Selected Articles: Millions of Americans Vulnerable to Eviction

Millions of Americans Vulnerable to Eviction

By Stephen Lendman, December 02 2020

During the most severe Main Street economic collapse in US history — with over one-fourth of working-age Americans jobless — additional calamity looms in the coming weeks. According to Census Bureau estimates, 30 to 40 million Americans face possible eviction in 2021 for lack of income to pay rent or service mortgages.

Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan Go All the Way to the Top

By Keith Lamb, December 02 2020

The Australian Defense Force’s recent inquiry into Australian special forces conduct in Afghanistan, between 2005 and 2016, reveals that 39 Afghan prisoners and civilians were killed outside of battle, as part of a culture of “competition killings,” where commanders required junior soldiers to shoot prisoners to achieve their first kill.

Bayer Lobbying “Very Strongly” to Change EU’s GMO Regulations to Exempt Gene Editing

By GMWatch, December 02 2020

Speaking during the Bayer Future of Farming online conference, Liam Condon, president of crop science at Bayer, said the company is lobbying “very strongly” to change the EU’s GMO regulations to exempt gene editing.

Ten Years Since WikiLeaks Published the US Diplomatic Cables

By Thomas Scripps, December 02 2020

The documents revealed the vast scope and global reach of US imperialism’s criminal conspiracies against the international working class, and the brutality and corruption of capitalist governments the world over.

Corrupt Science and Elite Power: Covid-19 “Techno-Slavery” and the “Great Reset” Are Now Imminent

By Robert J. Burrowes, December 02 2020

We have long been told that science is an ‘evidence-based approach’ to understanding particular phenomena and thus providing accurate guidance on how to proceed to achieve productive outcomes. Unfortunately, this claim is just propaganda for the unwary.

Joe Biden’s Silence on Ending the Drone Wars. The So-called “Targeted Killings”

By Elise Swain, December 02 2020

President-elect Joe Biden has maintained silence for years on the controversial and continued use of so-called targeted killings — lethal strikes by drones, cruise missiles, and occasionally military special operations raids. Biden has never publicly disavowed or criticized former President Barack Obama’s legacy of expanding the use of drones.

UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots Writes to Defence Secretary on the UK’s Approach to LAWS

By Chris Cole, December 02 2020

As members of the UK Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, Drone Wars and a number of other UK civil society groups have written to Secretary of State Ben Wallace on the UK’s position on the development of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems partly in response to recent comments by the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Aerially Sprayed Pesticide Contains the PFAS “Forever Chemicals”. Impacts on Human Health

By PEER, December 02 2020

State efforts to control mosquito-borne illnesses may be creating a new health problem. The insecticide Massachusetts and numerous other states use for mosquito control, both applied aerially and sprayed from trucks along roads, contains per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), according to lab test results.

“Global Policeman”: Why’s the US in the South China Sea?

By Andrew Korybko, December 02 2020

America regards itself as the “global policeman”, hence its arrogant actions, but it was never deputized by the international community to fulfill such a role. Some of China’s maritime neighbors object to its territorial claims, but these are all bilateral disputes that should be handled between Beijing and each of the relevant parties.

Spain on the Brink of Financial Collapse

By Lucas Leiroz de Almeida, December 02 2020

The Spanish economic situation worsens day after day. The national manufacturing sector dropped significantly in November, according to data from IHS Markit, which attributes the decline to the drop in production demand due to the pandemic.


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