Sidney Powell drops the hammer on Gina Haspel and Dominion…

All we hear in these discussions are a lot of wishful thinking about something that is going to happen to alter the election results. We lost, whether it was stolen or legit, it is over. President Trump spent 4 years filling government positions with Deep State Operatives, Sessions, Barr, Wray, Haspel, Kelley just to name a few. At what point to we start to ask ourselves why President Trump left these Deep State Operatives in positions that he knew would steal the election from him? Why did President Trump, the most powerful man on Earth, let Antifa, BLM and the left destroy our cities, steal our rights under the guise of a pandemic, continue to do nothing as law enforcement lets Antifa and BLM terrorize the old, women and anyone they can sucker punch with absolutely no fear of retribution? I could go on for hours, I email this President everyday and ask why, why he does nothing?

All I read on these message boards is what everyone is going to do if Biden becomes President. I don’t believe any of you, where have you all been for the last several years as our country has sunk into communism? Have any of you helped anyone as Antifa and BLM have destroyed our cities and terrorized our neighborhoods? It is easy to sit behind a keyboard and talk tough, tell the rest of us about some great thing that is going to happen to save America and Trump. You all talk about the left sitting in their Mom’s basement, well, when I look at our country it appears to me that the left is out destroying things and terrorizing Americans and all the so called tough guys on these message boards are the ones sitting in Mom’s basement doing nothing except talking tough, hoping that someone else will do something so your nice life is not disturbed! All tough talk and absolutely no action, just like President Trump. The left has already won and they did not even have any push back from all you tough guys and gals.

I am a Christian, a Conservative, a Veteran, a Disabled Veteran and I voted for Donald J. Trump. So I am not interested in all hate messages that I will get, time you all start listening to the truth and get over yourselves!

You now live in a communist country and none of you did anything except talk about being tough and what you were going to do while our country was lost. Enough of the great hope dreams, time to adjust to your new reality.

President Fauci just declared no Christmas for Christians so I guess if you want to go to church on Christmas Eve you better find a mosque to attend!

All talk and no action, the story of the last 4 years! A wasted 4 years that will be removed from history as soon as Biden starts writing EOs! That is the truth regardless of how many message boards try to tell you otherwise!


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