The Deposition of Anthony Fauci

The Deposition of Anthony Fauci

While most of the US population was enjoying Thanksgiving week, Anthony Fauci sat under oath to answer questions about the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional and dangerous efforts to bypass our First Amendment.

In the case of Missouri v Biden, the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana are suing the Biden Administration for colluding with Big Tech to censor social media users who questioned or criticized official Covid policies.

To work around the First Amendment, Biden Administration officials identified individuals, organizations, doctors, scientists, and scholars as dangerous (for voicing criticism of government Covid policy). The administration then coordinated with social media companies to deplatform those individuals. This work-around of the Constitution is not only illegal but also a danger to our democracy. The state cannot assign to private sector actors its own violation of our constitutional rights and then claim immunity from the law. 

Having fought for months in the Fifth Circuit, Fauci was finally deposed last week. In seven hours of testimony, Fauci couldn’t seem to recall any of the policies that he himself trumpeted on the Chris Cuomo Show, The View, and every other corporate broadcast in 2020 that covered Covid.

Here’s a roundup of the most interesting takes from Fauci’s testimony:

From the Brownstone Institute:

“From our deposition of Fauci yesterday in the MO v. Biden case. Fauci confirmed that in Feb 2020, Fauci sent Clifford Lane, his deputy at the NIAID [National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease], as the U.S. representative for the WHO delegation to China. Lane convinced Fauci we should emulate China’s lockdowns.”

From Attorney Jenin Younes of the New Civil Liberties Alliance in the Tablet Magazine: 

“The Missouri documents, along with some obtained through discovery in Berenson v. Twitter and a FOIA request by America First Legal, expose the extent of the administration’s appropriation of big tech to effect a vast and unprecedented regime of viewpoint-based censorship on the information that most Americans see, hear and otherwise consume. At least 11 federal agencies, and around 80 government officials, have been explicitly directing social media companies to take down posts and remove certain accounts that violate the government’s own preferences and guidelines for coverage on topics ranging from COVID restrictions to the 2020 election, to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.”

From Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD’s Substack:

“And then there are the consequent downstream adverse effects of this kind of censorship—not only on those who are directly censored but on other users of the platform who self-censor to avoid similar punishments. Most concerningly, readers are deprived of access to contrasting information or open debate from which to inform their viewpoints, leading to the false impression of a scientific “consensus” when no such consensus exists.”

Anthony Fauci is one of the most successful bureaucrats in American history; for over 40 years this man has lied, schemed, and harmed the American public to maintain his position, influence, and power.  One small but telling example of his fraud was revealed in his deposition testimony. He claimed he “didn’t have time to worry about the Great Barrington Declaration” (GBD), in which top medical experts in 2020 had proposed “focused protection” of the most vulnerable to Covid in lieu of harmful, society-wide lockdowns. Yet Fauci was emailing his subordinates about GBD to defame it, and went on broadcast news to attack it.

“So Fauci claimed under oath at his censorship deposition that he hasn’t ‘time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration.’  Did he lie under oath? Fauci email to Birx, 10-16-2020 ‘I have come out very strongly publicly against the Great Barrington Declaration’.”

But I have hope here in America. Why? Because in the People’s Republic of China citizens are putting everything on the line to fight back against the current Covid madness. The Chinese people are braving guaranteed oppression, arrest, and beatings to resist the same type of irrational and absurd lockdown policy that was mandated by Fauci here in the US.

Despite China’s tyrannical lockdowns, at least the CCP knew to avoid the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and vaccine mandates unlike here in the US.

Now why wouldn’t China want to give such safe and effective mRNA vaccines to its people? If anyone has any ideas here, please let us know in the comments.


Fauci couldn’t recall critical COVID decisions during deposition: Republican AG

Fauci asked the court reporter in his deposition to wear a mask after she sneezed

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry says the public is “going to be shocked” when it learns how little Dr. Anthony Fauci could recall during last week’s deposition about “some of the most important actions and discussions” when he was chief medical adviser to Presidents Trump and Biden during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think that the public is going to be shocked as to how much Dr. Fauci can’t recall some of the most important actions and discussions that he had at the time, when the pandemic was on our shores,” the Republican AG said in an interview with Fox News Digital. “It is certainly disturbing. And calls into question, you know, his overall mental capability to remember certain key details.”

Landry, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and their legal teams interviewed Fauci under oath on Wednesday as part of their lawsuit against the Biden administration. They have accused top-ranking government officials of working with Twitter, YouTube, and Meta, which owns Facebook, “under the guise of combating misinformation” in order to censor viewpoints on COVID that went against the Biden administration’s position.

The two AGs are seeking more information about the top doc’s alleged role in colluding with Big Tech to control communication about COVID-19, including the theory that the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Landry added that Fauci seemed to “not have a tremendous amount of confidence in his vaccine,” since he asked a court reporter in the room Wednesday to wear a mask after she sneezed.

“I was thinking, ‘Wow, this is a guy who just got off the podium yesterday at the White House, reminding everybody to be boosted, so that they can be vaccinated, so that they can avoid COVID,’” Landry said.

“It was remarkable to see, you know, having the young lady sit next to him for… hours, and she literally sneezed and like, he almost came out of his chair,” Landry said.

Landry couldn’t speak to specific details of the hours-long deposition, as the transcript is under seal by court order, but is likely to be revealed at some point during the litigation.

“What I will tell you is that this is just part and parcel of a bigger legal strategy that we believe ultimately will lead to a successful court case, probably one of the most important First Amendment cases in modern times,” Landry said.

“What we have in front of us is government actors then co-opting and coercing and colluding with private corporations – under which Americans utilize these corporations, these platforms, as basically a virtual public square – and having the government censor American speech,” he said.

“This was something that was cautioned to us at the very beginning of the creation of this country. And it’s a reason that the First Amendment was placed into the Constitution,” he said.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, is suing the Biden administration for working with Big Tech to stifle opinions on COVID.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, a Republican, is suing the Biden administration for working with Big Tech to stifle opinions on COVID.

“So you just it’s one of those deals where you’ve just got to stay tuned,” Landry added.

In his last White House press conference before he is scheduled to retire after a 50-year career next month, Fauci said, “Every day for all those years I’ve given it all that I have, and I’ve never left anything on the field.”


Firing blanks: Empty sheets of paper become symbol of outrage in China

In a nation where a protest message could get a person jailed, Chinese regime opponents are calling for a new chapter with a blank page.

The blank sheet of paper has become a symbol of resistance among those protesting Beijing’s COVID lockdown policies, showing up at protests across the nation.

Videos and photos circulated online show students across China holding up blank sheets of paper in silent protest — an effort to evade the country’s draconian censorship laws.

The tactic is the latest in a protest against China’s so-called zero-COVID policy, which calls for strict, months-long isolation in order to curb the spread of COVID-19.

While the policy has kept case numbers and deaths down, tolerance for the strict controls has waned, with people in some regions confined to their homes for up to four months.

Protests erupted over the weekend, following a deadly fire Thursday in the western Chinese city of Urumqi, which had been under lockdown for 100 days. The fire killed 10 in an apartment building, leading many to say emergency response was hampered by the pandemic restrictions.

A line of people with paper in front of their faces

People hold sheets of paper in protest of COVID restrictions in mainland China during a vigil in the central district on November 28, 2022 in Hong Kong, China.

Protestors holding blank pieces of paper aloft.

Demonstrators hold blank signs during a protest in Beijing, China, on Monday, Nov. 28, 2022.

“The white paper represent[s] everything we want to say but cannot say,” said Johnny, 26, a student in the capital city of Beijing, who took part in the weekend protests.

“I came here to pay respects to the victims of the fire I really hope we can see an end to all of these COVID measures. We want to live a normal life again. We want to have dignity,” he added.

The paper protest has been spotted among students in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai, as well as on posts across China’s heavily censored internet.

The slogan-less signs are not without precedent. Protestors in Hong Kong held up blank sheets of paper in opposition to a 2020 ban by Beijing on certain phrases. Russian protestors resorted to blank signs in March after dissent against the war in Ukraine was outlawed.

Police take a man away

A man is taken away by police after pushing over a protester during a demonstration over COVID restrictions.

But in China this week the tactic has evolved into a symbol of solidarity against the regime, a wordless slogan spread silently past the censors.

When the Chinese social media site Wiebo blocked the hashtag “white paper exercise” on Sunday, one user shot back: “If you fear a blank sheet of paper, you are weak inside.”




This is What’s Happening Across the Country, Massive Death after the Massive Mandatory Jabbed in Jails and Prisons

This is What’s Happening Across the Country, Massive Death after the Massive Mandatory Jabbed in Jails and Prisons

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, this is what’s happening across the country, massive death after the massive mandatory jabbed in jails and prisons. No one could have said “no” to lethal injection.

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Answering the Critics of “Died Suddenly”

Answering the Critics of “Died Suddenly”

By Steve Kirsch

I respond to a critic and a “fact-checker.” You get to decide who is telling you the truth.

The critic, Eric Burnett, MD says there is nothing to see here: these are just regular post-mortem blood clots

You can watch his video here:

Then you can read the rebuttal I just got from Ryan Cole, MD and decide for yourself who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you. Please ask Dr. Burnett if he will accept Dr. Cole’s invitation to resolve the matter. He will never accept the invitation.

Dr. Cole’s response to Dr. Burnett doesn’t pull any punches

Eric Burnett, MD is an internist, not a pathologist, nor mortician. The arrogance of inferring that a mortician, a professional, beyond his experience, cannot make a valid observation beyond his own naïveté, is the epitome of hubris. He has likely seen one or two autopsies in his entire career. He has not seen, observed, nor described countless post mortem clots. A gelatinous saddle embolus is “apples to oranges” compared to these post “clot shot” death clots. He has never embalmed a body. He is entirely and exceedingly out of his lane. Post mortem, rubbery clots are as rare as hen’s teeth. He is likely covering his “gene injection” pushing ass. Morticians did not have trouble cannulating and embalming bodies prior to the jabs. He is acting as a bloviating, pharma, financial and hospital administrator defending shill, having zero experience, nor idea of what he speaks.

Something is overwhelmingly wrong with the “clot shot.” If he were half awake, his conjecture would not be reflecting  the myopic view of the inside of his inexperienced anus.

With a modicum of humility, he might acknowledge alarming rates of excess deaths in the hyper injected, young and healthy and see the actual harm of failed gene based experimental injections, that have maimed and killed hundreds of thousands to millions.

Having performed countless career autopsies, examined dozens of these novel clots, extensively explored the spike protein clotting mechanisms, diagnosed over 500,000 patients through the microscope, in my extensive career, I invite my colleague, Dr. Burnett, and any colleague, from around the world, to sit at my microscope, and observe the truth, and set aside their purchased pride. The cells don’t lie!!!

Honor the dead who speak loudly. Stop fantasizing that you can ever vaccinate ahead of an always mutating coronavirus, especially with a “variant expired” investigational gene product.

Honor your oath to “first do no harm,” instead of hiding behind an uninformed ego, shaded with harmfully naïve, humanity destroying pride.

The fact-checker

Here’s the “fact check”

The “fact check” says:

  1. In the video montage of people who died suddenly, there is no information on some of these people that they were vaccinated. And there is no PROOF that the vaccine CAUSED the death.
  2. The quote from Gates was taken out of context.

He’s right on both points!

  1. It would be more convincing if the fact checker could rule out the vaccine in the cause of these deaths. But he does not.
  2. I’ve personally heard Gates express his rationale for how the vaccine reduces population growth (the argument is that families will need to have fewer kids because more will survive).

He missed one too which I will point out: the footage shown at 47:45 of a man falling off a chair near his long desk is not recent. That footage came out in early Jan. 2020.

I’m sure there are other errors. And I think the implications of this being a conspiracy to depopulate the planet is not well supported.

The big point is that our “fact checker” conveniently ignores the primary claim about the embalmers. That’s the meat of the story here. Over 100 embalmers are seeing “never before seen” clots only in people who have been vaccinated or received blood transfusions. The embalmers I’ve talked to are seeing these clots in over half the deaths. The fact check is silent on the major point of the movie. There’s a reason for that: there is no way to refute it or provide an alternate explanation. So they hope that their fact check will cause you to avoid watching the film by focusing on parts that are less convincing.


The embalmer observations are not debatable. Anyone who tries to debunk it will fail. The cells don’t lie.

This is why no mainstream media reporter will touch this story and why Dr. Burnett will never accept Dr. Cole’s kind offer.


The Killing Fields of Samoa

The Killing Fields of Samoa

It should be mentioned that the Oct-Dec outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 RNA positivity (sadly, the Milan wastewater study did not extend their sampling to October 2019—where the first batches of positive cases were found.) from Lombardy, Italy, corresponds well in terms of temporal clustering (distibution of case across time) with the retested antibody positivity in lung cancer patients from the SMILES cohort, and roughly corresponds to the original detection of IgG in the SMILES cohort. If the patient is young, they appear the same time as IgG and retested antibodies. If the patient is not young (e.g. from the adult outbreak that drives transmission, with or without respiratory symptoms), then they appear about 2 weeks before there is IgG antibodies found.

This is expected as the time it takes for an adult outbreak to spread to children is ~2 weeks, the same time it takes for these adults themselves to develop IgG antibodies.

The Oropharyngeal swab positivity in Children is also partially caused by the fact that the Tonsil (located in the Oropharynx) is one of the main and more persistent sites of SARS-CoV-2 infection in Children.

This mean that swabbing here likely give you RNA.

This is highly significant—RT-PCR, Immunohistochemistry, in-situ hybridization and serological testing are orthogonal technologies. Temporal signals, especially the same temporal signal, shouldn’t appear for PCR-based tests and should definitely not appear simultaneously in two completely different sample cohorts kept in completely separate labs and tested using completely orthogonal technologies.

As such it proves the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (nsp3, RdRp, S2, RBD) within the pre-pandemic Oct-Dec period in Lombardy, Northern Italy, at least a month before the first official Wuhan patient, the first Huanan market patient and which completely rule out an origin within the Huanan market in Wuhan—the market, btw, reported no disease before that “shrimp vendor” on 11/12/2019.

Should this be actually some measles virus + N + S vectorized antigen, then it is even more incriminating—why would an unnaturally generated (e.g. synthetic recombinant) virus, carrying components of SARS-CoV-2, evidently taken from the SARS-CoV-2 virus and stitched together inside the lab, be circulating at all? If it was the S-(+N- and Nsp3-) expressing measles virus, then this offer direct proof of lab origin for SARS-CoV-2.


Mountains of circumstantial evidence point toward early circulation of SARS-CoV-2

Recently, a publication on Environmental Research provided statistically significant evidence of SARS-CoV-2 circulation in Lombardy, Italy before the first case of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the Huanan seafood market on 11/12/2019 (or officially or unofficially reported in China). This should have been sufficient to rule out the Huanan seafood market as the origin of SARS-CoV-2 for any reasonably minded person, but this is only the latest on an already growing pile of both direct and circumstantial evidence for SARS-CoV-2 circulation at least in October-November 2019.

Direct detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA:

Two studies have reported the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA using PCR-based methods (including real-time qRT-PCR) and yielded results of pre-pandemic circulation of SARS-CoV-2 in a consistent time series.

Fig. 2

In a study of wastewater samples obtained from WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants), real-time qRT-PCR assays targeting three different segments of the SARS-CoV-2 genome (E, nsp14 ExoN, RdRp) were performed using wastewater samples collected between October-December 2019 from Milan, Turin, and Bologna.
Positive results begin to show between 25/11/2019 and 18/12/2019 in Milan, between 04/12/2019 and 18/12/2019 in Turin, and between 21/11/2019 and 10/12/2019 in Bologna.
Nested PCR targeting the nsp14 ExoN CDS was performed on these samples and 12 sequences were obtained through Sanger sequencing. These sequences were found to be identical to the MN908947 reference sequence. Positivity for the nsp14 CDS was obtained at the same time as the first qRT-PCR positive samples for Milan and Turin, where positivity for this test was obtained slightly later for Bologna, on 29/01/2020.

To validate the specificity of the qRT-PCR and nested PCR tests, 24 “blank” samples obtained between September 2018 and June 2019 were tested, alongside samples of RNA obtained from other human coronaviruses, for the RNA/DNA panel of enteric viruses and bacteria (type culture obtained from EVaG). None of these samples were found to be positive for any of the 4 tests performed.

Due to the coarse temporal resolution of the sampling and testing performed in this study, The time when the level of SARS-CoV-2 circulation has reached sufficient levels to show up in the wastewater samples obtained from these 3 locations could be any time between the last negative sample and the first positive sample obtained from the WWTPs. The timeline of SARS-CoV-2 detection in these wastewater samples is consistent with what is indicated by the study of Measles-like rashes in the Lombardy region, and roughly coincides with the detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA using PCR techniques in two other studies that were conducted in this region. As the qRT-PCR results indicate that the level of SARS-CoV-2 RNA has already peaked at the first time of detection in all 3 locations, the time when the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 reached detectable levels in these wastewater samples is likely closer to the last negative samples obtained from these regions compared to the first positive samples obtained from these regions.

Fig. 1

Another study producing a consistent temporal series of positive SARS-CoV-2 detection is from Santa Catalina, Brazil. This time, the SARS-CoV-2 N protein CDS, S protein CDS, and two RdRp regions were detected using the CDC-approved qRT-PCR assay on wastewater samples obtained between 30/10/2019 and 04/03/2020. a total of six raw sewage samples were collected, and testing was conducted in two independent laboratories with negative controls in the form of H2O (qRT-PCR control), as well as Field and Blank negative controls for the sampling process. All negative controls used in the test gave a negative result for the qRT-PCR test. Of the six samples that were tested in the study, the 2 samples obtained before 27/11/2019 were negative whereas all 4 samples that were obtained after 27/11/2019 were positive, with increasing titer beginning with 5.49 Log GC/L, averaging 5.83 Log GC/L and ending in 6.68 Log GC/L (Genome Copies/Liter).
Two independent NGS (next-generation sequencing) experiments were conducted on each of the two samples collected on 27/11/2019 and 04/03/2020. As mentioned in the previous post, B.1-like mutations were found while the nucleotide positions corresponding to the two miRNA binding sites in 9400-9425 and 12094-12119 were not covered in the sequencing results. By December 4, 2020, two highly divergent lineages, P.1 and P.2, with a B.1.28-like background and a highly divergent S protein CDS for P.1, requiring the molecular clock to be “relaxed” in order “To date the emergence of P.1, while accounting for a faster evolutionary rate along its ancestral branch”, were discovered in Brazil, with its basal lineage B.1.1.28 being a direct descendent from B.1.1 and being found mostly within Brazil. This clock anomaly strongly suggests the presence of cryptic circulation of a B.1-related lineage of SARS-CoV-2 within Brazil with a date of divergence (given a uniform molecular clock, which ratio between sampling time and divergence gives approximately 1.3~1.4 times higher divergence/perceived sample time for P.1 compared to previous B.1.1 isolates) of approximately 12 months (instead of 9 months which was made to preserve the perceived topology of the phylogenetic tree) before its discovery, landing within November 2019-January 2020.

In addition to these two major time series where SARS-CoV-2 RNA was detected in pre-pandemic samples within consistent series with a strong temporal signal, two additional simultaneous detections of SARS-CoV-2 RNA and antigens/antibodies, both in Italy, were found from 10 November 2019 and 09 December 2019.

The closer one, on 09 December 2019, involves a screening of 169 autopsied patients from the city of Milan, which identified a total of five cases where a positive result of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 was found. 4 of them contained antibodies targeting the N proteins, whereas one case, which died on 09/12/2019 due to Acute Circulatory Insufficiency, was found to contain antibodies targeting the Spike protein. When the blood and the lung tissue of the autopsied patient were tested using two different commercial quantitative PCR assays (one qRT-PCR, one droplet digital PCR(ddPCR)), both were found to be positive for SARS-CoV-2 N1 and N2 RNA, with the blood contains 38.3 RNA copies/reaction and the lung contains 289.2 RNA copies/reaction.

figure 1

Given that the time delay from exposure to onset is 5 days, and from exposure to first antibodies (IgM) is 7 days, the latest estimated symptom onset date for this case is 07/12/2019 and was 4 days before the first official case of SARS-CoV-2 infection from China, the shrimp vendor from the Huanan seafood market with symptoms onset in 11/12/2019.

A study of patients with measles-like skin rash and morbilliform eruptions proved more fruitful.

In another independent study, within just a single case retrospectively searched for similar symptoms from a hospital after the realization of the existence of dermatosis associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection, Immunohistochemistry staining and RNA fluorescent in-situ hybrid analysis identified both the N protein antigen and the S protein mRNA of SARS-CoV-2 (or at least a virus highly related to SARS-CoV-2 and have a Spike protein CDS sufficiently permissive for binding of the fluorescence probes to the mRNA) within the Eccrine glands of the skin biopsy sample taken in November 2019 (media reports this sample as being taken in 10/11/2019). treatment of the same sample with RNAse eliminated fluorescence, indicating the signal was generated from the interaction of the fluorescent probes with RNA within the sample. 15 other skin biopsy samples obtained in 2018 were used as negative controls while positive controls in the form of SARS-COV-2 positive patients from the pandemic era who presented with skin infections were used, with expected results from N protein-specific immunohistochemistry staining and RNA fluorescent in-situ hybridization assay. During a follow-up of the patient in June 2020, the patient was found to be positive for SARS-CoV-2 specific IgG after the resolution of dermatosis in April 2020.
While the authors were unable to detect amplifiable SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acids using RT-PCR-based methods, this is not unusual for formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded samples as without specialized extraction and sample preparation protocols to first remove modifications and restore the template activity of the RNA, RNA extracted from formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded samples are unusable as RT-PCR template and amplification was found to be difficult and inconsistent, with most reactions not able to produce amplification at all while others were only able to generate very weak levels of amplification. In contrast, formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded samples are suitable RNA-FISH substrates for the detection of a variety of pathogens in tissue samples.

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens and antibodies:

One significant detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigens and one consistent temporal series of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies were found in Boston, Massachusetts, and in France.

Boston: “upper respiratory infections, bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, or unspecified virus positive”?

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is hvaa213f1.jpg

The first detection of SARS-COV-2-specific antigens came with a bit of surprise: rather than trying to find evidence of pre-pandemic circulation for SARS-CoV-2, the authors of the study were instead developing a highly-sensitivity antigen-based assay in order to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antigens within patient samples. monoclonal antibodies were first generated against the S1 protein of SARS-CoV-2 through the use of phage display, then a Simoa immune assay using this S1-specific monoclonal antibody as well as commercial anti-S and anti-N antibodies to detect the presence of viral antigens within different cohorts of patients: patient samples collected before October 2019, that were healthy collection. patient samples collected before October 2019, that have “upper respiratory infections, bacterial pneumonia, viral pneumonia, or unspecified virus positive” at collection. Patient samples collected during the pandemic, and tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 RNA on a qRT-PCR test. Patient samples collected during the pandemic, and tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA on a qRT-PCR test.

red: S1. blue: N. black: S.

Despite the high specificity of the S1 antigen during an immunological assay for SARS-CoV-2, instead of finding all negative results in the pre-pandemic cohort, the authors were surprised that 3 out of the 14 sick pre-pandemic patients contained a concentration of the S1 protein above 100pg/ml, whereas the highest level of S1 protein antigens within the pre-pandemic healthy cohort was only about 10pg/ml. None of the pre-pandemic healthy cohort patients contained a simultaneous positive detection of S and S1, whereas one of the patients in the pre-pandemic sick cohort and another patient in the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 PCR negative cohort was found to simultaneously have both the S, S1, and N antigens (likely due to false negative qRT-PCR for the pandemic patient). It was found that the level of S1 and N detections in the pre-pandemic sick cohort was higher than both the pre-pandemic healthy cohort and the pandemic SARS-CoV-2 PCR negative cohort, indicating that a significant signal for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 related antigens within sick patients with respiratory illness in Boston at least as early as October 2019.

France: evidence of population-level IgG seroconversion during mid-December 2019.

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is 10654_2020_716_Fig1_HTML.jpg

Series of samples indicating the pre-pandemic circulation of SARS-CoV-2 exist not only in RNA samples but also in serological (antibody) samples as well. During a nationwide retrospective analysis of blood serum samples from 12 main regions in France, SARS-CoV-2 Spike-reactive IgG antibodies were found within patient samples collected between 04 November 2019 and 09 March 2020.
A sudden increase in the percentage of samples positive for SARS-CoV-2 Spike-specific IgG antibodies was found over the course of 16 December 2019 to 30 December 2019. France observed the first sample positive for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in a targeted search in the ICU (Intense Care Units) in a hospital in Paris on 27 December 2019. This case did not have any reported foreign travel history after August 2019, to Algeria.
As IgG antibodies usually take about 14 days or two weeks post-exposure to develop for SARS-CoV-2, a seroconversion series for IgG antibodies beginning in the 16/12/2019-22/12/2019 period would imply the beginning of significant community-level SARS-CoV-2 exposure between 02/12/2019 and 09/12/2019. This once again indicates that the global circulation of SARS-CoV-2 have already begun before the first officially announced case of SARS-CoV-2

Apart from these molecular detections of SARS-CoV-2 RNA, antigens, or antibodies before the first officially reported cases of SARS-CoV-2 at the Huanan seafood market, circumstantial evidence of SARS-CoV-2 related illnesses and anomalies are found all over the world in the second half of the year 2019.

New York: Mayor recalls symptoms in November, test positive for antibodies

On April 30, 2020, the mayor of Belleville, Michael Melham, announced that he has tested positive for antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2 while recalling symptoms that are highly consistent with SARS-CoV-2 infection on November 21. 2019.
He reports first “feeling awful, but writing it off as a mix of exhaustion and dehydration from the three-day event.”, then “Friday and Saturday of that week were no better. By Sunday night, Melham was awake all night, battling chills, hallucinations and a skyrocketing temperature.”. Initially suspected as “a case of the flu and told him that he’d recover with a few days of rest”, Michael Melham would only become better “eventually”, after at least four days or possibly later. Suspicion eventually drove him to take a blood test for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, which then came back positive.

Florida: First reported COVID-19 death in 11/01/2020

Despite the official claim that the first case of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the U.S. is from a patient returning from Wuhan on 15 January 2020, in the three months following this first report, The National Center for Health Statistics has seen within its dataset for “all deaths involving COVID-19” with “week ending date in which the death occurred” being filled in with death reports happening as early as 11/01/2020. After a set of previously disappeared statistical data about COVID-19 cases in Florida have returned to public view, about 171 officially registered COVID-19 cases within Florida have been found to “had experienced symptoms in January and February, long before state officials acknowledged the spread of the disease”. A further examination of the dataset has revealed that “More than 60 percent of them reported no out-of-state travel. None reported travel to China.”, whereas the reason for them being reported so late was that “In January, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would only test for the virus if the patient had been in China or been in close contact with such a traveler.”.
While it is likely that death certifiers were retrospectively filling the cause of death for several cases that died as early as 11/01/2020 as “COVID-19” in the United States, the early requirement for contact or travel history to China may have left much of the population untested and missed many earlier cases.

Illinois: “Family cluster” of “travel-related COVID-19 cases” with distant genomes suggestive of community transmission instead of contact transmission.

In the publication supposedly documenting the first human-to-human transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in the U.S., The genomes for SARS-CoV-2 isolated from the two cases were EPI_ISL_404253 and EPI_ISL_410045. However, closer examination of the 2 genomes revealed that the two genomes were at least 3AA different from each other, which places a low probability that the two genomes were generated from a single human-to-human transmission event from one another. This indicates that significant community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 has already begun in Illinois at the first official report of human-to-human transmission of SARS-COV-2 on 23 Jan 2020 and 30 Jan 2020.

Iran: Three Caspian Sea provinces begin to show excess deaths in fall 2019

Despite attempting to defend the claim that “COVID-19 did not start in Iran until December 2019” using nationwide excess mortality data, the curve of excess mortality within three provinces in Iran, Gilan, Golestan and Mazandaran, were found to be consistently above past ranges since the fall of 2019 (September-December 2019). With the exception of Gilan where excess mortality begins to decrease in Spring-Summer 2020 (March-September 2020), Golestan and Mazandaran continues their excess mortality trend into the pandemic as the three provinces (especially Mazandaran) would become the hardest hit provinces by COVID-19 in Iran at the beginning of the pandemic.

Alongside the province of Tehran, Qom, and Markazi, where an increasing trend of excess deaths begin to show in Fall 2019, Winter 2019, and Spring 2020, The provinces that begins to show a consistently increasing trend of excess deaths starting in fall 2019 were all located nearby the Caspian Sea. This area is known to be one of the locations where U.S. troop deployment and supply chains go through or are located near, particularly since the year 2018. Golestan is found to border the capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, and the USAID and “Peace Corps”, a program run by the United States and participated mostly by American Citizens. Programs of the USAID trialing “new TB drug treatment” were active in 2019. Gilan borders Azerbaijan, a location with a known Biolab that was funded by the U.S. A program, named “Bats for peace”, was found to be running in Georgia, in the period between 2018-2019.

More recently, two SARS-CoV-2 genomes carrying an RBD position ancestrally conserved in ACE2-using Sarbecoviruses, Q498H(Y/F for SARS-COV related viruses), were found in Iran. These 2 genomes are EPI_ISL_672581 and EPI_ISL_672589.

Ottawa: dead bodies “pile up so much that the morgue was overflowing” in 2019

In an early news release on January 07, 2020, The Ottawa Hospital in Canada reported:
““During an extraordinary period in December, it was necessary to place deceased individuals outside of the designated morgue, in a secure room, for a short period of time,” it read.

“The Ottawa Hospital has converted spaces, formerly used for autopsies, within the morgue to manage unexpected surges in demand. Conference rooms and ward beds are not used for housing deceased individuals,” the statement continued.””

An interesting result from a study of SARS-CoV-2 positive cases from the first wave of the recognized SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in the Canadian state of Quebec indicated that “There was very little reported travel from Asia (n = 4, 1.2%) and none from China.” This is at odds with the fact that ~89400 Chinese nationals lived in Quebec. However, a similar discovery was found in the first pandemic wave in Italy, where it was found that in the town of Prato, a location with a 10% Chinese population, “Not a single member of the Chinese community there has tested positive for the virus” in the first pandemic wave in Italy.

Fairfax county: Respiratory illness where “Despite extensive testing of multiple specimens, no specific pathogen was identified as the cause of the outbreak.”

On July 11, 2019, an unusual outbreak of “respiratory illness” happened in a retirement care facility in Fairfax, Virginia. The outbreak affected a total of 63 patients with symptoms from upper respiratory symptoms to pneumonia. 23 patients were hospitalized and two have died.
Testing of the outbreak cases was conducted by the local CDC, but the results given the posted updates have been inconsistent across updates. For the first 17 samples sent to the CDC on July 17, 2019, no specific cause of the outbreak was identified. CDC testing of samples from July 19, 2019, indicated that some of the samples (“several samples”) were positive for rhinovirus, while other samples contained only communal bacteria that “may not be the cause of infection”. Despite several samples testing positive for rhinovirus, on July 26, 2019, the CDC testing result report indicated that “Despite extensive testing of multiple specimens, no specific pathogen was identified as the cause of the outbreak.” On 29 December 2019, despite evidently samples have already been tested with positive rhinovirus result not being seen in all of the samples sent for testing, “Results of earlier testing submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated rhinovirus, a virus that causes the common cold.” were given. However, the exact number of samples where rhinovirus has been found or whether this is the case for all of the samples that were collected and sent during the outbreak were not given. There is no mention of H.influenzae in these July 2019 reports or the bacterial testing results indicated in the reports.
As of 11/05/2020, the Fairfax County government has refused the call to re-investigate samples from the July outbreak for SARS-CoV-2 infection, claiming “There is no need to re-investigate the outbreak”. The exact prevalence of either H.influenzae or Rhinovirus was not given, nor if these 2 pathogens were found in all samples collected from the Fairfax outbreak.
Rhinovirus was observed in 3.6% of general patients that tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in a meta-analysis and H.influenzae was observed in 6.6% of such patients. However, in some locations, the prevalence can raise to as high as 31.9% for Rhinovirus and 17.2% for H.influenzae.

About a month after the Fairfax outbreak, The USAMRIID laboratory complex in Ft.detrick was shut down due to a lack of “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater”.

National ILI surveillance in the U.S.: Excess ILI cases begun cropping up in November 2019

In the last 8 weeks of 2019, the United States National influenza-like illness surveillance network has begun to report an above-baseline level of Influenza-like illness approximately 3 weeks before the beginning of an uptick of such illnesses since the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic. High levels of influenza-like illness reports will continue until the first wave of recognized COVID-19 begins to raise in March-April 2020 when ILI case reports began to be recognized and registered instead as COVID-19 case reports.

Britain: Patient with onset on “15 December 2019”, no travel history, died with SARS-CoV-2 in the lungs

Initially sick with a fever and cough on 15 December 2019, an 89-year-old retired company secretary from Chatham, Kent, was hospitalized on January 7 2020 as his cough gradually worsened. His daughter began showing “symptoms of the virus” “including a dry cough, and fever, as well as aches and pains and diarrhea” “before Christmas”, whereas his granddaughter began to show a cough and fever on January 10, 2020. The official first case of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the U.K. were two Chinese nationals, who arrived on 23/01/2020 and fell ill on 26/01/2020 in York, 16 days after the Kent patient have been hospitalized. The patient eventually died on 30 January 2020, whereas when the lung tissue of the patient was tested, “tests carried out after his death revealed Covid-19 was present in his lung tissue”. The distance from York to Kent was 246.9 miles, and the 2 official first cases were quickly quarantined on 28/01/2020 as the younger of the 2 official UK index cases (the son of the older case) fell ill on 28/01/2020. Given the apparent serial interval from arrival to the onset of the son on 28/01/2020 of ~2 (by symptoms onset) to 5 (by contact) days, with a more comprehensive meta-analysis giving 4.2 to 7.5 days, and given the hospitalized (and therefore, lack of contact) nature of the 89-year-old granddad in Kent, community transmission emanating from these 2 official index cases is unlikely to reach into Kent and create the positivity within this patient, within at most 1 week of available time, without first causing other symptomatic infections in its way through London. None of the family members of the 89-year-old Kent cases (where two fell ill with COVID-19 compatible symptoms before the date of arrival of the first imported COVID-19 case in the U.K.) had travel history outside the U.K., making the date of the beginning for the community spread that infected this family (especially the granddad) comparable to or slightly earlier than the first official Chinese COVID-19 case with symptoms onset on 11 December 2019. While one of the daughters attended a “Christmas party”, this party was in December 2019 and foreign nationals were not indicated to be in the party. This U.K. family cluster thus represents another highly likely evidence of community transmission beginning outside China before the first case of SARS-CoV-2 infection at the Huanan seafood market.


“Look at the cladistic breadth of ‘Omicron’ – it has attained a diversity in a mere 4 months, which Wuhan has not attained yet in 2.5 years. Yet Omicron bears a SLOWER in-clade mutation rate.

Hence the amino acid benchmark allele progressions they promote are wrong.”
“ Health officials were caught with their pants down with Omicron BA.2 – so they decided to simply call BA.2 ‘skin-colored pants’.

Amazing what wizardry of badspell can be cast by language alone.

Language is a sword – be skilled in its wielding and the spotting of its abuse.”
From @ethicalskeptic

Asymptomatic SARS-COV-2 infection in children’s tonsils
SARS-CoV-2 pandemic killed over 6 million people worldwide. Although COVID-19 is mainly known for lung infection, several extrapulmonary tissues had been described as infected by SARS-CoV-2 during the acute disease. At least for the initial variants, children were supposedly less exposed to the virus, predominantly presenting mild or asymptomatic infection. In the present study, we describe how SARS-CoV-2 can silently infect palatine tonsils and adenoids from asymptomatic children. We studied 48 children who underwent adenotonsillectomy between October 2020 and September 2021. None of them had experienced signs or symptoms of acute upper airway infection in the month prior to surgery. Nasal cytobrush, nasal wash and adenotonsillar tissue samples were tested by RT-PCR, immunohistochemistry (IHC), flow cytometry and neutralization assay. SARS-CoV-2 was detected in at least one sample in 12 patients (25%). SARS-CoV-2 genome detection rate was 20% in the tonsils, 16.27% in the adenoids, 10.41% of nasal cytobrushes and 6.25% of nasal washes. IHC confirmed the presence of SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotein in 15 out of 16 positive tonsils samples, both in epithelium and lymphoid compartment. Flow cytometry revealed that CD123+ dendritic cells were the most frequently infected cell type (10.57%) followed by CD14+ monocytes (6.32%), CD4+ T lymphocytes (1.75%), CD20+ B lymphocytes (1.67%), and in less extent CD8+ T lymphocytes cells (1.36%). In conclusion, tonsils and adenoids are important sites of SARS-CoV-2 infection in asymptomatic children. Positive immunostaining in adenotonsillar tissue samples suggest that lymphoid tissue can be a reservoir of SARS-CoV-2 and may play an important role in community dissemination. It remains unclear for how long the lymphoid tissue can sustain the SARS-CoV-2 in a persistent infection, and whether this persistence has any impact on virus transmission.


Absolute Proof that the Vaccine Rollout Injured Young People’s Hearts

Absolute Proof that the Vaccine Rollout Injured Young People’s Hearts

By Arkmedic’s Feed

Absolute proof that the vaccine rollout injured young people’s hearts. You only get one heart. The health authorities don’t care about that. Just get jabbed. Then you can go on holiday. Well, there is just one problem – it’s not much of a holiday when you have heart failure in 4 years’ time at the age of 22. Those stupid anti-vaxxers, what do they know?



China May Have ‘Passed the Point of no Return’ as Covid Infections Soar. The government has changed all Protestor’s Covid QR Codes to RED. Effectively Locking them Down

China May Have ‘Passed the Point of no Return’ as Covid Infections Soar. The government has changed all Protestor’s Covid QR Codes to RED. Effectively Locking them Down

China may have ‘passed the point of no return’ as Covid infections soar

– In the last few days, the mainland China daily Covid case count has climbed to around or more than 28,000 — near levels seen in April during a stringent lockdown in Shanghai, according to CNBC calculations of Wind Information data.
– “China might have already passed the point of no return, as it’s unlikely to achieve zero Covid again without another Shanghai-style hard lockdown,” Macquarie’s Chief China Economist Larry Hu said in a report Tuesday.
– In GDP terms, nearly 20% of China’s economy was negatively affected by Covid controls as of Monday, close to the high of 21.2% recorded in mid-April during Shanghai’s lockdown, Nomura’s Chief China Economist Ting Lu said, citing the firm’s model.

BEIJING — Surging Covid infections across mainland China make it harder for the government to achieve zero-Covid without reverting to a harsh lockdown, Macquarie’s Chief China Economist Larry Hu said.

In the last few days, the daily case count has climbed to around or more than 28,000 — near levels seen in April during a stringent lockdown in Shanghai, according to CNBC calculations of Wind Information data. The figures showed the last time mainland China saw only a handful of daily infections was in June, shortly after Shanghai eased its restrictions.

The latest Covid wave has hit the southern city of Guangzhou, the capital city of Beijing and many central parts of China — prompting local officials to tighten restrictions on business and social activity this month.

“China might have already passed the point of no return, as it’s unlikely to achieve zero Covid again without another Shanghai-style hard lockdown,” Hu said in a report Tuesday. “What policymakers could do now is to slow the spread of virus, i.e. flatten the curve, by tightening the Covid controls for the time being.”

Hu pointed to slight changes this month in government policy and propaganda as signs authorities are preparing for reopening in the next six to nine months. But he noted that “the road to reopening is set to involve lots of back-and-forth.”

Markets have speculated for weeks about the timing of China’s departure from its stringent zero-Covid policy. The controls have weighed on the economy, which barely eked out growth while Shanghai was locked down and has posted growth of only 3% during the first three quarters of the year.

In GDP terms, nearly 20% of China’s economy was negatively affected by Covid controls as of Monday, close to the high of 21.2% recorded in mid-April during Shanghai’s lockdown, Nomura’s Chief China Economist Ting Lu said, citing the firm’s model.

“Beijing has recently shown early signs of willingness to reopen, and it has rolled out some fine-tuning measures, but the reopening may be a prolonged process with discomfort,” Lu said in a separate report this week.

He said Vietnam’s unwinding of its Covid restrictions since fall last year could shed light on the path forward for China. He noted how the Southeast Asian country saw “no immediate surge in infections after the pivot,” while its GDP rebounded.

Covid controls tighten in Beijing
Local authorities in China have faced the difficult task of trying to make Covid measures more targeted, while controlling infections.

As of Monday, about 412 million people were affected by lockdown measures in mainland China, according to Nomura estimates. That’s up from 340 million the prior week, the report said.

The Nomura analysts noted that many lockdowns or controls are implemented without public announcement. “We believe [the southwestern municipality of] Chongqing is currently experiencing the most severe local lockdown in China, based on our observation of numerous mobility metrics,” the report said.

Covid controls in Beijing alone have tightened since Tuesday.

Authorities announced requirements for more frequent virus testing, and ordered more restaurants to suspend in-store dining. More shopping malls have closed, as have large parks. Various apartment compounds have been locked down.

State media said Tuesday the city’s tech-focused Zhongguancun Forum that was scheduled to kick off this week will be postponed to next year. The conference had already been delayed from September.



F*ck That Jab!’: Ice Cube Reflects on Lost $9 Million Movie Deal Because He Didn’t Want the Shot

F*ck That Jab!’: Ice Cube Reflects on Lost $9 Million Movie Deal Because He Didn’t Want the Shot

By Vigilant Fox

“I ain’t gonna take no sh*t I don’t need.”

Last fall, at the height of Covid-19 fear and vaccine tyranny, you may remember this headline featuring famous hip-hop music artist and actor Ice Cube.

Now, a year later, after mandates and fear have been largely quelled, Ice Cube is still angry — and I don’t blame him.


“I turned down a movie cause I didn’t want to get to mother f*cking jab — I turned down $9 million,” Ice Cube expressed to Million Dollaz Worth of Game crew.

“F*ck that jab! And f*ck y’all for trying to make me get it!” he exclaimed. “So, you know, I don’t know how Hollywood feel about me right now, you know what I’m saying?”

“You turned down 9 million?” Gillie Da King asked with a level of astonishment.

“I didn’t turn it down,” replied Cube.

“Those mother f*ckers wouldn’t give it to me because I wouldn’t get the shot! I didn’t turn it down. They just wouldn’t give it to me.”

“Because you wouldn’t get the COVID shot?” clarified Gillie Da King.

“Yeah, the COVID shot,” said Cube.

“During the PLANdemic, man — the PLANdemic!” Wallo 267 interjected.

Gillie Da King asked Ice Cube if he ever caught COVID. Cube replied, “Nothing! F*ck them.”

“Yeah, I didn’t catch it at all,” professed Gillie. “But he [the guy on Gillie’s left] caught it about four or five times.”

“Well, you know. Circumstances, I got lucky,” stated Cube.


“I ain’t gonna take no sh*t I don’t need.”


That’s all that needs to be stated. What’s the absolute risk-benefit of taking a particular medical procedure? If it’s glaringly small (under 1%), you’re likely better off taking a pass and avoiding any side effects.

As a 52-year-old man at the time in decent shape, Ice Cube understood that and made the proper risk/benefit analysis.

Yes, he missed out on $9 million, but what good is that money if you increase your odds of not being healthy to enjoy it in the first place?

Watch the full podcast in the video below.


Myocarditis in Kids Under 18 Cases up by Over 100X in Canada

Myocarditis in Kids Under 18 Cases up by Over 100X in Canada

By Steve Kirsch

Large Canadian hospital: before COVID, they’d see 2 cases per year. Now they see 27 in just 6 weeks. That’s a 117X increase. But the CDC says it’s only “slightly elevated.”

The IWK Health Center is a major pediatric hospital and trauma center in Halifax, Nova Scotia that provides care to maritime youth, children, and women from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and beyond.

They’ve seen 27 myocarditis cases in a 6-week period for kids under 18. Normally, they see 2 cases a year. So they are seeing an increase of 117X the normal rate.

I heard this from a hospital insider. Don’t expect them to publicly say anything. That’s just not the way it works nowadays.

Since the baseline rate of myocarditis in kids is 1 per 100,000, this suggests that we are seeing 1 per 1,000 kids vaccinated getting myocarditis, and it’s probably even more than that especially since the Thailand study showed almost 30% of kids sustain a cardiac injury of some sort from the vaccines.

Since there are nearly 80 M kids under 18 in the US, if all of them got vaccinated, we’d expect to see 80,000 kids with myocarditis, which is always very serious.

That’s a lot of kids. You would think this is a problem, but it isn’t.

When 2 car owners die, the car manufacturer tells people to stop using the car. I wrote about this recently (see my Stellantis article).

The reason for this is simple: liability.

But with these vaccines, there is no liability, so there is no need to set a stopping condition.

The US government will happily injure hundreds of thousands or millions of kids, and it simply just doesn’t matter because there is no liability. That’s just the way it goes.

Only a few members of Congress will pay any attention to this because they don’t want to be seen as “anti-science.”

Are you a fact-checker?

Any “fact-checker” who wants to fact-check my source should contact me. Calling the hospital, getting a denial, and publicizing that as “the truth” is not fact-checking.

TEE cases on the rise as well… I wonder why?

A reader wrote:

This isn’t myocarditis-specific, but I want to bring another observation to your attention. I work in outpatient procedures hospital area. I noticed an uptick in TEE procedures (trans esophageal echocardiograms) after the vaccine roll out. When a patient has a random TIA/stroke and a cause can’t be determined, this procedure can be done to rule out a congenital heart malformation (such as PFO) as the cause. Other nurses commented on the increased number of theses cases after the vaccine rollout. Maybe twice as many per week for a few months? TEEs can be done by any trained cardiologist, but it is frequently done by electrophysiology cardiologist specialist. I recommend you look for nurses, mds or secretaries who work in the office of an EP cardiologist. They might be able to confirm if an increased number of TEEs were performed (presumably from an increase in TIAs or strokes).



IWK health center is not alone in seeing massive increases in myocarditis in young people. My own surveys clearly showed at least a 10-fold increase in myocarditis rates once the vaccines were introduced. That’s an increase from the rates under COVID only. My survey showed only a 10-fold increase because most people reported seeing zero cases before the vaccine so it skews the numbers.

Any doctor who tells you that the rates of myocarditis are lower with the vaccine should be reported to their state medical board for spreading misinformation.

The CDC claims that the risk of myocarditis is only “slightly elevated.” How do they explain this 100X increase? I don’t know. They block my emails now and ignore my phone calls. Fortunately, I can buy billboards to communicate with them to let them know about serious safety signals.

This article is more evidence that the COVID vaccines are a disaster and should be halted immediately.



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