spiritual side of the changes we are seeing taking place

I promised to send some documents regarding the spiritual side of the changes we are seeing taking place, and they are attached.

The first two documents give (what I hope is)  a good introduction to the spiritual side of life.

What is Ascension ?

  • What do you mean – the third dimension is going away ?
  • Ascension:  preparing for what is yet to come
  • Spiritual Evolution – the Arcturian Group

For those interested in exploring preparations for a higher-frequency style of existence, I have attached the following:

  • How to raise your consciousness and vibration through diet
  • Detoxing for Higher Consciousness

Regarding my comments about rural real estate prices, I include some snips from the latest ag.journal.

  • 210815 _ Rural real estate prices

I suggest the most important thing is expressed here:

  • How to change things.

Happy reading !

HowTo _change things _ BuchFuller _ 140414 210815 _ Rural real estate prices
Detoxing for Higher Consciousness _ 180528 How To Raise Your Consciousness And Vibration Through Diet _ 180528 Spiritual Evolution _ The Arcturian Group _ 210414 Ascension_preparing for what is yet to come _ 160930 What do you Mean the 3rd Dimension is Going Away _ 180528 What is Ascension _ 200504

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