Selected Articles: Why the Military Establishment Backed Biden

Crisis, What Crisis? Hypocrisy and Public Health in the UK

By Rosemary Mason and Colin Todhunter, November 18 2020

Earlier this year, in a 29-page open letter to Fiona Godlee, editor-in-chief of the British Medical Journal, environmentalist Dr Rosemary Mason spent 11 pages documenting the spiralling rates of disease that she says (supported by numerous research studies cited) are largely the result of exposure to health-damaging agrochemicals, including glyphosate-based herbicides.

Meet the Filthy Rich War Hawks that Make up Biden’s New Foreign Policy Team

By Alan MacLeod, November 18 2020

“I expect the prevailing direction of U.S. foreign policy over these last decades to continue: more lawless bombing and killing multiple countries under the cover of “limited engagement,” – Biden Biographer, Branko Marcetic.

Why COVID-19 Testing Is a Tragic Waste

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, November 18 2020

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the clarion call has been to test, test and test some more. However, right from the start, serious questions arose about the tests being used to diagnose this infection, and questions have only multiplied since then.

The Decline of the US Does Not Mean Plain Sailing for China

By Tom Clifford, November 18 2020

Who lost China? The question, first asked when Mao’s dictum about power coming from the barrel of a gun proved pertinent and Truman was in the White House, is being asked again with renewed vigor.


Why the Military Establishment Backed Biden

By Chloe Rafferty, November 18 2020

The US military establishment will breathe a sigh of relief at Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election. Nearly 800 former high-ranking military and security officials penned an open letter in support of the Democratic candidate during the campaign.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Augurs Hope

By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, November 18 2020

In the mist of the gloom generated by the twin health and economic crises, the birth of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is a ray of light auguring hope.

Is the CBC Drowning Itself in a Second Wave of Corona Disinformation?

By John C. A. Manley, November 18 2020

Almost every paragraph of a recent CBC Morning Brief, about a supposed “COVID-19 resurgence,” contains statements that leave me questioning the competency and motives of the reporter. Is this part of an orchestrated second wave of illogical fear-mongering from the Coronavirus Broadcasting Corporation? 

“I Am Greta” Isn’t About Climate Change. It’s About the Elusiveness of Sanity in an Insane World

By Jonathan Cook, November 18 2020

For 90 minutes we live in Thunberg’s shoes, we see the world through her strange eyes. For 90 minutes we are allowed to live inside the head of someone so sane that we can briefly grasp – if we are open to her world – quite how insane each of us truly is.

The Effects of Technology on Society

By Prof. Ruel F. Pepa, November 18 2020

The context of the present issue brings us to the question, What are the positive and the negative effects of technology on society? We raise this question this early so as not to be distracted by the unilateral notion that technology is always on the right track as far as its effects on society are concerned.

An Invitation: Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies

By Edward Curtin, November 18 2020

The following is the Introduction to my new book, Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies. I offer it here as an invitation to consider joining me in the book so we may seek together.


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