Selected Articles: Censorship in the Biden Era

Trump Tells Pompeo: Go Wild on Iran, Just Don’t Risk ‘World War III’

By Erin Banco and Asawin Suebsaeng, December 03 2020

President Donald Trump may only have seven weeks left in office, but he’s given his top advisers the green light to batter the Iranian regime—anything that doesn’t hazard a full-on war before Joe Biden is inaugurated.

After this New Wave of Lockdowns, Most People Will Accept Any “Solution” Because They Will be So Desperate

By Michael Snyder, December 03 2020

The first wave of lockdowns knocked us into the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s, it sent suicide rates soaring all over the globe. Now another wave of lockdowns is being instituted all over the planet, and this is going to perfectly set the stage for the “solutions” that the elite plan to offer all of us in 2021.

Pfizer and Moderna’s “95% Effective” Vaccines—Let’s be Cautious and First See the Full Data

By Dr. Peter Doshi, December 03 2020

Despite the existence of regulatory mechanisms for ensuring vaccine access while keeping the authorization bar high, it’s hard to avoid the impression that sponsors are claiming victory and wrapping up their trials, and the FDA will now be under enormous pressure to rapidly authorize the vaccines.

Censorship in the Biden Era

By Margaret Kimberley, December 03 2020

The racist right wing was certainly ascendant during his administration, but the danger of fascism won’t leave Washington with Donald Trump. The obnoxious racist may be the public face of tyranny, but there is another danger coming from sectors of the Democratic Party. Their goal is to censor any points of view that undermine their neoliberal and imperialist narratives.

Yemen: Trump Is Showering Saudi Arabia with Last-Minute Gifts

By Ahmed AbdulKareem, December 03 2020

While the administration of Donald Trump readies its exit from the White House and the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s use of American diplomatic cover and weapons alike has taken on a fevered pace as the Kingdom deepens the tragedy it has afflicted upon Yemen.

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr and Theo Von, December 03 2020

“The problem with the COVID vaccine is that they recognize that it’s gonna be really hard to get a vaccine so they have been reducing our standards so they can pass the vaccine no matter what.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

By Junaid S. Ahmad, December 03 2020

The Pakistani state needs to unequivocally proclaim that recognition of the current Israeli Apartheid state is simply off the table. Prime Minister Imran Khan needs to mobilize the people and take the National Assembly into confidence about the intense pressures being put on Islamabad to submit to this act of treachery.

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