Beatty’s hands being zip-tied together by Capitol Police officers shortly after a video of Beatty was shared to Twitter showing her standing alongside other activists chanting, “end the filibuster!”

Moments before the protest took place inside the Hart Senate Office Building, Beatty, who serves as head of the Congressional Black Caucus, shared photos to her social media accounts claiming she and others would be “marching to the Senate to send a strong message” about voting rights for black women.

“Black women are demanding OUR right to vote,” she wrote in a tweet. “We’re marching to the Senate to send a strong message.”

Approximately ten minutes later, the same account under Beatty’s name shared images of the congresswoman being escorted out of the Senate building with her hands zip-tied behind her back.

“Let the people vote,” the tweet stated. “Fight for justice.”

Following Beatty’s arrest, Capitol Police released a statement to Fox News saying, “nine people were arrested for demonstrating in a prohibited area on Capitol Grounds.”

“At approximately 3:30pm, the United States Capitol Police responded to the Atrium in the Hart Senate Office Building for reports of illegal demonstration activity,” the statement reads. “After officers arrived on the scene, they warned the demonstrators three times to stop. Those who refused were arrested for D.C. Code §22-1307. Two males and seven females were transported to USCP Headquarters for processing.”

For Democrats, the word “fight” — as used by Beatty — could mean a number of things. When it was former President Donald Trump who used the word “fight” to signal a change in politics and elected leaders, it was Democrats who accused him of leading an insurrection. At a February impeachment trial for Trump following his term in the White House, Democrats played a deceptively edited video of his speech from January 6, 2020, leaving out his call for supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

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Rep. Byron Donalds Blasts CNN Host For Telling Him What To Think: ‘As A Black Man In America, I’m Allowed To Have My Own Thoughts’

Rep. Byron Donalds defended his rights as a black man to a white CNN anchor who seemed to suggest that his political views made him unqualified to be in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC). Donalds said he has expressed interest in being a member of the CBC but has yet to receive an invitation.

Brianna Keilar, CNN’s “New Day” anchor, implied Donalds’ exclusion from the CBC could be a result of his support for former President Trump which she said is “incongruent with the mission of the CBC.”

“As a black man in America I’m allowed to have my own thoughts about who I choose to support and who I choose not to support,” Donalds fired back. “My support of President Trump has been consistent but at the same time I’ve had the ability to advocate for issues, ideas, proposals, and funding that have helped the black community in my state.”

Donalds said using his support for Trump as a reason for not be welcomed to the CBC was just a red herring.

“This is whether the ideology of somebody who is conservative is welcome to the Congressional Black Caucus,” Donalds said. “It’s really that simple. So to bring up President Trump and try to make this about him does not matter, it’s irrelevant, it has nothing to do with the situation at hand.”

“Since starting in Congress, our office and the Congressman have engaged with several CBC members expressing his interest in joining, but all we’ve got is the cold shoulder,” Harrison Fields, Donald’s communications director, told Fox News. “The sad reality is although the Congressman and those in the CBC share the same race, the (R) behind his name disqualifies him from membership today.”

Donalds told The Federalist his party affiliation should not exclude him from a group whose intent is to fight for black Americans.

“The Congressional Black Caucus has a stated commitment to ensuring black Americans have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream,” Donalds said.

“As a newly elected black Member of Congress, my political party should not exempt me from a seat at the table dedicated to achieving this goal. As a young black man who grew up in the inner city of Brooklyn in a single-parent household, my achieving of the American Dream would be a valued addition to the CBC and one that should transcend politics,” he added.

The CBC, which says it “has a long history of bipartisan collaboration and members who are both Democrat and Republican” does not currently have any Republican members.


Report: Congressional Black Caucus Blocking Black Republican Byron Donalds from Joining

Freshman Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) has been blocked from joining the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), according to a report.

The caucus has been blocking the black Republican from membership, according to a source familiar with the CBC’s plan who told BuzzFeed News.

BuzzFeed noted that it had been nearly six months since the new freshman class from the previous election were inducted into the Congress, adding that the group is a “powerful and nominally nonpartisan group of black lawmakers in Congress.”

Though there is not currently a Republican member in the group, according to their official website. Donalds, who won his election in November for the first time, has not been included in that group.

Donalds’ office told BuzzFeed that the congressman has spoken with at least three members of the group about joining, but he has not received an answer, and the chances of joining nearly a quarter way into the 117th Congress look slim.

An aide to Donalds said, “Congressman Donalds has expressed interest in joining the CBC but has yet to receive an official invitation.”

“If given, he’d gladly accept. The CBC did not respond to questions about the status of Donalds’ membership or why he was not being let in,” the aide said.

Donalds said in February he wanted to join in order to change the caucus’s liberal dominance. His goals were to have membership in both the majority Democrat’s Congressional Black Caucus and the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Politico reported that Donalds said that both groups are a natural fit for him.

This shows the divide growing further in Congress between members of both parties since January. Donalds was one of the many Republicans that voted against certifying the electoral college.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) had declined an invitation from the group in 2010 when he was first elected to Congress as a member of the House. When he became a “Rep.-elect,” he said he would not be joining since his “campaign was never about race.”

Former Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) in 2012 said she wanted to dismantle the caucus since she claimed they “ignite racism.” In 2015 she ended up joining the group of Black lawmakers. Rep. Burgess Owens (R-UT), who now holsa Love’s old seat, told the Wall Street Journal before winning that he did not have plans to join the CBC.

The report added that it is awkward for the leaders of the Tri-Caucus when a Republican looks to join one of them, noting that Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s (CHC) bylaws exclude non-Democrats. In 2017 the group denied membership to former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL). The same rules are still in play.

A spokesperson for the CHC said, “Per Congressional Hispanic Caucus bylaws, all Democratic Members of Congress of Hispanic descent are eligible for CHC membership.”


Nancy Pelosi: ‘Thank You George Floyd for Sacrificing Your Life for Justice’

Nancy Pelosi: ‘Thank You George Floyd for Sacrificing Your Life for Justice’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) reacted to the conviction of former Minneapolis, Minnesota, police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd on Tuesday with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) by thanking Floyd for “sacrificing” his life for justice.

“Thank you, George Floyd—for sacrificing your life for justice,” Pelosi said.

“For being there, to call out to your mom—how, how heartbreaking was that? Call out for your mom. ‘I can’t breathe,’” she added.

She continued to say, “but because of you and becuase of thousands, millions of people around the world, who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous.”

Members of the CBC surrounded Pelosi to react to the jury finding Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd.

Major cities across the country and the Capitol braced for rioting in anticipation of the verdict this week.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he would call on the California National Guard to prepare for possible rioting after the verdict. The District of Columbia National Guard also activated 250 members to support local law enforcement “in response to potential First Amendment demonstrations.”


Ilhan Omar Says The ‘Squad’ Expects Biden To Lurch Even Further Left After The Election

Ilhan Omar Says The ‘Squad’ Expects Biden To Lurch Even Further Left After The Election

Minnesota Democratic freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar said she and her socialist comrades in Congress expect former Vice President Joe Biden to shift even further to the left after the election, even more than the 77-year-old Democrat has already veered upon clinching the nomination.

“A president is only as successful as his collaboration with Congress,” Omar told Axios in an interview published Monday. “We will have a cohort of progressives that are very clear about their objectives for wanting the implementation of Medicare for All and a Green New Deal and raising the minimum wage and not allowing for fracking.”

Each item has already been endorsed Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, if not Biden, explicitly. Though Biden has tried to create distance in recent weeks between himself and items such as the Green New Deal and fracking, the former vice president pledged repeatedly throughout the primary he would end fossil fuels while his campaign website still emphasizes the candidate’s embrace of the Green New Deal.

[embedded content]

Biden has already cast himself as the most progressive major party presidential candidate in modern American history, before the former vice president even captured the nomination in race against self-admitted socialists.

“From health care to climate change to criminal justice, Biden has proposed ideas more ambitious and liberal than policies supported by Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign,” McClatchy declared in September of last year. “Biden’s current set of policy prescriptions would likely be considered radical if they had been proposed in any previous Democratic presidential primary.”

Biden’s leftward shift only accelerated following the conclusion of the primary. In July, Biden’s team hammered out the 110-page “Unity Task Force Recommendations” with socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ getting the new nominee to sign onto taxpayer-funded college tuition and billions of dollars for “environmental justice.”

“The compromise they came up with, if implemented, will make Biden the most progressive president since FDR,” Sanders celebrated on MSNBC.

By the time Biden tapped the most liberal senator in the upper chamber to join him on the ticket, the Democratic nominee had already proposed $10 trillion in new spending.

Biden’s recent illustrated willingness to serve as a vehicle for the left’s revolution has given reason for the House’s socialist “Squad” members to be optimistic.

“I know that when the policy platform was being put into place, a lot of our feedback was incorporated throughout his platform,” Omar said. “In some spaces, it doesn’t go as far as, you know, I would like or Bernie [Sanders] would like. But we know that that responsiveness is a signal for us to do what we know to do best as progressives, which is to push and to mobilize our base trying to accomplish these policy objectives.”

The “Squad,” which includes reference to the four freshmen progressive members of the lower chamber, Omar, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, and Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley, is poised to expand its ranks in the next Congress after several candidates successfully toppled establishment Democrats in this year’s primaries.

With the support of the political group Justice Democrats leading the progressive insurgency, Missouri’s Cori Bush narrowly defeated long-time Congressional Black Caucus member William Lacy Clay. In New York, educator Jamaal Bowman pull off an upset victory bringing down Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel.


Karen Bass: 154,000 People Dead Because Trump ‘Really Doesn’t Care’

Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) blamed President Donald Trump for 154,000 deaths attributed to the Chinese coronavirus by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), making her claims in an interview with The Breakfast Club last Friday.

Bass is being considered by Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for selection as his vice presidential running mate, according to left-wing and partisan Democrat news media. The Biden campaign pledged to make the choice on sexual grounds, promising to choose a woman.

Bass said her primary concern in the context of the coronavirus outbreak was its impact on blacks.

“I was just completely obsessed behind this virus, because, I mean, right now 154,000 people are dead, and they didn’t have to die,” declared Bass. “They died because we have a president who really doesn’t care and thinks denial is the way to deal with this.”

“We don’t know how many of those 154 (thousand) look like us,” added Bass, referring to black Americans, “but we know it’s a significant percentage, so the reason why I was obsessed was because when it came out that 70 percent of the people that died in Chicago were black, 80 percent of the people that died in Alabama were black, 70 percent in New Orleans [were black], and we weren’t doing anything.”


[embedded content]

Highlighting higher comorbidity rates among blacks than the broader U.S. populations in terms of certain health problems is “an excuse not to do anything,” claimed Bass:

Every time they talked about [COVID-19 among blacks], they wanted to talk about the fact that black folks have high blood pressure, black folks have diabetes, black folks are fat. And to me, I don’t want to hear about our underlying health conditions. That’s an issue, but right now the house is on fire, so send the fire engine and then after the fire is out, then we can talk about diabetes and high blood pressure. To me, every time somebody raised that. That was just an excuse not to do anything

Charlamagne tha God, a co-host on The Breakfast Club, blamed “systemic racism” for higher rates of certain health problems among blacks relative to national averages. Bass concurred, exclaiming, “Totally!”

Bass accused the Trump administration of hiding demographic data related to coronavirus infections and COVID-19 deaths:

When the book is written on this a couple of years from now, I mean, these people just didn’t need to die, and they don’t want to give us the demographics, because if they gave us the demographics — out of that 154,000 — a huge percentage of it would be black, brown, Pacific Islanders and Native Americans.

Bass called for race-based federal policies to address the coronavirus outbreak. A “targeted intervention” shaped by racial criteria is preferable to treating “everybody the same,” she stated.

Asked to make a pitch for her political bona fides as a Democrat vice presidential nominee, Bass highlighted her “decades” of involvement in left-wing politics as a “bridge” to Black Lives Matter and “activism that is happening in the streets.”

Race-based and sex-based criteria in running mate selection is a good idea, determined Bass, urging the Biden campaign to choose a black woman as a running mate. She described black women as an essential pillar of the Democrat Party’s voter base.

Bass said, “For all of the years that black women have held up the party, the idea of having a black woman on the ticket sends the right message. … I think that would help galvanize the black community.”

Bass described the presidential election as a matter of “life and death” for black people. She denigrated President Donald Trump as “openly racist.”

“This election is literally a question of life and death, because we are dying,” concluded Bass. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes in whatever role, because I don’t want people to keep dying [for] four more years. … This dude is using the playbook from George Wallace in the 1960s. He’s running that same kind of campaign, and I just feel our lives are at risk on so many levels.”

Bass said her political priority is “black issues.”

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