EXCLUSIVE: House Weaponization Committee To Focus On The ‘Twitter Files’ In Second Hearing

EXCLUSIVE: House Weaponization Committee To Focus On The ‘Twitter Files’ In Second Hearing

The House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government plans to shine a spotlight on the FBI misconduct revealed in the “Twitter Files” at the panel’s second hearing, scheduled for next week.

On March 9, lawmakers participating in the bipartisan probe will hear from a trio of writers who were the primary journalists given access to Twitter’s internal records by the company’s new CEO Elon Musk. Substack reporters Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger will testify at the daytime hearing.

In December, Taibbi began to unravel how the company made censorship decisions based on political motivations. Part 6 of the series detailed how Twitter was used as a conduit for the FBI to influence voters ahead of the 2020 election with “constant and pervasive” contact. The FBI partnered with the Silicon Valley tech giant to suppress right-leaning content throughout the presidential election cycle. That suppression appears to be continuing.

Part 7 of the “Twitter Files,” published by Shellenberger, showcased how the FBI launched an operation to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop that implicated President Joe Biden in global influence-peddling schemes. The federal agency even arranged to provide security clearances for Twitter executives and paid $3.4 million in taxpayer dollars to the platform. Jim Baker, Twitter’s then-deputy general counsel who pushed for censorship of the laptop, was a former general counsel at the FBI who was instrumental in creating the Russia hoax.

“Put simply,” explained Federalist Senior Editor John Davidson at Hillsdale College last month, “the ‘Twitter Files’ reveal an unholy alliance between Big Tech and the deep state designed to throttle free speech and maintain an official narrative through censorship and propaganda.”

Subsequent batches of “Twitter Files” revealed the corporate tech giant also rigged the debate on Covid-19 and colluded with other government agencies in this effort, including the Pentagon and the CIA.

The FBI responded to the series of revelations from the “Twitter Files” with an acknowledgment that the agency meddles in “numerous companies over multiple sectors and industries.” On Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” Tuesday night, FBI Director Christopher Wray denied that his agency plays a major role in censorship.

“The FBI does not and is not in the business of functioning as the truth police,” Wray said. “We don’t tell social media companies to censor anything.”

The clip was posted on Twitter by House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik of New York, who serves on the Weaponization Committee. In January, Stefanik pledged in an interview with The Federalist that rooting out deep state corruption was a top priority for the new GOP majority, starting with the new select panel modeled after the Church Committee from the 1970s.

Lawmakers on the select subcommittee, chaired by Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, held their first hearing on Feb. 9. Democrats mocked the proceedings as hyperpartisan despite their participation in the probe — a guarantee Democrats denied to Republicans appointed by then-Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi established the Select Committee on Jan. 6.


The Hamilton 68 Twitter Op Is More Proof The Managerial Class Opposes The American Founding

The Hamilton 68 Twitter Op Is More Proof The Managerial Class Opposes The American Founding

In recent days, Matt Taibbi’s reporting exposed the bipartisan political operation known as Hamilton 68 that promulgated and perpetuated the myth of Russian control of American politics. Hamilton 68 was a collection of almost completely non-Russian Twitter users deceptively selected and then fed to reporters and members of Congress as data proving Russian influence in U.S. elections.

The uncovering of this op makes institutional rot in the United States more apparent than ever before. After all, Big Tech collaborated with this disinformation operation to delegitimize a democratically elected president while federal agencies — notably, the U.S. State Department — weaponized this disinformation against the American people.

These institutions are not independent, sentient monoliths whose politically motivated goals serendipitously overlap. The fact that the world’s most advanced federal bureaucracy and the most powerful corporate entities to ever exist collaborated to usurp a democratically elected president should, indeed, terrify every American citizen.

But there is a darker truth beneath the surface:  the people behind Hamilton 68 — members of the managerial elite — are trying to permanently reshape the American political and legal systems to do away with the remaining mechanisms of our democratic republic so permanently entrenched government and corporate bureaucrats can call the shots.

The goal of these people is to permanently alter the American system of governance to sideline the U.S. Constitution. No longer will democratically elected officials hold power, pass laws, or govern. Instead, the bureaucratic leviathan will become — and largely already is — an all-encompassing administrative apparatus, an unlimited regulatory state that passes law via rubber stamp instead of votes by duly elected representatives. 

This managerial class further seeks a political system akin to “direct democracy” in which the national “popular vote” determines the outcome of all presidential elections. This would nullify the Constitution’s Electoral College and strike a crucial blow to federalism, allowing an unavoidably leftist chief executive to further embolden the bureaucrats of the managerial class as they are largely consolidated within executive agencies.

The constitution will remain, but it will simply serve as a window dressing that gives the new order the same legitimacy as the old order. It will be little more than an aesthetic disguise through which people — like those behind Hamilton 68 — can use to appoint themselves the heirs of the Founding Fathers.

Hamilton 68 likely draws its name from the American founding for this very reason. The 68th Federalist Paper was authored by Alexander Hamilton and is titled “The Mode of Electing the President.” In it, Hamilton presents a defense of the Electoral College and argues it would insulate the presidency from the chaotic whims of an uninformed populace while still allowing said populace’s voice to be heard. 

Hamilton wrote: “It was desirable that the sense of the people should operate in the choice of the person to whom so important a trust was to be confided. This end will be answered by committing the right of making it, not to any preestablished body, but to men chosen by the people for the special purpose, and at the particular conjuncture.”

He continued:

It was equally desirable, that the immediate election should be made by men most capable of analyzing the qualities adapted to the station, and acting under circumstances favorable to deliberation, and to a judicious combination of all the reasons and inducements which were proper to govern their choice. A small number of persons, selected by their fellow-citizens from the general mass, will be most likely to possess the information and discernment requisite to such complicated investigations.

Hamilton’s assertion is that the Electoral College ought to be composed of the most adept individuals — selected by their peers — to further represent their communities’ interests in the selection of the president. He later continues to suggest that by insulating the decision-making process among these elected few and withdrawing further debate from public spaces, the Electoral College would be “opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption” and “afford a moral certainty that the office of President will seldom fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

Hamilton argued the Electoral College provided a crucial service to the young American republic because it ensured the integrity of the electoral process from chaotic and foreign whims. Through it, regional interests were heard and accounted for at the national level by members of their communities, and democratic-republicanism was maintained through representation.

The people behind Hamilton 68 (John Podesta, Bill Kristol, Clint Watts, et al.) who worked to usurp the Trump administration cloaked their anti-republican actions in the Founding Fathers’ mantle in order to provide themselves rhetorical protection while tarnishing their legacy. With access to an inordinate amount of wealth, resources, and political capital, these people staged a massive psy-op with the help of Big Tech and the federal government. To accomplish this, they used the faceless and nameless bureaucratic blob of the managerial class. 

These people leveraged their statuses to tighten their grip on power, but in doing so they only further delegitimized our institutions and threw the nation into disarray.

Samuel Mangold-Lenett is a staff editor at The Federalist. His writing has been featured in the Daily Wire, Townhall, The American Spectator, and other outlets. He is a 2022 Claremont Institute Publius Fellow. Follow him on Twitter @Mangold_Lenett.


New Emails Suggest Twitter Misled Public On ‘Hamilton 68’ Data Pushing Russia Hoax

New emails released as part of the “Twitter Files” show the company appears to have misled reporters, politicians, and the public, allowing a high-level disinformation operation to fester in government and media. A comparison of emails uncovered by Matt Taibbi with the company’s public statements in 2018 reveals serious discrepancies.

This operation, known as Hamilton 68, was founded by former FBI agent and current MSNBC contributor Clint Watts. It functions as a digital “dashboard” where journalists and academics can gauge alleged “Russian disinformation” being spread by specific lists of people online.

Taibbi’s latest report on internal Twitter documents included emails from former Head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth proving the company knew the anti-Trump dashboard was spreading false information that wrongfully classified Americans as Russian bots. This allowed the data dashboard to fuel false media and Democrat claims that President Donald Trump had treasonously colluded with Russia, hamstringing Trump’s execution of his presidential duties.

Taibbi discovered that Twitter “reverse-engineered” Hamilton 68’s methodology to recreate its highly publicized list of alleged Russian bots. Publicly, though, Twitter was feigning ignorance.

In a Jan. 3, 2018 email, Roth said his reverse-engineering proved Hamilton 68’s claims of providing data to prove Russian disinformation was festering on social media were “totally bogus.”

“They don’t know that we have the list, though, and they’ve refused to release it,” he wrote.

Roth recommended hitting the Alliance for Securing Democracy, one of the groups behind Hamilton 68, with an ultimatum: “either you release the list, or we will.”

The timeline here is important. Roth reverse-engineered the list on Oct. 3, 2017, and emailed it to his colleagues in a Google Doc. Over the next several months, Twitter employees repeatedly vented their frustrations with Hamilton 68 over email. The amount of media attention the project was generating created a public relations headache for Twitter, so they were eager to expose the truth about the dashboard.

Frenzied politicians desperately clinging to the Russia-collusion narrative started to pressure Facebook and Twitter in early 2018. When Republicans on the House Intelligence committee penned a now-vindicated internal report on FBI abuses, a hashtag that said “#ReleaseTheMemo” went viral on Twitter.

“When the hashtag went viral, [Rep. Adam] Schiff had a theory that it wasn’t the American public that was interested in abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” Mollie Hemingway noted all the way back in 2018. “Nope, it was Russians! Secret Russian bots were trying to make it look like Americans were interested in FISA abuse against a Trump campaign affiliate.”

Citing Hamilton 68, Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, wrote a letter to Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg demanding their companies crack down on alleged Russian bots. Twitter responded with a letter defending its work to police foreign interference. An analysis of #ReleaseTheMemo, General Counsel Vijaya Gadde wrote back, “has not identified any significant activity connected to Russia.”

Worse, Gadde claimed Twitter could not evaluate Hamilton 68’s claims. “Because the Hamilton Dashboard’s account list is not available to the public, we are unable to offer any specific context on the accounts it includes,” he wrote. “There may be individual cases where Twitter accounts are operating within our rules but are included in the Dashboard. We have offered to review the list of accounts contained in the Dashboard and this offer remains open.”

Yet the emails Taibbi uncovered five years later show Twitter had the list for months before that point. Roth himself wrote, “They don’t know that we have the list,” three weeks earlier.

In mid-February, Emily Horne wrote, “we’re working extensively with reporters [off-the-record] and on background to explain the flaws in Hamilton 68’s methodology (without getting into our full knowledge of it),” before adding, “we have to be careful in how much we push back on ASD publicly.”

Horne’s concern, along with that of a colleague who was “frustrated” but understood the need to “play a longer game,” was that Twitter couldn’t kill critical media stories with off-the-record warnings if it didn’t also go public with what it knew. Both former Twitter employees now work in the Biden administration.

Hamilton 68 intentionally concocted junk science and concealed important parts of their methodology to bolster a narrative against their political opponents. The intended end result was to silence and discredit all dissent. A stunning number of journalists at allegedly top publications and even researchers at allegedly elite universities took the bait, as Taibbi’s story shows.

Twitter’s internal records raise questions about what key Democratic politicians like Schiff and Feinstein knew about Hamilton 68. Did Twitter brief them privately on its public knowledge of the list? Were any reporters briefed on that as well? Was Gadde seriously unaware that Roth had the list for months at the time of his letter?

The evidence suggests clearly that Twitter employees — who never counted on Elon Musk buying the company and releasing their emails — actively misled the public about a powerful political hoax.

Emily Jashinsky is culture editor at The Federalist and host of Federalist Radio Hour. She previously covered politics as a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner. Prior to joining the Examiner, Emily was the spokeswoman for Young America’s Foundation. She’s interviewed leading politicians and entertainers and appeared regularly as a guest on major television news programs, including “Fox News Sunday,” “Media Buzz,” and “The McLaughlin Group.” Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, Real Clear Politics, and more. Emily also serves as director of the National Journalism Center, co-host of the weekly news show “Counter Points: Friday” and a visiting fellow at Independent Women’s Forum. Originally from Wisconsin, she is a graduate of George Washington University.


Biden White House Hounded Facebook To Censor Tucker Carlson, New Emails Show

President Joe Biden’s administration actively pressured Facebook to censor Fox News host Tucker Carlson for criticizing the Covid shots, according to internal White House communication records obtained by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana.

In an email dated April 14, 2021, then-senior adviser to the president’s Covid response team, Andrew Slavitt, voiced dissatisfaction to a Facebook official that a video of Carlson questioning the left’s universal demand that people get the Covid jab was “Number one” on the platform, to which said official responded that they’d look into the matter. Later that same day, the Facebook representative informed the White House that while the “Tucker Carlson video does not qualify for removal under [Facebook’s] policies,” the company would label the clip with “a pointer to more authoritative COVID information” and work to limit its reach on the platform.

Facebook’s efforts did not meet the administration’s demands for greater censorship, however. In response to the representative, White House Director of Digital Strategy Robert Flaherty questioned how Carlson’s video didn’t violate Facebook’s existing policies and pressured the company to turn over information on the efficacy of its censorship practices.

“How was this not violative? The second half of the segment is raising conspiracy theories about the government hiding that all vaccines aren’t effective,” Flaherty claimed. “Moreover, you say reduced and demoted. What does that mean? There’s 40,000 shares on the video. Who is seeing it now? How many? How effective is that?”

“Not for nothing but last time we did this dance, it ended in an insurrection,” Flaherty added in an apparent reference to the platform’s handling of claims pertaining to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and subsequent riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

But the Biden White House’s habit of using Big Tech to silence dissenting voices on Covid-related information didn’t just stop at Carlson. A separate batch of emails released by the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general reveals a concentrated endeavor between the administration and Facebook to reduce the “virality of vaccine hesitancy content,” even if such posts contained factually accurate information.

“As you know, in addition to removing vaccine misinformation, we have been focused on reducing the virality of content discouraging vaccines that does not contain actionable misinformation,” a Facebook representative told Slavitt in a March 21, 2021, email. “This is often-true content, which we allow at the post level … but it can be framed as sensation, alarmist, or shocking. We’ll remove these Groups, Pages, and Accounts when they are disproportionately promoting this sensationalized content.”

In addition to Facebook, Twitter was also a major player in the collusion efforts between the federal government and Big Tech to further squash free speech online. In an email dated August 11, 2022, Flaherty admonished Twitter for allowing posts contradicting White House claims to circulate on the platform, writing that “if your product is appending misinformation to our tweets[,] that seems like a pretty fundamental issue.”

Flaherty separately accused Twitter in a December 2021 email of “Total Calvinball” and “bending over backwards” to tolerate disfavored speech after the company refused to comply with demands from the administration to censor a video.

“This case is about the Biden Administration’s blatant disregard for the First Amendment and its collusion with social media companies [to] suppress speech it disagrees with,” said Missouri AG Andrew Bailey in a statement. “I will always fight back against unelected bureaucrats who seek to indoctrinate the people of this state by violating our constitutional right to free and open debate.”

The bombshell emails come as a result of an investigation launched last year by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and then-Missouri AG and now-U.S. Senator Eric Schmitt to uncover collusion efforts between the federal government and Big Tech companies to censor Covid-related posts they deemed misinformation. In addition to obtaining communication records unveiling such corruption, the investigation has scored numerous legal wins allowing Louisiana and Missouri to depose high-ranking administration officials such as Anthony Fauci under oath about their role in these efforts.

According to a transcript of Fauci’s November testimony, the man claiming to “represent science” somehow couldn’t recall relevant information about his role in the federal government’s disastrous Covid response “at least 174 times.” The deposition ranged from topics such as Fauci’s bid to smear authors of “The Great Barrington Declaration,” to his role in attempting to “discredit any theory” that Covid resulted from a lab leak in Wuhan, China.

Shawn Fleetwood is a Staff Writer for The Federalist and a graduate of the University of Mary Washington. He also serves as a state content writer for Convention of States Action and his work has been featured in numerous outlets, including RealClearPolitics, RealClearHealth, and Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnFleetwood


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Court: Jen Psaki Must Testify Over White House’s Collusion With Big Tech To Silence Covid Dissent

A federal judge ruled on Monday that former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki must comply with an investigation that seeks to uncover the federal government’s collusion with Big Tech to suppress Covid-related posts they deemed “misinformation.”

Writing for the Western District of Louisiana District Court, Judge Terry A. Doughty denied a request by Psaki to quash a subpoena seeking her deposition in a lawsuit filed by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. In his reasoning, Doughty said that “[p]reparing for and giving a deposition is part of the normal process for every person subpoenaed for a deposition” and that despite Psaki’s contention, it is “not an undue burden.”

Psaki’s request for the Louisiana court to “stay the deposition pending appeal” was also denied, with Doughty reasoning that Psaki and federal defendants did not make a “strong showing” for why their case would likely succeed. (A stay is when a court takes action to halt a judicial proceeding or the actions of a party.)

The ruling came a day after a separate federal judge in Alexandria, Virginia, refused to quash the subpoena and summarily transferred the case back to Louisiana where the lawsuit was filed.

“Ms. Psaki’s effort to eliminate or delay her deposition in this action had failed because of the swift action of two judges in widely dispersed courts, one in Virginia and one in Louisiana, and by the implausibility of her reasons for not testifying as to Federal efforts to censure social media that made quick resolution possible,” said John J. Vecchione, who serves as senior litigation counsel for the New Civil Liberties Alliance (a party in the suit), in a statement.

The Monday ruling from Doughty comes a month after he ordered Psaki, along with other high-profile Biden administration officials such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, to comply with Schmitt and Landry’s investigation.

In the early stages of their lawsuit, the Missouri and Louisiana AGs uncovered a trove of communication records from top-ranking Biden administration officials showing coordination with companies such as Facebook and Twitter to censor Covid-related information that disputed the government’s approach to the virus. In a July 2021 email addressed to U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, for example, a representative from Facebook noted how the company and Biden administration officials had previously met “to better understand the scope of what the White House expects from [Facebook] on misinformation going forward.”

A separate email from later that month also shows the social media platform asking the CDC if the agency would be interested in “doing a monthly [Covid] misinfo/debunking meeting” with Facebook employees, to which an agency official replied, “Yes, we would love to do that.”

Shawn Fleetwood is a Staff Writer for The Federalist and a graduate of the University of Mary Washington. He also serves as a state content writer for Convention of States Action and his work has been featured in numerous outlets, including RealClearPolitics, RealClearHealth, and Conservative Review. Follow him on Twitter @ShawnFleetwood


Federal Judge Orders Fauci, White House to Testify on COVID-19 Big Tech Collusion

Federal Judge Orders Fauci, White House to Testify on COVID-19 Big Tech Collusion

Dr. Anthony Fauci and other White House officials must testify under oath in a lawsuit alleging the Biden administration colluded with Facebook and Twitter to suppress free speech regarding coronavirus, a federal court ordered on Friday.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sued the Biden administration in May 2022, arguing that the White House – and especially Fauci as Chief Medical Advisor to the President – were essentially making Facebook and Twitter arms of the Biden administration, suppressing content that criticized lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and related stories.

The case argued that under Norwood v. Harrison and other Supreme Court precedents, government cannot use a private company to do something that the Constitution does not allow the government to do directly.

Missouri and Louisiana argue that the Biden administration is suppressing free speech about coronavirus, and by attempting to do so by colluding with the tech giants, Big Tech became part of the government, and as such they must all abide by the First Amendment.

The case was filed in the Western District of Louisiana to Judge Terry Doughty, an originalist and textualist who was appointed by President Trump. Schmitt and Landry have aggressively pursued both the White House and the Big Tech giants, seeking a preliminary injunction.

On March 21, Judge Doughty granted a request for discovery by Schmitt and Landry, ordering Fauci, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, and others to sit under oath for up to seven hours each, answering potentially hundreds of questions about all internal communications in the Biden administration and the officials’ communications with Facebook and Twitter about COVID-19.

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci removes his protective mask during a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies hearing to examine the proposed budget for fiscal year 2023 for the National Institutes of Health, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on May 17, 2022. (SHAWN THEW/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The case is Missouri ex rel. Schmitt v. Biden, No. 3:22-cv-1213 in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.

Breitbart News senior legal contributor Ken Klukowski is a lawyer who served in the White House and Justice Department.


Cowboy Logic – 09/05/22: Dr. David Martin

Cowboy Logic – 09/05/22: Dr. David Martin

Cowboy Logic Published September 5, 2022

Cowboy Logic – 09/05/22: Dr. David Martin returns to Cowboy Logic to discuss the role insurance underwriters played on September 10, 2001… You read that correctly; September 10, 2001… Shocking!



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