Exclusive — Trump: If Elected, ‘I Would Order’ Biden’s Obamacare for Illegal Aliens Scheme ‘Ended’

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana — Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News exclusively that if elected back into the White House he would immediately end current Democrat President Joe Biden’s scheme to give Obamacare to illegal aliens in contravention of a promise former President Barack Obama made.

Biden’s administration, as Breitbart News has reported, has taken steps to via executive action provide access to the Affordable Care Act to illegal aliens in the United States. Obama, when he was president and championing Obamacare’s passage through Congress, pledged that Obamacare would never get approved for illegal aliens—so Biden’s move is a direct betrayal of that promise.

Trump, in his exclusive interview with Breitbart News after his speech Friday night here to the National Rifle Association (NRA) annual gathering, said he thinks that Biden’s efforts will be legally challenged—and will fail. But if somehow Biden were able to get around the courts and get access to Obamacare into the hands of illegal aliens, Trump promised that he would order his cabinet to end it upon retaking the White House.

“He [Obama] said it could never get approved,” Trump said. “They’re doing it differently. I can’t imagine they will be allowed to do that via executive order so I’m certain it will be challenged. But certainly, I would order it ended.”

Trump said giving illegal aliens free healthcare is “not even believable” that this could be happening, and Biden’s policies are encouraging more prospective migrants from around the world to try to get into the United States to take advantage of this nation’s lucrative benefits programs.

“It’s not even believable that this could be happening,” Trump said. “What it’s doing is telling everybody to come to America—‘we’re going to give you free healthcare, we’re going to give you everything.’ It’s crazy what’s going on. People are pouring in by the thousands—they’re coming in the caravans. Tens of thousands of people a day are just pouring into our country. We don’t know anything about these people. Nobody is checking them. Many of them are from mental institutions and prisons.”

Trump added that if these policies that he would end continue that not just South America but other continents would empty their populations into the United States.

“Then on top of it you wonder—gee, let’s keep them away, but when you tell them they get free healthcare, free education, free everything, everyone is going to come,” Trump said. “There won’t be anybody left living in South America. But it’s more than South America. They’re coming from all over the world—Africa, Asia. They’re coming from all over the world and just walking into our country. I know people that are coming into our country and they go through this process of tests and studying—you want to tell them but you don’t tell them this, just go over to the southern border and just walk on in. It’s horrible what’s happening. But when you make that kind of a pledge—Obamacare, or healthcare, for people—you’re going to increase the numbers tenfold.”

WATCH: Illegal Migrants Stream Across Rio Grande Into Texas

Trump said that if he is elected to expect wide scale deportations of criminals from overseas who entered the United States illegally.

“I will do the opposite—we will take all of the criminals and sadly the mental patients being brought into our country and dumped here, we’ll be bringing them out very quickly,” Trump said.

More from Trump’s latest exclusive interview with Breitbart News is forthcoming.


Why Is The New York Times Urging America To Buddy Up With Communist China

The New York Times editorial board published a piece last weekend that shows a worrying bias for America’s greatest foe: the Chinese Communist Party.

The piece, titled “Who Benefits From Confrontation With China,” is a masterclass in misdirection and falsehood. If it were not published in America’s “paper of record,” it would be just as at home in China Daily.

Arguing that Americans must avoid a “glib” and “misguided” cold war narrative, the editorial seeks a policy of “emphasizing competition with China while minimizing confrontation.” The line mimics CCP agitprop and ignores geopolitical realities. The editorial board frames the rising tensions between China and the United States as primarily the fault of American politicians — particularly in the Republican Party — who are hyperbolizing the danger from the CCP.

In reality, the U.S. has been far too soft on China throughout the 21st century, with each presidential administration doing its part. Former President George W. Bush brought China into the World Trade Organization (WTO). Former President Barack Obama studiously avoided conflict with the CCP. Former President Donald Trump put trade pressure on Beijing while simultaneously praising Chinese President Xi Jinping’s life tenure, and President Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, and his family have financial ties to the Chinese regime.

Despite two decades of favorable or neutral treatment, China has consistently provoked and aggrieved its neighbors and the U.S.-led world order. China has militarized the South China Sea — an international waterway. It has used civilian fishing fleets as cover for military actions. It has waged brutal battles against Indian soldiers for control of disputed territory high in the Himalayas. It has, at best, covered up the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and, at worst, deliberately released it from a virology lab. And, most recently, it floated a spy balloon across the entirety of the continental United States, including our sensitive military sites. This is not mere friendly competition.

The editorial uses various tropes commonplace among CCP apologists, all meant to downplay or excuse the malign actions of the Chinese government and shift the narrative in Beijing’s favor.

First, the editorial board claims the U.S. must reduce tensions with China because the relationship economically benefits both countries. But the United States does not benefit like China does. China abuses its economic power to stifle competition, promotes the “digital fentanyl” of TikTok to America’s youth, and steals important intellectual property — most often in the military realm. The New York Times-owned magazine published an incredible exposé on Chinese government industrial espionage only a few days before this major editorial.

Second, the editors mention that the U.S. needs China to combat climate change, or else the whole planet is doomed. Setting climate change science aside, they presume Beijing will act in good faith. China has massively accelerated its construction and use of coal-fired power plants — a fuel source that activists including Swedish truant Greta Thunberg protest against in nations like Germany. The editorial board has previously excoriated Republicans for not doing enough on climate while ignoring China’s actions.

Third, the editors argue that China “continues to show strikingly little interest in persuading other nations to adopt its social and political values.” They claim, then, that China is not a threat on par with the Soviet Union.

But Xi has consistently sought to export the “China model” abroad, specifically stating as much in official communiqués. American experts, including Elizabeth Economy of the Council on Foreign Relations, have proven that China exports its ideology. Budding authoritarians the world over salivate at the totalitarian information control that the CCP exerts at home, while still advancing the basic standard of living to forestall popular revolt.

Fourth, the editorial board claims that anti-American sentiment does not unite Chinese political leaders. This is a page torn right from the old pro-Iran playbook, in the purported split between “moderates” and “hardliners.” As with Iran, the dichotomy does not apply to China. Xi’s increasingly personal rule has cemented that fact. Just before the editorial’s publication, Xi was given a third term as Chinese dictator — effectively making him ruler for life. The vote was a foregone conclusion as were the appointments of his allies to all key positions in China’s government. There are no “moderates” in charge of China, and The New York Times would do well to note that.

The editorial board’s fifth and last pro-engagement argument is that the U.S. cannot “pull back from forums where it has long engaged China,” such as the World Trade Organization. The editors oddly picked the international institution that China has most abused. It has ignored or deliberately broken WTO rules from day one by continuing prohibited policies and refusing to comply with the judgments of trade courts. China has also captured the World Health Organization, which failed to investigate Covid-19’s origins.

American politicians are finally seeing the CCP’s threat to the U.S. But The New York Times views the growing bipartisan consensus on opposing China as the provocation. This purposeful reversal of cause — Chinese malfeasance — and effect — the building bipartisan consensus on China — follows CCP propaganda and aims at turning U.S. policy and public opinion toward a non-confrontational posture.

The editorial board’s pro-CCP bias has many causes, but most revolve around profit. For years, the NYT took money from the Chinese government to run more than 200 propaganda advertorials. The NYT scrubbed those puff pieces from its website in 2020. The articles reached millions of Americans. The immoral editorials did not drive the paper’s profits, though the CCP paid several hundred thousand dollars for them. The key profit motive, subscriber revenue, reinforces the pro-CCP bias.

The NYT maintains and grows its subscriber base by appealing to the professional-managerial class. And that class has the most direct and intricate economic links to China. They would lose the most from an escalation or decoupling, so the editorial board defends the status quo and thus its readership’s bias

Unlike the NYT, the American people are rejecting China as a partner and seeing it as the danger that it is. Since 2020, American public opinion on China has drastically shifted in a negative direction, with most people in both parties viewing Beijing as a threat instead of a partner. Congress has begun to reflect these concerns with the establishment of the House China Committee and efforts to counter CCP influence.

The American people and their representatives have woken up to the China challenge. It is far beyond time we reject the naïve idea of engagement with China and The New York Times editorial board with it.

Mike Coté is a writer and podcaster focusing on history, Great Power rivalry, and geopolitics. He blogs at rationalpolicy.com, hosts the Rational Policy podcast, and can be found on Twitter @ratlpolicy.



SGT Report – March 4th, 2023

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Attorney Todd Callender & Dr. Lee Vliet return to SGT Report the discuss the puppet “President” and his endless tyranny and treason, and to expose the power behind the throne, the stay behind networks which include Susan Rice, Victoria Nuland and CIA asset Barrack Hussein Obama. These are the demon creatures behind sleepy Joe who are extorting the world, and who are hell bent on taking us all into WW3.

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FREE healthcare offered to victims in E. Palestine, Ohio from The Wellness Company:

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

‘Death By Queue’ Is The Health Crisis Government Asked For

Mary began to experience abdominal pain, but ignored it for several months. When she finally told me, I said, “I’m your husband, go see your doctor.” She called the doctor’s office and after 40 minutes working her way through the confusing, circular, and interminable phone tree, she got the next available appointment — seven months in the future. When she finally did get in to see her primary care physician, the diagnosis was inoperable pancreatic cancer. Twenty-two months later, my college sweetheart and wife of 54 years died. Might things have been different if she had been seen two years earlier?

Everyone in the world knows of the Covid-19 pandemic. Few have heard about a health crisis that has killed millions with no fanfare at all: death by queue. My wife was likely a victim.

Death by queue is a phrase coined in the United Kingdom, where “queue” describes a line of people waiting for something. Death by queue refers to dying while waiting in line for care that is technically possible but unavailable when needed. Death by queue has long been a feature of the much-vaunted British National Health Service (NHS), which was the model for President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA). Recent reports note heart attack victims dying for lack of care-in-time from the NHS and calls for private physicians (those few who remain) to provide timely medical care because NHS (government) physicians cannot.

Americans also experience death by queue. However, since that pandemic is politically unpopular with Washington, the complicit corporate media ignore it.

Prior to Obamacare, average maximum wait time was already unconscionable: 92 days. With ACA expansion of government-provided, no-charge Medicaid insurance, maximum wait times increased to 120 days.

In Illinois over three years, 752 Medicaid enrollees died waiting for desperately needed medical treatment. An internal Veterans Affairs Department audit concluded that “47,000 veterans may have died” waiting in line for care that was technically possible but unavailable. Veterans are covered by government-provided Tricare insurance.  

An accurate estimate of death by queue for all of the U.S. is not available. In Great Britain, at least “117,000 die[d] on waiting lists for NHS” in 2020 and 2021, according to The Evening Standard.

My wife, who may have been another death-by-queue victim, is certainly not unique. Numerous studies prove that delay in diagnosis of life-threatening conditions such as cancer leads to deaths that could be prevented. What is killing these patients are wait times to see the primary physician and begin the diagnostic process.

Causes of Long Wait Times

The death-by-queue pandemic is anathema to Washington because federal regulations are the primary cause for the long wait times. First there is the regulatory burden on providers. Time and money that should be spent on patients are consumed with regulatory and administrative requirements. 

Second, there is “bureaucratic diversion,” when money is taken from clinical care to pay for bureaucracy, administration, rules, regulations, compliance, and oversight. Each dollar spent on these non-clinical activities is a dollar that cannot be spent on patients. Estimates of this expense range from 31 percent to 50 percent of all health care spending. The U.S. expended $4.3 trillion on its health care system in 2021. Thus, Washington took roughly $2 trillion away from patient care to pay federal (and state) minions who provide no care. Imagine how short wait times could be — can you say 48 hours?! — with an additional $2 trillion available to pay for patient care. Possibly my wife would still be alive.

For decades, Washington has been “fixing” health care with federal programs such as Medicare and Medicaid (both created in 1965), the Emergency Medical Transport and Labor Act of 1986 (which created health care’s unfunded mandate), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, and the ACA (2010). Prior to 1965, the U.S. expended 6.5 percent of GDP on health care. Last year, it was 19.7 percent. The end result of all Washington’s fixes and all that spending is what we have now: death by queue and impending bankruptcy.

Washington’s solution to our failing health care system is more of the same, exemplified by the health care provisions in President Joe Biden’s self-styled Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Federal regulation is why Americans suffer from a pandemic of death by queue. If we want to shrink wait times and get to see the doctor before it’s too late, get Washington out of health care.


Obama Fake Family Exposed

Marnos – August 27th, 2022

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Obama Fake Family Exposed

Marnos – August 27th, 2022

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation


Free Your Mind – February 24th, 2023

Taken from Telegram

Ukraine BIO labs…! 👍

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Official Gov’t Docs Expose Michelle Obama’s 14 Year History as a Man

The People’s Voice – Feb 22nd, 2023

As news breaks that Barack and Michelle Obama have been named and shamed by one of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking victims, it has never been so important to understand who Michelle Obama really is.

According to official documents obtained from the Illinois State Board of Elections, former First Lady Michelle Obama was registered to vote as a man from 1994 until 2008. The official documents also reveal Obama officially changed her sex to female in 2008, the same year her husband was running for the presidency.

SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation


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