Stephen Colbert Compares Trump To Lassie Licking Her A**

Stephen Colbert

After a two-week break, the obnoxious current host of “The Late Show” is back up to his old tricks again. There is no question that Stephen Colbert has been a total bear to President Trump (no pun intended), and even though he gave us a brief respite, he is now back with a vengeance and appeasing his liberal audience.

In a nutshell, even though President Trump has every right to criticize Dr. Fauci, Colbert seems to think the president is out of line.

President Trump criticized Dr. Fauci by saying that he is lying about the COVID-19 situation in an attempt to sway the upcoming election. Trump did this by retweeting a message by Chuck Woolery, the former host of Wheel of Fortune and Love Connection.

Last July, Woolery tweeted out that COVID-19 was “characterized by lies.” Woolery also said that “not all but most” are lying, and that includes “our doctors,, the CDC, everyone.” Of course, Mr. Stephen Colbert wasn’t having any of it.

He cited the fact that Dr. Fauci was on President Trump’s own task force and his own stellar credentials. He then proceeded to make an amazingly vulgar analogy that would make even Howard Stern blush.

“We’re coming back after two weeks,” the Late Show host said. “You know what else I wish would come back? Governance.” I swear, cognitive dissonance abounds with these people, but I digress. That’s when he launched into his diatribe and made his grotesque comparison.

Let’s do the milder parts of Colbert’s monologue first. He took issue with Trump’s criticism of Fauci, and he used a characterization of Lassie to do it. “So you are attempting to undermine the main guy on your health task force. That’s like criticizing Lassie the minute that the dog starts barking.”

Of course, let’s now get to the bad part of Stephen Colbert’s obnoxious dialogue: “Instead of taking Lassie’s advice, you’re just telling the dog off for licking her own butt.”

Well, no, not necessarily, but here’s yet another analogy that even YOU could understand, Mr. Colbert: we’re not criticizing Lassie, we’re criticizing the “Family Guy” parody of Lassie. You see, one thing that the liberals don’t understand is that it is Trump, not Fauci, who is Lassie. Either way, I guess.we’ll see you all on Election Day.


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