Senator Kristina Keneally’s police officer son, Daniel, is facing over 10 years jail for making a false statement and having an innocent man jailed

Senator Kristina Keneally’s police officer son, Constable Daniel Keneally, has been accused in the NSW parliament (24/11/21) of attempting to stitch up Luke Moore for crimes he did not commit and if proven true Constable Daniel Keneally could be facing more than 10 years in jail. The day after it was raised in NSW parliament, who ordered NSW police to hand over all documents relating to the matter within 21 days, the NSW police offered Luke Moore $170,000 to settle the matter which he rejected.

What makes this article powerful is the evidence below which includes Constable Daniel Keneally’s police statement, the recorded phone call, video of the NSW parliament discussing the issue, the offer by the NSW police to settle and their apology and admission of wrong doing and other documents.

Constable Keneally wrote and signed a police statement claiming that Luke Moore made certain threats during a phone conversation they had on the 24th of February 2021 but the allegations in the police statement do not correspond with a recording of the phone call which Luke Moore luckily recorded. Luke Moore was jailed as soon as he was charged with the alleged crimes and ended up serving 3 weeks in jail before he was bailed and the NSW police eventually withdrew the charge as it was obvious that Constable Daniel Keneally’s police statement was fabricated.

The NSW police say they investigated the fabricated police statement and apologised saying it was “error” by Constable Daniel Keneally. If Luke Moore had not recorded the phone call he could have ended up in jail for quite a few years. 

On the 24th of November 2021 the matter was raised in the NSW Parliament by Rod Roberts – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party and supported by Mark Banasiak – Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, David Shoebridge – The Greens and others as per the below video. The NSW police were ordered to hand over all relevant documents of the Luke Moore arrest and charge within the next 21 days

Video – NSW Parliament discuss the matter and order the NSW Police to hand over documents – Introduction by Shane Dowling (Me)

[embedded content]

Given Kristina Keneally is a former NSW politician and NSW Premier, with many contacts in the NSW government, she should make a public statement on the issue as to whether she has had any involvement in the alleged cover-up. Independent website True Crimes News Weekly reported on the story in October but the old media at this point are refusing to report the story even though it was raised in the NSW parliament last week.

The Luke Moore and Constable Daniel Keneally recorded phone call is below. It was on the 24th of February 2021. At some stage near the end Constable Keneally hung up or refused to answer back.

(Click on the triangle above on the left to listen to the phone call)

Constable Daniel Keneally says in the below statement that the phone call was at about 8.30pm (24/2/21) and he wrote and signed the below police statement at 11.35pm the same day. As you will see the police statement does not align with the above recorded phone call. Pay close attention to paragraph one below as Daniel Keneally knew if he lied in the police statement he could face criminal charges

Constable Daniel Keneally’s police statement – Four pages

Luke Moore was arrested and charged the next day with help from the Fixated Persons Investigation Unit and spent 3 weeks in jail. The charge sheet is below:

Luke Moore – Charge sheet – One page

The NSW police dropped the charges the day the hearing was meant to start.

The NSW police sent the below apology and offer of $170,000 to settle the matter the day after it was raised in parliament as per the above video. I have no doubt the $170,000 offer to settle was designed to minimise the amount of information the NSW Police have to hand over to the NSW parliament within 21 days as they have been ordered as per the above video. The Police know if they settle with Luke Moore they can then tell the NSW Parliament that they can’t hand over certain documents and answer certain questions because that is protected by the confidential settlement.

NSW Police – Apology – One page

NSW Police offer to settle – Deed of Release – Nine pages

End of Deed

This story could and should lead to a Royal Commission into the NSW police and Fixated Persons Investigations Unit who I wrote about in August 2021 in an article titled “NSW Police anti-terrorism unit used by politicians, judges and others to intimidate and falsely charge journalists who expose them”. (Click here to read the article)

There are a lot of questions still to be answered such as did Daniel Keneally act alone or was he instructed/encouraged to make a false police statement? Why haven’t the NSW police charged Daniel Keneally and why are the police still trying to cover the matter up?

The police have until the week before Christmas to hand over all relevant documents to the NSW Parliament which is the time everyone goes on holidays and stories die. But this matter will be a huge story next year as it has widespread support in the NSW parliament and already has admissions by the NSW police. 

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