SHOCK VIDEO: Columbus Police Officer Shoots Man Who Tossed Gun During Foot Chase

Columbus, Ohio — On February 5, 2023, about 3:05 p.m., officers stopped a car on the South Side near the intersection of Stanley and Wilson avenues. A man inside, 66-year-old Michael Cleveland, got out shortly after being approached and began running away.

Officer Joshua Ohlinger gave chase, first pulling his Taser before dropping it and unholstering his gun. Cleveland appears to throw a firearm aside as Officer Ohlinger fires his weapon at Cleveland’s back six times while Cleveland continues to flee. Cleveland was treated by officers on scene before he was taken to a hospital in critical condition, which was upgraded to stable.

Multiple officers were on scene, but Ohlinger was the only one who fired at Cleveland. Columbus police have charged Cleveland, whom court records indicate has had a lengthy criminal history, with being a felon illegally in possession of a firearm.

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