Sidney Powell on Dominion Systems…

The final 20 seconds is the most significant.

CCP software, hardware in the Dominion voting systems. Highly likely Pelosi family and friends leadership and investor role in Dominion…
Pelosi so confident prior to election literally guaranteeing Trump will lose because she’s involved in the election outcome with the CCP and Dominion changing the outcome.

Trump landslide overwhelmed Plan A (dominion).
Plan B – mass production of paper ballots, with only Biden marked; Plan B — ‘B’ is for Backup Ballots, deployed.

Trump landslide so large they had to produce a ridiculous amount of ballots and everybody got sloppy. That created tons of evidence, starting with witness statements, that leads to Trump attorneys getting access inside the ‘machine’. The Democrat / CCP election fraud machine in collusion with Pelosi and the DNC leadership.

Notice Biden Camp very quiet the last few days.


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