Sidney Powell first comments on pardon of General Flynn…

Nah, Mike, she’s playing these FOOLS like a fish caught on a barbed hook!! They can’t get away, no matter how much they flip around!! She’ll get that suit filed in her own good time! She must be just giddy with delight, in her knowing that she has all of these bastards by their short hairs!
Here’s what nearly everybody is missing; they rant and rave and clamor about Sydney “running out of time”,or “the clock is ticking and she has to beat that clock”, etc, but the clock has already basically stopped for her, at the least slowed way down, and she has as much time as she needs! Fraud, you see, is like murder, it has no statute of limitations on it. They both follow you to your grave! But with fraud, there is a limit on how much time you have AFTER it is discovered, to start proceedings to prosecute for it. Several decades can go by from when the fraud was committed until it is discovered, and then THAT is when the clock starts running on it. It can be up to 7 years, as I recall reading. I’m sure that she will not need to take 7 years to put together an iron clad and air tight case to prove fraud. So if she wants to delay her filings for a few days for dramatic effect or whatever is her reason, I’m perfectly OK with it. Rest assured that she’s going to be putting some people in boiling hot oil soon.


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