SCOTUS Involved in First Challenge in Pennsylvania

by G5

SCOTUS has sent orders to each of the 67 electoral boards in Pennsylvania, to isolate the late votes. They previously refused to act on the instructions of The State Secretary, and have counted the frauds in with the legal votes. This is the first challenge. On Monday next, SCOTUS will be flooded, to act to protect The People, The Constitution, and indeed The West.

Media has not advised; as I wrote of armed DOJ units sent to particular counties with very specific orders. Also, the stand by of National Guard units and Citizen Militias has not been reported. Nor have current Runoffs been correctly articulated.

All apart from the corrupt rolls, multi-voting, and the fraudulent programs of the computer systems, determining GOP votes as Dem or void. Repeated clear evidence of all these matters. Remember that all communication and media, particularly in America, is controlled by just six conglomerates; six people. Trump is not their ally and not their puppet.

On the night, as I wrote, Trump won The Presidency with 295 Electoral College votes. Now The Biden Handlers are claiming Trump at 214 and Biden at 270 plus [now 279].

The vast majority of The People voted for Trump. They are not amused at being disenfranchised, robbed of their freedoms and future, and surrounded by Fourth Estate Censorship, leading to Big State. They will not lay down and play dead as instructed. The blackmailed and bought GOP camp will be politically dealt with in due course. The correct perceptions of The People will harden. They will not dissolve as instructed (video).

Propaganda Media has collectively decided that The Dems have won The Presidency and both Houses. Conveniently just hours after SCOTUS has begun pulling the fraud apart. The legal challenges against the fraud are afoot and mounting. I previously wrote that the final decisions will not be known for weeks.

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Trump has not conceded and is not currently playing golf, as you have been told. The reason Fox was colluded into leading the deception, was because it was previously purporting to represent conservative interests. A Trojan Horse conspiracy.

Opposing media to the fraud is being systematically switched off. If the alleged Dem victory were true, that would not occur. The fraud has been systematic and determined throughout this affair. Let there be no doubt as to the efforts to create Stalinist America. What has been displayed is not what is being sold.

I began warning some five years ago, of the parallel to Stalinist Russia. The printed word and email chains will be the prime source of non state-controlled information, in the first instance. Deep Thinkers beware of self-delusional intellectualized re-evaluation of the obvious.

For those diminishing numbers able to read true history, and think rationally and critically beyond their ‘educations’, welcome to the new underground. The repetition of The Stalinist Soviet Union, and the road to The (New) Gulag Archipelago.

Remember it took a century for Russia to extricate Itself from the grip of the same Usual Suspects that are now in the final throes of destroying The West in a direct parallel, to the point of rhyming. The EU was a step in the process.

Trump defeating the current corruption, is not the death of The Beast. The win is by finally slaying The Beast, not its ridiculous and continuing intellectualizing and moralizing, which led to the current end game.

The early open warnings were from Eisenhower’s final speech as President, and speakers and writers as Garry Allen, particularly from 1971 (None Dare Call it Conspiracy), and the prior Larry Abraham (Call it Conspiracy). Students of Marxism and its various permutations as Keynesianism, The Frankfurt School, and The Totalitarian devastation of much of The World, would be well aware.


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