Sweden’s no lockdown policy WAS right and countries that enforced them had ‘significantly worse outcomes’, report by its government finds

Sweden is experiencing the biggest ‘I told you so’ in history. 

Us ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been right most of the time perhaps our leaders need to start using us as ‘experts’ 😊

Sweden made the correct decision by avoiding a full Covid-19 lockdown and relying on their population’s common sense, a commission into the handling of the virus has claimed. 

Despite praising keeping the country open, the commission said some restrictions should have been introduced earlier.

Swedish experts said repeated lockdowns in other European countries were neither ‘necessary’ nor ‘defensible’. 

According to the the report, the decision to promote ‘advice and recommendations which people were expected to follow voluntarily’ had been ‘fundamentally correct’. 

 The authors said Swedes were able to keep more of their personal freedoms than other countries. 



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