Simple Questions With Massive Ramifications….

If you ever read the indictment of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe [pdf HERE] you would notice how FBI Washington Field Office Supervisory Special Agent Brian Dugan conducted his leak investigation that ultimately led to James Wolfe..

As SSA Dugan explains his investigative process he goes to great lengths to describe how he went to the FISA court to pick up a copy of the Carter Page FISA application on March 17, 2017.  Agent Dugan then takes it to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence where he gave it to SSCI Security Director James Wolfe.

Simple Questions: Why did SSA Dugan go to the FISC to pick up a copy?

Why didn’t Agent Dugan just go to Main Justice an pick up a copy from the DOJ-NSD file that contained the FISA application? Why go to the FISA Court for a copy?

This is not supposition; this is the process described and outlined in court records. So why go to the FISC and not the DOJ?

♦ Secondly, SSA Dugan goes to extreme lengths to draw attention to his copy; he calls the top secret FISA application an “FBI equity” in numerous documents. It’s his equity, his document, because he was the original equity holder of the document.

Agent Dugan was responsible for generating it. Dugan repeats that provenance again, and again in court records throughout 2018: “FBI Equity“.

[Document Link – page #3]

[Document Link – Page #13]

The March 17, 2017, copy of the FISA application -as stamped by the FISA Court- was FBI Agent Brian Dugan’s equity. It was inside his investigative file.

This March 17, 2017, copy is his investigative work product.

So riddle me this… QUESTION:

When Main Justice DOJ (think special counsel) released the FISA application, under the auspices of a FOIA fulfillment, on July 21, 2018, why did they release FBI Agent Brian Dugan’s copy?

Why didn’t the DOJ release their clean copy of the FISA application?

Why did the DOJ find it necessary to release WFO FBI agent Brian Dugan’s equity?

Additionally, how did Main Justice get SSA Brian Dugan’s copy of the FISA?…. But more importantly, when the DOJ decided to release the FISA application to the public, why did they release FBI Agent Dugan’s copy?

The answers to these questions tell a big story.

Isn’t it curious how no-one has ever asked those questions.


♦ Why did Dugan go to the FISA Court for his original copy?

♦ Sixteen months later, why did the DOJ want to release Dugan’s copy?

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