Sidney Powell with Lou Dobbs…

A few good men and women !

Most people still have no idea how deep the swamp runs and worse yet, where is the outrage in all of it ? Wray should have been removed long ago. Trump has been far to slow in removing these criminals. There are still many of the known criminals still working for DOJ amd FBI ! And yes Lou, the judidcial is just as bad as DOJ and FBI ! It is all still ongoing in every agency, just slowed down a little bit, which of course begs the question why has the Barr/Durham investigation taken so long. I do not buy th CV crap. That is far too convenient and who created it anyway, the same people ?

Consider this question, does Barr grasp the necessity of the urgency of the prosecuions and has waiting until just prior to the election serving a good purpose or is it destructive and or undermining ? I think Trump got bamboozled again. We now have Goog and the rest on steroids to get rid of Trump via their censoring and deleting info, massive fraudulent and illegal voting in motion and the prosecutions be put off as long as possible ? All very negative events for the election as I see it and everybidy seems to have gone along with all of it in DC ? Realize Trump can lose to all of these events.

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