Tucker Carlson Discusses Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, Almost Certainly a U.S. Covert Action Against Russia

Tucker Carlson Discusses Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage, Almost Certainly a U.S. Covert Action Against Russia

Tucker Carlson accurately outlined the most likely suspect of the sabotage against Russia’s Nord Stream I and II pipeline today.  When you consider the media blitz by Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, last weekend (ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS); specifically pointing out the U.S. position against Russia; it is almost a certainty that U.S. action was behind the underwater detonation of explosives to take out Nord Stream pipeline system.  WATCH:



Tucker Carlson Notes the Era of Great Pretending, and Why Truth Teller Giorgia Meloni Won Election in Italy

Tucker Carlson used his opening monologue tonight to discuss the era of The Great Pretending, the disconnect between the ideology driven goals of the politicians and the people they are supposed to represent.

Using Giorgia Meloni as an example of a person who refused to play the pretending game, Carlson notes how Meloni won an easy victory by speaking plain truth to the Italian electorate.  WATCH:



Sunday Talks, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan States the U.S. Will Never Relinquish Control of Ukraine as a Proxy State

Sunday Talks, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan States the U.S. Will Never Relinquish Control of Ukraine as a Proxy State

Appearing on CBS Face the Nation today, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan proudly boasted of the $15 billion in weapons the U.S. has shipped into Ukraine, while restating the official position of the Biden administration that the U.S. will never permit Russia to hold the eastern part of our proxy state.

Ukraine is to the United States as North Korea is to China. WATCH:

[Transcript] – MARGARET BRENNAN: We turn now to White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. Good morning to you, Jake. Thank you for joining us.


MARGARET BRENNAN: President Zelenskyy told us that if this annexation happens, it will make diplomatic talks with Vladimir Putin impossible. They need artillery in Ukraine, he says, more air defense systems and tanks. Will they get it? And how significant of an escalation is this?

SULLIVAN: Well, Margaret, not only will they get it, but they’ve been getting it. The United States at this point alone has provided more than $15 billion in weapons, and that’s included air defense systems, hundreds of artillery pieces, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of rounds of artillery. And we facilitated the transfer of tanks from NATO allies who have the Soviet era tanks that the Ukrainians have trained on, we will continue to do all of that. As President Biden made clear on Friday, nothing that Russia has done with this mobilization of troops, with the sham referenda in the occupied regions, is going to deter us from providing Ukraine with the necessary means and technologies they need to defend themselves. And what Putin has done is not exactly a sign of strength or confidence, frankly, it’s a sign that they’re struggling badly on the Russian side. And we’re going to help the Ukrainians be able to take advantage of the gains they’ve made, and to continue to push back against the Russian forces that are brutally occupying portions of their country.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Yesterday, Putin replaced one of the top logistics generals with a man who’s known as “the Butcher of Mariupol.” Are we seeing the beginning of the collapse of the Russian army?

SULLIVAN: I think it’s too soon to make comprehensive predictions like that. I think what we are seeing are signs of unbelievable struggle among the Russians, you’ve got low morale, where the soldiers don’t want to fight. And who can blame them because they want no part of Putin’s war of conquest in their neighboring country. You’ve got Russia having depleted its stores of prec- precision guided munitions. You’ve got Russia disorganized and losing territory, to a capable Ukrainian force. And you’ve got a huge amount of infighting among the Russian military leadership, and now the blame game has started to include these replacements. So Russia is struggling, but Russia still remains a dangerous foe, and capable of great brutality, as we’ve seen with these mass graves outside of Izium. So we continue to take that threat seriously. And we continue to see our obligation, being providing Ukraine all that it needs to be able to effectively defend itself and defend its country and defend its freedom. That’s what we’re intent on doing. And we are not taking our eye off the ball.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Vladimir Putin will carry out this annexation of eastern Ukraine within the next few days. If Russia is expanding its nuclear umbrella over this part of the country. Does that put the US in more direct conflict with Russia? And does a nuclear weapon being used there, p-put Russia in conflict directly with the US and NATO?

SULLIVAN: We have been crystal clear up to and including President Biden that we will not recognize the sham referenda, they in no way represent the will of the Ukrainian people. And we will treat this territory for what it is – Ukrainian territory, not Russian territory. And we will continue to support the Ukrainians as they seek to deoccupy this territory. So we’ve been clear, we’re not going to stop or slow down our support to the Ukrainians, no matter what Putin tries to do with these-these fake elections and fake referenda and annexation. Now, when it comes to the question of nuclear use, President Putin’s been waving around the nuclear card at various points through this conflict the last few days are not the first time–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –But he hasn’t been as cornered as he is now.

SULLIVAN: It’s true, and it is a matter that we have to take deadly seriously because it is a matter of paramount seriousness – the possible use of nuclear weapons for the first time since the Second World War. We have communicated directly, privately, at very high levels to the Kremlin, that any use of nuclear weapons will be met with catastrophic consequences for Russia, that the United States in our allies will respond decisively. And we have been clear and specific about what that will entail. We have, in public, been equally clear, as a matter of principle, that the United States will respond decisively if Russia uses nuclear weapons and that we will continue to support Ukraine in its efforts to defend its country and defend its democracy.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Russia has been talking about this nuclear power plant rather than nuclear weapons just for the past 24 hours. Where does that fall? Is this an escalating threat?

SULLIVAN: So, for your viewers, there is a nuclear power plant that is in Russian occupied portions of Ukraine. It has been put into cold shutdown to make it less likely that there’s some kind of catastrophic incident at the plant. It is actually still being operated by the Ukrainian operators who are essentially at gunpoint from the Russian occupying forces. And the Russians have been consistently implying that there may be some kind of accident at this plant. We’ve been working with the International Atomic Energy Agency and with Ukrainian energy regulators to try to make sure that there is no threat posed by a meltdown or something else from the plant. We will continue to do that, but it’s something we all have to keep a close eye on.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Jake, you’re a busy man watching the world right now. There’s a lot I want to ask you, but I have to ask you about Iran. And these protests led by women after the death of this 22-year-old woman who didn’t have her hair covered properly in the view of the morality police. She died. How significant is this, and is it making you reassess the offer you put on the table to lift sanctions on Iran in regard to its nuclear program?

SULLIVAN: Well, first, Margaret, the fact that we are in negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program is in no way impacting our willingness and our vehemence in speaking out about what is happening on the streets of Iran. President Biden went to the floor of the UN General Assembly and said that we stand with the brave citizens and the brave women of Iran as they stand for their rights and their dignity. We have in fact taken tangible steps to sanction those morality police –



SULLIVAN: – who caused the death of Mahsa Amini. We’ve taken steps to make it easier for Iranians to be able to get access to the internet and access to communications technologies that will allow them to talk to one another and to talk to the world. So, from our perspective, we will do all that we can to support the brave people the brave women of Iran –


MARGARET BRENNAN: – I was asking you, though, about the offer to lift sanctions off of Iran in regard to its nuclear program, because that would allow for the regime to have a financial lifeline.

SULLIVAN: Well, I think it’s important for everyone to understand that at the height of the Cold War, as Ronald Reagan was calling the Soviet Union “the evil empire” –


MARGARET BRENNAN: Right. Arms control.

SULLIVAN: – he was also negotiating an arms control with Russia. So that’s– that is what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about diplomacy to prevent Iran from ever getting a nuclear weapon. If we can succeed in that effort, and we are determined to succeed in that effort, the world America and our allies will be safer. And that will not stop us in any way from pushing back and speaking out on Iran’s brutal repression of its citizens and its women. We can and will do both.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay, so I understand the offer is still on the table. Strategy hasn’t changed. Jake, thank you very much for your time. We’ll be right back with a lot more Face the Nation. Stay with us.


EU Commissioner Threatens Retaliation Against Italy if Italian Voters Elect the Wrong Political Leaders

EU Commissioner Threatens Retaliation Against Italy if Italian Voters Elect the Wrong Political Leaders

The bizarre part, from the perspective of normal democracy, is the open admission by EU Commissar Ursula von der Leyen that she intends to punish the Italian people if they elect the wrong political leadership to run their country.  Yes, she literally threatened to punish Italy if the voters elect an Italy-first candidate tomorrow.

Having previously sanctioned Hungary and Poland for electing heads of state that are nationalist minded, Ursula von der Leyen warned the Italian people she will take the same action if Italians defy the will of the European Union collective. When asked about EU citizens demanding their elected leaders listen to their specific and unique economic needs, the EU President Stated {Direct Rumble Link}:

“We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction — and I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland — we have the tools.”


The remarks come from Commissar von der Leyen because a rising nationalist star in Italy named Giorgia Meloni is anticipated to win victory.  Meloni is an unapologetic nationalist who believes in Italy-first.  As a result, the EU media consider Meloni an ultra-far-right-wing politician.   However, the scale of public support for Meloni has positioned her to become Italy’s first female prime minister in the election tomorrow.

As noted by Treeper Betsy Jones:

“Italy’s elections are on Sunday. The charismatic Georgia Meloni, a nationalist, is set to be Italy’s first female PM.

But unlike most women in the higher eschelons of power in Europe and elsewhere, she is an Italian for Italians, who have been sold out by her predecessors. She is anti Schwab, anti everything that is happening now which will bring devastation upon every man, woman, and child in Europe. She has made this very plain, which is why the Euro “elites” both hate and fear her.

Today Ursula von der Leyen out and out threatened all of Italy and its voters. She said…

“We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction–I’ve spoken about Hungary and Poland– we have the tools.”

And this is the tyrannical EU. Power mad and vicious. Totally unconcerned about the people under its brutal thumb.

One by one it seems individual countries which have been coerced into joining a godless, foul political union, sold to them as a purely economic one, have regained control of their pride and their senses. All their cultures and histories were essentially eradicated in obeisance to their new masters in Strasbourg and the Hague. I believe these peoples want them returned.

I pray for the Italians, the Poles, and the Hungarians…and any other country in continental Europe which makes it clear that they will not be subsumed into misery, economic catastrophe, or death…simply because von der Leyen, Schwab, Sholz and like monsters tell them they must obey.

What at first seemed like a small hole in the WEF dam with the Dutch farmers now seems to be widening, and relatively quickly, too.

Godspeed to those who have said “Enough! No more!” May it herald better times for them. And us.” (link)




Checkbook Economics, Household Expenses Rise $961 Per Month, $11,532/yr, While Incomes Remain Flat

Checkbook Economics, Household Expenses Rise $961 Per Month, $11,532/yr, While Incomes Remain Flat

With most financial media being intentionally obtuse with the Biden economic impact upon Main Street, it is refreshing to see analysis that cuts to the heart of the matter.  HatTip to ZeroHedge who provides a link to a great article outlining reality for blue and white-collar working families.

The folks at NerdWallet have taken the inflation date from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) and applied the math to real life.  The result is a good encapsulation of checkbook economics and how the Biden economy is painful for the working class.

In total, Joe Biden’s energy policy driven inflation has added $961/month to preexisting expenses.  That’s $11,532 a year just to retain the status quo standard of living.

(NerdWallet) – […] In all of 2020, American households spent $61,300, on average. This number includes everything we spend our money on: housing, food, entertainment, clothing, transportation and everything else. In 2022, it stands to reach $72,900, a difference of more than $11,500 if consumers want to maintain the same standard of living. Keep in mind, this is an average, a number that represents an approximation across all Americans, but one that’s exact to a very few. Those who earn (and therefore spend) more will see more dramatic dollar increases. Those who earn less may see less dramatic dollar jumps, but the impact of these rising prices could be more significantly felt. (read more)

If the average household spent $61,300 and inflation is adding $11,500 to the expense, that means we now have to spend 18.7% more just to maintain the current standard of living.  That average is in line with what we are seeing in the real world.


Letter Surfaces of Obama Foundation Admitting in 2018 They Keep Classified Documents in Unsecured Storage at Furniture Warehouse

Letter Surfaces of Obama Foundation Admitting in 2018 They Keep Classified Documents in Unsecured Storage at Furniture Warehouse

Hoffman Estates” is a previously abandoned Chicago area Sears furniture warehouse.  The Obama Foundation leased, then re-upped the lease, to use the facility to store all the paper documents from the Obama administration {Location Link}.

The Obama administration told the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) they were going to upload the documents into a digital form for use in the Obama library.  The paper documents were, still are, held at the Hoffman Estates warehouse while this digitization process took place.  It should be noted, the Obama Foundation has never digitized the records, hence they renewed the warehouse lease.

Contrast against the DOJ-NSD legal position about classified records held in the secure facility of Mar-a-Lago, a 2018 letter {Obama.org pdf here} from the Obama Foundation to the NARA is an example of the two-tiered selective justice system.  Within the 2018 letter the Obama team admit to storing both “classified and unclassified” documents at the warehouse: [Page #2, bullet-point 7]

[Obama.Org pdf]

Obviously, there were no raids on Hoffman Estates from the FBI to secure the classified documents.  Nor did the DOJ National Security Division trigger a criminal investigation of President Obama for holding documents, particularly classified documents, against the interests of the NARA while they “digitized them;” a process, which again should be noted, never even began.

The intent of sharing this information is just to highlight the political dynamic within the NARA, DOJ and FBI as it pertains to selective enforcement of presidential records.

Once again, to hopefully save the time of responding to DC inquiry, all of this information is open-source discovery.  It exists in the vast space of the internet and this letter itself is found in the archives of the Obama Foundation itself.

This information does not surface as an outcome of any CTH relationship with any entity who is now, or was ever, part of the Trump administration or the Trump legal team. So, save your insufferable subpoenas.

Readers, researchers and news media can do whatever they want with the information provided.  The source citations are provided. Make it your own, or not.


Political Lawfare, New York AG Files Another Frivolous Lawsuit Against Donald Trump and Trump Organization

Political Lawfare, New York AG Files Another Frivolous Lawsuit Against Donald Trump and Trump Organization

The first New York State AG approach was to claim Donald Trump and the Trump organization undervalued their company assets, specifically real-estate assets, in order to avoid income and property tax liabilities.  That didn’t work.  Apparently, they discovered the complex valuation system of finance in real-estate that ebbs and flows as property evaluations rise and fall under market conditions.

Next up, the same New York AG moved to target Donald Trump and the Trump organization for overvaluing their company assets, specifically real-estate assets, in order to gain favorable financial and banking terms.  Thus, the claims today from New York’s political activist Attorney General Letitia James, which will, like all efforts before, eventually fail.

The leftist goal is to continue targeting President Donald Trump through lawfare in order to bleed him out and/or make him go away.  Which really raises an interesting aspect as to the unique nature of Donald J Trump.

What is it about this one man’s outlook that causes such levels of fear and targeting?

The big picture answer is found in the primary Donald Trump objective, “America-First!”

….There are trillions at stake.

[Truth Social Link]


The above meme is very accurate, albeit not specific.   What the Big Club wants is control over everything related to money; as a result, that brings control over all human activity, at least that’s what they believe.

President Trump stands in the way of this larger ideological construct that forms the cornerstone of the Big Club and all the tentacles of politics.  Everything is always about the economics of the thing, even ideology.

Donald J Trump puts the manipulated global financial system, a system based on exploitation of sovereign wealth, at risk.   Donald J Trump opposes the biggest of the big force elements that are aligned against people.  No other person has ever, or would ever, attempt to confront that scale of enemy.

Do you recognize what scale of effort they are willing to exhaust in order to remove the threat Trump represents?

Can you fathom what Machiavellian deployment they would be willing to organize in order to retain the system of controlling western wealth?

Do you realize what personal characteristics a ‘John Galt‘ must possess in order to face that enemy?

Great MAGA King type characteristics.


The Great Pretending – Denial of Truth Allows Easier Trespass

The Great Pretending – Denial of Truth Allows Easier Trespass

I was asked recently, what I considered to be the biggest problem of the current moment, and how would I describe it to my future self.  My response was, we are living in an era of great pretending, and if you elevate yourself and pause its actually quite interesting to watch.

The pretending issue goes beyond politics, it’s everywhere.  Sure, there was always an era where reality was skewed in favor of one position or another by various groups, people and leaders, where denying the obvious was always odd.  However, this current state of our national and international disposition extends far beyond politics into almost everything.

A person would ordinarily expect to see cultural or social pretending as an outcome of political correctness.  Denying the underlying social construct behind the rules of the urban society has been the norm for several years.  However, the pretending has become so pervasive it has recently extended into finance and economics; places where reality -actual outcomes- used to inoculate facts and figures against pretense.

It is no longer uncommon, heck, it’s become almost standard in this new era, to see CEO’s, CFO’s and even entire boards of directors, maintaining a standard of pretense. It is quite weird to see it happening.

Yes, this era -for a host of reasons- has made delusion somewhat of a norm.

In the social sphere, cultural norms now claim men can have babies, people can choose their gender, labels and pronouns, and everyone else bears the responsibility to conform to the delusion.  While goofy, that part is somewhat a weird cultural phenomenon of this western era.   If we were not pretending people like AOC would have no career opportunities.

In the political sphere, the axiom of politics being downstream from pop culture is perhaps the reason the infection of pretense has overwhelmed congress and the professional bureaucracies of government.  The social pretending has metastasized from the federal level to the state level, and now we see efforts to counteract “wokeism” as a social priority for state and local leaders.   It’s weird to see so much time and effort being exhausted on combatting social pretense at every level.

But the more stunning development comes in the sphere of economics, where factual outcomes of transactions are matters of simple accounting.  A ledger of sales and profits would normally dictate whether a business was successful or failing, and in the bigger picture would show empirical evidence of the financial health of the community of customers who purchase goods and services.

Under all common norms of economics, if a business was operating at a higher cost than its income; or if the income was to shift or disappear quickly; people would seek to identify the underlying cause.  However, in this era of great business pretending, an economic mass formation psychosis has led to complete denial of the obvious.

Accepting the state of the Main Street economy as it is – not as we would pretend it to be, CTH shared several months ago that quarterly profits would be far below expectations, and we would see revised projections from just about every business entity who engages in selling durable goods.  People just are not buying stuff because the cost of living and buying energy, food, fuel and shelter, has become extraordinarily difficult.  It isn’t rocket science to connect economic dots.

As expected, at a macro-level, topline sales for businesses have dropped or collapsed.  Inventories of non-essential products are piling up. Consumers are stressed and/or hunkering down, and general economic activity has slowed dramatically.

None of what is happening is surprising.  However, what is surprising is that businesses -while faced with empirical results that describe the situation- would continue pretending.

Yahoo Finance – […] The auto giant Ford warned of a whopping $1 billion profit hit late Monday in the form of higher parts costs, with the company blaming vendor inflation. Ford now sees third-quarter adjusted operating profits in the range of $1.4 billion to $1.7 billion, well below Wall Street estimates for $3 billion.

Somewhat oddly in the face of the major warning, Ford reiterated its full-year operating profit outlook of $11.5 billion to $12.5 billion.

The mood on Wall Street is that Ford’s warning is generally a shocker given relatively upbeat comments on demand and the bottom line when second-quarter earnings hit in late July. Now, the Street is scrambling to mark down profit and valuation estimates on the company.

“Vehicles in transit will be seen as transitory, but surprise inflation is always worrying,” said Evercore ISI analyst Chris McNally in a note to clients, adding that he sees Ford’s stock trading down to about $13 off the quarterly letdown. Citi’s Itay Michaeli also appeared stunned by Ford’s warning. (read more)

The great pretending continues…..



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