Seattle Riot Footage…

doesntmatter, Iwish that were true and real but you are way behind the curve on what is already in motion. We will not have any form of normal or even a real election. Wake up ! I have explained it all in great detail at least 10 time now, so pay attention or don’t, your choice. The next wave of the coup is already in motion and it is 2 phased.

We and DJT have numerous enemies before us and all have been known for a long while now within. Below is a third leg of what is coming

If you still think the military are the good guys you are clueless. How did Bergdahl get off and why was NIdal Hasan ever allowed to kill 14 at Ft Hod when he was a known Jihadi ? The answer is simple, the pentagon brass were complicit ! So this is gonna be a very convoluted mess on many levels. willl the runof the mill soldeisr goa ong wiohtthem ? That remains to be seen as the current crop came out of our whacked education system and were all indoctianted. Many will not but we do not know how many ? I can tell you for a certainty all of our military is a mess in everyway and many in the officer corp have been co-opted and part of the garbage.I know some in very high places and not all will go there ? But what happens when arrest must be made within ? Ponder that tidbit ?


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