Former Fox News Editor: Chances of Winning Powerball Greater than Incorrect 2020 Election Projection

Former Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt on Monday claimed the chances of winning the Powerball sweepstakes were greater than a wrong Fox News 2020 election projection.

“You’re better off to play the Powerball” than for the 2020 election projection to have been wrong on November 7, 2020, Stirewalt told the partisan January 6 Committee.

“Our Decision Desk was the best in the business, and I was very proud to be a part of it,” Stirewalt stated. “By the time everyone was losing their minds over this call, we were … moved on to other states.”

When asked who won the election, Stirewalt emphatically stated, “Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., of the great state of Delaware.”

(L-R) Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) look on during a break in a hearing of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol in the Cannon House Office Building on June 9, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Stirewalt was the Fox News member in charge of calling the state of Arizona for President Biden, which many say was projected too early to be accurate. Stirewalt defended the early call, claiming Fox News had “a better set of data” than CNN or MSNBC.

“Our poll in Arizona was beautiful, and it was giving just what we wanted it to do and it was cooking up just right,” he added. “We knew it would be a consequential call … because it was one of five states we were watching … Trump’s chances were very small and getting smaller,” Stirewalt said.

Stirewalt suggested many at Fox News were “losing their minds” that Arizona was called early but said his focus was calling the winner of the next state.

“We looked around the room, everybody says, ‘Yeah.’ And by the time we found out how much everybody was freaking out and losing their minds over this call, we were going to try and call the next state,” he said.

Biden won 81,284,666 votes compared to Trump’s 74,224,319 votes, according to the New York Times election desk.

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Trump Vindicated: Full Piers Morgan Interview Proves Ex-President Did Not Storm Off Set

Trump Vindicated: Full Piers Morgan Interview Proves Ex-President Did Not Storm Off Set

Piers Morgan appeared to vindicate former President Trump on Tuesday when he aired the full interview between them and included the original, undoctored ending.

“Piers Morgan screened the second part of his interview with Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon, revealing that the former president did not storm out,” reported The Independent.

Controversy erupted last week when Piers Morgan released a heavily edited teaser advertising an upcoming interview with the former president on his show Piers Morgan Uncensored, in which it appeared that Trump stormed off the set when questioned about a rigged 2020 election. Audio released to Breitbart News later revealed that not only did the president stay for the duration of the interview, he left on friendly terms. Per the report:

Trump spent more than an hour with Morgan, and the way the promo clip cuts together what it calls “Morgan Versus Trump” moments to promote the interview which will air on this coming Monday night is particularly deceptive. Most of those moments had nothing to do with the election issue at all, and the full audio of the last bit of the interview shows that Trump standing up and walking away and saying “turn the camera off” came after Morgan ended the interview and thanked Trump for a “great interview.”

Caught red-handed, Piers Morgan later doubled-down on his initial edit, saying it accurately depicted the contentious moment between them.Piers Morgan said on Fox News:

At the end, I thanked him, and I shook his hand, which is completely true. But then he just got up, barked at our cameras. ‘Turn the camera off.’ And then he walked off. And as he walks off, he muttered loudly — we have all this on film — ‘So dishonest. So dishonest.’ About me. And I just thought that was rude and churlish, and I felt that constituted a walkout, actually.

When airing the interview on Tuesday, Morgan once again defended the initial teaser, blaming it on Trump communication director Taylor Budowich for often appearing “angry” and combative.

“You did leave, pretty angrily. It certainly wasn’t a happy ending,” Morgan said.

According to Deadline, Trump’s interview with Piers Morgan performed well in Britain, averaging “300,000 viewers across 8 pm last night in the UK, tripling the competition from BBC News and Sky News and pulling in 10 times the viewers of GB News.”

“The ratings don’t include viewers who tuned in to the U.S. and Australia simulcast via Fox Nation and Sky News Australia,” Deadline added.


Bill Barr: Trump Showed Stunning ‘Detachment from Reality’ After Losing Election

Bill Barr: Trump Showed Stunning ‘Detachment from Reality’ After Losing Election

Former Attorney General Bill Barr said Tuesday on FNC’s “Special Report” that he was disturbed seeing former President Donald Trump’s “detachment from reality” after the 2020 presidential election.

Anchor Bret Barr asked, “What do you think was the most alarming or unsettling moment for you in the administration?”

Barr said, “It was certainly unsettling when I went in to talk to the president about the election, and he was livid and shaking and showed a lot of temper and yelling. That was a little unsettling.”

He added, “The other thing that was unsettling was later when I went in to actually give him my letter of resignation, he started talking about he won the election, the machines are rigged, and he was going to be there another term, and he was very confident of that. And I just felt that this showed a detachment from reality that was stunning to me. He was willing to accept anything no matter how fanciful as long as it didn’t make him a loser in the election.”

When asked what he would say to Trump supporters, Barr said, “I say the truth is important, and the truth is he lost the election.”

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AZ Sec of State Hobbs: ‘Sore Loser’ Trump’s Rally Is ‘Dangerous’

AZ Sec of State Hobbs: ‘Sore Loser’ Trump’s Rally Is ‘Dangerous’

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D), who is running for governor, said Friday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that former President Donald Trump should “move on” and stop being a “sore loser.”

Guest-host Jim Acosta asked, “Former President Trump will be in Arizona this weekend to peddle his baseless conspiracy theories about voter fraud. His go-to excuse for losing the 2021 election…How dangerous is it for Donald Trump to be coming to your state tomorrow, do you think?”

Hobbs said, “Well, it is dangerous. I’m glad you pointed that out. But the bottom line is it doesn’t matter what he says or does. Nothing is going to change the outcome of the 2020 election. But it also doesn’t change how dangerous this is. The bottom line is that Arizonians are tired of being led by conspiracy theorists and don’t support this fake audit, and they’re ready for leaders that are going to put those partisan games aside and deal with real issues. That’s why I’m running for governor.”

Acosta asked, “So what is your message to Donald Trump ahead of this rally? Don’t come?”

Hobbs responded, “Well, I mean, like most grownups, take your loss and accept it and move on. Nothing that’s going on here is going to change the outcome, and really this is nothing more than being a sore loser.”

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Costas: ‘MAGA Cultist’ Are Not Patriots — They Tried to Overthrow the Election

Sportscaster Bob Costas said Friday on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” that supporters of former President Donald Trump were not the patriots they claim to be because they tried to overthrow an election.

When asked about a previous Matt Schlapp interview, Costas said, “He is personable and civil and just as full of it, as any MAGA cultist when it comes to what he is telling you.”

He continued, “I made this point, and I don’t think I’m alone in this. I think millions upon millions of moderates and people who think of themselves as left of center feel the same way. Woke-ism and leftism are not the same thing as classic liberalism. They need to be called to account. They need to be opposed, even if some of it is what we might agree with. They need a thoughtful opposition. MAGA world is not — it’s many things, it ain’t thoughtful.”

Costas said, “Just leave it to what Trump showed us, himself, with his tweets, with his actions, with his biography, prior to entering politics. And how do you explain away — maybe, you could have one or two disgruntled-former employees, somebody trying to sell a book. Of all the presidents in my lifetime, you don’t have as many people who worked closely with that president, as have worked closely with Trump, and then have said how oblivious he is to facts, how unfit he is, temperamentally and morally to be the president of the United States. How do you account for that?”

He added, “They are devoted to him, hopelessly, devoted as an old-song lyric went. And yet, what is his level of devotion to anyone who is not 100% loyal to him? Exhibit A, Mike Pence. They call themselves patriots. We’re True-American patriots. Who tried to overthrow the election? Who tried? It’s on tape. The phone call to election officials in Georgia and everywhere. All these things that are preposterous, on their face. And yet, if you are a member of a cult, you’re down the line with that cult.”

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Obama: Trump’s Election ‘Hooey’ Violated Core Tenet of Democracy

Former President Obama said Monday in a video played on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight” that former President Donald Trump violated a core tenet of democracy by not accepting the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The video was from a Monday morning fundraising call for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Lemon said, “Then there is former president Barack Obama, he warns it could happen again, and it could even be worse the next time.”

Obama said, “In this election, what we saw was my successor, the former president, violate that core tenet that you count the votes and then declare a winner and fabricate and make up a whole bunch of hooey.”

He added, “So that as bad as January 6 was if we had to repeat in future elections in which, let’s say, the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania legislature decided we’re not going to certify all those votes coming out of Philadelphia because we think that those urban votes are shady. Imagine what would have happened. We would have had a worse constitutional crisis than we did.”

Lemon added, “That’s actually the perfect word to describe it, hooey.”

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Raskin on January 6 Commission: We Need to ‘Get the Truth Out’ — Make Trump an ‘Absolute Pariah in America’

Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Thursday on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight” that congressional Democrats wanted to investigate former President Donald Trump’s connection to the Capitol riot because Trump to be considered “an absolute pariah in America.”

On the Senate voting on the House Capitol riot commission, Raskin said, “Well, they’ve elevated what they think is in their best political interests over what is clearly in the best interest of the country, which is to determine the truth of those events and the cause of those events. But they are too eager to protect Donald Trump and the evidence of his attempted political coup against the government and against the election and too eager to protect the Proud Boys and the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers in their insurrection against America. Then they’re too eager, I think, to protect the rioters themselves, who were seduced by Donald Trump’s invitation to come to Washington, from the truth because those people will defect very quickly once we simply proclaim the truth, which is that the big lie is a lie, that Donald Trump did not win the election. These are people who were brought to Washington under the premise that the election was being stolen and they were going to go and stop the steal. So it’s hard to blame them in a weird way. We need to get the truth out to those people, and Donald Trump should be an absolute pariah in America, as well as everybody who has been enabling his anti-social and anti-democratic conduct.”

He added, “It certainly will happen again. I mean, January 6 wasn’t the first outbreak of this. Remember, there was a plot to kidnap and assassinate Michigan Governor Whitmer and a siege of the Michigan State Capitol, which Donald Trump had been encouraging, and other high-level Republicans had been encouraging. There were the MAGA marches on Washington, which ended up in violence. So, you know, part of what we showed at the impeachment trial, which ended up with a 57-43 vote to convict, was that January 6 was the culmination of a series of events. If we don’t intervene to stop it now, this will become the norm. Political violence will be validated and normalized. That’s what Donald Trump wants. I mean, he’s someone who always likes to encourage chaos and violence wherever he goes, and then he wraps his political plans inside of it. I mean, remember, there was a coup that was built into all of the riots and the violence in the insurrection.”

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Stacey Abrams: AZ Recount ‘a Continuation of the Insurrection’

Stacey Abrams: AZ Recount ‘a Continuation of the Insurrection’

Failed Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said Thursday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that the Arizona recount of 2020 ballots was “a continuation of the insurrection.”

Cooper asked, “First on the news, given all your work on voting rights, when you see this so-called audit in Arizona with cell phone jammers and UV lights, and conspiracy theories about bamboo ballots brought in from Asia, what is happening there?”

Abrams said, “It’s a continuation of the big lie, but more importantly and more concerningly, it’s a continuation of the insurrection, of this attempt to disenfranchise voters and to dismiss the legitimacy of our elections. And we know that this is only part of a larger intention. Just today, there was leaked audio from Heritage action for measuring where they admitted that this is model legislation being promulgated across the country through a vast republican intention of limiting access to the right to vote because they think it’s the best way to win. And according to the leaked audio, they’ve been meeting with secretaries of state, governors, legislators, all with the intent of putting forward legislation that will restrict access to the right to vote and make it easier for Republicans to win. And we should all be concerned because our elections are not about partisanship. it should not be a question of republicans or democrats gaming the system but everyone being able to participate and make their own choices.”

Cooper said, “What’s Orwellian about this, Kevin McCarthy is saying that no one is contesting the legitimacy of the last election, which is exactly what they’re doing.”

Abrams said, “Not only is there a hypocrisy, but it’s gaslighting. They are saying aloud that there’s nothing wrong, and at the exact same time, they’re pushing forward legislation to fix something they say is broken. Either they’re lying then, or they’re lying now. And the reality is the lie that continues to weave its way through our democracy is one that turns this issue of partisanship, this naked partisan grab.”

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