Stop the Steal outside Supreme Court (awesome)…

Stop going to Fox News! Jesus, every conservative I know is complaining about how Fox News “betrayed” them but they all keep sending me stories from their website! Knock it off!

This is actually something we Conservatives can do something about. This is within our control if we work together. If we collectively shut Fox News out of our daily lives, the media giant will be brought to its knees by the New Year!

However, that not only means shutting off our televisions but it also means not going to their website either!! Delete your Fox News apps from your smartphones, delete their URL from your browser favorites, cancel your subscription to Fox Nation, and watch OAN or NewsMax instead.

It actually couldn’t be more simple. Do these four simple things, sit back, and watch Fox News self-destruct. If you don’t do these things, Fox News wins. They are actively mocking every single one of us right now and many of you just smile and take it while browsing FoxNews.Com. STOP IT, you/we have all the power here now let’s exercise it!


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