Tomi Lahren Attacked by Online Mob for Reporting the Truth

Tomi Lahren Attacked by Online Mob for Reporting the Truth

tomi lahren twitter feud

Fox News conservative commentator Tomi Lahren triggered an online mob of far-left lunatics Tuesday when she noted on Twitter that, with former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin having been convicted in the death of criminal suspect George Floyd, Black Lives Matter extremists have no reason to riot anymore.

Tomi Lahren triggers Lefties by calling out BLM

“You got your justice so I’d assume there will be peace in Minneapolis tonight? No rioting? No looting? No harassing officers? Is the Foot Locker safe tonight? Should be, right? Justice, right? No need to steal in the name of George Floyd anymore, right?” she tweeted immediately following the reading of Chauvin’s verdict.

Instead of conceding her point, left-wing zealots became enraged and began peppering her with insults and false equivalences.

One angry Lefty, Tony Posnanski, tried to compare the deadly, violent BLM riots of this past year to the Jan. 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Others became fixated on her use of the words “your justice.” According to them, it’s mandatory that everybody agree with the verdict in the Chauvin case.

To be clear, the Trump-supporting rioters at the Jan. 6th riot killed nobody, not even deceased U.S. Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick. BLM riots have, meanwhile, led to the deaths of dozens of people, including teens.

Conservatives under attack in America

Also, the entire Democrat Party not only showered BLM extremists with praise and support last summer, even as the extremists burned down whole city blocks, but also raised money to bail them out of jail.

Not everybody agrees with the Chauvin verdict. Some feel that the evidence only proved manslaughter, not second-degree and third-degree murder.

For her part, however, Lahren claimed in follow-up tweets that she supports the verdict and that her only point had been that BLM extremists can’t blame any future rioting on Floyd’s death anymore.

“I agree with the verdict of the trial. I don’t agree and haven’t ever agreed or given a pass to lawlessness in the name of George Floyd or anyone else. I also loudly condemned what happened on Jan 6th. I’m consistent. The Left isn’t. BLM isn’t,” Lahren tweeted.

Her soft capitulation to the radicalized mob earned her no kudos. Instead the mob continued to accuse her of being a racist and continued to make false equivalences between the catastrophically damaging actions of BLM rioters and the actions of the Jan. 6th rioters. There appears to be no reasoning with BLM extremists.


National Guard Shooter Wasn’t White…Weird

National Guard Shooter Wasn’t White…Weird

A 28-year-old man is facing a federal weapons charge in connection to the shots fired at National Guard members in Minneapolis early Sunday morning. Acting U.S. Attorney W. Anders Folk on Monday announced the criminal complaint charging Andrew Thomas with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

BLM thug shoots at National Guard in Minneapolis

Thomas was arrested later Sunday night after police spotted a vehicle that matched the one from the incident near 6th Street South and Cedar Avenue. Squads followed the vehicle and made a felony stop on Bloomington Avenue South where Thomas complied with commands and was taken into custody. A juvenile was also in the vehicle with Thomas.

According to the criminal complaint, the shots-fired incident happened Sunday around 4:20 a.m. near West Broadway Avenue and Penn Avenue North in Minneapolis. National Guard members along with police officers were stationed at the location for a neighborhood security detail as part of Operation Safety Net, in preparation for possible disturbances related to the Derek Chauvin trial.

The charges say that multiple shots were fired from a light-colored SUV at the law enforcement team. One bullet went through the windshield of the vehicle, which held four guardsmen. Two soldiers suffered minor injuries and one of them was treated at a hospital for injuries from shattered glass. Police chased after the suspect vehicle but lost sight of it as it fled toward Robbinsdale.

national guard shooting minneapolis

Democrats cheer on BLM riots

The juvenile detained with Thomas at the felony stop on Sunday night told officers that Thomas had a gun in the car. A search warrant was obtained, and a search of the vehicle ultimately turned up two firearms — a 9mm semi-automatic pistol and a .22 revolver with an obliterated serial number, as well as ammunition, discharged casings and suspected narcotics.

The 9mm pistol found in the vehicle was later test-fired by authorities. A ballistics analysis was done on the discharged casings comparing them to the casings found in Thomas’ vehicle and at the scene of the shots fired at the National Guard. Preliminary tests indicated that all discharged casings were fired from the same gun.

Thomas, whose Hennepin County booking following his arrest listed his residence as Chicago, Illinois, has a 2017 Minnesota felony conviction for third-degree assault, which makes him ineligible to possess firearms or ammunition.

Thomas made his initial appearance in federal court on Tuesday morning and is currently being held in Sherburne County Jail.



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