Surprising CSpan Poll — Who won the first debate?

MSM and other Democrat dominated sources give it to Biden by a hair; but Trump is taking it in surprising and unexpected venues: increase in rating polls, 69% at C-span (what??), 66% in TeleMundo (what??), and radical increase in competitor spin and self-justification. What about Biden’s wounds … where’s Hunter?, where do you stand on court packing?, what IS the status of the Green New Deal and Healthcare for All, can’t have it both ways?, were you really wearing a wire?

Have mercy: dump biden/kamal … run Jill Biden/Cindy McCain! Gotta’ hurry though or we won’t have time to print new ballots! They are both women, they have both had husbands who have lost their minds, they are both white and super-privileged. They are both viscous and valueless; perfect Democrats.


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