Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Legalizing Human Composting in California

Gateway Pundit | By Cristina Laila Published September 22, 2022 at 11:15am

Meanwhile in the Democrat hellhole of California…

Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill this week legalizing human composting.

Starting in 2027, human composting will be available as a new burial method in California.

The bill was introduced by Democrat assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens).

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Garcia actually argued that cremation is bad for the environment because there is a lot of carbon emissions.

“When we have a coffin and we put that into the ground, there’s a lot of chemicals that get leaked into the ground and often times it ends up in our water,” Cristina Garcia told KABC. “When we do cremation there’s a lot of carbon emissions.”

The California Catholic Conference objected and said human composting creates an “unfortunate spiritual, emotional, and psychological distancing from the deceased.” Kathleen Domingo, executive director of the California Catholic Conference said, adding, the process “reduces the human body to simply a disposable commodity.”

ABC 7 reported:

Starting in 2027, a different burial method will be available for Californians after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that allows human composting.

AB 351, introduced by Assemblymember Cristina Garcia (D-Bell Gardens), allows for the method in which human remains naturally decompose over a 30-to-45-day period and are turned into a soil. That human-composted soil can then be returned to the deceased’s family or donated to conservation land.

Supporters say it’s an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional end-of-life options.

California will join four other states in the country – Washington, Colorado, Oregon and Vermont – in allowing human composting.

Micah Truman, CEO of Return Home in Washington, said human composting is an eco-friendly option.

“One cremation takes about 30 gallons of fuel to complete and blows 530 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere,” Truman said.

He said human remains are placed in a vessel where the body is transformed into soil in 60 days.

“When it’s done we have soil that we give back to the family. The family can put it anywhere they want. The rules are identical to that of cremated remains,” Truman said.

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Biden’s Green Envoy John Kerry Praises China’s ENVIRONMENT Progress

Biden’s Green Envoy John Kerry Praises China’s ENVIRONMENT Progress

Biden’s Green Envoy John Kerry Praises China’s Climate Progress

Despite Beijing’s Coal Boom


President Joe Biden’s Climate Envoy John Kerry praised China for going beyond its commitments to combat climate change in an interview with the Financial Times released on Tuesday despite the country’s ramping up of coal usage to achieve energy security.

China has “outperformed its commitments” to curb carbon emissions and embrace renewable energy, Kerry told the FT. At the same time, Beijing is currently constructing new emissions-heavy coal power plants and has indicated that it will increase its coal consumption for several years as it works to fuel its economy and avoid blackouts, according to a July Greenpeace report.

Although Chinese President Xi Jinping announced plans to roll back China’s coal consumption in April 2021, Chinese provincial governments approved plans to add a total of 8.63 gigawatts (GW) of new coal power plants in the first quarter of 2022 alone, equal to 46.55% of the total capacity approved in 2021, according to the report.


A view of the Wujing coal-electricity power station is seen across the Huangpu River in the Minhang district of Shanghai on August 22, 2022. (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images)


China’s domestic coal mining is nearing record levels and its imports of coal from Russia reached a new high last month, according to The New York Times.

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Header feauted image (edited) credit: Kerry/Getty Images

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Studies Show The Electric Vehicles Democrats Insist You Buy Are Worse For The Environment And Lower Quality

Studies Show The Electric Vehicles Democrats Insist You Buy Are Worse For The Environment And Lower Quality

Many people believe electric vehicles are higher quality than gas-powered vehicles and are emissions-free, which makes them much better for the environment. But two recent studies have shown that electric cars have more quality issues than gas-powered ones and are not better for the environment. 

J.D. Power has produced the annual U.S. Initial Quality Study for 36 years, which measures the quality of new vehicles based on feedback from owners. The most recent study, which included Tesla in its industry calculation for the first time, found that battery-electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles have more quality issues than gas-powered ones.

According to J.D. Power, owners of electric or hybrid vehicles cite more problems than do owners of gas-powered vehicles. The latter vehicles average 175 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), hybrids average 239 PP100, and battery-powered cars — excluding Tesla models — average 240 PP100. Tesla models average 226 PP100. Given the average cost of an electric car is roughly $60,000, about $20,000 more than the cost of a gas-powered car, it seems owners of EVs didn’t get the value they deserve.

Some blamed the supply-chain disruptions caused by pandemic-related lockdowns as the main reason for EVs’ quality issues. EV makers have sought alternative (sometimes less optimal) solutions to manufacture new vehicles. But the same supply-chain disruption affected makers of gas-powered vehicles. Yet the three highest-ranking brands, measured by overall initial quality, are all makers of gas-powered vehicles: Buick (139 PP100), Dodge (143 PP100), and Chevrolet (147 PP100).

Some pointed to the design as a main contributing factor to EVs’ quality issues. According to David Amodeo, global director of automotive at J.D. Power, automakers view EVs as “the vehicle that will transform us into the era of the smart cars,” so they have loaded up EVs with technologies such as touch screens, Bluetooth, and voice recognition. EV makers also prefer to use manufacturer-designed apps to “control certain functions of the car, from locking and unlocking the doors remotely to monitoring battery charge.” Increasing technical complexity also increases the likelihood of problems. Not surprisingly, EV owners reported more infotainment and connectivity issues in their vehicles than owners of gas-powered vehicles. Amodeo acknowledged that “there’s a lot of room for improvement” for EVs. 

Electric Vehicles Are Worse for the Environment

Besides quality issues, a new study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that electric vehicles are worse for the environment than gas-powered ones. By quantifying the externalities (both greenhouse gases and local air pollution) generated by driving these vehicles, the government subsidies on the purchase of EVs, and taxes on electric and/or gasoline miles, researchers found that “electric vehicles generate a negative environmental benefit of about -0.5 cents per mile relative to comparable gasoline vehicles (-1.5 cents per mile for vehicles driven outside metropolitan areas).”

Researchers specifically pointed out that despite being treated by regulators as “zero emission vehicles,” electric cars are not emissions-free. Charging an EV increases electricity demand. Renewal resources supply only 20 percent of the country’s electricity needs. The remaining 80 percent were generated by fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, despite billions of dollars in green subsidies.

“The comparison between a gasoline vehicle and an electric one is really a comparison between burning gasoline or a mix of coal and natural gas to move the vehicle,” according to The American Economic Review.

Batteries Create Pollution

NBER’s study doesn’t cover all the reasons that EVs are worse for the environment than gas-powered cars. For instance, most of today’s EVs are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Due to heavy government subsidies, China dominates the global production of lithium-ion batteries and their precursor materials, especially graphite. China’s graphite production has notoriously contributed to significant pollution in the country. 

Pollution can come “from graphite dust in the air, which is damaging whether inhaled or brought down to the earth in the rain,” a Bloomberg report found. More pollution results from the hydrochloric acid used to process mined graphite into a usable form. Hydrochloric acid is highly corrosive and can cause great environmental damage if leaked into groundwater or streams. China’s Shandong province, which is responsible for 10 percent of global graphite supply, had to suspend some of its production capacity due to environmental damages. But the growing demand in the west for EVs means such suspensions will only be temporary.

A typical electric car needs 110 pounds of graphite, and a hybrid vehicle needs around 22 pounds. Ironically, the U.S. government’s EV subsidies end up subsidizing China’s highly polluted production. So if you think you are doing your part of saving the planet by driving an EV, think twice. We also know from past experiences that pollution in China ends up harming the rest of the world. 

Compelling Americans to switch from gas-powered cars and trucks to electric ones has been crucial to President Joe Biden’s plan to fight climate change. He signed an executive order last year to have electric vehicles make up half of new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. by 2030. These recent studies show that Biden’s plan will result in Americans spending more money on vehicles of inferior quality while having little effect on climate change. More importantly, his plan will enrich the Chinese Community Party at the expense of the environment and U.S. taxpayers.  


Energy Crisis: EU Passes Carbon Emissions Bill that will Result in ‘Poverty for Generations’

Energy Crisis: EU Passes Carbon Emissions Bill that will Result in ‘Poverty for Generations’

Despite the fact the bloc is wrestling with a crippling energy crisis, the EU has passed legislation putting further curbs on carbon emissions.

Having initially failed to pass the European parliament two weeks ago in part thanks to Conservative and Populist politicians voting against the measure, the EU has now managed to push through a further climate crazy clampdown on carbon emissions.

Being implemented despite the fact that many nations within the union are experiencing a crippling energy crisis, the move has been described by one MEP as condemning the EU to generations of poverty.

Part of the bloc’s “Fit for 55” plan to cut union-wide emissions by 55 per cent, the initially rejected measures passed on Wednesday significantly expand the EU’s regime of carbon trading, something critics claim will result in higher costs for both individuals and businesses.

“By passing the Fit for 55 legislation, the European Parliament has condemned the European Union to have no future and its citizens to poverty for generations to come,” Cristian Terhes MEP told Breitbart Europe shortly after parliament voted to implement the once rejected measures.

“This legislation is part of the “ambitious” plan of Ursula von der Leyen to change the behaviour of Europeans through higher taxes and prices, as well as more restrictions,” the Romanian conservative continued. “Not only will this legislation will make the EU less attractive for businesses, but it will also push current businesses to escape the EU.”

“People will be left with less jobs, less opportunities and will barely make ends meet from one month to another,” Terhes went on to say, adding that those within the bloc were already feeling the costs of the EU’s ‘utopian dreams’.

The European Union’s expansion of its carbon trading system — along with a host of other measures put through as part of the Fit for 55 plan this month — come as many of its member states resort to burning high carbon-emitting fuels to help fend off the ongoing energy crisis sparked in part by the war in Ukraine.

Germany, for example, has had to resort to burning more coal to keep the lights on after Moscow dramatically reduced the amount of gas it was supplying the country with, with ministers now announcing that the country is in the midst of a “gas crisis” as a result.

Meanwhile, Italy has attempted to significantly cut down on its energy usage by rationing the use of air conditioning in public buildings, mandating that government offices and schools can only be cooled to a maximum of  25 degrees celsius (77°F) during the summer months.

How the EU’s relentless pursuit of lower carbon emissions will play into epidemic energy insecurity spreading through the bloc has yet to be seen, but Cristian Terhes is adamant that individual voters need to act so as to resist the actions of the European Commission.

“It is time for people across [the] EU to get ready to elect to the European Parliament representatives who use common sense, reason and facts when passing laws, not nonfactual and utopian ideologies, which are disregarding their rights and condemning them to poverty,” the European Conservatives and Reformists Group concluded.

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Army Unveils Strategy to Deal with ‘Global Disruptions’ from ‘Climate Change’

Army Unveils Strategy to Deal with ‘Global Disruptions’ from ‘Climate Change’

The United States Army published a report online earlier this week detailing how the military branch will deal with “global disruptions” from so-called climate change, which it claims “endangers national and economic security.”

The report describes climate change as “variations in average weather conditions that persist over multiple decades or longer that encompass increases and decreases in temperature, shifts in precipitation, and changing risk of certain types of severe weather events.”

The report says that it will mitigate climate change with “measures to reduce the amount and speed of future climate change by reducing emissions of heat-trapping gases or removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.”

“The time to address climate change is now,” Secretary of the Army Christine Wormuth wrote in the introduction of the report. “The effects of climate change have taken a toll on supply chains, damaged our infrastructure, and increased risks to Army Soldiers and families due to natural disasters and extreme weather.” She went on:

The Army must adapt across our entire enterprise and purposefully pursue greenhouse gas mitigation strategies to reduce climate risks. If we do not take action now, across our installations, acquisition and logistics, and training, our options to mitigate these risks will become more constrained with each passing year.

The report claims that armed conflict will increase as temperatures rise and people compete for resources.

“The risk will rise even more where climate effects compound social instability, reduce access to basic necessities, undermine fragile governments and economies, damage vital infrastructure and lower agricultural production,” the report states.

The Army plan also calls for “greening” Army operations, according to a Yahoo News report:

Part of the Army plan includes making all military installations more self-sufficient in terms of energy and water needs, but it also calls for a sweeping transformation to sources of clean energy, switching to an all-electric fleet of noncombat vehicles by 2035 and for the development of electric combat vehicles by 2050.

A list of “immediate objectives” contained in the report lists priorities such as providing “100 percent carbon-pollution-free electricity for Army installations’ needs by 2030,” and achieving a “50 percent reduction in [greenhouse gas] emissions from all Army buildings by 2032.”

The Army’s new report comes on the heels of the October release of the Department of Defense Climate Risk Analysis. In the foreword to that report, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin called climate change an “existential threat.”

“Climate change touches most of what this department does, and this threat will continue to have worsening implications for U.S. national security,” Austin wrote.

But some Republicans think the plan is another left-wing social experiment using the men and women tasked with protecting Americans from real threats.

“First, the Biden administration used troops as critical race theory lab rats,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) told CQ Roll Call. “Now President Biden wants to turn the Army into a climate change task force,” Cotton said. “Time and money spent indulging Democrats’ political goals is time and money lost in the fight against America’s enemies — and our enemies know it.”

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Global Economic Chaos? BlackRock and Citi Get on Board the “Climate Train”

Global Economic Chaos? BlackRock and Citi Get on Board the “Climate Train”

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There are some things that bring joy to my soul. My pleasures are simple ones. Peanut butter on toast (the food of gods), witnessing Macron getting a slap, and this…

The awesome thing here is that what is taking place is that our competition on bidding for coal assets has disappeared in a cloud of woke smoke.

This will quickly become geopolitical, and the question is this: can BlackRock, Citi, Prudential, HSBC, and their other woke mates decide the fate of nations?

They are already affecting the fate of nations. Witness Canada and all of Western Europe.

I found a live shot of their respective energy policies:

But will they do the same to China? Will they do the same to Russia?

The answer to that will only be fully revealed in the due course of time, but we don’t really need any crystal balls here as we just watch actions, not words.

“China put 38.4 gigawatts (GW) of new coal-fired power capacity into operation in 2020, according to new international research, more than three times the amount built elsewhere around the world and potentially undermining its short-term climate goals.”

Nearly all of the 60 new coal plants planned across Eurasia, South America and Africa — 70 gigawatts of coal power in all — are financed almost exclusively by Chinese banks”

We see all of this on the ground, and while it is taking place, formerly reputable media outlets such as the FT, Reuters, and Bloomberg tell us that: “China’s belt and road initiative creates a problem for China with respect to their climate goals.”


There is no conflict or problem. Let me explain. Here is what is transpiring. They will keep paying lip service to the woke ideology while capturing the bulk of the energy market, and by the time we all wake up, they’ll control the world’s energy and logistics chains. And once they’ve done that, they’ll be able to control the reserve currency and once they’ve done that… well, they will be the dominant power. Game over. At this rate they’ll get there in a frighteningly rapid period of time. No more than a couple of decades.


Source: International Man

Every week I find myself saying to myself “I just can’t believe this sh**t I am reading.” It is the same old story. The West see themselves as above the East and that the West (North America and Europe) can dictate to the rest of the world what they must do.

From the BlackRock article:

“BlackRock Inc. and other major financial institutions are working on plans to accelerate the closure of coal-fired power plants in Asia in a bid to phase out the use of the worst man-made contributors to climate change.

“The world cannot possibly hit the Paris climate targets unless we accelerate the retirement and replacement of existing coal-fired electricity,” Don Kanak, chairman of Prudential’s insurance growth markets division, said in a statement. “This is especially in Asia where existing coal fleets are big and young and will otherwise operate for decades.””

So shut down coal fired power stations, and pray tell, what are you going to replace them with? How will this affect their standards of living?

Let’s put some numbers behind this to understand probabilities. China has a massive industrial sector. So massive it currently consumes 4x more primary energy than its transport sector and more primary energy than all of the US and European industrial sectors COMBINED. So, it’s big.

Will the CCP willingly negatively impact this sector whereby it threatens China’s growing lead in the global economy and, hence increasing global political influence? I’ll let you be the decider.

In contrast to the US, China uses 10x more coal than natural gas. In 2020, China built over 3x as much new coal capacity as all other countries combined, equal to one large coal plant PER WEEK. In fact, in 2020 alone China’s fleet of coal fired power plants was expanded by a net 29.8 GW.

Think that’s a lot? In 2020 they commissioned 73.5 GW of new coal plant proposals, which is over 5x that of the rest of the entire world combined.

Editor’s Note: The 2020s will likely to be an increasingly volatile decade. More governments are putting their money printing on overdrive. Negative interests are becoming the rule instead of the exception to it.

One thing is for sure, there will be a great deal of change taking place in the years ahead.

That’s precisely why legendary speculator Doug Casey and his team released an urgent new report titled Doug Casey’s Top 7 Predictions.


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Leftists Love The Pandemic And Want You To Learn To Love It, Too

Leftists Love The Pandemic And Want You To Learn To Love It, Too

Getting through the pandemic would mean going back to normal, which is something Democrats and the media only sometimes pretend to wish for. Most of the time, though, they’re practically cheering on the new coronavirus.

More spread means more mandates and there’s nothing liberals love more than a good government mandate (except calling white people “racist,” their first love).

And this is why the New York Times opinion page has become the place for a steady stream of peppy pieces on how great masks, restrictions and higher prices really are.

To wit, the paper ran a column on Wednesday looking at all the upsides of making children cover half their faces in schools. “Wearing a mask can also help teach children to pay more attention to their own bodies and physical behaviors,” wrote Judith Danovitch, a professor at the University of Louisville “Keeping a mask on over the course of a school day involves the kind of self-control and self-regulation that many children find challenging. Younger children must inhibit the urge to pull off their mask, and older children must be mindful of when their mask is slipping down or when it’s OK to take it off.”

See that, moms and dads? It’s not just a mask. It’s an educational tool!

Last week the Times ran a separate piece authored by a restaurant owner actually encouraging people to eat out less and at the same time, welcome higher menu prices. “Adjusting to the price of better work cultures will be difficult for many,” wrote Peter Hoffman. “But dining out less isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Treating a restaurant meal as a special occasion rather than a frequent convenience may represent a quality of life improvement for all.”

The pandemic has become a religion for these people. Hoffman owns his own fine eateries where he could very easily raise menu prices and begin a “quality of life improvement for all” of his own staff. But that’s not enough. He wants to make converts out of everyone else.

Hoffman’s reasoning is that restaurants are often less-than-ideal places to work. That’s probably true. So are landfills. But what does it have to do with me or anyone else who enjoys frequently dining out?

Well it’s a pandemic! Didn’t you like it when restaurants tacked on special COVID fees, forced you to eat outside, or only served pick-up orders? That was a quality of life improvement for all!

It’s been obvious for a long time that Democrats and the media were enjoying the pandemic. It ensured that people stayed home and relied on a government check. That’s the stuff their dreams are made of. Lockdowns mean more welfare, and more importantly, less energy consumption. That’s better for the planet which they believe is far more important than your hopes to see friends, family, and places that aren’t within walking distance.

Professional nag Farhad Manjoo of the Times wrote last month that even as it became safer to resume normal air travel, thanks to vaccine distribution, maybe you’d better not. “Sure, there’s something magical about meeting face to face, but in an age of pretty good videoconferencing, there isn’t magic enough to justify the extreme environmental costs of routine flight,” he said. “But flying is so carbon intensive — your share of the emissions from a single round-trip trans-Atlantic flight are almost enough to wipe out the gains you might get from living car-free for a year — that it’s worth considering limiting leisure plane trips, too.”

The phrase “it’s worth considering” is liberal speak for, “Do it, moron.”

Democrats will occasionally say something about going back to “normal” but that’s not really what they want. They’re enjoying this too much.


‘Infrastructure’ Bill Caters to ‘Climate Change’ with State-Mandated Carbon Reduction Programs

‘Infrastructure’ Bill Caters to ‘Climate Change’ with State-Mandated Carbon Reduction Programs

Obscured in more than 2,700 pages of the U.S. Senate’s so-called bipartisan “infrastructure” bill is a plan for state-mandated carbon reduction programs.

The text, which Breitbart News exclusively obtained from U.S. Senate sources not authorized to leak it, details how the federal government would mandate states to craft “Green New Deal”-style programs in partnership with local metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to fight “climate change.”

“A state, in consultation with any metropolitan planning organization designated within the state, shall develop a carbon reduction strategy,” according to the text, which is also in the officially released version of the bill. [Emphasis added]

The federal government oversees metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), which are designated by agreement between the governor and local governments and represent localities in all urbanized areas (UZAs) with populations over 50,000, as determined by the U.S. Census, according to the Federal Transit Administration. There are at least 420 MPOs in the United States, the National Association of Regional Councils estimated.

No later than two years after the bill’s enactment, states would have to present their carbon reduction programs for approval to the secretary of transportation. The proposed strategies must meet several requirements to be considered “green” enough.

Requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Reducing traffic congestion by disincentivizing single-occupant vehicle trips and facilitating “the use of alternatives” like public transportation, shared or pooled vehicle trips, “pedestrian facilities,” and “bicycle facilities” within the state.
  • Facilitating the use of vehicles or modes of travel that result in “lower transportation emissions per person-mile traveled as compared to existing vehicles.”
  • Incentivizing the construction of vehicles that emit less carbon.

States, at their “discretion,” would also be required to come up with a way to keep track of total carbon emissions from the production, transport, and use of materials used in the construction of transportation facilities within their states.

The secretary of transportation has the power to reject states’ proposed strategies if the plans do not meet the laid out requirements and are therefore deemed “not green enough.” The secretary can also assist with strategy development upon state request.

Sources familiar with the drafting of the text of this bill told Breitbart News it was being written in secret for months outside the normal legislative process, which is supposed to happen in relevant committees of jurisdiction. These sources made the unauthorized leak of the draft text to Breitbart News out of concern that the murky and secretive process behind this bill may have led to widespread corruption throughout its nearly three thousand pages, Breitbart News reported.

Senate proponents of the proposal released the final text of the legislation late Sunday evening after Breitbart News published the leaked draft, and the final bill text is almost exactly the same as the near-final draft provided to Breitbart News as an unauthorized leak from Congress earlier in the evening. The final bill is only one page longer at 2,702 pages.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she will not bring the bipartisan bill for a vote unless it also comes with the $3.5 trillion reconciliation infrastructure bill.



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