Status Update – Meeting and Briefing Today….

First, thank you for the continued support.  This is a highly unusual situation and far outside my comfort zone.   Over the past several years, y’all know I have dug deep into the investigative weeds behind all things associated with the Trump-Russia madness and assembled a complex set of research and evidence materials that are very troubling.

From the outset, my goal was simply to ensure that investigative operations within the totality of government would be aware of the hidden evidence that is not supposition, but fact-based with direct evidence.

Obviously a secondary objective, given the nature of the material, was to ensure those in positions of power and influence would know that we know….. and that fundamental knowledge would mean they could not hide it.

If they do nothing, the least We The People deserve to know is who “they” are.  Specifically who “they” are without equivocation.

Today at 2:00pm ET should be a conclusive point in that regard, as I am directly briefing those unknown and hidden people, actual badges, who have the power and authority to act.  However, that said, I hold no confidence and/or trust toward them.

This has not been easy.  Unfortunately, there exists a myriad of self-interests on an individual and institutional level who would not want this evidence to surface….. and so this odd game of briefing, obfuscation and intentional attempts to “not become aware” has been ongoing.  That’s a bigger story for another day.

After several -seemingly- purposeful delays, and some expressions of good faith which I am not sure are actually ‘good’ or ‘faithful’, we come to this moment approximately an hour from now.  The media, who I have briefed on the material, have been released from any/all prior confidences.  Additionally, I have released the name of the primary investigator (deep behind the Durham probe) to the same media. If those media voices do nothing, I will share who they are… until then, I grant them benefit of courage and patriotism.

It’s time to start asking some very hard questions…. but in order to do that, these voices first needed to know the material so those questions could be asked; hence, the exhaustive travel for in-depth briefings in multiple cities and states.

Nothing is supposition; everything is connected to deep and direct evidence of corruption that covers a variety of interests and numerous institutions.   The most adverse to sunlight are members of Mueller’s purposefully installed special counsel unit.  After the Obama administration left office, Andrew Weissmann and crew took over. They did things that only Machiavellian thinkers could imagine.   It will all come out; the question is when?

After another attempt to delay, I took a purposeful stance.  Everyone reversed course and we are back on track.

Expect no help from the Senate; they were participants. Today’s released obfuscation and nonsense from the SSCI is evidence in that regard.  The entire upper chamber is compromised; they know it, I know it, and a large part of the American electorate know it.

I dislike immensely not being able to just be the guy with a blog who outlines research material, provides the direct source information, and explains to people what is going on.  Recent weeks/months have been challenging because when your goal is to extend benefit-of-doubt, you do not want to impede any truthful efforts.  However, I have exhausted my ‘benefit-of-doubt‘ stash; I need to return to my original position: ‘THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA’.

So begins the worst/best phase of the Big Ugly.

Thanks again for all the support.

All in…. More later…

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