Scott Morrison rules out a federal ICAC anytime this century as he flags a return to politics for corrupt former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian  

Scott Morrison has in effect ruled that under a government he leads there will be no federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) anytime this century while at the same time promoting the credibility of discredited former NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian as others in the Liberal Party flagged her return to politics. This guarantees that corruption will be front and centre as a key election issue for voters at the next federal election and that is where it should be given the current amount of government corruption.

As per the below video, on Thursday (25/11/21) in federal parliament when Scott Morrison was asked why the government had not introduced a federal ICAC over a 1000 days after they had promised to do so Morrison blamed the Labor Party. Then Morrison went on to attack the NSW ICAC for their treatment of Gladys Berejiklian claiming the NSW ICAC was a Kangaroo Court. It was an extraordinary attack from a Prime Minister and government who have a lot to fear from having a genuine federal Independent Commission Against Corruption because a number of federal politicians will certainly end up in jail.

The below video covers Scott Morrison’s attack on Labor for not having an ICAC, his defence of Gladys Berejiklian and then part of Berejiklian’s last day in the witness stand at ICAC when she was destroyed in the witness stand and her lies exposed by her former chief of staff’s barrister Hugh White. (Click here to read more)

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Morrison’s attack on the NSW ICAC on Thursday was also a massive own goal for Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party who seem to be trying to normalise corruption the same as Gladys Berejiklian did with pork barrelling when she said it was not illegal while defending her own government’s widespread pork barrelling. 

If Morrison had at least introduced legislation for a federal ICAC, even a weak one, then at least he could say the government was not running scared of a federal ICAC. But now it is blatantly obvious that the government are running scared and trying to use false allegations of Gladys Berejiklian’s poor treatment by the NSW ICAC as an excuse as to why Morrison has not introduced a federal ICAC is about as dumb as it gets. There were quite a few people who attacked the NSW ICAC, including Scott Morrison, when they announced their investigation into Gladys Berejiklian in October 2021 and she resigned the same day, but they all fell silent once witnesses started giving evidence. And by the time Berejiklian was finished in the witness stand she had no support from anyone.

Yet for some reason it looks like a real possibility that Morrison and the Liberals will nominate Gladys Berejiklian to run in the seat of Warringah: reported on Friday (26/11/21):

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has fuelled speculation Gladys Berejiklian could be parachuted into a federal seat after claims the NSW anti-corruption watchdog is a “disgrace” and a “kangaroo court.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has raised eyebrows in recent days by launching an unprecedented attack on the watchdog and claiming Ms Berejiklian had been “done over” by the corruption probe – despite the fact it is yet to report any findings.

Asked whether Scott Morrison was laying the groundwork for Ms Berejiklian to run as a candidate for the Sydney seat of Warringah at the next federal election, Mr Frydenberg lauded her as a “wonderful leader and incredible politician”.

“There will be decisions she will need to make in her own time. But I would hope her career in public life is not over,” Mr Frydenberg told Sky News. (Click here to read more)

And Federal MP Tim Wilson published the below message on Friday (26/11/21) on Twitter:

(Click here to see the full tweet on Twitter)

Scott Morrison, Josh Frydenberg and Tim Wilson are laying the groundwork for Gladys Berejiklian to run at the next federal election which I think would be election suicide and put corruption front and centre which is the last place Morrison and the government should want it or can afford to have it. It could also be hugely embarrassing if the NSW ICAC hand down their report before the next federal election finding that Gladys Berejiklian had acted corruptly. But maybe that is the strategy to put pressure on the NSW ICAC not to publish a report before the federal election.

With the way the federal government is heading regarding corruption the next federal election could define Australia for decades. And the election could be here sooner rather than later. maybe March 2022, as Scott Morrison’s control on his own government is gone, as this week in parliament has shown, with a number of backbenchers ignoring Morrison’s agenda.

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