Selected Articles: Americans Do Not Need the American Empire

The Task of ‘Sleepy Joe’ Is to Put Liberal America Right Back to Sleep

By Jonathan Cook, November 06 2020

After four years of Trump and in the midst of a pandemic, the idea of sleeping through the next presidential term probably sounded pretty appealing to liberals. Most of them have spent their whole political lives asleep.

A graffiti of Naji al-Ali's Handala on the West Bank separation wall

Israel Carries Out Largest West Bank Demolition Operation in a Decade

By Ahmad Al-Bazz and Oren Ziv, November 06 2020

In the largest West Bank demolition operation in a decade, Israeli military authorities on Tuesday razed around 70 structures in the Jordan Valley’s Humsa al-Fuqa community in the occupied West Bank.

Imperial Overstretch Arrives: Americans Do Not Need the American Empire

By Philip Giraldi, November 06 2020

While it has been useful to consider how things might change, possibly for the worse, one must also recognize that much of what happens in the U.S. and in its far-flung empire operates by virtue of its own internal dynamics and rules, something that is often referred to as the “Deep State” or perhaps more accurately as the Establishment.

The US Presidential Election: The View from Outside

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, November 06 2020

The picture is increasingly ugly, and the view from political outsiders is a mix of concern laced with a touch of bemusement. Various countries and organisations were weighing in on the US elections in a manner normally reserved for seedier regimes and states in ill repair.

The Corporate Dictatorship of the Very Rich

By Nora Fernandez, November 06 2020


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