Biden Harris Campaign Goes Full on Extreme With New Video to Harvest Black Votes

Biden Harris Campaign ad video harvest black votes

Three weeks out from the election, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris have found a new way to pander for black votes. Instead of proposing plans to help black people, they chose to use rap music to try and harvest black votes.

Biden and Harris have joined forces with the Ultimate Rap League (URL) to push the importance of voting.

On October 13, the Biden-Harris campaign revealed the Ultimate Rap League Biden Get Out the Vote Battle Rap, which featured veteran MCs DNA and Charlie Clips. In the four minute campaign ad, the two artists rap about why it’s so important to vote in November. The video features DNA playing the part of a friend teaching Charlie Clips the importance of voting.

“So, when you tell me to go and vote, go and vote/Well, the reason why it’s such a hard one/’Cause how we expect our people to get jobs and the president can’t even get the job done,” Charlie Clips raps during the campaign ad.

The beginning of the ad takes place on a basketball court, but later transitions to the men standing in front of the White House.

“So, you think because you brought me here that I’m just supposed to confide in Biden?/What about the innocent Blacks that get snatched out of their car just for riding?/We don’t even ask for much/All we do is ask for respect/Before they did what they did to George Floyd/This country had they foot on our necks/Now, do you understand why I’m upset?” Clips raps.

“I feel you/’Cause every time we throw the system a uppercut, all they give us in return is low blows/But Biden and Harris got a plan to outlaw the chokehold/It’s inspiring/Donald Trump is The Apprentice/But now it’s our turn to do the firing,” DNA responds.

DNA, when speaking about his decision to participate in the campaign ad, states: “For me, I felt like it would be not only a positive thing, but also an impactful thing to use my talent and my words for a great cause, which is having everybody vote. Especially in these times with the president that we have right now…and everything that’s happening in 2020.”

Director of Strategic Communications for Biden for President Kamau Marshall said in a statement, “Our collaboration with the Ultimate Rap League is an example of how our campaign is taking innovative approaches to engage the diverse communities across the United States. These artists are influencers within their respective communities, and we’re thrilled to showcase their artistry while delivering a key message to voters about how a Biden-Harris administration would advance Black America.”

Here’s the pandering, cringe-inducing video:

[embedded content]


EXPLAIN? Graham says during forum ‘African Americans & immigrants’ can go anywhere in SC, as long as they’re conservative

October 10, 2020

Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham is one of the funniest lawmakers I’ve met and very politically savvy. But his statements during a candidates forum Friday night were downright weird and just the opposite of being politically savvy.

Graham should explain. Was he just being funny? Maybe, but it didn’t come across that way and is trending pretty seriously across social media all Saturday.

He said during the Friday forum after being asked about what he would do to quell the civil unrest that African-Americans and immigrants “can go anywhere in this state” as long as they are “conservative, not liberal.”

Friday nights forum was in lieu of the debate that was supposed to take place that night against his opponent for the South Carolina Senate seat Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison, who is black.

I seriously didn’t believe the clip at first because I’ve never heard the Senator say such a thing. An email was sent to see if there is a response to this statement. I will update the story with any response given from the Senator or his team.

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Flashback: CNN’s Don Lemon Asks If Kamala Harris Is ‘African American’

Former Vice President Joe Biden selected Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) as his running mate on Tuesday, reigniting public debate over her ethnicity.

The Democratic National Committee called her “Black” and “Asian American.” But it also called her “African American.”

Harris was born in California to a Jamaican father and an Indian American mother. She was raised in Berkeley, California, and moved to Canada when she was twelve.

She has characterized herself as “from Oakland,” a city with a large African American population, since she was born in the Kaiser Hospital in Oakland. But she has also characterized herself as Asian American and South Asian American.

While many Democrats and Harris’s supporters lashed out at those questioning whether Harris was “African American,” CNN host Don Lemon posed the question himself last year.

In February 2019, Lemon was debating April Ryan, CNN political analyst and White House reporter for American Urban Radio Networks, on whether Harris was “African American.” Lemon said:

The people who are saying, ‘Is she Black enough?’ That’s bull, that’s B.S. But to want a distinction to say, ‘Is she African American? Or is she Black or is she — whatever. What’s — there is nothing wrong with that. There is a difference between African American and being Black.

Lemon went on: “Latino people are people of color, but they’re not Black. They’re Brown people. OK?”

Ryan protested: “She is a Black woman.”

Lemon responded, “I agree with that. But is she African-American?”

He added, “There is a difference. There is nothing wrong with that. No one is trying to take anything away from her… . All she had to do was say, ‘I am Black but I’m not African American.”

Ryan then argued, “Many Africans landed in Jamaica and all these other places.”

Lemon responded, “Jamaica is not America. Jamaica did not come out of Jim Crow. I’m just saying.”

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