Selected Articles: Strangling Sanctions against North Korea. “Psychopathic Double Standards”

Strangling Sanctions against North Korea. “Psychopathic Double Standards” at the UN Security Council

By Carla Stea, November 19 2020

Today at a Security Council stakeout, the German Ambassador, Chair of the 1718 Sanctions Committee against DPRK held a stakeout reiterating the grotesque and Orwellian double standards being inflicted by the UN Security Council against the DPRK.

Understanding The History of the Korean War (1950-1953)

By Kim Petersen, November 19 2020

In western state/corporate media the question of who started the war on the Korean peninsula is given as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. If one is curious enough to seek out what the DRPK side or independent media says, then a different answer might be forthcoming.

Towards A Police State in Germany? Police Raid into Home of Dr. Andreas Noak

By Global Research News, November 19 2020

This what is happening in Germany. Police break into the home of Dr. Andreas Noack – a reknowed alternative medicine expert – and arrest him brutally while he is engaged in a live stream internet (Webinar) conference.

United States Imperialism Threatening War Against Iran During Contested Presidential Elections Struggle

By Abayomi Azikiwe, November 19 2020

There have been serious threats to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its allies in the aftermath of the contested presidential and congressional elections in the United States.

An Institutionally Racist Lockdown Policy

By Soham Bandyopadhyay, November 19 2020

 In effect, the UK Government has just forbidden a large proportion of minority ethnic university students from returning home in order for Christmas not to be affected. This seems to have been done without much thought about the impact this would have on an already marginalised community.


The Secret Agenda of the World Bank and the IMF

By Peter Koenig, November 19 2020

Not only are they regularly lending huge sums of money to horror regimes around the world, but they blackmail poor nations into accepting draconian conditions imposed by the west. In other words, the WB and the IMF are guilty of the most atrocious human rights abuses.

“The End of the War in Syria Will Come as Part of the Agreement Between Iran and China,” Says Iranian Foreign Policy Analyst

By Polina Aniftou and Steven Sahiounie, November 19 2020

As the US changes leadership, new opportunities for re-alignment may open up for the Middle East and the wider region.  To understand more fully the implications presented in conflicts ranging from the US-Iran tension, the Syrian war, and the role of Turkey and Israel in the destabilization of the region, Steven Sahiounie of MidEastDiscourse, reached out to Polina Aniftou, analyst of the Iranian foreign policy, in a wide-ranging interview.

Biden’s Deep State

By Steve Brown, November 19 2020

Now after three years screaming about “Russian collusion” it appears the Evil Empire is about to regain its lost ground, championing new wars and more interventionist expansionism with a much greater role for the US military in the world.

Leading Canadian Health Expert Outraged at Government Response to COVID

By Children’s Health Defense, November 19 2020

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP, CEO and medical director of Western Medical Assessments, spoke at the Edmonton City Council Community and Public Services Committee meeting on Nov. 13 about the city’s move to extend its face-covering bylaw.

Forbidden Weapons and Israeli War Crimes

By Dr. Zuhair Sabbagh, November 19 2020

In the period 2008-2014, Zionist settler colonialists launched three aggressive wars against the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip: (1) Dec 2008-Jan 2009, (2) 14 Nov 2012, and (3) July-August 2014. During these aggressive wars, the Israeli military used a number of American-made forbidden weapons.

A Religion-Free Society?

By Prof. Ruel F. Pepa, November 19 2020

Is there really a need for religion(s) in the 21st century? If there is, why? Isn’t it that religions have always been with us since time immemorial and we take their existence as something normal?


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