Stop the Steal rally in Dallas…

I’ve thought about this election situation for a while and have reached a conclusion that helps me sleep better now.

Don’t get me wrong. I want Trump to stay in the Whitehouse as my first choice going forward.

However, I have concluded that it might even be a better situation if Trump were to just run again in 2024. Think about it. Congress will likely stay divided for the next 2 years, preventing most of the big changes the Marxists had planned, then The House will most likely completely flip to Republicans in 2022.

That will create a sweet environment for conservatives in 2024 and a much better situation for Trump’s return.

The powerful transformation of America and the dismantling of the Deep State may be easier to do in 2024 than it is now, with a divided congress.

So, whether it goes our way now or in 2024 he’s going to be back and bolder than ever before!

Trump now or Trump 2024. He ain’t goin’ away!


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