Selected Articles: “Fantasy Democracy”: US Election 2020

The COVID-19 RT-PCR Test: How to Mislead All Humanity. Using a “Test” To Lock Down Society

By Dr. Pascal Sacré, November 05 2020

The misuse of the RT-PCR technique is used as an intentional strategy by some governments, supported by scientific safety councils and by the dominant media, to justify the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, the destruction of the economy with the bankruptcy of entire active sectors of society.

“New Normal”on Social Distancing and the Facemask: Neglectful Caring and Compassionate Tyranny

By John C. A. Manley, November 05 2020

“Caring for each other. Because we are all in this together.” What a blatant hijacking of virtue. I simply can’t see something like that and not speak out. If for no other reason, because I don’t want to become numb and accepting to such brainwashing.

The U.S. Inability to Count Votes Is a National Disgrace. And Dangerous.

By Glenn Greenwald, November 05 2020

The richest and most powerful country on earth — whether due to ineptitude, choice or some combination of both — has no ability to perform the simple task of counting votes in a minimally efficient or confidence-inspiring manner.


US Elections 2020: A Who’s Who of Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Team

By Umar A Farooq, November 05 2020

Democratic nominee’s advisers consist of many former Obama-era officials, some who helped craft the Iran nuclear deal, drone strikes programmes and sanctions on Syria and Libya.

“Fantasy Democracy”: US Election 2020. Electoral Fraud??

By Stephen Lendman, November 05 2020

Electoral theft, coup d’etats by other means, have been commonplace throughout US history. Today’s modern technology makes it easier than ever.

The Foreign Policy Election that Ignored Foreign Policy

By Daniel Larison, November 05 2020

The 2020 presidential campaigns have ignored foreign policy more this year than in any election since the turn of the century, but the 2020 election will have significant foreign policy consequences no matter the outcome.

Fukushima, the Nuclear Pandemic Spreads

By Manlio Dinucci, November 05 2020

It was not Covid, therefore the news went almost unnoticed: Japan will release over a million tons of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea. The catastrophic incident in Fukushima was triggered by the Tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Online Censorship: DOJ Seizes 27 Domains, Claims They are Controlled by Iran

By Dave DeCamp, November 05 2020

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Wednesday that it seized 27 online domains, claiming the websites were controlled by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The DOJ seized the domains under the guise of enforcing US sanctions.

From Balfour to the Nakba: The Settler-Colonial Experience of Palestine

By Ilan Pappe, November 05 2020

The late prominent scholar of settler-colonialism, Patrick Wolfe, reminded us repeatedly that it is not an event, it is a structure. While settler-colonialism in many cases has a historical starting point, its original motivation guides its maintenance in the present.

BR-319: The Beginning of the End for Brazil’s Amazon Forest

By Philip M. Fearnside, November 05 2020

The currently proposed “Reconstruction” of BR-319, which would build a new paved road atop the old dirt roadbed, is certainly among the most consequential decisions facing Brazil today.


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