Letter Surfaces of Obama Foundation Admitting in 2018 They Keep Classified Documents in Unsecured Storage at Furniture Warehouse

Letter Surfaces of Obama Foundation Admitting in 2018 They Keep Classified Documents in Unsecured Storage at Furniture Warehouse

Hoffman Estates” is a previously abandoned Chicago area Sears furniture warehouse.  The Obama Foundation leased, then re-upped the lease, to use the facility to store all the paper documents from the Obama administration {Location Link}.

The Obama administration told the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) they were going to upload the documents into a digital form for use in the Obama library.  The paper documents were, still are, held at the Hoffman Estates warehouse while this digitization process took place.  It should be noted, the Obama Foundation has never digitized the records, hence they renewed the warehouse lease.

Contrast against the DOJ-NSD legal position about classified records held in the secure facility of Mar-a-Lago, a 2018 letter {Obama.org pdf here} from the Obama Foundation to the NARA is an example of the two-tiered selective justice system.  Within the 2018 letter the Obama team admit to storing both “classified and unclassified” documents at the warehouse: [Page #2, bullet-point 7]

[Obama.Org pdf]

Obviously, there were no raids on Hoffman Estates from the FBI to secure the classified documents.  Nor did the DOJ National Security Division trigger a criminal investigation of President Obama for holding documents, particularly classified documents, against the interests of the NARA while they “digitized them;” a process, which again should be noted, never even began.

The intent of sharing this information is just to highlight the political dynamic within the NARA, DOJ and FBI as it pertains to selective enforcement of presidential records.

Once again, to hopefully save the time of responding to DC inquiry, all of this information is open-source discovery.  It exists in the vast space of the internet and this letter itself is found in the archives of the Obama Foundation itself.

This information does not surface as an outcome of any CTH relationship with any entity who is now, or was ever, part of the Trump administration or the Trump legal team. So, save your insufferable subpoenas.

Readers, researchers and news media can do whatever they want with the information provided.  The source citations are provided. Make it your own, or not.


FBI Sues Alex Jones To Destroy First Amendment

FBI Sues Alex Jones To Destroy First Amendment

Greg Reese – Sep 16, 2022

Week one of the Alex Jones trial

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation

Joe Biden Delivers the DC Attack Speech Against MAGA Republicans that Mitch McConnell Cannot

Joe Biden Delivers the DC Attack Speech Against MAGA Republicans that Mitch McConnell Cannot

Everything you need to know about the background construct of Biden’s speech against “MAGA republicans,” can be found in the silence of the approved republican who is intended to benefit from it.

It is worth noting and emphasizing the specific target of this effort, lest the motive slips by while many are distracted by the outrage.

Joe Biden, together with and in direct coordination with, the two wings of the DC UniParty system, is not focused on ‘republicans’ as political opposition and domestic enemies. Joe Biden and his various conscripts are focused on a very specific type of republican, the “MAGA Republican.”   The same enemy identified by Mitch McConnell and the GOPe donor class.   This is not accidental.

While the institutions target Donald Trump himself, the political apparatus that supports the institutions is targeting Donald Trump supporters.   Please pay close attention to this, and please pay even closer attention to the voices you do not hear.  Silence can be deafening, but only if you are paying attention to it.

Last night’s speech in Philadelphia was a full-frontal assault on MAGA republicans, Donald Trump voters and supporters.  There is no parsing or backtracking that can obfuscate the words used and the specific intention of them.   Joe Biden would not read the script from the teleprompter if his handlers thought there was no benefit to it.  He is saying what he says with purpose, specific intent and motive.

It is in the background of those words, where we should be paying very close attention right now to who remains silent.   If you pay attention, you will notice the professional political class, the RNC club and the people who make the decisions about the club agenda, are conspicuously silent.   As an example, go look for Ron DeSantis’ response to the Philadelphia remarks, you will notice a curious silence, which, hopefully, people will connect to the other moment of curious silence in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid.

How long does it take to respond?

How long did it take you to formulate an opinion of those disparagements you heard?

It can be uncomfortable to see, and even more uncomfortable to accept, the nature of what exists in silence…. agreement.

Other than a single rather timid tweet from the personal account of the acceptable republican, there was nothing in the aftermath of the Mar-a-Lago raid.  Evaluations were being conducted.  Those evaluations are seemingly again being conducted by the management team of the acceptable republican right now.  Silence in the face of tyranny is agreement.

Those who have traveled these pages through the years know what it is like to accept discomfort.   However, it is in the bigger picture that we can formulate plans to overcome the opposition.  You are not the crew who would drag the Trojan Horse into the fortress.  You are the crew who would build the kindling underneath it far away from Troy and then watch what happens when lit.  You are the people who can see the false constructs.

That said, all is not bad news… In fact, the red speech from Joe Biden is actually awesome news.  What this entire effort tells us is that they cannot find a way to get rid of the MAGA uprising, they are getting more desperate.  In the background we can be assured the republican brand managers and image consultants are feverously working their polling and focus groups, and discovering they are not making a dent in the effort.

The Republicans are aligned with Left-wing Democrats throwing everything, including the kitchen sink and indictments against Donald Trump, yet his influence over outcomes within the party is unaffected.  All of the effort in the world, against the MAGA coalition, is not having the desired effect.  This must be making the managers of the approved candidate very frustrated.

That’s me, smiling.


Twitter Whistleblower Surfaces Presenting Challenge for U.S. Surveillance State, Enter CNN and The Washington Post

Twitter Whistleblower Surfaces Presenting Challenge for U.S. Surveillance State, Enter CNN and The Washington Post

The background story behind Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop takes an interesting twist today, as a whistleblower deep inside the Twitter technology side of the platform begins to outline what CNN calls, “a threat to its own users’ personal information, to company shareholders, to national security, and to democracy.”

This discussion is where it becomes critical to remember the nature of stakeholders in media.

CNN is the national media firm protecting the interests of the U.S. State Dept.  The Washington Post is the national media firm protecting the interests of the U.S. intelligence apparatus.  The latest Twitter whistleblower information originates in,.. wait for it… “an explosive whistleblower disclosure obtained exclusively by CNN and The Washington Post.”

The whistleblower is a former technology expert who came from within the research farm of DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, is a well-known cybersecurity expert who left government work, entered the public world, and eventually became the head of Twitter security, reporting directly to the CEO.

Peiter “Mudge” Zatko is now saying the background technology of Twitter is vulnerable to manipulation.  I’m not going to go into the granules of what Mudge is outlining, instead I prefer to focus on the bigger picture, a scenario we have been outlining for quite a while that could, emphasize *could*, become very explosive, especially considering the legal challenges between the social media platform and Elon Musk.

The nub of the bigger story is essentially that the database of Twitter, and likely other social media platforms, is integrated with the U.S. intelligence system.  The database of Twitter is not necessarily vulnerable to hacking by outside entities, although that is the framework used by media reporting this whistleblower issue.

The bigger risk to the surveillance state is discovery that Twitter and the U.S. intelligence community are in a public-private partnership. The Dept of Homeland Security has access by design, not flaw.  How the stakeholder media are reporting on the issue shows the nature of the risk, (emphasis mine):

[…] The scathing disclosure, which totals around 200 pages, including supporting exhibits — was sent last month to a number of US government agencies and congressional committees, including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice. The existence and details of the disclosure have not previously been reported. CNN obtained a copy of the disclosure from a senior Democratic aide on Capitol Hill. The SEC, DOJ and FTC declined to comment; the Senate Intelligence Committee, which received a copy of the report, is taking the disclosure seriously and is setting a meeting to discuss the allegations, according to Rachel Cohen, a committee spokesperson. (link)

How would it damage the U.S. government if previous claims about the Chinese government having access to all user data on TikTok, are shown to be exactly identical to the U.S. government having access to all user data on Twitter?

Let that question settle in for a few moments, because that is exactly what I have been alleging since, well, 2011, when the U.S. State Dept first collaborated with Twitter in a joint public-private partnership to use the platform as a communication tool exploiting the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt, Libya and beyond.

The issue of Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop is an issue of financial viability.  The business model of Twitter just doesn’t exist as a free social media discussion platform while running the ultra-expensive data processing system needed for millions of simultaneous users.  A global chat that requires exponential database responses as an outcome of simultaneous users is just ridiculously expensive. {Go Deep} However, if the computing system and massive database were being subsidized by the U.S. government, then the viability of the ‘free coffeebusiness model makes sense.

“Cloud computing is one of the core components of the strategy to help the IC discover, access and share critical information in an era of seemingly infinite data.” … “A test scenario described by GAO in its June 2013 bid protest opinion suggests the CIA sought to compare how the solutions presented by IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) could crunch massive data sets, commonly referred to as big data.” … “Solutions had to provide a “hosting environment for applications which process vast amounts of information in parallel on large clusters (thousands of nodes) of commodity hardware” using a platform called MapReduce. Through MapReduce, clusters were provisioned for computation and segmentation. Test runs assumed clusters were large enough to process 100 terabytes of raw input data. AWS’ solution received superior marks from CIA procurement officials”… (MORE)

Legal Stuff – The issue of American citizen privacy and U.S. constitutional limits against the government listening in on communication is functionally obsolescent.  The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) prohibits communication intercepts on U.S. citizens without a valid search warrant.  However, if a U.S. citizen is engaged in a conversation with a foreign person, all privacy restrictions are essentially gone. [Insert example of Michael Flynn taking to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak here]

Your phone calls can be intercepted by the government from the foreign side of the call.  The govt can freely monitor the calls that involve foreign actors.  The only rule is that your privacy must be maintained. If the foreign actor is in communication with a U.S. citizen, the U.S. citizen must be “minimized” or not identified in any intercept.

However, what happens when the phone call is on a community line that is connected, and visible, to the entire world?   That’s the benefit of social media monitoring from a surveillance perspective. It is from that opaque and unresolved archaic legal perspective that surveillance authority of social media platforms, by the U.S. intelligence community, exists.   Now you see why the SSCI is taking an interest in the Twitter whistleblower, classic risk mitigation.

Hopefully, you can also see why the 200-page whistleblower document was leaked, by a Democrat staffer, to the Washington Post and CNN.

CNN defends the equity interests of the U.S. State Dept., and WaPo defend the Intelligence Community (CIA, DHS, etc).

Within the narrative as constructed you will note, “Zatko further alleges that Twitter’s leadership has misled its own board and government regulators about its security vulnerabilities, including some that could allegedly open the door to foreign spying or manipulation, hacking and disinformation campaigns.”

If the relationship between Twitter and the U.S. intelligence community is a public-private partnership, why would Twitter want to shut down the portals given to the Dept of Homeland Security?

Answer, they wouldn’t… Ergo the response from Twitter to the whistleblower complaint is (emphasis mine), “What we’ve seen so far is a false narrative about Twitter and our privacy and data security practices that is riddled with inconsistencies and inaccuracies and lacks important context.

Put another way, the “lacks important context” is the nature of the security risk, which is structural to the relationship between the intelligence community and the platform.  See how that works?

The integration between Twitter and the United States Intelligence Community has been hiding in plain sight:

July 26, 2021, (Reuters) – A counterterrorism organization formed by some of the biggest U.S. tech companies including Facebook (FB.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) is significantly expanding the types of extremist content shared between firms in a key database, aiming to crack down on material from white supremacists and far-right militias, the group told Reuters.

Until now, the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism’s (GIFCT) database has focused on videos and images from terrorist groups on a United Nations list and so has largely consisted of content from Islamist extremist organizations such as Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Over the next few months, the group will add attacker manifestos – often shared by sympathizers after white supremacist violence – and other publications and links flagged by U.N. initiative Tech Against Terrorism. It will use lists from intelligence-sharing group Five Eyes, adding URLs and PDFs from more groups, including the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters and neo-Nazis.

The firms, which include Twitter (TWTR.N) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) YouTube, share “hashes,” unique numerical representations of original pieces of content that have been removed from their services. Other platforms use these to identify the same content on their own sites in order to review or remove it. (more)

A shared hashing protocol is a form of data system integration.  The databases of the identified social media platforms are integrated with the U.S. intelligence system.

I shall leave on a happy note, which highlights the nature of the risk:

After this article was initially published, Alex Spiro, an attorney for Musk, told CNN, “We have already issued a subpoena for Mr. Zatko, and we found his exit and that of other key employees curious in light of what we have been finding.” (LINK)

Hello, fellas…


Now, for the pantomime, and to showcase the need for extreme control by the narrative engineers.  Notice how the directors of the CNN segment use alternative actors to shape the context of what Mr. Peiter “Mudge” Zatko is saying.  This is classic intelligence community media tradecraft.

Notice what is expressly attributed to Mudge in his own words, versus what is implied toward Mudge from alternative voices and faces that appear.  Once you see the strings on the marionettes, you can never return to that moment in the performance when you did not see them.  WATCH:


Corrupt and Conflicted, Judge Who Authorized General Search Warrant and Raid on Trump Home Says Some Background Material May Be Needed to Protect Deep State from Tar and Feathers

Corrupt and Conflicted, Judge Who Authorized General Search Warrant and Raid on Trump Home Says Some Background Material May Be Needed to Protect Deep State from Tar and Feathers

Comprehensively compromised U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart said Thursday he is leaning toward releasing some of the evidence presented by corrupt U.S. Justice Department officials to justify the general search warrant of President Donald Trump’s Florida home last week.

This is a case that pits We The People against the justice system, news organizations and corrupt federal prosecutors.  Unfortunately, we have no representation in the matter.

The justice system, including the DOJ, FBI regime police and federal judiciary, needs to protect itself from public scrutiny lest the people discover the true motives of the star chamber narrative called ‘national security.’  As a consequence, we should expect no sunlight that is not heavily managed to protect all state stakeholders.  In the background, China, Russia and Iran grin mightily as the illusion of democracy is exposed.

(Newsmax) – […] Judge Bruce Reinhart said he believes “there are portions of the affidavit that could be unsealed,” referring to the sworn statement laying out the evidence for why there was probable cause to search Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

He ordered the Justice Department to file a redacted version of the affidavit under seal by noon next Thursday, but said the Justice Department will be given the opportunity to appeal if prosecutors don’t agree with his proposed version.

Reinhart’s order seemed to mark a victory for news outlets, who appeared in federal court in West Palm Beach on Thursday to persuade the judge that the public interest in the affidavit outweighs the benefits of keeping it sealed.  The Justice Department opposes the release of the evidence.

Of course, the DOJ opposes the release of the affidavit.  Without the secrecy the strategic value of their ongoing leaks to the media would diminish.  Pretenses must be maintained; narratives must be sharpened; the illusion of a justice system is contingent upon strict rules against transparency.

Jay Bratt, the head of the department’s counterintelligence and export control section, told the judge on Thursday that releasing the affidavit is not in the public interest because it could harm the ongoing probe.

“There is another public interest at stake and that is the public interest that criminal investigations are able to go forward unimpeded,” he said.

The search was part of a federal investigation into whether Trump illegally removed documents when he left office in January 2021 after losing the presidential election to Democrat Joe Biden.

The Justice Department is investigating violations of three laws, including a provision in the Espionage Act that prohibits the possession of national defense information and another statute that makes it a crime to knowingly destroy, conceal or falsify records with the intent to obstruct an investigation.

Attorneys for several media outlets including The New York Times, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal, ABC News and NBC News told Reinhart on Thursday that the public’s right to know and the historic significance of the search outweigh any arguments to keep the records sealed.

“The public could not have a more compelling interest in ensuring maximum transparency over this event,” said Charles Tobin, one of the attorneys arguing for the media companies.

Trump in statements on social media has called on the court to unseal the unredacted version of the affidavit “in the interest of transparency.” (read more)

In the bigger picture there is no ‘trust’ left for the DOJ or FBI to lose.  Even the illusion of integrity from within the institutions of Main Justice has been destroyed over the past decade with epic mountains of evidence toward how the justice department and their state police, FBI, have weaponized their agencies for political motives.

Despite the pontifications of the great pretenders, the American people are under no illusion that a non-corrupt justice system actually exists.  At this moment the discussion in every village, hamlet and gathering is about how to deconstruct these agencies without violence, nothing more.

The time where pretending held some value, toward retaining the illusion of our constitutional republic, is in the rear view.  We are all dissidents now; members of a national insurgency relegated to codewords and careful scripts in order to avoid the watchers.

In a just world a lawyer would look Judge Reinhart in the eye and tell him directly that his court, and the entire federal system of courts of which he is a member, are now positioned as the enemy of the people they have targeted with this weaponized system.  General search warrants are unconstitutional, yet that is exactly what Main Justice requested and what Judge Reinhart approved.

Unfortunately, amid the great pretending class, the great pretenses remain.  However, for the victims of this bastardized and corrupt system, comfortable denial is no longer an option… Acceptance has settled in.

“I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”

~ Thomas Jefferson


Tucker Carlson Reacts to the FBI Raid on President Trump’s Home

Tucker Carlson Reacts to the FBI Raid on President Trump’s Home

Returning from a vacation that coincided with the FBI raid on President Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Fox News host Tucker Carlson delivered an extensive monologue upon his return Monday night.

Beginning by questioning the baseline assumptions, Carlson walks through the events as they are known. WATCH:



Salman Rushdie on Ventilator After Horrific Attack in New York

Salman Rushdie on Ventilator After Horrific Attack in New York

For many people Salman Rushdie is perhaps the most well-known free speech defender in the current generation. He certainly is one of the bravest people who originally spoke out against Islamic extremism with his 1988 book Satanic Verses.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for Rushdie’s death over what he claimed were blasphemous references to Islam. A $3 million bounty was placed on his head for anyone who kills him. The fatwa was never rescinded, and Rushdie spent well over a decade hiding under protective custody.

In recent years Rushdie has been a visible advocate for free speech and has given multiple speeches on issues around the need for freedom of expression. During a speech yesterday he was attacked and stabbed multiple times.

[New York] – Author Salman Rushdie is likely to lose one of his eyes and is currently on a ventilator after he was attacked on stage at a literary event in upstate New York on Friday, a report said.

“The news is not good,” the 75-year-old writer’s agent, Andrew Wylie, told The New York Times. “Salman will likely lose one eye; the nerves in his arm were severed; and his liver was stabbed and damaged,” said Wylie.

Rushdie, who is still unable to speak, was attacked by a lone man while speaking at an event at the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, NY, about 55 miles south of Buffalo.

He was scheduled to speak about the United States as a place for exiled authors “as a home for freedom of expression,” according to the institute. After the stabbing, he was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he underwent surgery.

[…] Rushdie’s alleged attacker, 24-year-old Hadi Matar, of Fairview, New Jersey, was arrested at the scene by a state trooper who was assigned to the lecture. (read more)


The Unstoppable Force of Truth in the Information War

The Unstoppable Force of Truth in the Information War

Greg Reese – Aug 8, 2022

The latest attacks against Info Wars are only exposing their intention to silence all of alternative media

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SourceSouth Australian Gov Criminal Organisation


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