Summonses To Be Issued Against Every Criminal MP 

Summonses To Be Issued Against Every Criminal MP

Summonses To Be Issued Against Every Criminal MP

The barrister we have engaged is preparing to have summonses issued against every MP charged in the Private Criminal Prosecution, which alleges multiple COVID-1984 crimes against the People.

They will lay the information as soon as the drafting of the paperwork is completed and the summonses will be issued on the same day, requiring every defendant to appear in court to answer to the charges soon afterwards.

Just imagine the hoo-hah that’s gonna cause, in the event it transpires [all being well] by the end of this week, as anticipated. So please make sure you spread the news far and wide.

In addition, I’m delighted to say that our numbers are now growing exponentially and the momentum is about to turn in our favour, when every MP knows that the common law adjudged Parliamentary Privilege to be automatically vitiated by their acts of fraud, treason and genocide against the people, from 31/01/2020 to the present day.

To date, ten MPs have resigned since they all received notice that the People were holding them to account for their crimes, but I strongly suspect that number will rise before we lay the charges. Watch this space for all the latest developments, as and when they happen.

Workplace Remedy For Mask Diktats

Meanwhile, legally unenforceable demands that people wear face masks at work are becoming increasingly common and should be dealt with in a simple administrative process, using the common law to establish the indisputable facts, which I am in process of drafting a detailed template for.

However, in simple terms, if you are threatened with the sack for refusing to wear a mask, you need to send your employer a Notice of Conditional Acceptance, promising to wear a mask if they provide you with the following:

1. Evidence that masks prevent infection.

2. Evidence that masks don’t cause oxygen deprivation which can lead to seizures.

3. Evidence that breathing in your own carbon dioxide does not cause bacterial infections and respiratory disorders.

4. Evidence that wearing masks does not cause stress and anxiety.

5. Evidence that wearing masks prevented the spread of the Spanish Flu.

6. Evidence that dismissal for not wearing a mask at work would not represent a material breach of the Equality Act, which entitles you to claim compensation for discrimination, as well as unfair dismissal.

7. Evidence that the government lurgy has ever been proven to exist.

8. Evidence that the Coronavirus Act and the regulations which arose out of it are not adjudged to be repugnant and void under the common law.

9. Evidence that it is not a crime ancillary to genocide to collaborate with government policy, which has already resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths in care homes and hospitals.

10. Evidence that the government has not relied upon fraudulent data to frighten the population into fearful compliance with its legally unenforceable diktats.

Potential Damages Claim

Needless to say, they will not be able to provide you with what you ask for, but you will have shown that they are unable to justify their actions, which render them liable for all potential damages caused if they try to dismiss you, as per the common law.

Nevertheless, even if they do, by implementing such a strategy you will have already established the basis to successfully challenge them in an employment tribunal, as they would almost certainly back down before judgment, when faced with the realistic prospect of having to cough up far more in damages than they pay you for your work.

Once I have completed the template for a simple three notice process, I will post it on this blog.

People Power Rising

Before I disappear for a few days, to submerge myself into the final drafting of the criminal allegations against Parliament, with a view to having the information ready to lay by the end of the week, I feel compelled to promise you this.

The Power of the People is rising in the north, south, east and west of these ancient isles and there is nothing that criminal government can do to stop it.

When the rallying cry comes, just make sure you are ready to join the People’s Union of Britain in #TotalitarianNonCompliance with tyranny and nationwide #NonViolentDirectAction, under the protection of #MagnaCarta2020.

As my friend and fellow warrior, Mick Kehoe, recently pointed out, COVID-1984 ends when we all say “no” and refuse to comply without exceptions. If we get a shift on and achieve that nationwide over the next few weeks, we’ll have the cabinet under house arrest before Christmas, with genocide tribunals set for early in the new year.

Therefore, if I was the government’s senior legal advisor, I’d advise that the every cabinet minister has every reason to start bricking it, despite the unlawful, void and murderous License To Kill Bill, which is, in any event, emphatic confirmation that Parliament is literally legislating to commit the most heinous of crimes.

In addition, I’d also advise them that the notorious Bernician recalcitrant has a growing army of very angry people from every British demographic, passionately supporting his action to dissolve this Parliament, on the ground that a series of the most heinous common law crimes have been committed, by every MP who did not oppose the legalisation of crimes against their own people.

Moreover, it is now impossible to deny that the UK government has implicitly declared war against us all, in the most deceitful, treacherous and cowardly of ways. When karma comes a calling, I wouldn’t fancy being in their shoes, for all bats in Wuhan.


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