Selected Articles: How the Super-Rich Destroy Our Minds

How the Super-Rich Destroy Our Minds

By Emanuel Pastreich, February 06, 2023

The tools they use to pursue this war against the citizens of the Earth are technology, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, threats against individuals who display leadership skills and massive bribes for the leaders who are allowed to be covered in the media to represent the conservative and the progressive causes.

US Declares War on Turkish Tourism Economy. Ankara Retorts: “Take Your Dirty Hands off Turkey”

By Steven Sahiounie, February 06, 2023

On February 3, the Turkish interior minister, Suleyman Soylu, blasted the US Ambassador to Turkey, Jeffry L. Flake, saying, “Take your dirty hands off of Turkey.” The outrage was prompted after Washington and eight European countries issued travel warnings over possible terror attacks in Turkey.

Video: “Never Again Is Now Global”. Here We Go Again on Steroids. Part 1

By Vera Sharav and Children’s Health Defense, February 06, 2023

“Never Again Is Now Global,” a five-part docuseries highlighting the parallels between Nazi Germany and global pandemic policies. Each one-hour episode focuses on recent testimonies by Holocaust survivors and their descendants who discuss comparisons between the early repressive stages under the Nazi regime that culminated in the Holocaust and global COVID-19 policies.

What Is Anarcho-Tyranny and Are We Living in It?

By Ben Bartee, February 06, 2023

How does one best explain the brutal crackdown on COVID-19 protesters worldwide for the sake of Public Health™ while, at the same time, Black Lives Matter was permitted to run hog-wild on America’s streets? How are elected Democrat leaders allowed to literally incite race riots while those same leaders pearl-clutch about January 6 in never-ending televised witch trials?

Ukraine — The Inevitable War

By Chay Bowes, February 06, 2023

During a recent interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, former Chancellor and European political heavyweight Angela Merkel revealed that the Minsk accords, a comprehensive 2015 diplomatic treaty, agreed by the EU, United States, Russia, and Kyiv to end the civil war in eastern Ukraine, was essentially subverted by the Ukrainians in an attempt to buy time to expand its military capabilities.

America’s Balloon Obsession Is an Attempt to Prevent Detente with China

By Drago Bosnic, February 06, 2023

For the last several days, the mainstream propaganda machine diverted its attention from the mandatory “evil Russia” narrative and focused on 24/7 coverage of a weather balloon. Although the media frenzy was part of the “evil China” narrative, this one is not as omnipresent as that about Russia, at least not yet.

China’s Response to the Balloon Incident. Derailing the Sino-American New Detente

By Andrew Korybko, February 06, 2023

The balloon incident is shaping up to be the most decisive moment in the New Cold War since the start of Russia’s special operation a year ago. The Sino-American New Détente was unexpectedly derailed due to the subversive intervention of their hardline factions that were both opposed to this potentially game-changing rapprochement.

US Sends Long-range Missiles to Ukraine

By Andre Damon, February 07, 2023

The White House announced Friday that it would send long-range missiles capable of striking nearly 100 miles into Russian territory to Ukraine, in one of the most significant escalations of US involvement in the war with Russia to date.

U.S. Act of War Against the European Union: President Biden Ordered the Terror Attack Against Nord Stream. High Treason Against the People of Europe

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 07, 2023

In recent developments, German Prosecutor General Peter Frank confirmed “there is no evidence to blame Russia for the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipelines”. No evidence of foreign sabotage of an act which has created social havoc and hardship in the European Union, with rising energy prices? People are freezing, unable to pay their heating bills.

Is the Trip of the Secretary General of NATO Aimed to Instigate the Creation of the Asian Version of NATO?

By Kim Hoon, February 06, 2023

South Korea and Japan trying to attend to their own business by inviting unbidden guests to the region should be well aware that they are getting closer to the extreme security crisis, far from defusing security uneasiness. It was reported that the secretary general of NATO embarked upon his trip to South Korea and Japan.


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