Selected Articles: Debunking Lies About the War in Ukraine

Debunking Lies About the War in Ukraine

By Eric Zuesse, December 01, 2022

Before Ukraine’s President Volodmyr Zelensky quit negotiations with Russia to settle the war in Ukraine, he told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on 20 March 2022, “I made a point that the war in Ukraine has been lasting for eight years. It’s not just some special military operation.”

Zelensky’s $1 Trillion ‘Reconstruction’ Pipe Dream

By Drago Bosnic, December 01, 2022

It’s safe to say the world has gotten used to mind-blowing statements coming from the detached Kiev regime, as this has become their common theme. Apart from boastful claims of supposed “victories” of the Neo-Nazi junta forces against the Russian military, talks of how much financial assistance is necessary is the usual topic in Kiev.

Children’s Health Defense Seeks Access to Sworn Depositions in Lawsuit Alleging Feds Colluded with Big Tech to Censor COVID Content

By Children’s Health Defense, December 01, 2022

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and three other organizations are seeking open public access to critical sworn depositions and documents already produced on behalf of plaintiffs in a lawsuit alleging the federal government colluded with several Big Tech firms to censor COVID-19-related content on social media.

Australian PM Tells US to Drop Charges Against Julian Assange

By Dave DeCamp, December 01, 2022

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Wednesday said that he has personally asked the US government to drop its case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is an Australian citizen.

Turkey’s Repression of the Kurds, Kurdistan as an Independent State, “The Kosovo Syndrome”

By Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović, December 01, 2022

The Kurds are mostly discriminated against and oppressed in Turkey in comparison with all present-day states of their residence. The Kurds have not recognized in Turkey as a separate ethnolinguistic minority with their own language and culture regardless of the fact that they compose one-fifth of total Turkey’s inhabitants and being together with the Greeks and the Armenians the oldest population in Turkey living in Anatolia almost 3.000 years before the first (Seljuk) Turks came there at the end of the 11th century.

Ukraine – Russia War: Is a Doomsday Scenario Looming? Or Is There Reason for Hope?

By Peter Koenig, December 01, 2022

Everybody predicts we are going to face an ice-cold winter in the Global North, especially in Europe and particularly in Ukraine. In the meantime, Russia is amassing along the northern Ukrainian border some half a million-plus troops and about 1,500 tanks and massive-massive artillery.

Eight Reasons Why Now Is a Good Time for a Ukraine Ceasefire and Peace Talks

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, December 01, 2022

As the war in Ukraine has dragged on for nine months and a cold winter is setting in, people all over the world are calling for a Christmas truce, harkening back to the inspirational Christmas Truce of 1914. In the midst of World War I, warring soldiers put down their guns and celebrated the holiday together in the no-man’s land between their trenches.

David Ray Griffin (1939-2022). The Man and His Work: A Synopsis

By Elizabeth Woodworth, December 01, 2022

David Ray Griffin was Professor of Philosophy of Religion and Theology, at the Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University, from 1973-2004.  With his senior, Dr. John Cobb Jr., he co-founded the Center for Process Studies in 1973. Griffin has stated that “the task of a theologian is to look at the world from what we would imagine the divine perspective, one that would care about the good of the whole and would love all the parts.”

War on Global Agriculture: The Unsustainable ‘Sustainable’ UN Agenda 2030

By F. William Engdahl, December 01, 2022

Over the past weeks a coordinated all-out assault on our agriculture—the ability to produce food for human existence—has begun. The recent G20 governmental meeting in Bali, the UN Agenda 2030 Cop27 meeting in Egypt, the Davos World Economic Forum and Bill Gates are all complicit.

We Will be Sacrificed for Global Standardization of Systems

By Dr. Joseph Mercola, December 01, 2022

Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century) is the inventory and control plan for all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, means of production, food, energy, information, education and all human beings in the world.


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