Senior Biden Adviser Busted, Campaign Begins to Crumble

Senior Biden Campaign Adviser, Manuel Guzman Jr.
Senior Biden Campaign Adviser, Manuel Guzman Jr.

The Deputy Coalitions Director of Latino Engagement for the Biden campaign is in hot water after tweets resurfaced that included disparaging remarks against women, and racist remarks.

Manuel Guzman Jr, who is also running for the House of Representatives in Pennsylvania, apparently has a history of using slurs against women.

His tweets included statements such as: “Ungrateful a** b*tches”, and “These h*es the same all they change is their outfits”.

Guzman was also caught posting racist tweets talking about another Twitter user, saying, “my favorite Asian. I’d like to place an order: fried cat with French fries.”

Half-Hearted Apologies

Guzman gave a typical politician’s answer to the controversy, issuing a statement that read: “Those tweets do not represent the values that I have today, nor do they represent the values that I will fight for as the first Latino from Reading to be elected to the PA House of Representatives.”

His only actual apology was to say, “I apologize to my mother, grandmother, my sister, and all the women who have supported me in my life,” leaving out his potential constituents.

As soon as the tweets went public, Guzman locked his Twitter account, effectively preventing anyone from digging for any other offensive tweets.

The Biden campaign has declined requests for a comment on the issue, and Guzman remains employed by the campaign.

Statement from his opponent

Vincent Gagliardo Jr., the Republican running against Guzman in Pennsylvania, responded to the controversy. “You don’t talk about women like that—plain and simple,people who have that mentality shouldn’t be running for office. He’s a child in a man’s body,” he said.


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